Friday, May 20, 2011

The First Ever Kiss Orstbo Global Chat

I am sure many of you have just listened to the first ever Live Kiss Global Chat presented by from the Polo Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This was truly an amazing event. To see Paul and Gene go out live to chat with fans, in real time,  from all over the world in their home language is just incredible and fascinating to me. And to watch it live streaming on Kissonline was huge for those not taking part in the chat but wanting to witness the event. It was a very sophisticated event. Paul and Gene were dressed in suits. I  couldn't really see Gene's because he was in total black, but Paul's suit looks very expensive and by the looks I thought it was an Armani. Starchild has very good taste.

Getting back to the event. The stage was set in a ballroom in Beverly Hills, the crowd was dressed very well, as emcee Pablo Padadatpalous (we will correct his name if we have it wrong) took charge and kept the event moving at a nice, cool pace. The Kiss coffin and the Bally's Kiss 1979 pinball machine was set up in the back round or off side stage and added great effect to the gently lit room.  A well put together event that was very enjoyable to watch.

Kiss and set a World Record with Guinness of the largest worldwide chat with a total of 92 countries taking part. Go to for all the information on this new and exciting technology.

Gene stated the the new Kiss album will be out January 2012. Paul said, in answering a question, the artwork for the new album would be much in the vein of DESTROYER, adding it's classic look. And no. He won't be doing the artwork.
More about the Kiss chat to come...

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