Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PodKISSt #44- Sweet Pain


(Kiss Mask Webzine/Editor's Note: This look back, with an interview with Megan McCraken who posed in the famous Norman Seef  1974 photoshoot, is an interesting look into an era of Kiss who I thought were "dangerous." They were black and white and silver. They were mysterious, almost subhuman-like. This interview goes back to the time before the lunchboxes and Mego dolls. Megan talks about Bill Aucoin and Sean Delaney with affection You will  enjoy listening to this trip back to early 70's Kisstory.)

If you’re a KISS family, take note: This installment of the PodKISSt is NOT for the innocent!

Before the action figures and the comics and the movies and the lunch boxes, KISS were trying out a very different aesthetic; they were dark, dirty, and dangerous! Not yet a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon, KISS had the flexibility to play with constructs such as gender, sexuality, and power in ways that would have been incongruous with their superhero image a few years later. No greater example exists than the photographs they took with tonight’s guest. If the back cover of “Hotter Than Hell” was a question mark, these pictures were an exclamation point! Whips, chains, blood, and bondage… Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter… and Megan McCracken!

We’re pleased to bring you this exclusive PodKISSt interview with a woman who witnessed KISS in their infancy, was behind-the-scenes during their early development, became a nubile subject for their lurid delights… and lived to tell the tale!

And if that’s not enough excitement, PodKISSt correspondent Mikeman gets the inside scoop from Keith (KISSonline) Leroux on what the KISS Army can expect when they set sail on the KISS cruise with the Hottest Band in the Land!

Listen HERE!

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