Friday, May 20, 2011

Kiss "Unmasked" Released on this day - May 20, 1980

Kiss released their foray into pop rock with the release of "Unmasked" on May 20, 1980. The album was a failure in the US, but success of the album found it's way overseas. Although Peter Criss appears on Victor Stabin's album  artwork, he did not play on the album and the drumming chores went to Ace's solo album drummer and Spider member, Anton Fig. Peter had already left the band days before. The album  was huge in Australia and overseas and successful tours to follow where Kiss was more famous than here in the US.
The album's artwork suggested that Kiss would unmasked which didn't happen until 1983's "Lick It Up" album. It's really hard to understand where the band was at with suggesting unmasking and the pop songs that were recorded.

Peter filmed the video for "Shandi" marking his last appearance with Kiss until 1995. After the video was finished, all the band member's went their separate ways.

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