Monday, March 18, 2013

You Never Know...

If KISS MASK will and when it will make a return. I have received an enormous amount of emails questioning KISS MASK making a return. At this point, I must take care of my ailing father. He needs me. That is the reason I decided to close KISS MASK.

You're thrown curve balls in your life and you must do what you have to do.
The overwhelming amount of emails have taken me by much surprise. Will KISS MASK come back?

Well, I've always said "never say never." And your input has made me re-think about the future of KISS MASK. I do not want to be one of those KISS sites that is only active when KISS is on tour. I don't want KISS MASK to be a webzine that can't be dedicated 100% to it's readership.

So, right now, I will call it a break and we'll see where we are at in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for all of your emails and input.

- Frank

Monday, March 4, 2013

We Say, Goodbye!

To our faithful KISS MASK readers and the KISS ARMY,

As I previously announced on KISS MASK's Facebook page, today is the last day KISS MASK will be an active webpage. My life's journey has taken a sharp turn and I can no longer devote 150% to KISS MASK. It wouldn't be fair to keep MASK going, for our reader's and for myself, just for the sake of just "keeping it going."

I want to thank everyone who has supported KISS MASK over the year's - in print back in the 1980's and 1990's and in 2008 when KISS MASK was reborn as a webpage as you see it today.

So, again, thank you for everything. See you at the KISS shows in the near future.

Stay well, stay safe and stay a KISS fan!

Best Wishes,
Frank Hagan

KISS Live in Adelaide- Video Collection

Clipsal 500 March 3, 2013

KISS: Adelaide Set-List 3/3/13

Clipsal 500 March 3, 2013:

Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Calling Dr. Love
Hell Or Hallelujah
I Love It Loud
Outta' This World
God Of Thunder
Crazy Crazy Nights * replaces Wall Of Sound
War Machine
Shandi (Paul solo)
Love Gun
Black Diamond


Lick It Up
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Rock And Roll All Nite

KISS & The Adelaide KISS ARMY

40,000 fans turned up for KISS, Motley Crue & Thin Lizzy at Adelaide's Clipsal 500 Sunday.

KISS: Technical Issues at Clipsal 500 - Video

KISS played the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide Sunday night. There were some technical issues such as the one you see below with Gene's flying rig. Also a fire broke out on one of the lighting rigs where it had to be lowered for the crew to extinguish it prompting Paul to sing "Light My Fire." Both videos can be seen below.

God Of Thunder

Lighting rig fire:
Paul sings the Door's"Light My Fire"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

KISS, Motley Crue & Thin Lizzy Review from Perth

Live review: KISS, MOTLEY CRUE at THIN LIZZY at Perth Arena, February 28 2013

SOME of KISS’ staging staff may be lined up outside the unemployment office in Perth this morning – but the first-night gaffes did absolutely nothing to detract from a dazzling performance by the veteran glam rockers.

Bassist Gene Simmons, in full battle regalia and dangling from cables, was forced to crawl onto his platform 15 metres above the Perth Arena stage before performing “God Of Thunder” on the first night of the Monster Tour, which also included a disappointing Motley Crue and feisty Thin Lizzy.

The microphone cut out during Simmons’ 35-year-old pre-amble to the song, forcing him to say “well alright” twice.

When guitarist Tommy Thayer “shot” balls of fire from his instrument during his solo turn, the explosions in the overhead rig were nowhere near where he was aiming. The flashpots during the “clap” breakdown of “I Was Made For Loving You” were so out-of-synch that singer Paul Stanley was left with a bemused expression.

Simmons stumbled over some of the lyrics from the welcome setlist inclusion of 1982′s “War Machine”, singing at one stage “Strike down the one who leads me/Let the arrows fly”. Additionally, the mix during Thayer’s vocal turn on “Outta This World” was tinny and Simmons’ bass was almost inaudible during his own turn on vox with another newy, “Wall Of Sound”.

But only the afficonado would have spotted such flaws. With Eric Singer on drums completing the current line-up, KISS tendered one of their most accomplished performances ever on Australian soil.

Songs which many of us have carried in our heads longer than we have retained most worldly posessions, like “Calling Dr Love” and “Black Diamond”, suddenly assumed a new life thanks to the crunching delivery while the 99 per cent of staging which did work was mind-bogglingly spectacular.

The $250-a-head ‘Monster Madness’ zone was under-patronised, giving those in the area the surreal opportunity to walk casually around sipping a drink as the encore finished with Simmons and Thayer pushed out over their heads by extending cranes and Stanley smashing his guitar on a mid-stage platform amid twirling fireworks – all as confetti rained down.

Even diehard KISS fans mock the band’s mercenary ways but it was apparent as one made one’s way out of the brand new venue late on Thursday that Simmons and Stanley managed to trap lightning in a bottle four decades ago this year.

They have never had the cork jammed more securely in that bottle than it is now as they enter their 41st year of quasi-religious bombast in career-best form.

Irish veterans Thin Lizzy attracted some 65 per cent of the total audience for their early set and managed to get fans even in the back row of the cavernous arena on their feet for classic rock hits like “Rosalie”.

Folk music standard “Whiskey In The Jar” was a highlight, with former Almighty frontman Ricky Warwick having little trouble winning over the crowd with his energetic stage presence and rock poses in an hour-long set that climaxed, predictably but pleasantly, with “Boys Are Back In Town”

That Thin Lizzy respect their audience enough to change their name before releasing new material is an enormous testament to the integrity of long-standing members Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and Darren Wharton. They come across as sincere enough not to have gone to the trouble.

Members of Motley Crue walked through the audience to the stage before opener “Saints Of Los Angeles” and their set was half over before it became anything better than terrible.

The mix was so muddy that a brontosaurus could have been buried in it. Had they bothered to soundcheck? It was if drummer Tommy Lee’s DJ set at a local nightclub had started early.

The distortion and heavy bass was almost unbearable, singer Vince Neil’s delivery nonchalant and there was a palpable lack of emotion until drummer Lee’s ride on his drum rollercoaster.

It is just as well no glass was allowed inside Perth arena, as much of it would have shattered with some of the bum notes hit by Neil during “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”. The high-fives and handshakes that proceeded “Home Sweet Home” appeared wan and routine.

Even when the band returned for “Live Wire”, the Crue seemed to be going through the motions in the most isolated city in the world outside of Siberia. But with “Primal Scream”, the mix improved and the musicians’ minds seemed to be finally on the job.

A semblance of groove and momentum finally imbued their set in the run through “Dr Feelgood”, “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Kickstart My Heart”, the performanc rescued from being a complete shambles. But for a “coheadliner”, Motley Crue sounded and looked like an apathetic opener.

Guitarist Mick Mars’ concerns. aired last year, that Motley Crue are not making the right decisions for their legacy appear well-founded. This often seemed like tiredly-delivered nostalgia from a titan of the Sunset Strip era.

This reviewer has been watching both bands live for 23 years. This was KISS’ best performance in that time – and Motley Crue’s worst.

PETER CRISS to Recieve Humanitarian Award

On March 9, 2013, founding KISS drummer Peter Criss will be honored by The American Cancer Society as Humanitarian of the Year at this years Hope Lounge gala.
Click HERE for more information.
Photo: Rock Photographer Legend Bob Gruen and Peter Criss 2012.

KISS: "Black Diamond" from Perth Arena

Check out this full video of KISS performing "Black Diamond" at Perth Arena, 2/28/13.

"Detroit Rock City" from Perth - Video

Here is another view of KISS' performance in Perth, February 28, 2013 of "Detroit Rock City."

KISS & Tell with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons

Ten News/Perth
Ten News' Angela Bishop interviews Paul and Gene at KISS' Perth show, February 28, 2013.

Weekend Songs:KISS, "Rock And Roll All Nite"


Classic rock is about heavy hooks, power chords, and tight harmonies, but it’s also about letting loose and enjoying the good times — and there’s no better time than Friday evening, when we pick up our paycheck, punch out of work, and enjoy a couple days of much-needed rest and relaxation.

Today, we’re paying tribute to one of rock’s all-time greatest party anthems, from one of the genre’s most prominent ambassadors of good times and easy living: ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ the Kiss song that originally graced the charts in 1975 — twice, with two different versions — on its way to becoming one of the band’s signature numbers and an enduring musical manifesto for anyone who’s ever felt like abandoning their responsibilities for a day or two.

Which is, perhaps not coincidentally, probably exactly what the guys in the band felt like doing in 1975, when Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart pulled the plug on their ‘Hotter Than Hell’ tour and summoned them back to the studio to record a quickie follow-up. With the label on its last financial legs and in desperate need of a hit, Kissmates Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were dragooned into writing what Bogart referred to as “an anthem or rallying cry for our fans.”

As Stanley later recalled, “When I came up with the chorus for ‘rock and roll all night, and party every day,’ I knocked on Gene’s door and said, ‘I think I’ve got it, this so-called anthem we need.’ Gene came and said, ‘Well, I have this song, ‘Drive Me Wild.’’ We put them together and lo and behold had a song that spawned a whole viewpoint, which was writing a song that embodied the philosophy of the band and the people who love the band.”

And that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. In fact, ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ sums up the Kiss ethos that it’s kind of surprising the song didn’t spontaneously write itself the day the band was formed — and that when it was initially released as a single, it peaked at a lowly Number 57 on the Billboard charts. It wasn’t until later in 1975, when it resurfaced as a single from their breakthrough ‘Alive!’ album, that ‘Nite’ really took off, shooting up to Number 12 and cementing its status as the anthem Bogart was looking for.

‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ heralded the band’s arrival as one of the most successful rock bands of the ’70s, kicking off a string of Top 20 hits and platinum records and providing the group with a permanent set-closing number for its shows. It’s also a pretty good way to wave goodbye to the work week, so you know what to do — just hit that ‘play’ button on the video below, crank up the volume, and let the weekend start…now.

Friday, March 1, 2013

KISS News Report from Perth - Video

Lachy Reid chats to fans after KISS and Motley Crue at Perth Arena Feb 28, 2013.


Here is a photo from last night's show with KISS and the Aussie KISS ARMY!
Photo: Dean Snowden/Kissonline

KISS 10 News Report from Perth - Video

Ten Late News/Perth
After decades of decibels, legendary rockers KISS have kicked off their 40th anniversary world tour in Perth. Ten's entertainment reporter Angela Bishop was there and has this exclusive look back stage.

On This Day 1976: KISS Releases "Shout It Out Loud" Single

KISS @ 40:Shout It Out Loud!

Casablanca Records released the first single "Shout It Out Loud/Sweet Pain" from the band's multi-platinum album, DESTROYER, on this day March 1, 1976. The single peaked on Billboard's Singles Chart at # 31 and #1 in Canada, #45 in Australia, #16 in Sweden and #32 in Germany.

Here's KISS playing "Shout It Out Loud" at New York's Madison Square Garden, 1977

KISS Live in Perth - Video

Here are more live clips from last night's show in Perth, Australia. February 28, 2013.

God Of Thunder  (incomplete- no blood spitting)

I Was Made For Lovin' You (shot from the back of the arena- full stage view)

Detroit Rock City (opener- fantastic video work)

KISS' Set-List from Perth

KISS' Set-List from last night's opener in Perth, Australia
Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Hell or Hallelujah
I Love It Loud
Psycho Circus
Calling Dr. Love
Wall of Sound
Outta This World
God of Thunder
War Machine
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Lick It Up
I Was Made for Lovin' You
Rock And Roll All Nite

GENE SIMMONS Interviewed in Australia - Audio


Touring the country with The Motley Crue, Gene Simmons of KISS talks to Richard Stubbs about the business behind the rock.

Listen here:

KISS delivers promised 'baddest tour ever' with Mötley Crüe

KISS and Mötley Crüe fans flock to Perth Arena for a night of rock 'n' roll.Click for more photos

The 'baddest tour ever' at Perth Arena

Corey Stephenson/Sydney Morning Herald

KISS and Mötley Crüe fans flock to Perth Arena for a night of rock 'n' roll. Photo: Matthew Tompsett

They've been blasting audiences away for decades and haven't toured Australia for seven years, but when it comes to putting on an unforgettable rock show, time and age are no barrier for KISS.
Kicking off their Australian tour in Perth, the band best known for their costumed characters, explosive stage shows and Gene Simmons' freakishly weird tongue, not only thrilled established fans but also smashed away the fears of the uninitiated who may have thought they're just a decorated gimmick for endless merchandise.

They are, of course, exactly that – and a whole lot more.
Blasting out tracks from new album Monster, along with crowd favourites like Shout It Out Loud, Calling Dr. Love and God Of Thunder, lead singer Paul Stanley led KISS fans through a night of fire, explosions and platform-raising madness that was impossible not to enjoy.
(Even for this reviewer whose previous exposure to KISS comes mostly from Family Guy and the song at the end of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.)
Before KISS even descended onto the stage, the thousands of fans had already been warmed up by Brisbane's Diva Demolition and 1970s rock sensation Thin Lizzy.

Giving a new generation a chance to actually be there and do that, rather than just wear the T-shirt, Thin Lizzy didn't hold back from belting out their hits and plenty of fans were happy to see the present day line-up on stage.

Perth Arena itself was also given a full-on warm up for the spectacular effects and explosions of KISS, thanks to a blistering set from Mötley Crüe, that would easily steal the show of any other headliner.

Particularly with a flame-throwing guitar and Tommy Lee's 360 degree drum rollercoaster that had the drummer playing upside-down high above the stage.
It was clear to the thrall of dedicated, face-painted fans however, that KISS would never be out done.
And with a show that included the trademark fire-breathing, explosions, lasers and the fierce characters rising above the audience on stage-extending platforms for impressive solos, there was no doubt who the night belonged to.

You could be forgiven for thinking that after 40 years Simmons might not be up for being hoisted above the stage lights for a solo rooftop performance or that Stanley would zip line over the standing crowd to a rotating stage in the centre of the arena. But they do it with ease.

(Although Simmons' hoist operator might want to raise him a little higher next time as he almost struggled to step onto his little stage in the sky).
The only disappointment of the night came from them not finishing the show with the excellent God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II from the aforementioned Keanu Reeves movie. Instead it was left to play over the speakers as the house lights went up.

They, of course, powered out the classics I Was Made For Lovin' You, and Rock And Roll All Nite in their encore but by that time the enthusiasm, dedication and renewed appreciation of the Perth faithful was already sealed.

A band that thrives on their fans' willingness to get carried away with the everything they have to offer, Stanley at one point reminisced that on previous tours, "Perth opened their arms to KISS... and they opened their legs too."

Looking at the awed expressions from older fans and the resemblance of younger painted faces staring back at the stage, I'm inclined to believe him.

Read more:

Sneak Peak at New 'MONSTER' Tour Program

Kissonline offered a sneak peak at the new KISS MONSTER 2013/40th ANNIVERSARY Tour Program. The program was available at last night's tour opener in Perth.

KISS End Perth Show with Spectacle - Video

KISS end the first show in Perth in spectacular style of sound, lighting, pyro and a new stage design. Check out this clip:

Legendary rockers KISS jet in to Adelaide to rock Clipsal

KISS arrive
KISS member Paul Stanley autographs for awaiting fans at the airport. Picture: Bianca De Marchi Source: adelaidenow
LEGENDARY rockers KISS received a warm welcome from fans as they jetted into town this evening ahead of their Clipsal 500 concert.
The 70s supergroup, including Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, casually strolled through Adelaide Airport, posing for photos and signing autographs for about 50 devoted members of the 'KISS Army'.
Stanley said the band was ready to rock Adelaide after kicking off their tour in Perth last night.
"The show is amazing...there'll be lots of bombs and lots of lights, and great music spanning the whole career of the band," he said.
"We've got decades of decibels so we're going to be giving everybody exactly what they're expecting."
KISS arrive
KISS member Gene Simmons with actress wife Shannon Tweed, arriving at Adelaide Airport. Picture: Bianca De Marchi.
Simmons, who arrived with wife, actress Shannon Tweed, said he was excited to return to Adelaide for the first time since 2004.

"Adelaide is a terrific place, we've been here five or six times, we love it," he said.
"The food's great, the people are good, everything's really nice."
While the singers told AdelaideNow they were car racing fans, Stanley said they would use tomorrow's rest day to visit the city's famed wine regions.
"Adelaide is a fabulous city, we have to go to the Barossa Valley, check out all the great wines," Stanley said. KISS will perform at the Clipsal 500 after-race concert on Sunday.
They'll be joined on the main stage by rockers Motley Crue, who are expected to fly into Adelaide later tonight.

KISS Rocks Perth with Monster Show

Eric Singer of KISS performs live on stage as part of their Monster Tour with Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy at Perth Arena on February 28, 2013 in Perth, Australia.
Eric Singer of KISS performs live on stage as part of their Monster Tour with Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy at Perth Arena on February 28, 2013 in Perth, Australia.
( February 27, 2013 - Source: Paul Kane/Getty Images AsiaPac)
by: Kristy Symonds, Entertainment Reporter/PERTH NOW

FOUR decades after their original formation, KISS certainly still knows how to put on a Monster of a show.

In the first performance of their milestone 40th anniversary year, the rock ‘n’ roll superstars kicked off their Australian tour with metal band Motley Crue at Perth Arena last night.

It was a larger-than-life spectacle featuring all the KISS concert staples fans have come to know and love over the years including make-up, high heels, pyrotechnics, blood spitting, fire-breathing, guitar licking, sparking guitars and a levitating drum kit for the band’s first live show on Perth soil since 2004.

And age proved to be nothing but a number to co-frontmen Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, who strutted around on stage oozing every ounce of the confident rock star persona they’ve always embodied.

The loyal KISS Army battalions were out in force, packing Perth Arena to the roof, rocking face-paint or official merchandise and screaming the words to every song.

It was a hit-packed two-hour set featuring the likes of Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, I Love It Loud, Psycho Circus, War Machine, an acoustic version of Shandi and Black Diamond.

There were a handful of newer hits from their latest album Monster, which was released last year, including Hell or Hallelujah, Wall of Sound and Outta This World, which saw guitarist Tommy Thayer take on lead vocals.

The crowd pleasing three song encore exploded with Lick It Up, I Was Made for Lovin’ You and Rock and Roll All Night.

KISS Kick Off Australian Tour in Perth

KISS open their Australian Tour in Perth last night before a sell-out crowd. Check this fan filmed video of a loud audience singing and the new KISS stage.

Rock And Roll All Night