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Fox 40 Reports on Kiss at Raley Field

Fox 40 Sacremento Report on Kiss
Fox/40 Sacremento


Nick Cannon's New Video "Famous" Imitates Gene Simmons

Nick Cannon's new video, featuring Akon, "Famous" imitates everyone from Gene Simmons to MC Hammer to Michael Jackson to Fred Astaire to Antoine Dodson.
Check it out courtesy of MTV-

Kiss' "Rock And Roll All Nite" One of Ten Great Rock Songs About Rock And Roll

Hail Hail Rock’n’Roll: 10 Great Rock Songs about Rock and Roll“Rock and Roll All Nite” – Kiss

It’s no wonder that this song, from Kiss’s 1975 Dressed to Kill album, is often called the “Rock and Roll National Anthem.” Paul Stanley once explained its genesis to writer Bruce Pollock: “'Rock and Roll All Nite' came about because we felt we needed an anthem,” Stanley said, “a song that could be the rallying cry for all of our fans. So I went back to the hotel and came up with the chorus and the melody. Then I went down to see Gene and he came up with the verses.” The song was also partly inspired by Slade’s “Cum on Feel the Noize.”
Go to GIBSON.COM for the rest of the top 10 list.

Eric Singer Interviewed by the Sacremento Press

Marc McLaughlin: How does it feel to be doing a charity event for children (Walk ‘N Rock for Kids)?

Eric Singer: It's cool. I mean, everyone has to make a living, but when you can do what you love to do, make a living at it and also help people, it feels wonderful. I can do things that help people and I think that is really important. Then, when you add that it is for kids, it makes it even better. As you know, KISS does a lot of work with wounded soldiers and it is amazing being able to help them whenever we can.

MM: How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic band?

ES: Although I am not an original member, it really is an amazing feeling. This is a band that people recognize whether they know the music or not. The band is known world-wide; when we travel to Europe, it is just amazing how many people come out to see us. Being with people like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two original members, [makes you] realize that this band transcends generations and really touches people. Well, ultimately, your audience is what helps put you in a positive position. Without a fan base, you have nothing; however, you have to keep yourself there by delivering the music, the shows and the performances.

I always tell people, "You vote through participation in life."

If someone decides they don't like the product, service or the way they are treated, they will stop buying the product. Eventually, the company would have to redesign it or come up with a new product to keep their audience. This is true of anything, so your actions and your work need to be on target to keep you in business.

MM: Speaking of that, how does it feel now that the band is experiencing another reemergence in the music industry?

ES: Every band goes through their up and downs and their support comes in waves, so it is normal for us. It is nice though, seeing people still want to be around us and coming out to see this iconic band. Whenever you have people who support what you do, it feels good and we are just so supportive of that. Without our fans we would not be here, and knowing they support us is the ultimate compliment.

MM: KISS is known for their makeup most of all. How is it sitting there and actually having it applied - does it become a role you slip into or is it just one more thing that must be done?

ES: Yes, the makeup is something we are known more for than anything else. Some know the “monster” while others know the “star.” It is all a part of who we are. Because of that, the process is something that can not be explained. It takes a couple of hours to get ready and the makeup is a closely guarded secret. When I first started doing it, it felt strange to take on a role like that; becoming something so known, so iconic. Even after all this time, it is still the same. You become part of the character and you use that to entertain the fans.

Even with these interviews it is part of what we do. For this we flew in early so we could spend some time with the press. You know, Gene and Paul have been doing this since the beginning and they still go the extra mile and speak to people when asked. It is a part of what makes the band who they are. The work ethic is very high and an important part of what we do. Everyone does their part to keep things moving forward. Many bands of lesser levels do not put the time in and that is part of the reason why our fan base is as deep and supportive as it is.

MM: If there was one thing you would like to say to your fan base today, what would that be?

ES: I guess just keep doing what you are doing. It is a give and take, a mutual participation thing. One thing I learned in life is that you can't make everyone happy. You appeal to the majority by trying to find the ground that works for most. We thank the fans who come out and support us and continue to believe in this iconic band. Whether they have followed us for a day or 35 years, they are the reason we do what we do.

MM: Thank you for your time today and for supporting Walk ‘N Rock.

ES: Thank you and hopefully this will help the children of the community. We appreciate your time, and enjoy the concert.

Regretfully, the time came for Paul Stanley to attempt to say goodnight to the fans, who were simply not ready to let go. They chanted for an encore, and suddenly, KISS was back on stage to thrill the audience with “Black Diamond,” “Shout It Out Loud” and “Detroit Rock City.” Finally, an unbelievable night of charity for Hope Foundation finished with "Rock and Roll All Night."

Ace Frehley's "New York Groove" in TLC's "NY INK" Season Promos

Posted by Kiss Mask Webzine
TLC's new show starring Ami James, based on the hugely popular "LA Ink" and "Miami Ink," has franchised to the Big Apple with "NY Ink." The show's promos features the music of Ace's "New York Groove" from his Ace Frehley/KISS 1978 solo album. The series is set to premire June 2 TLC at 10pm (EST)/9 (Central).

Show Description: NY Ink follows Ami James as he puts it all on the line to become the Tattoo King of New York. Always looking for his next big challenge, Ami's new shop will be opening up right in the heart of SoHo. A new shop means hiring a whole new crew, and with that, a whole new set of problems.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kiss Rocks Raley Field

By Tony Bizjak / The Sacramento Bee

KISS – the thunder rock band with the black-and-white Kabuki faces, 8-inch heels and a style once described as German Panzer – came to town for a benefit concert Sunday night and offered a tongue-in-cheek mea culpa.

They may be to blame for the need to replace the dilapidated Power Balance Pavilion concert venue and Sacramento Kings home court.

"We've played there many times," Paul Stanley said of the arena once called Arco. He grinned. "We're probably one of the reasons that it needs renovating."

KISS, known for end-of-the-world pyrotechnics, toned it down a bit for its Sunday concert at Raley Field in West Sacramento, a special rock-and-dinner affair.

"We have families and tables and glass," bassist Gene Simmons said, sitting with bandmates backstage beyond left field. "We don't want people to have heart attacks and fall on their dinner."

The band lent its efforts to an event called "Walk 'N Rock for Kids." Sponsored by Hope Productions Foundation, a local nonprofit, the morning fundraiser walk and evening concert raised money for service groups helping children.

That amounts to a heavy-duty score for local nonprofits. Thirty-eight years after its launch, the group has become as much rock brand as it is rock band.

KISS still records albums and does tours for rabid fans. But Sunday offered evidence of a broad business approach that keeps the KISS name in lights.

At the entrance to Raley Field, roped off like rock stars, sat four Mini Cooper Countryman cars painted black and white, matching the band members' faces. The cars are up for auction on eBay as part of a UNICEF benefit for children in post-earthquake Japan.

Simultaneously, the group is selling tickets for a KISS Kruise to the Bahamas, which includes two concerts. KISS plush dolls are due out soon, adding to an estimated 3,000 KISS items on the market over the years.

In what may be the ultimate attempt to keep the KISS brand alive in perpetuity, marketers are rereleasing the KISS Kasket, a black coffin made of 20-gauge steel. That's right, it's heavy metal.

It's part of the promotional machine Simmons calls Planet KISS. "That's trademarked," Simmons noted.

It's also why Stanley and Simmons, the group's tenured old-timers, say the band may not disappear even after they are too old to safely negotiate the stage in high heels and 30-plus pounds of costume.

"KISS is an idea that should rightfully be bigger than any one of us," Simmons said. He calls it Kisstianity. "To think that something can't exist without you, that you are indispensable, is delusional to the extreme."

But Stanley has no plans to go off quietly in a KISS Kasket. There's more work to be done, he said. That in mind, he leaned forward in his chair.

"I was just thinking," he said. "I am willing to go to Arco Arena with a bucket of plaster and try to fix all the cracks that we put in."

Kiss Open Summer Tour Last Night in California

Kiss kicked off their summer jaunt of 20 shows for the "Walk 'N Rock for Kids" benefit concert at Raley Field in West Sacremento, Ca., last night. We haven't found any quality video from the show as of yet, when we do, we'll post clips. Kiss basically played the same set-list as they have on the previous US tour. Next tour stop is June 23 in  Everett, WA., at the Comcast Arena.

The set-list:
Modern Day Delilah

Cold Gin
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
Say Yeah
Calling Dr. Love
Shock Me
I'm An Animal
100,000 Years
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
Lick It Up
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Rock And Roll All Nite

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eric Singer Interviewed Kiss Army Australia

Eric Singer Interview with Kiss Army Australia
Kiss Army Australia
Drum roll....

1: It's been a little over 18 months since the release of Sonic Boom, an album which had the band much sounding much closer to it's trademark 70s sound. How do you see that album now? From your perspective was there anything you though "maybe I should have done that differently" or "I didn't quite nail that"?

SONIC BOOM was really good and was the first step in the right direction for KISS. The newest record we are now working on at this time will show a natural progression from SONIC BOOM to KISS 2011 as you will all hear soon enough.

2: From the outside looking in it seems as though the band is quite early in the stages of preparing the follow up album. In going about the preparation of the album is there a focus on creating an album that follows in the vein of Sonic Boom or is it more of a case of seeing where the band ends up once tracks are 'in the can'?

We are allready knee deep into the new record as I write this... All's I can say is you will all be very pleased. The material is stronger and more riff oriented and very hard/heavier style.

Everyone that has heard material so far is raving about the stuff and we are too :-)

3: Has your involvement on the new album been any different to Sonic Boom, or earlier KISS albums?

As a band we are more comfortable and have more time together under our belts now that really shows in our writing, performances etc...

We work out all the material together in rehearsals as a band before we go into the studio. It really makes for better vibes and performance overall.

4: f you could pick any three people in the world to have dinner with, who would you choose?

Jesus, Jimi Hendrix and...

Freddie Mercury

(I just said what came to mind off the cuff...)

5: The KISS Army seemed to really enjoy the early sneak peaks of the band in the studio that were posted on KISS Online, however they seem to have stopped. Will there be a return of these clips as the process continues? Are there any intentions to release a BLU RAY / DVD around the creation of the album at this early stage?

We did post another clip from Tommy just the other day. There will be more as we progress along. I have no idea what DVD or other stuff may come of it all. There will be KISSOLGY IV sometime sooner than later but not sure what all will be included in that.

But it will be good :-)

Eric Singer Live in Australia 2008
6: What was the favourite moment of your career as a drummer for KISS so far ?

The overall experience has been pretty damn good I must say. I am proud to be in such a kool band that I always dreamed of being in. There really is no other band like KISS. "Special" is not even a just enough word to describe it... :-)

7: Since putting on the make-up it would seem that you have been quite conscious of taming down your drumming to be more in the style of the 70s material. Is that something you expect to see continue into the new album? Particularly amongst the Australian KISS Army it seems that there are a number of fans who loved your work on Revenge and the KISS My Ass Downunder tour and would like to see more of your flair on studio releases.

I have always played for the "song" or band first. KISS in some ways has come full circle more back to it's roots in style musically and that is reflected in the live playing and recordings.

I never had a problem adapting to whatever is required of me. That is the sign of a seasoned musician.

Leave your personal stuff and ego at the door. Play for the music!

8: Any plans of hooking up with your buddies for any ESP shows again in Australia when you have some time off ?

ESP is a fun band that we try to do schedules permitting. We did a few shows in march in Europe this year. maybe more later in the year somewhere ? Would you have us again ?

9: What is your message to your fans in Australia ?

I really look forward to coming back down there again sooner than later. I have a special connection to Australia and feel like it is my second home in some ways. Beautiful country full of beautiful people.

Really an amazing place.

10: Lastly, of course we have to ask this one, are you aware of any plans for a return trip to Australia?

I know KISS will come there again. and Me too !
I love and miss the place dearly


Thanks very much for your time Eric and we all hope to see you soon in Australia !

Kind regards & “Peace Out”

Kiss Mini Auctions Begins Today


Take a break from rocking and rolling all nite and partying every day this holiday weekend, just long enough to bid on one of the four KISS-inspired, custom-painted and autographed MINI Countryman. The proceeds will go to UNICEF to help children in Japan and emergency efforts around the world.

What you'll be bidding on:

Any of the four officially authorized, KISS-inspired, custom=painted, autographed MINI Countryman vehicles.

Who you'll be helping:

MINI and KISS have joined forces in support of UNICEF to help children in Japan and emergency efforts around the world. Proceeds from this auction will be donated to these causes.


You can also motor like a rockstar with the KISS-inspired vehicle wraps, shown here on MINI Coopers S Countryman with matching side designs and KISS autographed boot wrap. Available for every MINI model, color and year. MINI and KISS have joined forces in support of UNICEF to raise money for children in Japan and emergency efforts around the world. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to this cause.

MINI Motoring Graphics are made out of the most durable and tear-resistant vinyl available. All graphics can be easily removed at any time, leaving no residue or damage to your vehicle. MINI Motoring Graphics highly recommends you have our top-quality vinyl graphics professionally installed.

To order the MINI KISS wraps, please call 1-877-236-4431

Kiss Kick Off Summer Tour Today

Kiss Kick Off the Summer with WALK 'N ROCK FOR KIDS Charity Concert in California

A fundraising WALK and benefit CONCERT to support local children's CHARITIES

Help bring hope to our community's children's charities

Raley Field will host Walk 'N Rock For Kids featuring Kiss on May 29, 2011. Tickets are now on sale. Gates for the concert open at 7 p.m.

KISS is regarded as one of the most influential rock and roll bands of all-time. Their career milestones are staggering. KISS holds honors as one of America's top gold record champions, selling over 100 million albums worldwide.

The KISS legacy continues to grow, generation after generation, transcending age, race and creed. The unparalleled devotion and loyalty of the KISS Army to the "Hottest Band in the World" is a striking testament to the band's unbreakable bond with its fans.

The event will kick off with a morning 5K walk involving families, local businesses, walk teams and supporters. Participants will walk and raise funds on behalf of our 2011 Nonprofit Partners and Nonprofit Affiliates. The morning will be filled with music at Raley Field and along the route. After the walk, enjoy entertainment, interactive booths, kids activities, more music, food and fun!

Once you have registered, all funds raised will go directly to the children's charity you register to walk in support of.

Later that evening, Hope Productions and our corporate partners will host an exclusive VIP reception and a benefit concert featuring legendary rock band KISS which is open to the general public. Concert tickets are available via http://www.ticketmaster.com/  and the Raley Field Box Office.

For more information visit http://www.walknrock.org/ .

May 2011

29 - West Sacramento, CA - Raley Field

June 2011
23 - Everett, WA - Comcast Arena
24 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
26 - Kamloops, British Columbia - Interior Savings Centre
27 - Abbotsford, British Columbia - Entertainment and Sports Arena
29 - Prince George, British Columbia - CN Centre
30 - Dawson Creek, British Columbia - Encana Events Centre

July 2011
2 - Fort McMurray, Alberta - McDonald Island Park
6 - Sarnia, Ontario - Rogers Sarnia Bayfest
9 - Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland - Centennial Park
12 - Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Arena
13 - Bushkill, PA - Mt. Laurel Poconos Performing Arts Center
15 - Walker, MN - Moondance Jam
16 - Oshkosh, WI - Ford Festival Park
18 - Springfield, IL - Prairie Capital Convention Center
24 - Montreal, Quebec - Parc Jean Drapeau
26 - Orillia, Ontario - Casino Rama
27 - Windsor, Ontario - Colosseum at Ceasars Windsor
28 - Verona, NY - Turning Stone Casino

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gene Simmons; Family Jewels Readying Season 6 Premire


Kiss Mask Webzine
Season 6 of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels is set to premire on Tuesday, June 14 at 10PM(EST) on A&E Network. GSFJ is the highest ratings winner for reality programming on A&E Televison.
Check your local cable listings for channel number.

Check out the Season 6 Preview of Gene Simmons Family Jewels:

Kiss Kruise Excitement Grows

Kiss Kruise Has Highest Pre-Sale of Themed Cruises

Hi KISS Army Members!

Thank you for an outstanding 1st day KISS Kruise pre-sale! Once again you helped KISS set another record, as Sixthman proudly told us that yesterday's pre-sale had the highest response they've ever seen for a themed-cruise! KISS fans from 35 states and 16 countries have already booked cabins!

The excitement surrounding the KISS Kruise is spreading...check out the photo of some of Sixthman's staff, who painted their faces just for the onsale!

All non-KISS ARMY members, who would like to participate in the regular KISS Kruise Pre-Sale must sign-up by 11:59PM EST on May 30th, 2011. You will be emailed your pre-booking information on or around May 31st, 2011 and will be able to book your cabin as early as June 2nd, 2011.

The public on-sale date is June 7th, 2011, at which time anyone who didn't join the pre-sales may book.


Paul Stanley on George Lopez Tonight!

Video courtesy TBS/GeorgeLopez.com
Kiss Mask Webzine

George Lopez is the funniest man on TV. He starred in the hilarious  "George Lopez" (ABC) show from 2002 to 2007 and now on his late night talk "Lopez Tonight" that debut in September 2009 to viewer success for TBS. George Lopez is the funniest host of late night talk and if you ever get the opportunity to see him perform? DO SO. It will be the best comedy show you'll ever see. It was revealed by Paul during his interview with George, that the two are good friends and when George comes to his home, he is the same guy, on and off TV, what you see it what you get. That's the appeal with George Lopez. Not only is he funny as hell, he comes off real on camera, and people feel that.

Paul Stanley appeared on "Lopez Tonight" and sat in with the band, Ese Vatos, was interviewed by George along with Randy Jackson (American Idol, Journey) on bass and comedian Russell Peters DJing (along with George on vocals in the finale of the show, "Rock And Roll All Nite").

Paul Stanley opens the show with "Detroit Rock City."

Paul talks about Lady Gaga and the painting Paul and George did for the American Red Cross to help victims of the Tornados devastation currently in the USA, especially the Mid-West.

An All-Star version of "Rock And Roll All Nite."


Ebay Link to bid on Painting: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180673038748

KISS founder Paul Stanley has teamed with television host and comedy great George Lopez to bring relief to the victims of the recent tornadoes.

Paul and George created this painting to “Help Those in Need” on the Lopez Tonight show that aired on May 26, 2011.

This 4'x3' acrylic on canvas is signed by both artists.

All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to benefit victims of the recent tornadoes in the Southern United States.

To view the painting or bid on the auction, go to http://www.lopeztonight.com/.

Give back and “Help Those in Need.”

And if you want to donate to the cause, You can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paul Stanley to appear on George Lopez Tonight May 26

Paul Stanley, the iconic front man and founder of KISS, will appear on the hit late night show, Lopez Tonight, Thursday, May 26.

Paul is a huge fan of George and the show and might even join the band for a song. Don’t miss this appearance!

Lopez Tonight airs weeknights at 12/11c on TBS. Check your local listings and tune-in.

And…if you live in the Los Angeles area and wish to attend, a very limited number of tickets may still be available at www.lopeztonight.com/tickets /.

Ace Frehley to play Erie County Fair, New York

Ace Frehley at the Fair
Ace Frehley will perform as partof the eighth annual Biker Day concert at 8 p.m. Aug. 17 at the Buffalo.com Grandstand at the Erie County Fair (5600 McKinley Parkway, Hamburg). The concert is free with gate admission.

For more information, call 649-3900 or visit http://www.the-fairgrounds.com/.

Vinnie Vincent: No Charges for Dead Dog Corpses

Former KISS guitarist Vincent Cusano will NOT face animal cruelty charges after officials found 4 dead dogs at the rocker's home in Tennessee this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Pet Adoption Welfare Services (PAWS) tells TMZ ... Vinnie had kept all 4 animals in above-ground plastic storage bins, clearly marked as graves ... with little memorials written on them -- and even though it's really creepy ... it ain't illegal.

TMZ broke the story ... Vinnie was arrested for allegedly beating the crap out of his wife ... and while cops were at the home, they noticed the dead animals and called PAWS to investigate.

Vinnie's wife explained the dogs had been killed by ANOTHER one of the family's 9 still-living dogs. PAWS tells us they will test all of the living pets for rabies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kiss Playing Ace Frehley's Wedding 1976

Here is a cool clip of Kiss playing out at Ace Frehley's wedding. Ace married Jeanette on May 1, 1976 at the Americana Hotel in New York City.

YouTube/ Uploaded by
Description: When Ace and Jeanette Frehley got married in 1976, the band grabbed the opportunity to take the stage and instruments of the wedding band (St. James Infirmary) to play at the wedding reception. After playing one song and a halve Ace's new father-in law asked the band to stop seeing all the attention went to the band now and not to the wedding activities...

Enjoy this upgrade! Now you can clearly see Ace's, Gene's and Paul's faces!! Also KISS's first road manager JR Smalling can be seen introducing the band..

Tommy Thayer's Studio Tour

Kissonline Exclusive
Here's a clip of Tommy showing fans around the studio, where KISS's new album is being recorded

PodKISSt #44- Sweet Pain


(Kiss Mask Webzine/Editor's Note: This look back, with an interview with Megan McCraken who posed in the famous Norman Seef  1974 photoshoot, is an interesting look into an era of Kiss who I thought were "dangerous." They were black and white and silver. They were mysterious, almost subhuman-like. This interview goes back to the time before the lunchboxes and Mego dolls. Megan talks about Bill Aucoin and Sean Delaney with affection You will  enjoy listening to this trip back to early 70's Kisstory.)

If you’re a KISS family, take note: This installment of the PodKISSt is NOT for the innocent!

Before the action figures and the comics and the movies and the lunch boxes, KISS were trying out a very different aesthetic; they were dark, dirty, and dangerous! Not yet a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon, KISS had the flexibility to play with constructs such as gender, sexuality, and power in ways that would have been incongruous with their superhero image a few years later. No greater example exists than the photographs they took with tonight’s guest. If the back cover of “Hotter Than Hell” was a question mark, these pictures were an exclamation point! Whips, chains, blood, and bondage… Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter… and Megan McCracken!

We’re pleased to bring you this exclusive PodKISSt interview with a woman who witnessed KISS in their infancy, was behind-the-scenes during their early development, became a nubile subject for their lurid delights… and lived to tell the tale!

And if that’s not enough excitement, PodKISSt correspondent Mikeman gets the inside scoop from Keith (KISSonline) Leroux on what the KISS Army can expect when they set sail on the KISS cruise with the Hottest Band in the Land!

Listen HERE!

New Kiss Album News Update

New Album, Kissology 4 due in January
Gene Simmons said in a recent interview that the new album following up 2009's SONIC BOOM will be released in January 2011. A world tour is set to follow.

Paul Stanley has said that the album artwork will be in the vein of the classic DESTROYER painting.

Gene also stated that the long awaited Kissology 4 will also release in Janaury.

Kiss Set World Record in May 20 Live Global Chat - Video

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons & Orstbo Set World Record
Kiss did the first ever Live Global Chat with Ortsbo.com, the world's online translator, setting a World Record. Check out the video here-

Gene Simmons Interviewed by Don Geronimo Show - May 23, 2011

CBS/Sacramento Radio

Gene Simmons was interviewed by Don Geronimo on May 23. Kiss will be playing Raley Field on May 29 in West Sacramento, CA., for the "Walk N Rock" charity event.

Vinnie Vincent Arrest News Coverage - Video

TV News Coverage of Vinnie Vincent Incident
Vinnie to appear in court June 23.


Monday, May 23, 2011

More Details on Vinnie Vincent's Arrest- UPDATE

More Details Emerge in Vinnie Vincent's Aggravated Assault Charge
The Tennessean

MURFREESBORO — A former KISS guitarist is accused of beating his wife so badly she had to be hospitalized this past weekend, and when officers went to the guitarist’s home to make an arrest they found four sealed containers with dead dogs inside, according to a sheriff's incident report.

A booking officer at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center confirmed Vinnie Vincent, whose real name is Vincent John Cusano, was charged with one count of aggravated assault on Saturday. Cusano was lead guitarist for the rock band KISS between 1982 and 1984 and replaced original band member Ace Frehley.

An incident report on file at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office details the incident that led to that arrest.

Diane Cusano, Vincent Cusano’s wife, showed up at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Saturday covered in blood and reportedly intoxicated, according to the RCSO incident report. Authorities immediately called an ambulance to transport Cusano to Middle Tennessee Medical Center here in Murfreesboro.

Cusano explained she had been in an argument with her husband over a woman he had been talking to, the report reads.

During the argument Cusano said her husband told her to “get the (expletive) out of the house” and then got physically violent, smacking her in the face, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her on the ground, according to the report. She claims her husband then dragged her through a pile of glass from a broken plate that was on the floor before the argument started.

When deputies went to Vincent Cusano’s 101 Woodland Trail home in Smyrna to speak with him about the incident they were unable to make contact immediately, which resulted in the Rutherford County Felony Arrest Search Tactical (FAST) team being called to the home. FAST team members found Cusano and arrested him without incident.

Deputies who went to the house reported finding four sealed containers that had deceased dogs inside them. Rutherford County animal welfare officers were called to the house in response to that finding, according to police. An investigation is pending in that matter.

“PAWS spoke with Diane about the deceased animals and was advised that the animals were killed by one of their aggressive dogs,” the report reads.

A Woodland Trail neighbor of Cusano told investigators that he heard the Cusano’s arguing Saturday, according to the report. Paul Sachtjen told police he heard “a male voice” saying “get the (expletive) out of my house.”

When police later tried to interview Vincent Cusano about the incident, he would not make any statements, according to the report.

Booking records from the detention center show Cusano was booked into the jail at 11:33 p.m. Saturday. He was released at 11:27 a.m. Sunday after posting $10,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court June 23.

The incident report detailed Diane Cusano's injuries, which included small cuts on her forehead, a hematoma on her forehead, a swollen and bruised nose, bruised and swollen right eye, a bruise on her left clavicle, lacerations on her forearm, bruises on her right elbow, bruised and swollen right thumb, laceration to right foot, bruised inner right knee, bruises and what appeared to be puncture wounds to her right calf and left buttocks.

She has since been released from the hospital, according to an MTMC spokeswoman.

Kiss' "Dynasty" Released on this day 1979

Kiss Mask Webzine

THE RETURN OF KISS read the magazine and television ads for Kiss' new album, DYNASTY. Released on May 23, 1979, the 17th studio album Dynasty spawned one of the band's best selling singles' "I Was Made For Lovin' You"  which was a bonafide hit around the world and put Kiss into nightclubs and discos with a 7 minute plus remixed version (You can here the extended version on the CD 1987 import from Japan, "Chikara"). Kiss could now be heard through the sound systems in discos around the globe.

The album marked the beginning of the end in many ways. Kiss dropped their heavier rock sound for a more pop rock, catchy type radio songs, which drove Kiss' hardcore audience away and into the arms of bands like Van Halen. This foray into pop rock trickled over into the next album, the even popier, UNMASKED in 1980. Though the album is beautifully produced by Vini Poncia, the new musical direction took Kiss away from the hard rock mode and into the softer pop rock. Vini produced Peter Criss' 1978 SOLO ALBUM.

It also marked the departure of Peter Criss' musical contributions to Kiss by playing on only one song, his entry, the funky "Dirty Livin,'" which could heard about his negative feelings being in Kiss. Spider drummer Anton Fig (managed by Bill Aucoin)  filled in as a "ghost" drummer. Anton's relationship with Kiss, especially Ace Frehley, landed him the drum seat on the album that followed, UNMASKED in 1980. In reality, LOVE GUN was the last Kiss studio album to feature all four members in the recording studio.

DYNASTY peaked at #6 on Billboard's  Top Album charts lasting 26 weeks in the Top 100.  "Sure Know Something" was the second single, with a video companion, peaked at #47 on Billboard's Top Singles chart.
"I Was Made For Living' You" charted at #11 at it's peak. DYNASTY was certified  platinum with one million copies sold (the sales numbers are much higher now) by the RIAA. "I Was Made For Lovin' You" also hit #1 in Canada, New Zealand, Holland and Australia... #2 in Germany, France & Switzerland and the Top 30 in other parts of the world. "Sure Know Something" was a Top 30 around the world. DYNASTY proved to be a international smash album and sent Kiss into a whole new era of popularity around the world. The album proved to be a enormous success in Australia and New Zealand making Kiss bonafide superstars Down Under. So much so, Kiss traveled for the first time to Australia and New Zealand for a series of shows in November of 1980 with new drummer Eric Carr. Kiss' visit can only be compared to that of the Beatles- Kissteria was deafening.

The DYNASTY tour which featured new Vegasy type costuming and a stage conceived by Paul Stanley, opened in  Lakeland, Florida on June 15, 1979. At this point, Kiss were not getting along all that well. The break the band got by doing individual solo albums the previous year failed to bring Kiss back into a four member unit and in many ways, distanced themselves even further. Egos and substance abuse seemed to reach fever pitch which seemed at times to carry onto the stage with some of Kiss' performances. The tour would last 79 shows and end in Toledo, Ohio on December 16, 1979. It would mark the last time all four original members would play on the same stage again until June 1996.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vinnie Vincent was Arrested Today in Tennessee

Breaking News: Vinnie Vincent Has Been Arrested for Aggravated Assault
TMZ is reporting, Vinnie Vincent was arrested today on charges of aggravated assault. Vinnie, who's real name is Vincent Cusano,  replaced Ace Frehley in a short lived guitar lead spot in Kiss from 1982-1983.

Vinnie was arrested by the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department in Tennessee and held on $10,000 bond.. He posted and was released at 11:27 AM. More on details as they develop.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kiss "Unmasked" Released on this day - May 20, 1980

Kiss released their foray into pop rock with the release of "Unmasked" on May 20, 1980. The album was a failure in the US, but success of the album found it's way overseas. Although Peter Criss appears on Victor Stabin's album  artwork, he did not play on the album and the drumming chores went to Ace's solo album drummer and Spider member, Anton Fig. Peter had already left the band days before. The album  was huge in Australia and overseas and successful tours to follow where Kiss was more famous than here in the US.
The album's artwork suggested that Kiss would unmasked which didn't happen until 1983's "Lick It Up" album. It's really hard to understand where the band was at with suggesting unmasking and the pop songs that were recorded.

Peter filmed the video for "Shandi" marking his last appearance with Kiss until 1995. After the video was finished, all the band member's went their separate ways.

The First Ever Kiss Orstbo Global Chat

I am sure many of you have just listened to the first ever Live Kiss Global Chat presented by Ortsbo.com. from the Polo Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This was truly an amazing event. To see Paul and Gene go out live to chat with fans, in real time,  from all over the world in their home language is just incredible and fascinating to me. And to watch it live streaming on Kissonline was huge for those not taking part in the chat but wanting to witness the event. It was a very sophisticated event. Paul and Gene were dressed in suits. I  couldn't really see Gene's because he was in total black, but Paul's suit looks very expensive and by the looks I thought it was an Armani. Starchild has very good taste.

Getting back to the event. The stage was set in a ballroom in Beverly Hills, the crowd was dressed very well, as emcee Pablo Padadatpalous (we will correct his name if we have it wrong) took charge and kept the event moving at a nice, cool pace. The Kiss coffin and the Bally's Kiss 1979 pinball machine was set up in the back round or off side stage and added great effect to the gently lit room.  A well put together event that was very enjoyable to watch.

Kiss and Ortsbo.com set a World Record with Guinness of the largest worldwide chat with a total of 92 countries taking part. Go to http://www.ortsbo.com/ for all the information on this new and exciting technology.

Gene stated the the new Kiss album will be out January 2012. Paul said, in answering a question, the artwork for the new album would be much in the vein of DESTROYER, adding it's classic look. And no. He won't be doing the artwork.
More about the Kiss Orstbo.com chat to come...

Destroyer Stage Set in 3D

DESTROYER- the apocalyptic city


The «Love Gun» stage set from Kiss was meant to be the last scenography project from Serpent 3D. Then, original blueprints of Kiss’ first major stage production appeared online. Not only did this offer the opportunity to recreate what many considers to be the quintessential Kiss show in 3D. More importantly, this project exemplifies the workflow in Serpent3D and the level of accuracy which can be achieved with the necessary input provided. Prior stage designs were all made based on photographs and video. This time all original parts of the design are recreated in accordance with the blueprints.

Editor's Note: You must check this out. the Destroyer 3D stage set comes from the same people who did the Love Gun and Dynasty 3D stage set animations. They do incredible work.

Kiss Live & Global Chat Today!



Ortsbo.com to host first interactive global fan chat in 53 languages

LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK / SAN MATEO / TORONTO – May 10, 2011 – Intertainment Media Inc. ("Intertainment" or the "Company") (TSXV : INT / US : ITMTF / FRA : I4T) announces that Ortsbo.com (www.ortsbo.com), the social media, real time, language translation platform, with business partner and spokesperson Gene Simmons welcomes Paul Stanley, international rock legend and co-founder of KISS to its online multi-language global chat event – Ortsbo presents, KISS Live & Global.

In addition to the online chat, which will attempt a world record for the “Most Nationalities In An Online Chat Room”, the event, featuring a live, interactive studio audience will be broadcast around the world via live streaming to computers, iPhones and Android devices.

People from all over the world, the 4 Million KISS Facebook Fans and the global KISS ARMY who pre-register at http://www.ortsbo.com/ will have the opportunity to interact with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and present questions online in 53 languages.

The real time Ortsbo platform will instantly translate questions and answers in multiple languages, allowing viewers all over the world to review the online chat in their own native language - making this event a truly worldwide spectacle.

Charitybuzz is offering Auctions from Ringo Starr to Lady Gaga to Kiss

From Ringo Star to Keith Richards, luxury charity auction site Charitybuzz is putting music icons on the auction block this month to benefit some incredible charities. There are currently more than 50 music packages live on Charitybuzz from artists including Ringo Starr, KISS, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Tony Bennett, Janelle MonĂ¡e, Tim McGraw and many more. What a roundup of celeb auctions, right?

KISS is upping the ante with four front row tickets to see them perform at any upcoming show and the chance to meet the band backstage, including Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. Proceeds will benefit Artists for Alzheimer’s. Bidding is open through June 15th, with an estimated value of $4,000, by going HERE.

Ringo Starr has partnered with Charitybuzz to put an intimate backstage experience up for auction to benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The lucky winner and a friend will meet Starr backstage at any show of their choice this summer, with VIP tickets. Bidding is open through May 24th by going here. Bidding is currently at $4,500, with an estimated value of $5,000.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ace Frehley to make Appearence at Indy Horror Convention/Adds Live Date

Ace at Days of the Dead Convention:
The Days of the Dead Horror Convention organizers have confirmed that Ace Frehley will make an appearence. The event will take place  July 1 - 3, 2011 at the Indianapolis Wyndham West Hotel. Along with Ace, Gary Busy, Ed Furlong, Roddy Piper and PJ Soles will also appear among others. You can check out all the information DAYS OF THE DEAD WEBSITE.

Ace adds another tourdate:
June 17, 2011: Total Trib Ampitheatre: Pittsburgh, PA, Ribs On The Rivers

NJ/NY Kiss Expo Highlights Video - May 14, 2011

Our good friend Matt Porter and his brother Anthony Porter shot and produced this incredible highlight video of the NJ/NY Kiss Expo this past weekend. Yours truly is in the beginning of the video sporting my Japanese Kiss Alive II shirt pounding my fist and arms (like Gene) at my table. The expo was fantastic and the promoters were awesome. Thanks Matt!

NJ/NY Kiss Expo This Past Weekend May 14, 2011- Video

Video by Bill Baker/Ace Frehley Archives

Lisa Persky, who played "Dirty Dee" in "Kiss Meets The Phantom" along with Victor Stabin, who did the "Unmasked" album cover art, speak at the NJ Kiss Expo on May 14th. 2011.

Eddie Balandas and J.R. Smalling, Kiss' first tour manager and voice of "Kiss Alive!" talk up some Kiss at the NJ/NY Kiss expo.

Here's a clip of Eddie Balandas, security and employee of KISS back in the 70's. It's his voice that introduces them on the "Alive II" album.

Kiss' "Revenge" Released on this Day - May 19, 1992

Kiss unleashed their comeback to heavier rock roots with the release of REVENGE. Some will argue the claim  this is (rightfully so) one of Kiss' finest jewels on wax that includes songs that have become Kiss classic, "Unholy," "God Gave Rock And Roll To You II" (From the "Bill & Ted" soundtrack), "I Just Wanna" and "Take It Off." Five official videos were released from this album ("Unholy, Domino, I Just Wanna', God Gave Rock and Roll To You II" and "Every Time I Look At You."). It was also the last time Kiss drummer Eric Carr appeared on a Kiss album (vocals on "God Gave Rock And Roll To You II," marking  Eric Carr's final appearance in a Kiss video and the instrumental tribute, "Carr Jam 1981.")  having succumbed to complications from cancer in November 1991. The album also marked the debut of drummer Eric Singer's appearance on a Kiss album. The album was followed by a short but very successful mini tour of smaller venues in May followed by a US  arena tour in October which featured a replica of the Statue of Liberty as a centerpiece stage prop whose face was "blown" off  (during "War Machine") to reveal a skull, bare to the bones Lady Liberty. The album peaked at #6 on the American Billboard charts making it one of Kiss' highest charted albums.
REVENGE was released on May 19, 1992.

"Unholy" live from Miami Arena, October 31, 1992

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paul Stanley & Erin Sutton at Opening Fashion Sense at RIMOWA in Beverly Hills

Paul Stanley and his stunningly glowing wife Erin, Tommy Thayer and his beautiful wife Amber and Eric Singer were all in attendance of the grand opening of Rimowa boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on May 16, 2011.

Paul Stanley Interviewed on Clear Channel Radio

Paul Stanley was interviewed by Clear Channel Radio National Correspondent Steven Gregory in Los Angeles regarding his efforts to bring attention to noise-induced hearing loss amongst teens. This is all part of Paul's work as spokesperson for the world-renowned House Research Institute.

One segment aired during the morning and one in the evening. Click to listen!

AM Interview

PM Interview

Tommy Thayer and wife Amber Arrive at RIMOWA Opening in Beverly Hills

Tommy Thayer and his wife Amber arrive at the opening of RIMOWA on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills Ca., on May 16. Paul Stanley and his wife Erin were also at the event joining actress Jessica Alba.

Gene Simmons "Personality of the Year"

Gene Simmons to enter Factual Entertainment Awards’ Hall of Fame

Legendary rock-god and multi-hyphenate Gene Simmons will be inducted into realscreen‘s Factual Entertainment Awards Hall of Fame as the “Personality of the Year” at the awards celebration on June 1, 2011 in Santa Monica.

Along with his unconventional family, Simmons stars in Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E in the longest running, unscripted celebrity family-based series on television. “The show’s longevity, loyal fan base and consistently high ratings, coupled with Gene’s engaging onscreen presence and the wonderful family dynamic that makes the show ‘appointment’ television, all factor into this recognition,” said Claire Macdonald, VP & publisher of realscreen, creators of the Factual Entertainment Awards and Factual Entertainment Forum.

This is the second nod from the international non-fiction community, as Gene Simmons Family Jewels emerged the winner in the docusoap category at the 2010 edition of the Factual Entertainment Awards, which are judged by over 30 senior global non-fiction programming execs and producers. A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels is produced by Thinkfactory Media and the Gene Simmons Company. Adam Freeman, Adam Reed, Gene Simmons, Moriah Muse, Erin Kelly and Leslie Greif are the series executive producers. David McKillop, Neil A. Cohen and Steve Harris are the A&E executive producers.

“I am who I am because of my family,” said Gene Simmons. “Shannon, Sophie and Nick make me a better man, and that’s factual. I’m honored to receive this award.”

“Gene Simmons has gone from entertaining millions of fans to becoming one of TV’s most recognizable faces globally reaching over 83 countries and we couldn’t be happier for him being named this year’s Personality of the Year,” said Leslie Greif, executive producer and Thinkfactory Media CEO. “A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels continues to break records as the longest running celebrity docu-series on the air and we’d like to thank realscreen and the Factual Entertainment Awards for recognizing Gene and this ground-breaking series.”

The entire Simmons family including Gene, his long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed and children Nick and Sophie, will also set the stage for the Factual Entertainment Forum. In a lively panel discussion delegates will hear from the quintessential first family of reality about how their on-air lives intertwine with real family life. The audience is promised an interesting, unusual and entertaining glimpse into their not-so-private lives and into the making of the hit show.

The Factual Entertainment Awards and the Factual Entertainment Forum take place at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel on June 1 & 2, 2011.
Read more: http://realscreen.com/2011/05/17/gene-simmons-named-to-factual-entertainment-awards-hall-of-fame/#ixzz1Mher54Wv

Kiss "Revenge" Rehearsals Surface on YouTube

Here are some cool rehearsal clips that surfaced on YouTube this week from the REVENGE tour 1992. Now, the information states it's Philadelphia, but the tour actually opened at Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, PA. where Kiss rehearsed the tour. Kiss played the Spectrum in Philadelphia a week later on October 10, 1992. Since we were at the Stabler Arena rehearsals, this video is actually from there where the tour opened on October 1, 1992. The video was shot on September 30, 1992.

Kiss Cruise Set to Rock the High Seas

Chris Owens/AOL Travel

This October, fans of the iconic rock band KISS may very well have their dreams come true as Carnival Destiny sets sail on a five-day immersive charter. Called The KISS Kruise, theme cruise promoter Sixthman is taking names now for pre-sale sign up.

Sixthman specializes in full-ship charters and recently wrapped up the latest Kid Rock's Chillin' The Most Cruise 2011. Set to sail October 13-17, 2011, The KISS Kruise will go on sale to the general public June 7, 2011 but fans of the band can get first pick of cabins by signing up early online.

KISS ARMY Fan Club members (cool people) can sign-up for the pre-sale by May 22nd to receive priority, will be emailed pre-booking information on or around May 23rd and be able to book as early as May 26th.

Not a KISS ARMY Fan Club Member? (Who isn't?) Join now and be included in that first round of bookings.

Non-KISS ARMY Fan Club members that would like to participate in the pre-sale have until May 30th to sign up. They will be emailed pre-booking information on or around May 31st and will be able to book your cabin as early as June 2nd, 2011.

Guests on The KISS Kruise will take a photo with the band and enjoy two shows, one indoor and one outdoor. At the big outdoor show, cruisers will catch KISS' acoustic side, and the band will be sans makeup. Other events will include a Q&A with the band, a massive Halloween party, games, theme nights, and other "rowdy" onboard activities. KISS will also be inviting other musical acts to keep everyone rocking.

Several promoters and travel agencies specialize in theme cruises, chartering partial or full ships for these special sailings. Sixthman does it a bit differently.

"Sixthman cruises are different from other theme cruises because we go out of our way to make sure all of the guests are happy. They get a full festival experience and end up building lasting relationships with other guests and artists. Each event builds a community." Sixthman CEO Andy Levine told us recently adding "We also offer proximity to the artists - the performers who sail with us are open with their fans and enjoy hanging out around the ship.

We don't create a "VIP" environment - everyone who books has the same "backstage pass"-like advantages"
The new site launches today: http://www.thekisskruise.com/

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kiss' Peter Criss Leaves Kiss- May 17, 1980

On this day, May 17, 1980, Peter Criss left Kiss to pursue a solo career and various reasons known by most Kiss fans. Kiss replaced Peter with an unknown to the major music scene, yet familiar with the New York City rock circuit, with Brooklyn native Erric Carr. Eric made his Kiss debut at New York's Palladium on July 25, 1980 before heading out to Australia and New Zealand for a sold-out tour.

Gene Simmons daughter Sophie Involved in Auto Accident in LA

(RTTNews) - Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie, 18, was involved in a four-car accident on Thursday in Los Angeles.

The daughter of the KISS frontman was at rest in traffic on a Los Angeles freeway when the car behind her failed to brake, slamming her car into the car in front of her.

Sophie, who was wearing her seat belt, hit her head on the steering wheel; the airbag of the car did not deploy and the car was totaled.

The teenager was taken to an area hospital, where she was treated for minor scrapes and bumps, after which she tweeted pictures of her hospital bracelet (along with a bracelet from a party she had just attended) and reassured fans that she was unharmed: "Hospital Band and a Victoria's Secret Wristband . . . classy."

Her father also tweeted about his daughter's accident, noting that she was not hurt, and posted pictures of the family having lunch together after son Nick's graduation.

The Return of NJ/NY Kiss Expo

Saturday, May 14, marked the return of the NJ/NY Kiss Expo at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Somerset, NJ. The day turned out to be a fantastic with Kiss Vendors serving up everything Kiss. There was a very strong turnout with fans buying up some Kiss collectibles form the 1970's to the present. Held in the grand ballrom and a side smaller room across the hallway, the expo lived up to everything and more.

Special Guests included Lisa Jane Persky (Dirty Dee from "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park"-1978), original Kiss tour manager JR Smalling (and voice of "KISS Alive!"), Eddie Balandas (Voice of "KISS Alive II and 7o's Security), Vic Stabin who created the artwork and poster for Kiss' "Unmasked", Lydia Criss and Bill Baker of the Ace Frehley Archives. The band "Almost Human" performed that evening replicating the 1977 stage show.

Hats go off to promoters Ross Koondel and Peter Arquette for a great return to a special event that has long been missed- the NJ/NY Kiss Expo!

A Note from Kiss Mask Webzine

Promoting Kiss Related Products No Longer for Free On Kiss Mask Webzine
It seems everyone wants to promote their product. And that's all fine and good. But when those people promoting their product want free advertising wihout having to pay or provide us the product... the answer is flat out NO! It's about respect and for many years we were happy to do so. But since we've seen an increase of "products" wanting  free ad space, we have decided we will no longer be taken advantage of in this matter

Kiss Mask Webzine will no longer promote Kiss related "products" here on this site for "FREE" as of today. Kiss Mask will no longer promote merchandise items from former band members and/or their families seeking profit.  Without the product sent to us for review (as compensation) do not bother us with requests. We will no longer advertise Kiss fan related events without complimentary admission for the event, unless we are buying a table (and/or have exchanged LINKS to each other's sites), then we may discuss compensation/or reduced pricing. We will also no longer advertise "products" without official press releases. We realize that an advertisement here on Kiss Mask Webzine DOES increase sales, visibilty, interest and thus far has been free as of late.
Of course, our "LINKS" policy is the same, we put YOUR LINK on our site, and you put OUR LINK on yours. Seems fair, right? Same as it alway's been. Any LINKS on our site that do not have OUR LINK on theirs will be removed from the left side column on our main page.  The ONLY exception are Official Sites from KISS, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and all other current and former members of KISS.
Advertising can be very expensive, thus we will not be charging a fee(s), but as they say "nothing is for nothing" and Kiss Mask Webzine is longer doing promotion for "nothing."

Please note: This decison does not affect our already relationships with Kiss fan sites, events and Kiss merchandise dealers whom we already trade LINKS on each other site.

Feel free to contact me at Kissmask8895@aol.com  with any questions.

J. Frank Hagan

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paul Stanley Rock the House


KISS Front Man Speaks to Standing-Room-Only Crowd in LA about Importance of Hearing Health
House Research Institute
Paul Stanley, the legendary front man and founder of KISS, spoke to a packed audience at the Director’s Guild of America in Los Angeles Thursday. Paul was the headliner at the House Research Institute’s “Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration,” an event to bring increased awareness to noise-induced hearing loss amongst teens and foster good hearing health practices.

Stanley, who was born deaf in one ear and serves as Ambassador Spokesperson for the non-profit, spoke about his own inspirational struggle with hearing loss to a rapt audience of teens, parents, media and members of the KISS Army who turned-out in force.

In addition to meeting a true rock legend, attendees of the fun-filled event heard from world-renowned medical experts like Dr. John House, one of the country’s foremost authorities on hearing health, and earned the chance to win a myriad of cool prizes including VIP concert tickets and the Grand Prize: a Paul Stanley signed Washburn guitar.

You Wanna' Go On A Kiss Kruise?

SHIP WILL SET SAIL OCTOBER 13-17, 2011 Kiss Krusie on Carnival!!

Jam Packed Kiss Kruise with Sail Away Unplugged Show as ship leaves port, two shows to accommodate 2,800 passengers, Golf event with Tommy Thayer, Kiss Bingo, Q&A Session with Kiss, Meet & Greet with Kiss plus much more!
Kissonline's Keith Leroux announced at Saturday's NJ/NY Kiss Expo


We know you have been waiting patiently for the big news...and here it is!

The KISS Kruise: Wet, Wild, & Rockin’

Sailing on the Carnival Destiny

October 13 – 17, 2011 from Miami to Half Moon Cay & Nassau, Bahamas

ARE YOU READY to INVADE the seas on the first ever KISS Kruise? KISS is partnering with cruise industry leaders, Sixthman for this sea-bound adventure.

On this outrageous ship, you’ll get to party with fist pounding hard rock all night, and live like a rock star all day. You’ll see a legendary show with KISS in an intimate indoor venue and an acoustic "Sail Away Concert" (no make-up!!) to keep the party going as the ship leaves port. It doesn’t stop there; we’ll have krazy on board activities, KISS-themed nights, badass costume contests and more!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

KISS YOUR FACE VIP Contest for Kiss' Pocono Show in July 13!

Kiss is the first band to reopen the Mt. Laurel Performing Arts Center in Bushkill, PA., on July 13, 2011. In celebration, enter the  KISS YOUR FACE Contest to win VIP Tickets to the only East Coast appearence by Kiss this summer.
Venue Website http://www.mtlaurelpac.com/

You can enter and see all deyails here : http://www.facebook.com/mtlaurelpac?sk=app_100142423390621 . The grand prize is a VIP package to see KISS, which includes backstage passes.
Click the above link for all information

Enter now and Win!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to Chat in 58 Languages

KISS Frontman Gene Simmons visited the KCAL 9 Studios Thursday to talk to Dave Gonzales and Sandra Mitchell about a new social media language endeavor.

Simmons has partnered with www.ortsbo.com, a real-time social medial language translation platform. Simmons will host the world’s first real-time, interactive global fan chat in 53 languages on May 20, where fans can ask him anything in 58 different languages.

http://www.ortsbo.com/  is free and be used with other social media websites like Facebook, Google Talk and Twitter.
Watch Gene's CBS LA Interview below:

Happy Birthday Eric!

A very Happy (belated) Birthday to Eric Singer who turned 53 yesterday.

**Kiss Mask was down yesterday due to maintenance

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KISS Summer Tour Dates 2011

KISS will be heading out on the road to venues missed on the last tour. Kiss will hit cities in Canada and the USA, making good on a promise that Kiss will play in those cities voted on the Eventful contest prior to the Kiss Alive 35/Sonic Boom US tours.

May 2011

29 - West Sacramento, CA - Raley Field

June 2011
23 - Everett, WA - Comcast Arena
24 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
26 - Kamloops, British Columbia - Interior Savings Centre
27 - Abbotsford, British Columbia - Entertainment and Sports Arena
29 - Prince George, British Columbia - CN Centre
30 - Dawson Creek, British Columbia - Encana Events Centre

July 2011
2 - Fort McMurray, Alberta - McDonald Island Park
6 - Sarnia, Ontario - Rogers Sarnia Bayfest
9 - Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland - Centennial Park
12 - Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Arena
13 - Bushkill, PA - Mt. Laurel Poconos Performing Arts Center
15 - Walker, MN - Moondance Jam
16 - Oshkosh, WI - Ford Festival Park
18 - Springfield, IL - Prairie Capital Convention Center
24 - Montreal, Quebec - Parc Jean Drapeau
26 - Orillia, Ontario - Casino Rama
27 - Windsor, Ontario - Colosseum at Ceasars Windsor
28 - Verona, NY - Turning Stone Casino

VH1 to Film at this year's KISS Expo in NJ

VH1 will be on hand at the NJ/NY Kiss Expo this Saturday to film segments for their new 11-part series, METAL Evolution. The producer of the series has stated that Peter Criss and Ace Frehey have already been interviewed which is set to begin airing in November.

The camera crew will be roaming around the expo seeking to interview Kiss fans, so make sure you look good and have your best Kiss on!

The vent will be held this Saturday at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 110 Davidson Ave, Somerset NJ 08873

12pm-8pm. Kiss tribute act, ALMOST HUMAN, will recreate the 1977 LOVE GUN/ALIVE II stage show.

Tickets and info for the NJ/NY KISS Expo are at NJKISSexpo.com.

KISS to Make BIG Announcement Saturday

Major KISS Announcement on Saturday, May 14, 2011
Attention KISS Army!! We have some BIG KISS news coming to you this weekend, so stay tuned to http://www.kissonline.com/  and start getting excited! It is something new, something Wild, and something you won’t want to miss!

Ortsbo.Com Presents KISS Live & Global


Ortsbo.com to host first interactive global fan chat in 53 languages

LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK / SAN MATEO / TORONTO – May 10, 2011 – Intertainment Media Inc. ("Intertainment" or the "Company") (TSXV : INT / US : ITMTF / FRA : I4T) announces that Ortsbo.com (http://www.ortsbo.com/ ), the social media, real time, language translation platform, with business partner and spokesperson Gene Simmons welcomes Paul Stanley, international rock legend and co-founder of KISS to its online multi-language global chat event – Ortsbo presents, KISS Live & Global.

In addition to the online chat, which will attempt a world record for the “Most Nationalities In An Online Chat Room”, the event, featuring a live, interactive studio audience will be broadcast around the world via live streaming to computers, iPhones and Android devices.

People from all over the world, the 4 Million KISS Facebook Fans and the global KISS ARMY who pre-register at Ortsbo.com will have the opportunity to interact with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and present questions online in 53 languages.

The real time Ortsbo platform will instantly translate questions and answers in multiple languages, allowing viewers all over the world to review the online chat in their own native language - making this event a truly worldwide spectacle.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eric Carr's ROCKHEADS Available Now!

Fans of late KISS drummer ERIC CARR are finally in for a real treat. The Rockheads are a cartoon rock group created by Eric in the late '80s. Adam Mitchell and former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK contributed to some Rockheads inspiried songs which appeared on Eric's posthumous CD, Rockology.
Now for the first time ever fans have the opportunity to own a unique set of Rockheads material. Produced in conjunction with Eric's family, each limited edition Rockheads set will include the following:

A 1" x 1" piece of the original bass drum skin from the Crazy Nights tour cradled in a high-quality collectable card. The pieces will be numbered in a series from 1 to 400 and are authenticated by The Carr Family.

A beautifully reproduced pull-out poster print of one of Eric's original hand-drawn Rockheads illustrations.

A Limited Collector's Edition Rockheads comic book produced by Rockville Station and autographed by Bruce Kulick.

All orders placed prior to May 1st will also receive a pearl white guitar pick with a picture of "Scruffy" from the Rockheads on it. Each set costs $49.99 plus tax (if applicable) and S&H. For more details and to order, visit  Rocksville Station.
Orders begin shipping on May 1st and this limited edition is already over half sold-out, so get your order in now.

Gig Harbor man suspected in cyber attack on Gene Simmons

The attacks have been claimed by the internet activist group "Anonymous."

Q13 Seattle FOX News


A Gig Harbor man is the target of a federal investigation after he allegedly launched a cyber attack on rocker Gene Simmons’ web site.

A search warrant obtained by the FBI accuses the Gig Harbor man of conducting a type of cyber attack called a “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) on the web sites genesimmons.com, simmonsrecords.com and kissonline.com.

According to the FBI, the DDoS, which took place in October of 2010, cost Simmons approximately $20,000 to $25,000 over a four-day period.

The attacks have been claimed by the Internet activist group “Anonymous.”

The group said the attack, they termed “operation payback,” is a retaliation against a speech Simmons gave last October in Cannes, France. In the speech, the KISS star spoke out against audio piracy and cyber sharing of music content.

The FBI said that “Anonymous” has also claimed to have launched attacks against the Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Read the rest here.

Sound Rules! With Paul Stanley On May 12


(from paulstanley.com)

Attention KISS fans in Los Angeles, Paul Stanley will be headlining "Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration" on Thursday, May 12th at 3:30PM Pacific at the Director's Guild of America (DGA) Theatre in Los Angeles, located at 7920 Sunset Boulevard.

Stanley, who was born deaf in his right ear, has teamed with the House Research Institute for “Sound Rules!”, a FREE hearing loss prevention education and entertainment event for teens that will feature the legendary lead singer and guitarist from KISS and hearing health experts from the House Research Institute, along with valuable contest prizes and giveaways.

A limited number of tickets will be made available to KISS fans on a first come, first serve basis.

Space is limited; reservations are required. For more information and registration, please visit http://soundrules.org.

WHAT: Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration headlined by Paul Stanley

WHEN: Thursday, May 12 at 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Directors Guild of America, Theater One, 7920 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

ADMISSSION: Free, but reservations are required

RSVP: Liam Collopy: Lcollopy@lcoonline.com

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.soundrules.org/

Paul Stanley talks to My FOX New York About Heariing Loss

MYFOXNY.COM - A medical condition impacting his ability to hear did not stop legendary entertainer Paul Stanley of KISS from pursuing his dreams.

Stanley made it big and he says you can, too.

The performer was born with level three microtia--a deformity of the outer ear cartilage where there is no ear canal.

"I can't hear on that side," Stanley told Good Day New York.

Stanley encourages people of all ages to consider using earphones when attending particularly loud music concerts.

He'll be speaking about the need to protect your hearing starting at an early age at the Director's Guild of America in Manhattan.

Stanley will be on hand from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For more information on the Director's Guild of America, visit DGA.org .

Paul Stanley of KISS: MyFoxNY.com

Paul Stanley to appear on CBS Los Angeles Today

Paul will be interviewed by veteran CBS Health & Medicine Reporter Lisa Sigell tomorrow in Los Angeles. Paul will discuss his own hearing loss and work with the world-renowned House Research Institute.

On May 12 at the Director’s Guild of America in Los Angeles, Paul will headline Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration featuring live music, prizes and the chance to win an autographed Paul Stanley guitar. The event is free and open to the public. Register online at http://www.soundrules.org/ .

Paul Stanley Talks to LA's KTLA About Hearing Loss

Paul Stanley on KTLA talking about hearing loss:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paul Stanley Talks to ABC News About Childhood Hearing Loss

Paul Stanley To Appear At A Hearing Loss & Prevention Seminars In NYC & LA

Did you know that rock icon Paul Stanley, the lead singer and founder of the ground breaking rock band KISS, was born deaf in his right ear?

Did you also know that 1 out of 5 teens has a hearing loss? That’s a 30 percent increase just in the last 15 years.

Maybe that explains why the legendary front man who has sold over 100 million albums is so passionate about preventing hearing loss amongst teens.

Stanley, has teamed-up with the non-profit House Research Institute on a major initiative called “IT’S HOW YOU LISTEN THAT COUNTS” to educate millions of teens around the world on preventing noise-induced hearing loss.

Paul will be drawing the attention of teens in NYC and LA to hearing health issues through an after-school event called SOUND RULES!

The event, free for teens, will take place at the Director’s Guilds in NYC on May 4 and Los Angeles on May 12.

On Wednesday, May 4th from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., the House Research Institute (HRI) will present "Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration" at the Director's Guild of America (DGA) Theatre located at 110 West 57th Street in Manhattan in New York City.

On Thursday, May 12th at 3:30PM Pacific, the House Research Institute will present "Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration" at the Director's Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles, located at 7920 Sunset Boulevard.

Sound Rules! is a FREE hearing loss prevention education and entertainment event for teens that will feature Paul Stanley, lead singer/guitarist of KISS and hearing health experts from the House Research Institute, along with valuable contest prizes and giveaways. Space is limited; reservations are required. For more information and registration, please visit http://soundrules.org/ .

Gene Simmons Interviewed by Elliot in the Morning

5 Kiss Tracks Recorded- two song titles, "Wall of Sound" and "Tell Her Hallelujah" that will most likely make the album. Gene says of the new album, “All the songs are band written, co-written together with no outside writers. I could describe it for those out there who are Kiss fans as a cross between ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Revenge’ – very similar."

Listen to the interview here:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gene Simmons on ABC's "CASTLE" Monday, May 2 at 10PM

Watch Gene Simmons on ABC-TV's "Castle" tomorrow night (May 2, 2011) at 10pm EST.
Here is a sneek peek promo:

"Shout It Out Loud": Gene Simmons is coming to Castle! The legendary KISS bassist (and reality TV dad) brings his demonic presence to Monday night’s episode, “To Love and Die In L.A.” Castle and Beckett trek to Hollywood on the trail of a killer and encounter Simmons in his own Beverly Hills backyard. The rock star recently talked to Wetpaint about exactly why he pointed his Love Gun in Castle’s direction.

Wetpaint: You're playing yourself on the show, which you're an expert in…

Gene Simmons: Yes. I get to practice every day.

What version of yourself do we see in this episode of 'Castle'?

The asshole. No, not really. [Laughs] Although that was the name of my solo record a few years back. I'm sort of like Popeye: I am what I am and that's all that I am.

Is it a comedic bit, or is a bit more serious?

Even when I try to be serious or myself, people laugh at me, but that's my cross to bear.
 Read the entire interview here at Wetpaint.

Kiss Fan Christopher "Critter" Smith Passes Away at 13

Kiss Mask is saddened to have learned of  the passing,  of our own Kiss Army Members, Christopher "Critter" Smith.  Critter fought a valiant fight with such bravery and had incredible passion for his favorite rock band, Kiss. We've featured Critter here at Kiss Mask many occasions, and developed a friendship along the way. Our hearts and prayers go out to Critter and the Smith Family- Kiss Mask Webzine

We are sorry to announce that our friend Christopher "Critter" Smith lost his battle with leukemia and passed away last Thursday. Critter was just 13 years old.

Many members of the KISS Army have inquired about Critter since we first wrote about him on KISSOnline back in 2009, the same year he met the band in Milwaukee. We thank all of you who took the time to write to him, or to say hello in person at the INDY KISS Expo last year. Critter's family told us that it meant the world to him to be associated with KISS and the fans. Critter was a great kid, and we are lucky to have known him!

Share your memories, express your condolences and add photos in the Guest Book for Christopher J. "Critter" Smith at the link below.

Sign Christopher "Critter" Smith Guest Book

Donations to the Christopher Smith Benefit Fund may be made at any Fifth Third Bank.

Kiss Summer Tour Dates

Here's the current list of shows Kiss is doing this summer:
May 29 - Raley Field, Sacremento, CA.
June 23 - Comcast Arena in Everett, WA

June 24 - Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA

June 26 - Interior Savings Centre in Kamloops, BC - SOLD OUT (Kiss sold out in 15 minutes)
June 27 - Entertainment and Sports Center in Abbotsford, BC
June 29 - CN Centre in Prince George, BC
June 30 - Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek, BC
July 2 -    MacDonald Island Park "Canada Rock" Festival in Fort McMurray, AB
July 6 -    Rogers Sarnia Bayfest Sarnia

July 9 -   Centennial Park Grand Falls-Windsor, NL.
July 15 - MoonDance Jam Walker, MN.
July 16 - Rock USA Festival, Oshkosh, WI.
July 12 - Verizon Wireless Arena Manchester, N.H.
July 13 -  Mt Laurel Poconos PAC Bushkill , PA
July 18 -  Prairie Capital Comvention Center, Springfield, IL.
July 21 -  Heavy MTL Festival, Montreal, QC.
July 26 - Casino Rama in Orillia, ON.
July 27 - Colosseum at Caesars Windsor in Windsor, ON.

July 28 - Turning Stone in Verona, N.Y.

New Kiss Album Will Be "Meat and Potatoes"

KISS' New Album Will Be 'Meat and Potatoes'

UGO speaks to Gene Simmons of KISS and learns all about the band's new album!
By Will Markel/UGO.com

While doing interviews for his appearance in ABC's Castle (Airs tomorrow night, 10pm EST), Gene Simmons himself talked to UGO about KISS' new album, and what lays ahead for the fiercest foursome of all time!

When asked about returning to the studio, he said "We’re knee deep in it. Another studio record, [and] just to flex our muscles we’re going to go out and do fifteen shows this summer, in between the record."

That's not all, KISS kadets! When asked what the record was like he said, "Meat and potatoes. You know its going to be like Santa Claus. Up and down, everybody gets used to this and that, and things change, and fashion changes, but it's good to know that Santa comes, and he’s not going to change his outfit and you know what you’re going to get: gifts. Consistency of message." KISS fans are going to get the same quality music they've recieved from their idols time and time again.

He went on to say that the album would be like "Destroyer meets Sonic Boom meets Revenge." No doubt, this upcoming album will be another return to hard rock for KISS, having them put aside lighter, catchy tunes, making this their Creatures of the Night of the new millenium.

After all, has the demon ever steered you wrong?