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KISS NOLA Concert On AT&T & U-Verse Video On Demand


Catch the KISS performance from the AT&T Block Party in New Orleans at the Men’s Final Four Big Dance Concert Series, now on AT&T U-verse On Demand! See below for tune-in information:

Available on U-verse:

· Chl 1800/Showcase (on weekends)
· U-verse On Demand under “Featured” category
· U-verse App for smartphone: U-verse Specials

The concert will be available through 8/30/12.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alec Baldwin in KISS Shirt for New Film Poster

Alec Baldwin in a KISS Tee from the promo poster of the new film, ROCK OF AGES.

Tommy Thayer: "MONSTER this fall."

Message from TOMMY THAYER:

Hi, looking forward to a big tour this summer of North America and then the release of Monster this fall. Also, stay tuned for details on my new Epiphone TT Signature guitar, coming soon! Keep it rockin'



THE KISS ROOM Radio Show Debuts June 22, 3-5PM

Introducing THE KISS ROOM, a two hour radio show on the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD- KISS! KISS Music, KISS
Talk, KISS Interviews- ALL KISS!
Hosted by MATT PORTER.
You can catch the debut episode of THE KISS ROOM on June 22, 2012, 3-5PM (ET)  at WWW.MONTCORADIO.COM

THE KISS ROOM & KISS MASK wants to hear from you!There will be KISS interviews. Who would you like to hear?
ACE FREHLEY  2009/Anomaly
ERIC CARR   1990/Hot In The Shade
Email your interview requests to (please put "KISS ROOM" or "Requests" in subject matter)  as well the KISS ROOM FACEBOOK link at:

So much KISS to make you RISE TO IT and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!

THE KISS ROOM will take your requests live of your favorite KISS songs.


KISS - 20 Years Of Revenge With Eric Singer; "I Was Getting The Opportunity To Play In KISS Now, But Under Really Bad Circumstances Because Eric Carr Passed Away”

By Mitch Lafon/

May 19th 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the brilliant KISS Revenge album. has marked the passing of this landmark record with a series of interviews conducted over the last few weeks. Our first four parts focused on the lesser known heroes of the Revenge album as well as former KISS guitarist, Bruce Kulick. In this, our fifth and final installment, we focus our attention to current KISS drummer, Eric Singer. He first came to prominence with KISS as ‘the new guy’ on the Revenge album. caught up with the veteran drummer (who is gearing up to hit the road with the band on their The Tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE) for his comments on the album that started his career with the band. Tommy Thayer recently mentioned that he did background vocals on Revenge.

Eric Singer: “Yup. I was there when he did it. I did it with him and (I think) Jaime St. James and somebody else was there. I think Tommy has a co-write on one of the songs on the record. If I remember, when I did the record... I did the drum tracks in two sessions and then I went on tour with ALICE COOPER right away the next day - after I did the second batch of songs. When I came back months later (after the tour) they were doing overdubs and mixing... I wasn’t there when Bruce was doing lead solos and the vocals, but I was there when we did some background vocals and I remember us doing it. I remember me going in a recording a gong for the very end of ‘Unholy’. I recorded two different size gongs to try and get this ‘wall of sound’. The idea of me wanting to do the gong came from me being such a huge QUEEN fan and Queen geek... ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ - the last line ‘any way the winds blows’ and the big gong at the end. That’s where I got the idea. I always thought that was such a great effect. We actually did that on one of the songs on the new record, Monster, as well. The thing ends with a big gong. We love the production stuff and Queen is my favorite band, so I’m biased.” Let’s go back to the beginning of Revenge. You’d been on tour with Paul (doing his solo shows). You’d recorded the demos on the Hot In The Shade album (and it’s thought that some of your drum tracks ended up on the album). On Revenge, the spotlight is squarely on you because you’re replacing fan favorite, Eric Carr, who passed away...

Singer: “What had happened is that I did ‘God Gave Rock N’ Roll To You II’ for the Bill & Ted Bogus Adventure movie and Bob Ezrin produced that. Eric was ill at the time, so Paul called me up and asked me to do that. He wanted me to play on this song for a movie soundtrack. That was their way for Bob and Kiss to feel each other out to see if there was a spark. It came out really cool and I like it because it has a lot of Queen type influences with the vocals, the arrangement and the break down in the middle. It’s very Queen like in the approach. Then I went on tour with Alice. Literally, I just walked in the door and was about to put my suitcase in the bedroom and the answering machine went off. Paul was leaving a message asking me to call him. I picked up the phone and he said, ‘we need help with some recording because Eric Carr is ill.’ I told him that I was only home for a couple of weeks and he said,‘okay. Go to Gene’s house.’ I changed my clothes and went right over to Gene’s house and met Bob Ezrin there. They walked me through some of the riffs and ideas. They said start rehearsing tonight, so I made plans to meet Bruce. He started showing me some of the riffs...” Had you worked with Bruce at any point before this?

Singer: “Only on the ‘God Gave Rock N’ Roll To You II.’ That was Gene, Paul, Bruce and myself with Bob Ezrin producing. Eric Carr came in a did some vocals later and he did the video, but I actually played drums on the track.”

Read the rest at

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Gene Simmons' Family Jewels Premires

Gene Simmons' Family Jewels Season 7 Premire

The Honeymoon's Over (episode #154) premired last night with Shannon wanting to adopt a child. The season premired with a one hour episode with back to back all new episodes next Monday at 9PM (ET/PT) on the A&E Network.

Catch a clip Here Episode #154

Thursday, May 24, 2012

KISS' REVENGE Released 20 Years Ago Today

We apologize, this was supposed to publish May 19

REVENGE released May 19, 1992, produced by Bob Ezrin, featured Eric Singer in the drum seat after the passing of Eric Carr in 1991. The album is one of Kiss' heaviest and debut on Billboard's Top 200 at #6. Lead off track "Unholy" showed a darker Kiss alongside Paul Stanley's tender ballad, "Everytime I Look At You." The album featured "God Gave Rock And Roll To You II" from the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey soundtrack. The final track on the album was "Carr Jam 1981" written by Eric with Bruce Kulick's leads recorded over Ace Frehley's which were discovered from (Music From) THE ELDER sessions.
The album was certified Gold by the RIAA on July 20, 1992. Kiss did a mini club tour in May with a full blown tour that started in October in Bethlehem, PA.

Track List:
Take It Off (with Kevin Valentine on drums)
Tough Love
God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
Heart Of Chrome
Thou Shall Not
Everytime I Look At You(with Dick Wagner on guitar solo and Phil Ashley on piano)
Carr Jam 1981

Tony Confessore, aka CC Banana, Services Details

Our good friend for over 25 years, Tony Confessore (aka CC Banana), passed away on May 21, 2012.

Here are service details:
Friends may call - 
Friday, May 25, from 4-8 pm

Brown Funeral Home
267 Centre Street
Nutley, NJ 07110


Eric & Tommy Q&A's from Indy Kiss Expo

Tommy Thayer on how he landed the lead guitarist role in KISS
Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer Q&A- full length

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KISS Hiring Our Heroes, Roadie Winner Paul Jordan


Gene Simmons announced on the Today Show of the Hiring Our Heroes KISS Roadie winner, Paul Jordan. Paul has been in the US ARMY 21 years, 3 voulunteer tours of duty in the Middle East, wounded twice,and die hard KISS fan for 37 years. Paul Jordan will roadie for KISS on this summer's THE TOUR with Motley Crue begininng in July.

Congratulations Paul!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

KISS Announcement on Today Show This Morning

Tune in to NBC's The Today Show tomorrow morning between 8:20 and 8:40 am for a very exciting announcement for a very special American hero as KISS announce the Veteran they will hire to be a roadie on their upcoming summer tour. The band chose this Veteran out of over 2000 resumes that were sent in! KISS is proud to support the national HIRING OUR HEROES program.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ACE FREHLEY to Appear at May-Hem, May 25-27

ACE FREHLEY will appear at Spooky Empire's May-Hem in Orlando, FL., May 25 through the 27th.
The event will be held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort.
Details: Spooky Empire

KISS - 20 Years Of Revenge Part III; BOB EZRIN's "Go-To Guy" DICK WAGNER

 May 19th will mark the 20th anniversary of the brilliant KISS Revenge album. will mark the passing of this landmark record with a five part series of interviews conducted in the last couple of weeks with the major players on the disc as well as a few musicians that you may not know took part in the album’s recording sessions. Our third such surprise is guitarist, Dick Wagner. Like Tommy Thayer and Kevin Valentine before him, Revenge marked Dick’s second appearance on a KISS album (having played on the band’s seminal album, Destroyer). Wagner has always been a go-to-guy for producer Bob Ezrin and made a name for himself as part of Alice Cooper’s original Welcome To My Nightmare album and tour. caught up with the veteran guitarist to talk about his chance involvement on KISS’ classic Revenge album. He’s also recently released an autobiography, Not Only Women Bleed.

By Mitch Lafon/ Pictured: Dick Wagner You make a brief appearance on KISS’ Revenge album playing the crucial solo on the ballad, ‘Every Time I Look At You’. How did that happen?

Dick Wagner: “I was in the studio and KISS was in the adjacent studio. I was recording some new material of my own... Some pretty elaborate demos. Some of that stuff is on my Full Meltdown album. Anyhow, Paul Stanley came over to say hello to me and asked me if I would come in and play on a track that Bruce Kulick hadn’t been able to do. Paul asked me to come over and play, so I went over. I said hello to Bob (Ezrin); they played the track for me and I played a solo. That was it.” Was it your own original solo or did KISS have something planned out?

Wagner: “It was my own original solo. I don’t copy anybody. I don’t need to do that. I can always come up with something that is appropriate.” Was there a solo on the track and it just wasn’t working?

Wagner: “I never heard any solo. They just played me the basic track and then I played my solo the way I play.” The last time you played with KISS was...

Wagner: “Destroyer...” What was the difference... Or how was it going back and working with KISS?

Wagner: “You know, it’s not like I was impressed to play on a KISS album. I’m not that way. I just play whatever I feel is right for whatever the song is and for whoever I play for. I let my own emotions and style affect whatever I’m doing. It’s just has to be really good and fitting. It’s not a matter of ‘oh, boy! I’m going to play on a KISS record.’ I played with Alice Cooper and he paved the way for KISS, so I’ve already been to the top. As a session guitar player, I’ve done big sessions and little sessions. I just try to play with a much fire, emotions and sound that I can get. I try to do my very best for whoever - big or small.”
Read the rest here at

Tony Confessore, (C.C. Banana), 1969 – 2012

Kiss Asylum News

Our good friend Tony Confessore, better know as C.C. Banana, passed away today at his home in New Jersey due to an apparent suicide. He was 43.

Tony incorporated his love of KISS into much of his professional comedic work, including the KISS tribute CD “KISS My Ankh“, a Tribute to Vinnie Vincent which he produced and performed on with his own irreverent version of the KISS classic, “Unholy”. One of his more brilliant pieces was his 20 Questions with Eric Singer which was conducted live on-stage at a KISS Expo in 2007. He had many personas, the most well-know among KISS fans being the Ace Peeley banana character as well as a his more elaborate Maul Stanley - an incarnation of Paul Stanley and Darth Maul from the Star Wars Episode 1 movie. More recently, Tony appeared as AJ the Clown at the 2011 New Jersey KISS Expo where he entertained and lent himself to face painting for the younger crowd attending the event.

Tony posted his final goodbye from his Facebook last night:
Xanadu has been breached, my friends. Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the vultures and jackals. No more past. No more future. Both have been taken away…. If only those who knew less didn’t always think they knew better. It took just one year of Hell to undo a lifetime of hope. I am too lost to be found and too broken to be fixed. Let the Monday morning quarterbacking begin. - Anthony John Confessore

Tony was the victim of long-time financial problems and the stress apparently had taken it’s toll on him. He was loved by many and will be missed as much.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Gene said on his Twitter of Donna Summer's passing, "A sad goodbye to Donna Summer. Gracious. Caring. She sang on Burnin' Up With Fever on my solo album. She will be missed."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

KISStory, On this Day, UNMASKED Released, 1980

UNMASKED:  May 20, 1980

May 20, 1980 marks the release of UNMASKED, the eighth studio from KISS. Produced, in a secod outing,, by Vini Poncia who also produced DYNASTY and PETER CRISS' 1978 Solo Album . The album's cover featured a "comic strip" painted by artist Victor Stabin. The band's identities were never revealed on the on the cover, back and inner sleeves, making a joke in the last frame with a man saying, "I Still Think They Stink!"
The disc, released by Casablanca Records, featured 11 songs, mostly in the pop-rock vein, a strong departure from the Kiss sound, scored a hit single with Shandi.  Two single releases followed with Talk To Me and Tomorrow throughout the summer. There was no US tour to support the album, however, Kiss toured Europe and Australia, whereas Kissteria reach tall heights compared to Beatlemania. The Australian tour along with album were a huge success for Kiss.

Peter Criss did not play on the album even though he appears on the album's cover, inner sleeve poster and credited. Ace Frehley brought in his drummer from his 1978 Solo Album, Anton Fig, into playing all the drum parts unacredited.

As the band finished shooting the video for Shandi it would be the last time Kiss (Peter, Gene and Paul) would appear together again until June 17, 1995 at the Official KISS Conventions date in Burbank, CA.

UNMASKED was certified Gold by the RIAA.

US Billboard Top 200 Chart: #35
Canada Chart: #12

SHANDI (single)
US Billbord  Pop Singles Chart:  #47
Australian Singles Chart: #10
Canada Chart: #28
Norway Chart: #4


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KISStory: KISS ALIVE III Released on this Day 1993

KISS ALIVE III was released on this date, May 19, 1993, recorded from 1992's REVENGE tour  recorded at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Michigan, Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland, Ohio and Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Produced by Eddie Kramer and KISS. Alive III was cerified Gold by RIAA on October 27, 1993. Length of the record is 67:26.

Creatures of the Night/Deuce/I Just Wanna'/Unholy/Heaven's On Fire/Watchin' You/Domino/I Was Made For Lovin' You/I Still Love You/Rock And Roll All Nite/Lick It Up/Forever/Take It Off/ I Love It Loud/Detroit Rock City/God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You II/The Star Spangled Banner.

Friday, May 18, 2012

KISS' MONSTER Coming in the Fall?

Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer confirmed that Kiss' 20th album, MONSTER, will be released in the Fall of 2012 at this past weekend's Indy Kiss Expo. The album is completed yet there is no date for release. Also confirmed that after the album's release that there will be a MONSTER WORLD TOUR. Plus, one more song title was confirmed by Tommy Thayer, "All For the Love of Rock and Roll" sung by Eric Singer.

KISS & CRUE Lousivlle, KY. Show Tickets On Sale Today

KISS and Motley Crue will bring "THE TOUR" to the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky on Aug. 1.

General public tickets for the 7 p.m. show go on sale today at 10 a.m. and are $151, $96 and $66, reserved. There is a ticket limit of 8 per person for the first day of sale. Tickets may be purchased at the KFC Yum! Center, the Kentucky Exposition Center and the Kentucky International Convention Center ticket offices. Tickets may also be purchased at all Ticketmaster outlets.

Chicago KISS Expo June 9


HOLIDAY INN JOLIET411 So. Larkin Ave.Joliet, IL 60436
1(815)729-2000 ASK FOR KISS EXPO RATE



Pear Jam guitarist UFO cover band, Flight to Mars, did a gig on May 15 in San Diego where Ace joined the band onstage. McCready cites Ace has his major influence in playing guitar. Ace played with Peral Jam when they did a show at Atlantic City's House of Blues last year.
Here is some video


GENE SIMMONS at Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp

Gene Simmon's RRFC Banner Image for Las Vegas

Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Las Vegas
Wednesday October 10 - Sunday October 14, 2012

Rock Camp

Are you ready to ROCK the famous Las Vegas Strip? Fresh off the KISS Summer Tour, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp is proud to welcome front man Gene Simmons to our Las Vegas camp! Grab this one time opportunity to jam with Gene! You also get the opportunity to jam with Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), Vince Neil (Motley Crue) AND Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)! You'll be able to write and record an original song at a world class recording studio and take home a professionally produced DVD and mp3 of your final performance. So reserve your spot and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step out of your basement and into the dream called Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Atlanta KISS Expo This Sunday

The Atlanta KISS Fan Expo returns this Sunday, May 20, 2012 at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast in Norcross, Georgia.

The Fan Expo will feature KISS dealers from around the world with pure KISS Collectables with some various Rock 'N Roll thrown in! KISSOnline will also be attending the event with the latest Official KISS merchandise! We look forward to seeing everyone!

Come celebrate the forthcoming new KISS CD "MONSTER" with your fellow members of the KISS Army! 2012 will be a year of excitement in the KISS Kamp, and as usual we too are ready to raise the roof with a great expo!

Kids 10 and under are 'FREE' with a paying Adult admission.

Visit for guest, hotel and ticket info.

ERIC SINGER Reveals US Cover of MONSTER Book

Eric Singer revealed the US cover of Kiss' book, MONSTER, at this past weekend's Indy Kiss Expo.
There will be a total of 15 different versions (flags) for each country it's released.
The book is expected to be released in July.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TOMMY THAYER unleashes his passion with a Kiss

Great Interview with Tommy Thayer

With bands such as Everclear, Dandy Warhol’s and Quarterflash at one time calling Portland, Oregon their home, Portland is known as a town steeped in music heritage. Sports and music go hand in hand and the Bald Faced Truth brings both worlds together. Rock guitarist Tommy Thayer, known for being in the band Black ‘n Blue and currently the lead guitarist in the band Kiss joined the Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano to talk about his career and the upcoming fundraising event called the All Star Salute at the Oregon Golf Club. The event will serve as a kick off for the Capital Campaign for the Oregon Military Museum which will be named after his father, Retired General James B. Thayer.

Tommy Thayer and John discuss how he got involved in playing music in a band and whether or not he played sports as a youth. Thayer talks about the climate of the music scene in Portland, OR in the early 1980’s and moving to Los Angeles to follow his dream of having a successful rock band. Thayer and John have a riveting conversation about Tommy’s passion for philanthropy and charity work. What’s Tommy’s take on women playing in rock bands? Listen to this great interview with Tommy Thayer and find out.

Check out the interview with Tommy HERE!

ERIC SINGER Celebrates His Birthday at Indy KISS Expo

Eric celebrated his birthday at this weekend's past Indy Kiss Expo.
Check out the video and cool cake-
Tommy also confirmed that Kiss will be in London early July to promote the MONSTER book.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lydia Criss Intervew Part Two

Lydia Criss: The KissFAQ Interview
By Tim McPhate
Continued from Part 1

KF: Lydia, I have to ask the obligatory "Beth" question. "Beth" is a song that generates much debate among KISS fans. Before its release, "Destroyer" was hovering around the million mark but seemed to have stalled. If "Beth" was never released as a single, what would have happened?

LC: They had already gone gold on "Alive!" I'm not really sure ... but I know Gene and Paul [didn't] want the song on the album. I think it was Bill Aucoin who really pushed for it.

When we were going to Japan, we were at the airport. We had a long wait at Kennedy [International Airport] before we got on the flight. And I looked over to Gene and I was thanking everyone in the band for making it possible for me to go to Japan. And I said to Gene, "I really want to thank you for making it possible for me to go to Japan." And he said, "Don't thank me. Thank 'Beth' -- it made it possible for all of us to go to Japan."

KF: I'm not sure if you're aware but KISS have been playing "Beth" in concert with Eric Singer singing. What do you think of that?

LC: I've seen them do it on YouTube. I think it's kind of strange because he's standing instead of sitting and the guys are playing guitars in the background?

KF: Yes, acoustic guitars.

LC: I'm not that crazy about it. I guess I'm so used to the way Peter sang it.

KF: Of course, Eric Carr recorded it.

LC: Eric Carr did a good job.

KF: So you liked Eric Carr's version?

LC: I was shocked when I first heard it. When I saw him at the Hot In The Shade party, I was talking to one of my girlfriends. He walked by, and I said, "Eric come here." And I asked, "When you sang Beth, did you think of me?" And he said, "Of course, I did!" And I said, "That's a great answer." He was such a sweetheart. And I really did like the way he sang it.

KF: Can you name your favorite song sung by each original KISS member? For Peter, I would hazard a guess it'd be "Beth" or "Hard Luck Woman"?

LC: Yeah, it's "Hard Luck Woman." But I also really like "I Can't Stop The Rain."

KF: That's a great song, written by Sean Delaney.

LC: Yep. As far as Ace, I don't know. My favorite Paul song is one that's on his solo album, I can't think of the name of it, but Richie [Fontana], my boyfriend, played on it. He sang it [during his club tour] and got a standing ovation...

KF: "Tonight You Belong To Me"?

LC: That's it.

And as far as Gene, he has a slow song ... "Mr. Make Believe."

KF: That's on his solo album.

LC: I guess I like the songs from the solo albums (laughs).

KF: Those are all great tunes.

LC: And "New York Groove" is my favorite from Ace.

I also like "100,000 Years."

KF: Do you listen to KISS much at all these days?

LC: Not really. I had a boyfriend in the '90s who was a big KISS fanatic. I probably listened to them at that time. But [now] I don't really listen to KISS songs. Believe or not, [I listen] mostly on YouTube. I have them on my iTunes, I have every single album on my iTunes. I listen to a song once in a while. 

Read the rest HERE.

Matt Porter's KISS Radio Special- Listen Streaming

Matt Porter's KISS Radio Special

Originally broadcast on MONTCO RADIO, streaming live and worldwide from Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA on Friday, May 11, 2012.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lydia Criss Interview Part One

Lydia Criss's Sealed With A Kiss Second Printing Available in June

KISSFAQ recently conducted an interview with author and former wife of original KISS drummer PETER CRISS, Lydia Criss. The second printing of her 2006 book, Sealed With A KISS, will be available starting in June (the first printing has long since been sold out).

By Tim McPhate
When I think of the "must-have" books for the KISS library, the ones that come to mind are "KISS Alive Forever," "KISS: Behind The Mask" ... "KISStory." Chris Lendt's ability to recount four-course meals from the '70s and what "rankled" the late Bill Aucoin make "KISS And Sell" a winner. Can't go wrong with the excellent research and extensive detail found in Julian Gill's KISS Album Focus books. Nestled at the top of the bookshelf is also Lydia Criss' excellent "Sealed With A KISS."

What makes "Sealed With A KISS" arguably a cut above the rest is the personal feel of the book. It's like looking at an insider's personal scrapbook from the '70s. And the photos. Criss' book contains more than 1,500 images, offering fans a unique time capsule of a most magical period in KISS' history as well as some great never-before-seen images from the unmasked era. Coupled with the text, it's as if you're right alongside Criss on not only her personal journey, but KISS' rocket ride to superstardom.

Originally released in 2006, not surprisingly "Sealed With A KISS" ultimately sold out of its first printing. While Criss released an ebook version last year, fans' best opportunity to land a physical copy is by scouring eBay, where copies run anywhere from $100 to $300. But that's about to change with the second printing of "Sealed With A KISS," which is set to be available in June. KissFAQ caught up with Lydia Criss to put her book back on the table and discuss the second printing, as well as a potpourri of KISS topics.

Q: Lydia, thanks for taking time to speak with us. We've been in touch for the past few months and you mentioned to me that you were working on a second printing of Sealed With A KISS. Can you give KISS fans an update on what's going on in your world?

A: "Well, first I was working on my ebook since my first printing sold out. I didn't really think it would take long to get the second printing done. Especially since most of the work was done already. But the ebook came out during last summer. The second printing of the book is being printed in Italy now, the same place (as the first printing)."

Q: Is there a tentative release date???A: "It usually takes a little less than two months especially because I already had a book printed (with them). We have corrected a few things so that means you kind of have to start over. It's really complicated. Being that I am the publisher, they have to send me a book that doesn't look like a book, it looks like a newspaper. I have to review everything and Fed-Ex it back immediately. There's been a lot of little steps in between. I takes a while to order the paper. That's the thing that takes the longest. I didn't quite understand why a printing company wouldn't have paper in stock already. But I've heard from some people in the industry that Italy has the best paper. I really wanted to go back to Italy. It's so much easier. I tried doing everything the American route but the price was crazy."

Read the rest HERE.  Part two will be available soon.

Rare Los Angeles 8MM Alive II Footage 1977

Published on May 6, 2012 by necramoniumdotc0m

Even though the quality is hideous, this is really rare footage, this was one of the three shows at The Forum that was recorded by Eddie Kramer for Alive 2! The first show also was shot for the now famous Land Of Hype And Glory docu. It was hard to pinpoint what show from the three Forum shows this is, Gene was reportedly sporting horns on his shoulders like during his first KISS tour, he removed them because it gave trouble with his fire breathing act on the second show, (he burned his hair again). So this could be the last show at the Forum.

KISS/CRUE Add Louisville Show August 1st

THE TOUR Adds Louisville Show- August 1st
KISS and Motley Crue will bring "THE TOUR" to the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky on Aug. 1.

General public tickets for the 7 p.m. show go on sale Friday, May 18 at 10 a.m. and are $151, $96 and $66, reserved. There is a ticket limit of 8 per person for the first day of sale. Tickets may be purchased at the KFC Yum! Center, the Kentucky Exposition Center and the Kentucky International Convention Center ticket offices. Tickets may also be purchased at all Ticketmaster outlets.

Stay tuned to KOL for info on the KISS Army Members-only pre-sale that will take place this Wednesday.

Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all KISS MOMs around the world!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eric Singer


KISS MASK would like to extend birthday wishes to our drummer, ERIC SINGER. Have a great day and see you this summer!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stars call KISS "Beatles of our Generation"


KISS Adds Mini Golf to it's Empire

CNN Money

Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer Perform at Montrose Benefit

Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer perform here in a fan filmed clip from the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on April 27.

BILL AUCOIN Auction To Benefit For Life

Roman Fernandez

For the Very First Time: Bill Aucoin Auction to benefit Relay for Life / The American Cancer Society

On Friday, May 11 at 12:30 pm, Acreage / Loxahatchee Relay for Life team, “Alive n Kickin,” will be holding their annual auction to benefit The American Cancer Society. This year, they are auctioning off the first ever item from original KISS manager, Bill Aucoin’s, personal collection: a yellow “Dolce and Gabbana” leather jacket. Along with the jacket comes one of Bill’s personal KISS Alive 35 All Access Badges, a Certificate of Authenticity, (Bill’s signature is a digital copy), and an 8×10 of Bill and Gene that Bill used to sign at KISS conventions. This certificate will be personalized by Collection Administrator and longtime partner, Roman Fernandez. Also included is a personal bonus gift from the Aucoin family to be disclosed at time of auction.

Auction to be held via eBay beginning May 11 and closing on May 21. Full details to be released on Friday, May 11

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

KISS: MONSTER - The Official Album and Tour Magazine

Brought to you by FANGORIA, the planet's number one cult film, horror and fantasy culture entertainment magazine, KISS: MONSTER - The Official Album and Tour Magazine is a KISS magazine made by KISS fans for KISS fans. Celebrating the upcoming release of MONSTER, the band’s 20th album and their upcoming summer tour with Motley Crue, this glossy, 72 page collector’s magazine features dozens of rare, new and never before published photographs as well as new interviews with KISS members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, wherein they muse on the past, reflect on the present and look to what lies in store for “the hottest band in the world…KISS!”

You’ll also get a thorough, critical look at the full KISS discography; a preview of MONSTER written by the band; secrets behind THE TOUR; a look at the design of the new KISS costumes as well as their costumes worn through the ages; Gene and Paul remembering classic KISS albums like CREATURES OF THE NIGHT and ALIVE; in-depth retrospective of the delirious KISS TV movie KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK and so much more!

Edited by FANGORIA editor-in-chief (and lifelong, card-carrying KISS ARMY member) Chris Alexander, this towering salute to the ever-evolving KISS mythology is one that every self respecting KISS fan MUST have.

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*MONSTER slated for release in July.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Paul Stanley: We Won't Forget Dick Clark

"Yesterday, the private memorial for Dick Clark took place, and I was there by invitation along with Erin, Gene and Shannon. Dick was a true icon who changed the world of rock and roll while making a career of using his love of music to make icons of others. To see rock's greats spanning 5 decades humbled and giving thanks to this giant only underlined once again the impact this wonderful man had on so many. Any of the current Idol/Voice type shows wouldn't exist without the trail that Dick Clark blazed to make them possible. He left an indelible mark on me for the irreplaceable generosity he showed KISS over the years. Always there with a word of guidance, we won't forget him. He will live on through his impact on countless aspects of American pop culture."

Paul Stanley

KISS Supports "Adopt the Arts" Foundation

KISS are supporting the Adopt the Arts" program and appear in the video about the foundation.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Paul Stanley Partners with Ortsbo's

Intertainment Media's Ortsbo Retains KISS' Paul Stanley as Spokesperson

Intertainment Media Inc. (TSX-V: INT; OTCQX: ITMTF; FRANKFURT: I4T) announced that Paul Stanley, co-founder of KISS, has agreed to join Ortsbo as a spokesperson and business partner.
Stanley will be working directly with the Ortsbo team to develop and initiate Ortsbo’s entre into global socialization of live event programming.

The platform will allow fans at live concert venues to interact with other fans around the globe, in real-time in over 50 languages through Twitter, Facebook, and online through Ortsbo’s Live & Global platform creating a social, global village at live entertainment and sports events.

In addition to socialization, the program will connect global fans to exclusive sponsors, offers and merchandising opportunities partnered with Ortsbo.
This program will also be integrated into New York City’s newest major venue, The Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY where Ortsbo is a partner. The Barclay Center is scheduled to open Fall 2012.

Exclusive: Gene Simmons Heads to Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, Talks KISS Album

'I'm Gonna Be the Drill Sergeant,' Rocker Says    

by Gary Graff, Detroit /

KISS' Gene Simmons is prepping the whip for his role mentoring the next batch of Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp attendees.

"I intend to be a hard taskmaster," Simmons, who joins the camp Oct. 10-14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, tells "The guy you hate the most when you go off into war is your drill sergeant, and he's the guy you love the most when you get on the battlefield and all that hard work he put you through saves your life, or at least made you a better soldier. So I'm gonna be the drill sergeant and take these guys through it. They may not be able to perform in an arena, play in the band of their dreams or become big rock stars, but they'll certainly be able to step up on their local stages everywhere and be 10 times the performer they were before."

Simmons also notes that he's "going to be insulting some people, because in the real world when you get up on stage, sometimes the audience will insult you. All they're doing is telling you how they really feel -- 'Aw, you suck!' "

Simmons will be joined at the fall camp by Black Label Society leader Zakk Wylde, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach and Vince Neil of Motley Crue, which will be touring with Kiss during the summer, wrapping up Sept. 23. Simmons says most of his lessons will be pragmatic -- "Less about celebrity and more like, 'OK, here it is,' " he notes -- teaching the campers to "know about your instrument and know how to play," develop some sense and appreciation for the business side of music and know that "you'll be judged by not only how you sound but also how you look, how you dress, how you talk, what you say. I really want to treat this seriously." Details about the fall camp are available at .

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KISS - 20 Years Of Revenge Part II; Valentine's Day

Special Series By Mitch Lafon

 May 19th, 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the brilliant KISS Revenge album. will mark the passing of this landmark record with a five part series of interviews conducted in the last couple of weeks with the major players on the disc as well as a few musicians that you may not know took part in the album’s recording sessions. Our second such surprise is drummer, Kevin Valentine (DONNIE IRIS & THE CRUISERS). Like Tommy Thayer before him, Revenge was Kevin’s second appearance on a KISS album (having come in to cut the drums for the track ‘Take It Off’). His drum work can first be found on the track ‘You Love Me To Hate You’ from the band’s 1989 Hot In The Shade album. After Revenge, Kevin continued as a ghost musician for KISS playing on the entire Psycho Circus album save for one track (Into The Void) and before the recording of that album, he served as Peter Criss’ drum coach on 3-D Psycho Circus tour that came on the heels of the highly successful 1996 Reunion tour. Kevin has kept quiet over the years about his involvement with KISS, but in this exclusive interview with, he finally breaks his silence. How did you get involved with KISS? It’s been suggested that you first played with KISS on their Hot In The Shade album.

Kevin Valentine: “Correct. I did play on some stuff, but let me back up. Eric Singer and I are friends from high school in Euclid (a suburb of Cleveland). So, the Hot In The Shade record - he’d been playing live with Paul and doing demos with Paul, but he had to go back on the road with ALICE COOPER. He said to Paul, ‘Kevin’s a good guy, why don’t you give him a shot.’ So, I went in a played on a lot of Paul’s stuff. That was with Pat Regan at Fortress (studios). It was an electric kit except for the cymbals. Supposedly, my drums were replaced even though Pat said that most of my drums ‘weren’t quite replaced’. I don’t really know.”

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Band expands brand for revenue stand

Kiss has long depended on tours along with multimedia licensing and record sales to keep its brand in the public eye.

Kiss keeps name in the pop music conversation
by Andrew Barker/Variety

Last week, Kiss co-founder and frontman Paul Stanley was busy preparing for an upcoming co-headlining tour with Motley Crue, just after putting the final touches on the group's studio record, "Monster," which is due out this fall and will be inevitably followed by yet another tour.

By now, this is all old hat for the 60-year-old arena rock veteran. Yet as staunchly stratified as Kiss' flashpot-and-greasepaint-aesthetic has become, the group seems set to enter its 40th anniversary year in 2013 amidst a music industry that has in many ways reformed into the band's own image.
Though no longer attempting to stay abreast of every change in the musical weather, -- as it did with disco and glam metal in its middle period -- Kiss has managed to keep its name in the pop music conversation admirably well, slotting in on "American Idol" and launching a previous co-headlining tour with Aerosmith. Yet what's perhaps most remarkable is the degree to which Kiss' longtime operating procedure -- aggressive multimedia licensing and an overall reliance on touring over record sales -- has positioned the group for the industry upheavals of the last decade.

The band has a catalog of 3,000 officially licensed, branded Kiss products, and recently signed a worldwide licensing deal with Hello Kitty owner Sanrio. (Kiss beer, coffins and condoms have also recently joined its immense catalog of apparel and toys.) Of course, Kiss' uber-capitalist stance was once regarded as anathema to the countercultural spirit of rock and roll, yet given the explosion of music branding, licensing and marketing agencies over recent years (as well as such ventures as Dr. Dre's Beats by Dre electronics line and David Guetta's new sponsorship platform), the band's gung-ho branding approach now seems to rival only George Lucas' "Star Wars" merchandising deals in its prescience.

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KISS Headlines Scandinavian Festival

KISS will headline the 2nd night of the Kollen Summer Festival in Oslo, Norway on Saturday, June 30th, 2012. The concert will take place at the Holmenkollen National Arena - the roof of Oslo - made world famous by its iconic ski jump that can be seen from all over the capital. This new two day festival will feature 26 artists on three stages!

”KISS Saturday on the big stage at Kollen is a dream come true. To really experience a band like KISS you need a stage that justifies the greatness of the band, and Kollen is the only festival in Norway that can provide just that. It’s flat out extremely cool to be able to give Oslo an exclusive concert with the worlds largest rock ’n’ roll circus as the grand finale on the first edition of Kollen ever.” – Pål Jakobsen, head of booking Kollen.

Visit for more information on the show, or to purchase tickets.

Dick Wagner Interview with Decibel Geek

Dick Wagner: Guitarist Alice Cooper & KISS Destroyer

The Decibel Geek Podcast has released an in-depth discussion with former Alice Cooper guitarist/musical director Dick Wagner for downloading and streaming. In this long form discussion, the veteran guitar maestro reflects on what it's been like being on the inside of rock history for 40+years. Appearing on more than 200 albums and garnering more than 35 Gold and Platinum albums, Wagner has quite a story (or in this case, many stories) to tell as he gives us a glimpse of the fantastic historical essays that await you in his recently released (and soon to be hardcover-released) e-book entitled Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes from the Heart of a Rock and Roll Musician.

Wagner gives us the inside story on Alice Cooper's (and his own) substance abuse trouble in the 1970's and early 1980's. You'll hear about Alice's state of mind during the recording of 1983's bizarre DaDa album as well as the strange fitness routine Cooper incorporated into his daily life when the two first met.

From Aerosmith's Get Your Wings to KISS' Destroyer & Revenge albums, Wagner has appeared on some very well-loved tracks without receiving credit for his playing. Does he harbor any ill-will for not receiving his just desserts? You'll hear his unfiltered take in this interview.

Dick also shares his take on what he and the Alice Cooper band thought of a young upstart named KISS surpassing them on the charts.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer at Indianapolis KISS Expo

The 2012 Indianapolis KISS Expo will be held May 12 with KISS members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. The vent will be held at the Indianapolis Marriott East 7202 East 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219. 11AM to 12PM for Platinum ticket holders and 1PM to 10PM for general ticket sales. Tickets are available, go to Indianapolis Expo tickets.

20 Years of REVENGE Part One

By Mitch Lafon/Bravewords

First in a series of 20 Years of Revenge
 May 19th, 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the brilliant KISS Revenge album. will mark the passing of this landmark record with a five-part series of interviews conducted in the last couple of weeks with the major players on the disc as well as a few musicians that you may not know took part in the album’s recording sessions. Our first such surprise is Tommy Thayer. Many may know Tommy as the current Spaceman of KISS, but back in 1992, he was Gene Simmons’ protégé and former guitarist for the band BLACK N’ BLUE. Tommy’s role on the album was limited to adding backing vocals on a few tracks along with his former Black N’ Blue singer, Jaime St. James. Revenge would mark Tommy’s second appearance on a KISS album. He had previously contributed two acoustic tracks to the band’s Hot In The Shade opus. Thayer’s song ‘Nasty Nasty’ from the Black N’ Blue album of the same name formed the basis of the Gene Simmons composition, ‘Domino’ on the Revenge album. caught up with Tommy via email as KISS preps to head out on the road in support of their new album, Monster.
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Ace Frehley heading to Detroit's Rockin' on the Riverfront

Ace Frehley will play Detroit's Rockin' on the Riverfront series, now in it's seventh year. The concert series begins July 13 to August 17, every Friday night. Along with Ace, Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Marshall Crenshall, Mark Farner, Starship, are among the headliners, at Detroit's GM Riverfront Plaza.

Ace will play on Friday, July 27, 2012.
For more information go to

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Kiss Mask has polled it's readers on which Kiss production/stage show they liked the most. Here are the results:

Love Gun 1977-78 was the favorite.

Destroyer 1976:    23%
Love Gun 1977-78:   48%
Hot In The Shade 1990:   13%
Alive/Worldwide 1996-97:   5%
Sonic Boom 2009-10:   10%