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Ace Frehley to appear on Today Show - DVR Alert!!

DVR ALERT!! Ace on the Today Show Thursday

Kiss Mask Webzine
Ace Frehley will appear on The Today Show on Thursday, November 3. Ace will appear to promote his book, NO REGRETS: A Rock And Roll Memoir, during the ten o' clock hour (2nd half of the morning program). The show airs locally at 10AM (EST) on NBC-TV.

KISStory, On this Day, October 31, 2006

Kiss released KISSOLOGY Volume 1. Gene and Paul appeared on  MTV's TRL Live, Grand Marshalls of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and did an in-store signing at Times Square's Virgin MegaStore.

A new KISSOLOGY is expected in the first quarter of 2012.

Gene and Paul at Virgin, Times Square

Kiss at Village Halloween Parade (edited by Kiss Mask alumni Matt Porter)

KISS Soundcheck "Two Timer" from Kiss Kruise

KISS soundcheck "Two Timer" from the Kiss Kruise.

Eric Carr: Your Memories Requested

November 21, 2011 will mark the 20th Anniversary of Eric Carr's passing. In celebrating Eric's life, Kiss Mask Webzine has a question for all Kiss and Eric Carr fans.

Did you have an experience meeting Eric Carr and would like to share your experience here at Kiss Mask?

Do you have a photo of yourself with Eric?

Do you have a story about Eric Carr you'd like to share?

Share it here. We will be showcasing your stories, experiences and photos throughout the month. Just send us your memories and photos and we'll post it on Kiss Mask. Please put "ERIC CARR" in the subject matter of your email. Correspondance may be sent to our email, KISSMASK8895@AOL.COM
We look forward to hearing from you!

Ace Frehley's "NO REGRETS" Releases Tomorrow

Ah, the good old days... circa 1977

Ace Frehley's NO REGRETS will release tomorrow from VH1 Books/Simon&Shuster. Ace has been busy, besides misjudging and falling off a stage at a BB Kings show in New York October 26, will do selected market book signings. NO REGRETS  will be in stores tomorrow. Ace's signing appearences are listed below.

Nov 3
555 5th Avenue (at 46th Street)
New York,NY
Map It
Nov 4
211 E. Ridgewood Avenue
Map It
Nov 7
1805 Walnut Street
Map It
Nov 10
144 south Clark Street
Map It
Nov 15
6428 S. McClintock Drive
Map It
Nov 20
8818 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles,CA
Map It

PodKISSt #52: Halloween Special

Read my body… MY DEAD BODY!!!
It’s Halloween time, so here is an extra-LOUD PodKISSt that will wake the dead and make them rock and roll over in their KISS Kaskets!
Join “Ghoulish” Gary and “Krypt Keeper” Ken as they welcome a new PodKISSt recruit, “Menacing” Matt Porter, for a look back at great Halloween moments in KISStory.
With live cuts and discussion so deep you’ll need stitches, this is one bloody mess you won’t wanna miss!
But before the madness and mayhem of Halloween, we take a moment to chat with Lydia Criss, who helps us memorialize the late great Eddie “Alive II” Balandas.
So sit back and enjoy this scary salute to all things KISS!!

Ace Frehley falls off Stage at New York City Show

Ace fell off the stage during his guitar solo at a performance at BB Kings October 26. Ace falls off the stage at 2:50 mark. We're happy to report Ace is fine.

Frehley’s ‘kiss’ and tell-all Six
Ace Frehley, guitarist for KISS -- the rock band that made every day Halloween with their over-the-top costumes and live shows -- labels his ex-bandmate Gene Simmons a “sex addict” who had no luck with women before becoming a rock star, in a tell-all book.
Frehley describes Simmons -- who now stars on A&E’s “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and just wed long-suffering fiancée Shannon Tweed after nearly three decades together -- as an “epic slob,” who was ”infested” with a constant case of the cooties thanks to an open-door policy for bedding women.
“I believe Gene is a sex addict, in much the same way I am an alcoholic,” the Bronx-bred Frehley writes in “No Regrets,” out tomorrow from Gallery/VH1 Classic. “If you’ve been with only one or two women (and had to beg for whatever you got off them), it must be intoxicating to suddenly have groupies falling all over you.
“You go from getting laid once or twice a year to getting laid a hundred times by a hundred different women. We all have our issues and vices, and I saw Gene’s behavior affect him and the band sometimes in a negative way.”
Frehley, aka “Spaceman,” also asserts that Simmons was a “fastidious” businessman, but an “utter mess in his personal life.”
“[Gene] would [bleep] almost anything,” Frehley recalls. “Short, tall; plump, svelte; attractive, merely tolerable.” And Simmons suffered the consequences: “[He] seemed to live in a state of perpetual infestation,” Frehley writes of the bassist’s epic battle with lice [not of the scalp, ahem].
Frehley, who played with KISS from ’73 to ’82, and rejoined the act from ’96 to ’02, partied with Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper and John Belushi and battled cocaine addiction while the band raked in $100 million per year from merchandise. But Frehley also writes that Simmons twice saved him from drowning.
We asked Simmons about Ace’s comments, and he didn’t seem to mind. He responded: “Fact: Ace has been a drug addict and alcoholic for 35 years. Fact: We love Ace and wish him all the best.”

FACT: Simmons forgets to admit that Ace has been drug and alcohol free for over 5 years now.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween KISS fans!!
Have a safe and happy holiday!

KISS on the Paul Lynde Halloween Special - Halloween 1976.
"King Of The Nightime World"

KISS on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder - Halloween 1979.

KISStory, On this Day, October 31, 1998

KISS open their PYSCHO-CIRCUS tour at LA's Dodger Stadium. Part of the show was broadcast on FOX's Halloween Spooktacular Special.

1. Psycho Circus / 2. Shout It Out Loud / 3. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll / 4. Shock Me / 5. Do You Love Me / 6. Calling Dr. Love / 7. Firehouse 8. Cold Gin / 9. Nothin' To Lose / 10. She / 11. I Was Made For Lovin' You / 12. Into The Void / 13. Love Gun / 14. Within / 15. 100,000 Years / 16. King Of The Night Time World / 17. God of Thunder / 18. Deuce / 19. Detroit Rock City / Encore: 20. Beth / 21. Black Diamond / 22. Rock And Roll All Nite
"Detroit Rock City"

KISS Mini Golf on Las Vegas News Fox 5

Fox News 6 Las Vegas
Here's a segment on the Kiss Monster Mini Golf on Las Vegas News 5 with Johnny Kats wearing Gene's gargoyle boots.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

KISS 'World Stage" VH1: Rock am Ring 2010

VH1 Classic will air 2010 KISS Show from German Festival

Kiss Mask Webzine
VH1 Classic will air "World Stage:KISS" on November 8 at 11PM (EST). The show is recorded at Kiss' headlining show at the  Rock am Ring festival in Nurburg, Germany June 5, 2010, during the Kiss Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour.

Friday, October 28, 2011

KISStory, On the Day, 1978: KISS Meets the Phantoms Airs

A KISS Halloween Saturday Night 1978
Kiss Mask Webzine
It was the event KISS fans had been waiting to see for months. A Kiss movie on television. I recall getting together with all my friends in the basement (much like the Foreman's basement in "That 70's Show"), lava lights a glowing and getting high, watching my generation's rock and roll superstars, loving every minute of the big Kiss movie event. Do you remember where you were October 28, 1978? Were you watching Kiss in a basement too?

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies
October 38, 1978: NBC airs one of the highest rated TV movies of the season, KISS Meets The Phamtom, that rivaled the hit mini - series, Shogun.

This NBC bumper clip sure shows the sign of the times, the 1970's. The film was released around the world in theatres as KISS in " Attack of the Phantoms."

The entire film, in theatrical form,  is included on KISSOLOGY
Volume 2 1978-1991.

Ace Frehley's NO REGRETS Preview

You can check out 3 chapters of Ace's new book, NO REGRETS, due out November 1st at Simon & Schuster's website.

Click Ace's NO REGRETS

Thursday, October 27, 2011

KISS Fan Mosaics: New Idea Comes from the 80's Kiss Posters

Remember the collage-like Kiss posters from the 80's that was made to one image of the band from hundreds if not thousands of  various tiny Kiss photos?  Here is a new take on that very idea. Very cool new piece of Kiss merchandise. Check out the video promo:

KISS Fan Mosaics from Fan Mosaics on Vimeo.

You can place  Order KISS Mosaics here and all information on uploading your photos.

KISS Net Worths - $$$ Gene, Ace, Paul, Peter & Doc

According to the website you can check out the net worth of your favorite celebrity, athlete, business man or woman, and even musicians. The website has posted the net worth of all four original Kiss members as well as Kiss and legendary music manager, Doc Mcghee. Here is the list in random order.
Ace Frehley         $35 million
Paul Stanley        $125 million
Peter Criss           $2 million
Gene Simmons    $300 million
Doc McGhee        $45 million
Gene's page also stated that he takes a whopping $125,000.00 pay check per episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels where Gene also serves as an Executive Producer. Check out Gene's page.


Immortalize Your Rockin’ Self By Being A Part Of KISStory as we build YOUR FACE into the new KISS by Monster Mini Golf

To commemorate the launching of the first KISS® By Monster Mini Golf®, you the fans, of this legendary band have an opportunity, for a limited time only, to become immortalized as part of the décor. The KISS Fan Paper will be created with photos sent in by KISS fans doing what they do best, showing us their “KISS®”.

The walls of the venue will be adorned with admirers and will take on a new meaning for the “place to be seen.”
Click here for Monster Golf Kiss Fanpaper

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paul Stanley Undergoes Successful Throat Surgery in Los Angeles
Los Angeles (CNN) -- KISS lead singer Paul Stanley underwent successful surgery for "recurring vocal cord issues" Tuesday that the musician said Wednesday "come with 40 years of preaching rock 'n' roll."
His doctors say Stanley, who's been touring and recording with KISS for nearly 40 years, will make a "swift and complete" recovery, according to a statement from his publicist.

"I hold myself to a higher standard than others do," Stanley said. "With that in mind, I wanted to remedy a few minor issues that come with 40 years of preaching rock 'n' roll."
Stanley, 59, is known for his energetic -- and loud -- shows as front man and guitarist for legendary hard rock group.
KISS, one of the longest-running rock acts, stays busy on the road and in the studio. Stanley is producing "Monster," their 20th studio album due out in 2012 as they embark on another global tour.

Bruce Kulick Interview


Carolina Zardo -There are a lot of things that I would love to know and you don't need to be introduced to your fans, so let's start with a simple question: How you define your career today? It's more Bruce Kulick, the solo artist or the Grand Funk's guitarrist, or what?

Bruce Kulick - I am very proud of the opportunities I have in my career, and since I love playing guitar, working on stage and in the studio is quite rewarding.
So the answer to your question is that I wear many hats. Solo artist, GFR guitarist, former KISS artist, songwriter, producer, session player.
All those things.

CZ-What makes you really happy, to be in your studio recording your own stuff or on stage playing for the audience? I know a few musicians that really love to be in studio more than alive, but what fits better to you?

BK - They are both rewarding in different ways. Making a live crowd love you is very moving. But making some exciting new music in the studio can be a real rush. So they are both great for me.

CZ - Let's back in time for the Kiss era. I really love your work on their albums but I really have a especial love for "Crazy, Crazy Nights" album. Did you had your "space" to create all that amazing solos and arrangements or the producer (Ron Nevison) or even the band influenced your work in this direction?

CZ - Ron was a big help in making the lead guitar work a VOICE. You know, up front and a real important part of the song.
So that was exciting in many ways.

CZ -By the way, How was working with Ron Nevison?

BK - Ron was at the top of his game, success wise. We didn't always communicate well, and once when I proved him wrong, which was ballsy for me, I realized no one is 100% no matter what the reputation. Paul had my back as you say anyway. Ron and I are friends currently. We have done work for the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.

CZ -What's your favorite album with Kiss? I mean, one of those you recorded.

BK- Revenge would have to be. They all have great highlights for me, but Revenge was a real treat to work with Bob Ezrin. His approach and incredible talent, helped me see music in a different light. Love that album.

Read the rest HERE!

VH1 Classic Announces 'National Metal Day" features KISS

11/11/11  National Metal Day

Starting November 1, VH1 Classic will feature programming from Motley Crue, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and KISS. VH1 will dig into it's library to feature concerts each night at 11PM (EST) leading up to November 11.

KISS is featured on MTV's WORLD STAGE on November 8 at 11PM (EST).
fro more information go to VH1 Classic

Peter Criss Posts Original Sketches

Peter Criss has posted original sketches on his website that date 1975-76. You can view all of the artwork at Peter's website

Ace Frehley's Set List from BB Kings Show in New York

The set list to Ace's October 25 New York show at BB King's.
'Rocket Ride'
'Snowblind' (taste of 'I Want You' tossed in)
'Rock Soldiers'
'Love Her All I Can'
'2000 Man'
'What's On Your Mind'
'Hard Times'
'NY Groove'
'Flaming Youth' (Todd Youth sings)
'Into The Void'
'Strange Ways'
'Shock Me'
'Shout It Out Loud'
'Rip It Out'
'Love Gun'
'Cold Gin' ("Black Diamond" fanfare ending)


"Strange Ways"

"Shock Me"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

KISS Monster Golf Press Release

Featuring the "Rock & Roll All Nite" Cafe and "Hotter Than Hell" Wedding Chapel

New Amusement Attraction Gives Fans a Chance to Become a Permanent Part of KISStory

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- KISS® By Monster Mini Golf®, a unique rock 'n roll themed amusement attraction based around the world renowned band KISS®, is swinging into Las Vegas. Scheduled to open in January 2012, KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® is the first of its kind and will include an indoor glow-in-the-dark custom-designed, rockin' 18-hole miniature golf course, a state-of-the-art arcade, the largest KISS® gift shop in the world, a KISS® Gallery, "Hotter Than Hell" Wedding Chapel, a private VIP Room, FANtastic KISS® themed event rooms and the "Rock 'n Roll All Nite" Cafe. A live DJ will rock the house, throughout the days and many "Crazy, Crazy Nights" with continuous KISS® music, trivia, contests and prizes, creating a place embraced by locals, tourists, and rockers of all ages.


To commemorate the launching of the first KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® fans of this legendary band have an opportunity to become immortalized as part of the decor. The KISS® Fan Paper will be created with photos sent in by KISS® fans doing what they do best, showing off their "KISS®." The walls of the venue will be adorned with KISS® admirers and will take on a new meaning for the "place to be seen." Pricing starting at only $20 will determine placement and size. To learn how to become immortalized "Forever" log on to

"When the idea of a KISS® mini golf course was presented to us, we immediately knew that everyone would want to go to a KISS® themed amusement attraction. There is nothing like KISS® mini golf anywhere... It has everything you could ask for: great KISS® music, fun games, affordable entertainment in one of the greatest cities in the world and of course, KISS®. A hole in one? One can only dream. Try your luck at the KISS® By Monster Mini Golf," said Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in a joint statement.

Monster Mini Golf® was founded in 2004 by visionary, Christina Vitagliano who had "Great Expectations" to create an enjoyable and affordable amusement facility. Her inspiration expanded to over 30 themed miniature golf courses across the country, where "Unmasked" monsters with lively personalities are par for the course. Her imagination caught the attention of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® was born. Live Nation Merchandise, the exclusive worldwide merchandise and licensing agent for KISS®, brokered this KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® deal.

"Introducing the first-ever KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® to Las Vegas is an amazing opportunity for us as we expand our Monster Mini Golf® creation. It is also a great honor to work with KISS®, who are personal favorites of mine," says Monster Mini Golf founder, Christina Vitagliano. "I am confident we are creating a venue that will become a must see attraction in Las Vegas."

KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® is located across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino at the Shoppes at Harmon Square. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ace Frehley's "No Regrets" Excerpt Exclusive

Chapter 1

When I was a kid I used to carry around this awful image in my head—a picture of three men tangled awkwardly in high-tension wires, fifty feet in the air, their lifeless bodies crisping in the midday sun.
The horror they endured was shared with me by my father, an electrical engineer who worked, among other places, at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, helping with the installation of a new power plant in the 1950s. Carl Frehley was a man of his times. He worked long hours, multiple jobs, did the best he could to provide a home for his wife and kids. Sometimes, on Sunday afternoons after church, he'd pile the whole family into a car and we'd drive north through the Bronx, into Westchester County, and eventually find ourselves on the banks of the Hudson River. Dad would take us on a tour of the West Point campus and grounds, introduce us to people, even take us into the control room of the electrical plant. I'm still not sure how he pulled that one off—getting security clearance for his whole family—but he did.
Dad would walk around, pointing out various sights, explaining the rhythm of his day and the work that he did, sometimes talking in the language of an engineer, a language that might as well have been Latin to me. Work was important, and I guess in some way he just wanted his kids to understand that; he wanted us to see this other part of his life.
One day, as we headed back to the car, my father paused and looked up at the electrical wires above, a net of steel and cable stretching across the autumn sky.
"You know, Paul," he said, "every day at work, we have a little contest before lunch."
I had no idea what he was talking about.
A contest? Before lunch?
Sounded like something we might have done at Grace Lutheran, where I went to elementary school in the Bronx.
"We draw straws to see who has to go out and pick up sandwiches for the whole crew. If you get the shortest straw, you're the delivery boy."
That was the beginning. From there, my father went on to tell us the story of the day he drew the short straw. While he was out picking up sandwiches, there was a terrible accident back on the job. Someone had accidentally thrown a switch, restoring power to an area where three men were working. Tragically, all three men were electrocuted instantly. When my father returned, he couldn't believe his eyes. The bodies of his coworkers were being peeled off the high-tension wires.
"Right up there," he said quietly, looking overhead. "That's where it happened."
He paused, put a hand on my shoulder.
"If I hadn't drawn the short straw that day, I'd have been up there in those wires, and I wouldn't be here right now."
I looked at the wires, then at my father. He smiled.
"Sometimes you get lucky."

Read more here at simonandschuster

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paul Stanley Announces Kiss Kruise 2012

The Official KISS Kruise Thank You Video from Sixthman TV on Vimeo.

CNN's "KISS,Inc." Airs Tonight!


Premiering on Sunday, October 23 at 8 pm ET

Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before



CNN’s Poppy Harlow has your backstage pass to the hottest band in the world as she goes behind-the-scenes and under-the-makeup with the legendary rock band KISS. From backstage at a show and a ride on their private plane to their private homes and a recording session, join Poppy as she talks to these rock legends about everything from their musical projects to their vast business empire.

Get a look at rock’s hottest band as you’ve never seen them before.

KISS Inc. premieres on CNN on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 8 pm ET (Re-airing at 11 pm and 2 am ET)

Friday, October 21, 2011

CNN's "KISS, Inc." Premires Sunday Night- October 23

CNN Presents:
"KISS, Inc." Premires Sunday, October 23 at 8pm & 11pm
CNN’s Poppy Harlow has your backstage pass to the hottest band in the world as she goes behind-the-scenes and under-the-makeup with the legendary rock band KISS. From backstage at a show and a ride on their private plane to their private homes and a recording session, join Poppy as she talks to these rock legends about everything from their musical projects to their vast business empire.

PodKISSt #51: Eric Carr’s “Unfinished Business” Special.


It’s PodKISSt number 51! This month we take a look at Eric Carr’s “Unfinished Business” CD. We interview Eric’s sister Loretta Caravello, Beth Jordan of “Amplified Radio”/, Ted Poley of “Danger Danger,” John Humphey of Seether, and vocalist Marcia Juell.


Carl Dupre: "Detroit Rock City" Screenwriter Interviewed

Interview: ‘Inkubus’ and ‘Detroit Rock City’ Screenwriter Carl Dupre
Geeks of Doom: You also wrote one of my favorite movies, a comedy called Detroit Rock City. How did that come about?
Carl Dupre: That was a lot of fun. I think every writer in Hollywood has a dream of writing a script and then having it get shot right away and having it get released right away and having almost every word in the script be stuck to. And you know what? I had that experience with Detroit Rock City and it was totally by accident. I moved out to Hollywood and I became an editor and I was working with this guy, a huge KISS fan…I mean he was like hardcore. I saw KISS on the Alive! II tour at the Providence Civic Center, I bought their records and all that but as far as lunchboxes and action figures and all that, I did not (collect them). To me they were a rock band…what a show, what an incredible concert.
There was nothing else like that. It was an experience, it was like great theater. And plus their songs were really good! [laughs] But anyway I was talking with this editor, we’re working on this movie, it was one of the first movies I worked on. It was a movie called Skinner and it had Traci Lords in it and it was directed by a guy named Ivan Nagy who later became famous for being Heidi Fleiss’ pimp! [laughs] Like a year later we’re like, ‘oh that’s what Ivan Nagy is doing now!’ It was on that movie I talked to this other guy and like I said huge KISS fan.

Geeks of Doom: Oh brilliant film!

Carl Dupre: Yeah! Peter and I worked on that one also in the editing room. (James) loved the retro thing in the ‘70s and all that…I started putting sort of pen to paper and nothing was really sticking, I was writing this like bad Pulp Fiction rip off…and it was kind of a mess and I didn’t like it at all so I just threw in the towel. And then I go out to lunch one day with Peter Schink and this other guy James Melkonian, the director. I hadn’t seen him in a while and so Peter Schink goes [laughs] ‘oh yeah, Carl’s been working on this script about these kids going to see a KISS concert in 1978!’ and this guys eyes lit up. He’s like, ‘ooh that sounds awesome! When are you going to be done with it?’ [laughs] Peter goes, ‘he’s been working on it for about 6 months now, right Carl?’ [laughs] I was like, ‘oh I should be done with it inside 3 more months.’ So now I had this sort of absurd deadline and I just said to hell it with it. I just went for it. I read a whole bunch of books on screenwriting, I read a lot of screenplays. That’s the main thing that helped me just reading screenplays of movies that I liked a lot.
I showed it to this guy James Melkonian, he liked it a lot, and he goes, ‘what does KISS think of this?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I don’t have any connection to KISS!’ [laughs]…and I realized I had written a script with a known entity in it without their permission. I immediately thought, ‘wow, what a big mistake that was!’ [laughs] So anyway the script sat in my drawer for about it was probably about a year or so. Finally I’m working on yet another movie. Again Peter Schink was in the editing room on this one with this other kid named David Feldman…(who) showed it to his friend Kevin Corrigan and then this chain of events happened that was just incredible. Kevin Corrigan showed it to his manager who showed it to an old partner of hers that was going to become a movie producer named Barry Levine who was the photographer for KISS back in the late ‘70s. So the coincidences were starting to pile up here…KISS was getting back in the make up and were doing their comeback, this was like 1996, they were actually in London so Barry Levine took this script with him on the plane from L.A. to London and he read it on the plane. When he got off the plane the first person he saw was KISS’ manager, he gave it to KISS’ manager and he said, ‘you have got to read this! This is the next movie I want to make and KISS is going to be a part of it.’
From my point of view what happened was I showed this script to this buddy of mine in the editing room of Barb Wire, you know that Pamela Anderson movie, and 10 days later I get a call from this producer Barry Levine. He goes, ‘Gene really loves the script.’ And I’m thinking ‘Gene who?’ He goes, ‘Gene Simmons!’ [laughs] I was like, ‘oh my god! You gotta be kidding me!’ It was absurd. The script went from becoming something that was collecting dust in my desk drawer to having been read by Gene Simmons…the script got greenlit very quickly and then they had this release date of the following year which meant they couldn’t tamper with it, they couldn’t rewrite it.
I’m just very grateful to have had that Detroit Rock City experience. It was a screenwriters dream come true and I was very happy.

Geeks of Doom: Was that your first screenplay?

Carl Dupre: Well technically I had written two other screenplays before that. Can’t remember the first one I wrote. Oh, yeah, I wrote a pirate movie long before pirate movies became fashionable!
I took the comments I had gotten for my first two scripts I kept them in mind quite a bit on Detroit Rock City and tried to keep things simple.
Detroit Rock City is about the rites of adulthood I guess you can say. A rites of passage that happen when you’re growing up and leaving childhood behind. Specifically I really did think of them as being on these quests and, yeah, ostensibly KISS is the Holy Grail but the Holy Grail is manhood. It’s becoming a big person, a big boy, you’re not a kid anymore! [laughs]

Geeks of Doom: So get in the car with Shannon Tweed! [laughs] What was it like on the set there?

Carl Dupre: It was very heady for me specifically because I was looking at sets, I was meeting actors, I was talking to the director and the director of photography, wardrobe people and props people who were bringing to life something that I wrote on a page and now they’re like real things.
It was like this Being John Malkovich moment or something where I was seeing what was inside my head!

Geeks of Doom: Did you get to meet KISS?

Carl Dupre: Yes I met KISS. I had actually met KISS a few years earlier on a photo shoot. Very cool guys. Gene Simmons the ultimate professional, consummate professional. Very, very polished guy which is always surprising because the guy’s standing there he’s almost seven-feet tall, he’s wearing this dragon make up and you feel like you’re almost talking to a college professor. Paul Stanley was really cool and Ace was very curious actually about the writing of the script. I thought that was really cool. I found myself having this conversation with him about how I came up (with the idea for Detroit Rock City). I was listening to their music when I was a kid and Ace Frehley (was now) picking my brain about how I wrote the script! Peter Criss…I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island and he reminded me of the kids that I grew up with. It was really cool.

Read the entire intervew here at geeks of doom

KISS's Ace Frehley Tells All (Or Some?) in Advance of Upcoming Memoir

Space Ace's book No Regrets is due out November 1.
By / The Morton Report

While Gene Simmons closed out the season of Family Jewels on bended knee, asking Shannon Tweed, his long-time companion and mother of his two grown children, to marry him, his former bandmate Ace Frehley is getting ready to release his autobiography titled No Regrets: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir. In stores and available for Kindle on November 1, 2011, it’s coming out on Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Shuster.
Although a canny writer, Frehley enlisted the help of New York Times reporter Joe Layden to help him pen the 288-page tome, although what he needed the most help with was making sure he remembered everything accurately—having spent much of those years in an alcoholic haze. “It’s hard for me to remember a lot of stuff, so what I’ve been doing is getting together with people I used to work with and usually they have better memories of situations than I do. You know, old bodyguards.”
As a result he has a no-holds-barred book that will rip the mask off all those apocryphal (and not-so-apocryphal) KISS stories. For the record, Frehley performed with KISS from its inception in 1973 until his first departure in 1982. He was persuaded to rejoin KISS in 1996 for their reunion tour. His second stint lasted until 2002.
Frehley talks to us about his years as Space Ace, why he was forced to room with Simmons in the early years, and what it really felt like getting electrocuted, and being sober for the past five years. If he told us all that, imagine what he’s held back for the book.
"I had an argument with Gene and Paul who said that because they write most of the material that I was not very bright. So I said, 'You'd be surprised how bright I am.' I bought these IQ tests, and Paul and I took them. There was no fooling around; we timed it and went by the rules. Paul's IQ is 140, which is very good, near genius. Mine is 164, which is genius. I always knew I was brighter than the next kid; I was just bored."
Looking back, how do you think people looked at KISS?

I think a lot of musicians, serious musicians, when they look at KISS, just write us off as clowns. I understand it, you know? The other day I was listening to Alive IV and even Alive II, and I really wasn’t happy with the mix. Stuff like that started happening more and more often. Paul and Gene would make decisions without consulting me, and it got really frustrating.
What do you know now about life that you didn’t know when you first started with KISS?
Well, I’m a lot more apt about business matters. I was pretty out of the loop back then. And after you get screwed four or five times by different people, you start reading the fine print. I have a much better overview of the business. I look at it as a producer, I look at it as a songwriter, I look at it as a performing artist. And it’s nice to be able to do that, and not just look at it as a rock star. Because sometimes a rock star’s view is slightly jaded and colored by the people around them who want maybe don’t always tell them the truth.
space-ace.jpgThe biggest thing that happened is I got sober. All my creative powers were unleashed. I wasn’t sedated. It’s funny, my whole life I was saying to myself I need this stuff to create, only to fine out later on in life, I’m more creative without it. There’s that sick little voice in your head that tells you you need it to socialize. You need it to do this, you need it to do that. And none of it is true. It’s just your insecurities coming out, which everybody has whether they want to admit it or not.
When you were drinking a lot did you still pick up the guitar?
No. But then I never practiced every day. I don’t like to practice. I like spontaneity. When I don’t play guitar for a week and I pick it up, it’s better.
Did you feel your talent was undervalued when you were in KISS?
Well, it seemed like it. Paul and Gene never wanted to give me the credit that was due. It was like in a lot of instances they tried to bury the fact that I did A, B, C, and D. I can’t remember Paul or Gene ever saying, "Wow, that was a great solo." On some of my classic guitar solos that were on their songs. But what goes around comes around. They have a new album coming out and I have a new album coming out, and you know what’s going to happen. People are going to compare the two. That’s all I’m going to say about that.
In 1977 the Gallup poll named KISS the most popular band in America. How did being on top affect your creativity?
I think it gave me false confidence. For a while I believed that we were better than we were. I think we got complacent with our music and the show. It’s like when you’re on top, where do you go? I told Paul and Gene from the outset that the The Elderalbum was a huge mistake, and they didn’t listen to me. I knew at that point in time we needed to do something heavy and powerful and strong. I was really frustrated doing that project.
Could you be who you are now without having been in KISS?
I knew I was destined to be a rock star. I just knew it, like I’ve always had the power of foresight. I feel right now exactly the way I felt after I finished mixing my first solo single, "New York Groove." That was a special record. I feel that same way now and hopefully history’s going to repeat itself. I’m in a good place. Like in 2000, after I left the reunion tour or the farewell tour, whichever the fuck it was—the never-ending tour.
I had been abusing a lot of things and I wasn’t in good shape and it took a while for me to get my wits back. But I’m probably stronger now than I’ve ever been in my life, and I need to let everybody know I’m back. I know for a while Paul and Gene weren’t saying good things about me, and that’s okay. Everything that comes around goes around.
But their criticisms are always about you being f***ed up.
Yeah, but I usually did my job.
Read the rest here at The Morton Report

ESP have European Dates; Bruce Kulick & John Corabi Solo Dates

ESP have scheduled some European tour dates. In between those dates, Bruce Kulick and John Corabi have unveiled acoustic shows. The intenerary and message from Bruce Kulick via

Very happy to announce a limited ESP Unplugged European Winter Tour with Eric Singer and John Corabi. Additionally, John and I will also be performing a couple of Unplugged & United shows with just the two of us. (noted below).

Nov. 25th - Madrid KISS Expo - Spain at Sala Ramdall (BK & John only)
Nov. 26th - Helsinki KISS Expo - Finland at Nosturi (BK, John & Bob Kulick)
Dec. 1st - Veysonnaz, Switzerland at Bar Vague à l'Ame
Dec. 2nd - Telfs, Austria (BK and John only)
Dec. 3rd - Moutier, Switzerland at Aula Chantemerle
Dec. 4th - Nürenberg, Germany at Rockfabrik
Dec. 7th - Toscany, Italy - Venue TBA
Dec. 8th - Milano, Italy - Venue TBA
Dec. 9th - Oslo, Norway - Venue TBA
Dec. 10th - Wroclaw, Poland - Venue TBA

Though the schedule is pretty much set as far as dates and cities, there are still a few venues to be confirmed. So, be sure to check back for additional information as it becomes available.

Hope to see you at the shows.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kiss Kruise Day 3: Start Planning for 2012

KISS Kruise
The Palladium Lounge, Carnival Destiny
Saturday, October 15, 2011

View all of our coverage here, and check out a Kiss live slideshow here.
When a person says "P.S., I Love You" on the Kiss Kruise, it's more than likely referring to the group's singer, Paul Stanley. Without devoting several paragraphs to the power of his pouting, puckered red lips and backhand pick-tossing, let's leave it that he was one fierce bitch for the second full-makeup show this past Saturday night.

"Strutter," which Stanley reminded the crowd was a song on the band's original demo, awakened a story about the New York of yesteryear -- a time of leather and lace. But Stanley had the hip swivels to rival any woman of that era for a few seconds during the second full-makeup performance of the cruise.

"We decided we're doing this again next year," he announced early on while the boat was docked in Nassau, Bahamas. "This is like camp on a boat!"

This return voyage was confirmed by the band's online master and brand coordinator Keith Leroux the next night. If Kiss Kruise 2 does come to pass, Gene Simmons has set the bar high for himself in terms of attempts to make eye contact with every person in the crowd -- on the floor in front, in the balcony, and on the wings. While it's a tall order, the Kiss live experience has a foundation in fan interaction that sometimes borders on OCD.
Read the rest Broward-Palm Beach


A CNN exclusive: Poppy Harlow goes inside the world of KISS – the band and the brand. From coffins to comic books to condoms, KISS has licensed about 3,000 pieces of merchandise, more than any other band. Harlow interviews Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at their homes in Los Angeles, talks to the entire band at their studio, then accompanies KISS to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a rock concert before nearly 30,000 fans. This is KISS like you’ve never seen before.

One hour – four stories you won’t want to miss. CNN Presents hosted by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and Dr. Sanjay Gupta airs this Sunday, October 23 at 8:00 pm ET, re-airing at 11:00 pm ET and 2:00 am ET.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviews KISS band members:

Inside CNN's "KISS, Inc." Special

Inside look at CNN's upcoming special "KISS, INC." airing October 23 at 8PM & 11PM(EST).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ace Frehley at Chiller this Saturday

Ace Frehley will make an appearance this Saturday, October 28 (only) at Chiller Expo. For ticket information and directions go to

Ace has also added another book signing to his book tour on November 20, 2011 at BOOK SOUP, 8818 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles,CA

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eddie Balandas, former Security Chief for Kiss, Dies

Story Image
Chicago Herald News
Eddie Balandas, whose growling South Side sneer can be heard booming out the intro for the album “KISS Alive II,” died in a fitting way for a former security chief and roadie for the grease-painted rockers.
Mr. Balandas loved to mingle with KISS fans and answer their questions about a band that took Kabuki makeup to a level exceeded only by the group’s longevity — which rivals that of a Galapagos tortoise.
After appearing at the Oct. 9 KISS Expo in Hillside — where the audience greeted him like a favorite uncle — Mr. Balandas rode his motorized scooter back to his suite at the Best Western Hotel.
He was found dead in his room the following day. Mr. Balandas, 59, who had congestive heart failure, had been in declining health.
His death prompted expressions of sympathy from Ace Frehley, former lead guitarist of KISS, who called him a “dear friend”; from Lydia Criss, the ex-wife of KISS’ original drummer, Peter Criss, and from guitarist extraordinaire Elliott Randall, whose solos on Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years” reduced other famed guitarists to fanboys.
After touring the globe with KISS and other bands and working security jobs in the music industry, Mr. Balandas returned to his Brighton Park Lithuanian roots several years ago. He lived off Archer Avenue and was still friends with his buddies from Kelly High School.
In at least one way, it was as if he’d never been gone, said his brother, Bob. No matter where Mr. Balandas lived, his family still sent him Lithuanian pumpernickel bread and pastries, and White Castle hamburgers.
Read the rest HERE

KISS Video of Sail Away Acoustic Show on Lido Deck

More fan filmed video has turned up on YouTube from the SAIL AWAY Show on the Lido Deck of the Destiny. 10/13/11
Posted by  -Click to see more video.
The Elder Medley: "Just A Boy", "I," "Mr. Blackwell."


"See You Tonight"

Gene Simmons Family Jewels- Tonight's the Big Night!

Tonight is the big night! The Simmons/Tweed wedding will air tonight on A&E beginning at 9PM (EST) for a two hour spectacular. The TODAY  Show has posted a sneak peek of the nuptials.

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Live Tweet Tonight-
The Tweed-Simmons crew will be LIVE tweeting tonight and Tuesday @ 9/8c! Follow @GeneSimmons & @ShannonLeeTweed as they give the inside scoop on their #RoyalRockWedding!

KISS Visits Kruise Fan's Rooms

Kissonline Exclusive
Kiss made their down the hall and visited fan's rooms, signing door decorations, on their way to the fan photo shoot Saturday night. Kissonline posted this exclusive video.

Monday, October 17, 2011

KISStory, On this Day, "Hot In The Shade" Released

File:Hot in the shade cover.jpg 
    HOT IN THE SHADE, KISS' 15th studio album was released on this day, October 17, 1989. The album, recorded at the Fortress in Los Angeles, was produced by both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

HITS saw Kiss returning and digging back into their rock roots, rather than an end-of-80's sounding, forging forward with a 15 song package with listening almost an hour. The longest Kiss record to date.

We also saw the lead singing debut of Eric Carr on his song, "Little Caesar" which was a nick name given to Eric by Gene.

Current Kiss lead guitarist Tommy Thayer co-wrote some of the best tracks including "the Street Giveth, the Street Taketh Away."  Actually, Kiss co-wrote with many writers on this record including Vini Poncia, Bob Halligan, Adam Mitchell, Michael Bolton, Holly Knight and longtime Stanley collaborator, Desmond Child.

First single and video, "Hide Your Heart," was filmed on top of an old hotel, the Wilshire, in Hollywood, following the story of a lovers triangle, Rosa, Tito and Johnny. "Rise To It" saw Paul and Gene donning their makeup and costumes for a "flashback sequence" in fueling rumors that Kiss was returning to makeup. The flashback was to take place in 1975, however, the costumes were historically incorrect as Paul wore his 1977 costume and Gene wearing his 1979 Dynasty outfit. "Forever," the Paul Stanley/Michael Bolton penned ballad was a major hit for Kiss in terms of sales and radio airplay, hitting the Billboard Hot 100 at #8 and #17 on the Mainstream Rock Charts.  The single and video, shot in sepia,  gave  Hot In The Shade a well deserved sales push, charted on the Billboard 100 at #29 and was certified Gold on December 20, 1989.

All three videos were instant hits on MTV.

Ace Frehley, Bonnie Tyler, Robin Beck and Molly Hatchett all recorded versions of "Hide Your Heart."

It was the last Kiss album to feature Eric Carr. Eric passed away November 21, 1991.

US Billboard 100 Chart- #29

Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart
Hide Your Heart-#66
Rise To It-#81

Peter Criss at Making Strides Walk for Cancer

Peter Criss at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ yesterday for the Making Strides Walk for Cancer. 17,000 people  walked and raising 1.1 million dollars.


Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed's Wedding Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek of Simmons/Tweed Wedding
KISS rocker Gene Simmons and longtime squeeze Shannon Tweed also invited cameras to film their nuptials when they tied the knot earlier this month at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
The full two-hour Family Jewels episode featuring the whole shebang airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on A&E, but we've got a sneak peek of their first dance as newlyweds right here.
Oh, and we get to see Hugh Hefner and his date, too! Hit the clip.

E! Online

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Take a KISS Kruise

Great crowd on the Kiss Kruise! on Twitpic
According to the KISS Kruise website, the first annual rock-n-roll cruise departed from Miami, Florida, on Thursday, October 13. According to their twitter accounts, Gene and Shannon were all smiles and tweeting as they boarded the "Carnival Destiny" luxury cruise liner. The cruise event lasts from October 13-17, visiting Half Moon Cay and Nassau, The Bahamas.

During the cruise, the band KISS will perform two or more times for on-board passengers. Other bands listed in the performance lineup include Skid Row, The Envy, Bad City, Craig Gass, Radiolucent and the Brian Collins Band. There will also be a cover band called The Big Rock Show that performs 80's top hits by Motley Crue, Ratt, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and more. Other on-board activities include a KISS karaoke night, Q&A session with the band and a Halloween dance party, complete with costumes and full-makeup.

One of the Bahamas cruise stops is to the private island of Half Moon Cay. According to the KISS Kruise website, cruise passengers will have the island all to themselves the day they are in port. The cruise also visits the city of Nassau, which is the island nation's capital. Hopefully Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed can enjoy some of the romantic tours offered in port.
(Photo by Shannon Lee Tweed)
Read the rest here atEntertainment Gather

Ace Frehley Book Signing Schedule Updated

Ace will be signing copies of NO REGRETS at these following locations and dates:

Nov .3, 2011
555 5th Avenue (at 46th Street)
New York,NY

Nov. 4, 2011
211 E. Ridgewood Avenue

Nov. 7, 2011
1805 Walnut Street

Nov. 10, 2011
144 South Clark Street

Nov. 15, 2011
6428 S. McClintock Drive

*Just added

17,000 Walk with Peter Criss in Fight Against Breast Cancer

Asbury Park Press
POINT PLEASANT BEACH — A record-breaking 17,000 people participated Sunday in the annual American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, said Kathleen Daly, the organization’s senior director of special events.
More than $1.1 million was raised.
“The energy of the walk was incredible,” Daly said. “There is no walk like the Point Beach walk. It is the largest by far, with more cancer survivor participants than any other. There is more passion and energy. When you go there, you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself.”
While Daly said she expected some 15,000 participants, she said 3,000 more than last year came out Sunday.
“It was a beautiful day, and it exceeded our expectations,” Daly said.
And while the increased number had to do in part with increased recruitment and program efforts, the beautiful sunny day didn’t hurt.
Among the 17,000 individual and team participatants were more than 800 cancer survivors.
“This is a great event about people coming together because they are passionate about the cause, and they want to remember and honor those they have lost or who are currently battling the disease,” spokeswoman Desiree Berenguer Carton said. “It’s a wonderful event that brings the community together.”
That community included Kiss drummer Peter Criss, a male breast cancer survivor who did the walk for the second year in a row, and Amanda Barrett, 34, of the Manahawkin section of Stafford, who credits money raised through the walk to support research and programs for saving her life.
Read the rest here at Asbury Park Press

Sunday, October 16, 2011

KISS Kruise Day #2:This Boat Really Rocks!

By Reed Fischer/New Times
Photo by Ian Witlen

After an unmasked Sailaway Show on Thursday, KISS Kruisers got the full-on, legend-making experience Friday. The mild-mannered Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer morphed into seven-foot-tall aliens to the delight of the overflowing Palladium Lounge Friday aboard the Carnival Destiny.

Revelers, with a few Carnival staffers mixed in, packed the 1,200-capacity theater in various Halloween garb -- many of which featured meticulous facepaint of their favorite member of the band -- and from the moment the lights dimmed, all attention dripped onto the wall of 124 lightbulb-decorated speakers, the dry ice fogging the floor, and a giant video screen running through countless digitally enhanced versions of the band's iconic logo.

Throughout time, many popular musicians to name have expressed their admiration for long-surviving KISS. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo famously dedicated a verse of "In the Garage" to "my favorite rock band KISS," and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy recalls summers in St. Louis "playing KISS covers, beautiful and stoned." Although there are plenty of glam-rock sendups that follow in the footsteps of this power quartet with a refrain repeated until it's Super Poly-Gripped into your brain -- here's looking at you, Andrew W.K. -- the majority of artists stay far away from bad imitations of the unparalleled stage show. ​ 
Read the rest here!

KISS Rockin' the Kruise with "Two Timer"

KISS pulled out a raritie live, "Two Timer," from Friday night's show in the Palladium Room of the Destiny.

Set List (from Saturday night)
I Stole Your Love
Room Service
Two Timer
Comin' Home
Nothin' to Lose
Love Her All I Can
All The Way
Take Me
Goin' Blind
Rock Bottom
C'mon and Love Me
Got to Choose
Lick it Up
Shout it Out Loud
Hard Luck Woman
Detroit Rock City
Rock And Roll All Nite

Saturday, October 15, 2011

KISS Live "Room Service" on the KISS Kruise

KISS performed the first show last night in the main showroom and opening the night with an appropriate and rarely played "Room Service."

ROOM SERVICE /Kissonline

Set List (from Friday night)
Room Service
Two Timer
Comin' Home
Nothin' to Lose
Love Her All I Can
Take Me
Goin' Blind
Rock Bottom
All The Way
Got to Choose
Shout it Out Loud
Lick it Up
C'mon and Love Me
Hard Luck Woman
Rock and Roll All Nite

Friday, October 14, 2011

Walk with PETER CRISS this Sunday for Breast Cancer

Peter Criss is Making Strides in NJ
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Point Pleasant Beach This Sunday.

Peter Criss and his wife Gigi will walk again this year  to fight breast cancer in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ., on Sunday, October 16. The walk begins at 10AM.

You can donate /walk and find out more information including location here at
MAKING STRIDES Breast Cancer Website.

Eddie Balandas Funeral Arrangements

Eddie Balandas RIP 1952-2011

Balandas' funeral service will be held on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at the Alliance-Gaidas-Daimid Funeral Home - 4330 South California Avenue - Chicago, IL 60632 - located in Chicago's BrightonPark.

More information about visitation time will be available from the funeral home at Phone Number (773) 523-0440 or Toll Free at (800) 747-2692 Ext: 116789 after 8 pm October 13, 2011.

KISStory, On this Day, KISS ALIVE II Released

KISS ALIVE II KISS ALIVE II is released on this day, October 14, 1977. Kiss' second live album featured 3 sides live and one side of new tracks. The album was produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer and KISS.

Most of the live tracks on Alive II were recorded during the band's August 26–28 residency at the Los Angeles Forum while on the Love Gun tour. The 3:00 PM soundchecks at the August 26 & 27 shows were recorded, and later used on the album (i.e. "Tomorrow And Tonight") with crowd noise being dubbed in later. "Beth" and "I Want You" were lifted from the aborted Japanese live album and used on the finished Alive II.
As the band did not want to duplicate songs included on Alive!, the songs chosen for the three live sides of the album were all drawn from Kiss' three preceding studio albums - Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over and Love Gun. Eddie Balandas provided the introduction.
On the original double album, the songs on side 4 (tracks #6-10 on the second CD) are studio tracks. Although Ace Frehley was originally credited for lead guitar on the studio tracks, the remastered version released in 1997 confirmed what had been speculated by Kiss fans for years - Bob Kulick actually played lead guitar on three tracks ("All American Man", "Rockin' In The U.S.A." and "Larger Than Life"), not Frehley. Frehley's sole involvement for the studio songs was "Rocket Ride" which he originally wrote for a solo album; Ace sang the lead vocals and played both the guitar and bass on this song . Paul Stanley played all guitars on "Anyway You Want It" which was originally recorded by the Dave Clark Five in 1965.
 Alive II, featured a gatefold sleeve with a color photo of the band at the end of a show, in full bombastic form, on risers with every piece of pyro imaginable. Notorious for adding cool items in the albums, Kiss, included a full color booklet, "The Evolution of KISS" and removable Kiss tattoos.
KISS Alive II was a hit album for the band recorded at their peak of popularity as the #1 band in the world by the Gallup Poll.
Alive II peaked at #7 on the US Billboard  Album Charts and quickly sold over 2 million copies. Singles from the album "Rocket Ride/Tomorrow and Tonight (live)" peaked at #39 in the US and "Shout It Out Loud" at #74 in Canada.
Kiss Alive II (along with Alive!) are both regarded as two of the best  live albums ever recorded.

Track Listing:
Side 1-
Detroit Rock City, King Of The Nightime World, Ladies Room, Makin' Love, Love Gun
Side 2-
Calling Dr. Love, Christine Sixteen, Shock Me,  Hard Luck Woman, Tomorrow And Tonight
Side 3-
I Stole Your Love, Beth, God Of  Thunder, I Want You, Shout It Out Loud
Side 4- (studio side)
All American Man, Rockin' In The USA, Larger Than Life, Rocket Ride, Any Way You Want It
**Portions of this article were taken from the album's Wikipedia page.

The KISS Navy Ready to Rock!
Here's the KISS Navy getting ready to rock with KISS on the first-ever KISS Kruise! Over 2500 fans hailing from 26 countries around the world are on board the Destiny.
Photo by Justin Leroux

Ace Frehley Issues Statement on Eddie Balandas Passing

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of my old body guard and dear friend, Eddie Balandas...We had recently spent some time together in Indianapollis, Indiana this past August, and enjoyed reminiscing about our funny experiences together on tour with KISS in the 70s...he had a heart of gold and was one of a kind! --ACE

ACE FREHLEY: "No Regrets" Book Signings

Ace will be signing copies of his new book, NO REGRETS.
Just Added!
November, 10, 2011-
144 south Clark Street

November 15, 2011-
6428 S. McClintock Drive

KISS on the High Seas- Party Time! Video

KISS Party Time on the High Seas

Kissonline is filming on the Kiss Kruise. Enjoy these two clips of the acoustic set on deck and a Kiss Q&A
Kiss blew the dust off of some Kiss songs for their acoustic set and Paul Stanley said to the crowd that the band would surprise with some rarities in the live shows in the main room.
"Hard Luck Woman" Paul on lead vocals.

Kiss Q&A

More video: Courtesy of Superkiss1969

01. Hotter Than Hell
02. Calling Dr. Love
03. Sure Know Something
04. Christine Sixteen
05. Do You Love Me?
06. Shandi
07. I Love It Loud
08. Forever
09. See You Tonite
10. Black Diamond
11. Hard Luck Woman
12. Beth 
13. Every Time I Look At You
14. Just A Boy / I / Mr. Blackwell 
15. Anything For My Baby / Two Timer
16. C'Mon And Love Me

Unplugged and unmade-up

Photo:Shannon Tweed/KISS doing their acoustic set.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ace Frehley at Rock & Shock Expo October 14,15 & 16

Posted by Kiss Mask Webzine
Ace Frehley will be doing a signing appearance at this year's Rock & Shock Expo in Worcester, MA., from October 14-16. The event will be held at the DCU Center and the Palladium. Among the guests will be Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Lance Henrickson (Milleneum), Sean Patrick Flannery (Powder, Saw 3-D) and Gary Busey (Silver Bullet) plus many more.

For more information and tickets go to ROCK & SHOCK website.

View the trailer here:

PETER CRISS Hits the Road to Educate Men About Breast Cancer

Peter Criss Hits the Road to Educate Men About Breast Cancer
by Matthew Wilkening/Ultimate Classic Rock

As most of us know, Peter Criss, founding drummer of Kiss, survived a breast cancer scare four years ago. Thankfully, everyone’s favorite “Catman” has been healthy ever since, and working hard to educate men about the importance of early detection.

He’ll be taking part in the 2011 Making Strides 3K walk in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. this Sunday (Oct. 16), and took some time to tell us how he dealt with his diagnosis and how he’s helping others stay healthy. Of course, we couldn’t resist talking to him about his musical career first:

So, this is a big thrill for me. ‘Hotter than Hell’ is the first record I ever owned, at age eight.

Oh, great record — and I’m glad you called it a record, cause that’s what they are, although, it was a strange album, put it that way, but yeah, it was a good album.

Back then you guys recorded so fast, I’m amazed you can separate one record from the other

Tell me about it, it was… make a record, then you tour the record, then you write as you’re touring, and then when you get off the tour you go into the studio, do another record, go back out with the record on the tour. In our day, that’s how it was. The dinosaur days, I call them. But man, I wouldn’t give them up for all the tea in China.

Why is that?

We really came up the right way, I was watching that ‘American Idol’ show, with Steven Tyler, and like David Letterman said, you get on there, and you’re kind of a star overnight, you really passed up the journey of going up the hill. I was a poor kid in Brooklyn, my dream was to play Madison Square Garden in front of my parents, and now that’s happened many many times — thanks to God, cause I’m a major Catholic kid.

But you had to build to it, nowadays people get right to it

Oh yeah, our journey was hard, we had to play a lot of dives, we had to go through a lot. In those days that’s how you did it, it wasn’t some overnight, five million dollar contract — I wish! — but, ehh, that’s progress, to a degree.

Yeah, but they’ll be gone again in a few years, your music will still be here.

Yeah, I believe so too, but I watch it, and I’m a 20th century kid, I (laughs) hate the 21st century. I’m a really old-fashioned kid with the television, I’m a late ’50s kid, I grew up with ‘Hoppy’ and ‘The Lone Ranger,’ those kind of shows, with morals and integrity and honor, it seems like those are gone. I sound like my Dad! These kids today, I don’t believe it, it’s very sad. The messages were really pretty cool back then, but I find the stuff today, this reality stuff is appalling.

I have to help our pop site cover the singing shows from time to time, and I whine and cry like a big baby…

I don’t blame you! Give me a break, I tell my wife, ‘how much more can we take of it, and what more do I want to see or hear or know?’ Then, they show these people making millions of dollars catching alligators or making moonshine, or I don’t know what they’re doing. What is this? They don’t even have talent — God forgive me, but I don’t think so — it’s just a regular guy running a pawn shop, but they’re huge stars, and they’re making millions of dollars.

It’s a strange world.

To me, in my life now, coming on my next birthday, I look at life in a whole different perspective these last four years…

You’re gonna be 66, right?

Ohhhhhh, I hate it! (jokingly) We don’t even talk about it, ever since I turned sixty. But three is my lucky number, and those are double threes, so I’m expecting a really dynamite year. I feel real positive about a bunch of things coming up for me. I’m not alone, I look at other rock guys, like the Stones and Zeppelin and the Who, just all these people, we’re all the same age. So I’m in good company. All the guys my age were around in the great times, when music was changing, when Vietnam was happening, and the British Invasion.

I read a lot about your love of Gene Krupa and Sinatra, but you loved things like Zeppelin, right?

I liked it, I got to actually see them the first time they came here and performed at the Fillmore in the village, cause I was a real village kid. I used to hang with my dearest friend, who was the drummer of the New York Dolls, Jerry Nolan. Yes, I liked it, but I dug the Stones more, I was a huge Beatles fan, I loved what they were doing and think they changed the whole sound of music. And the lyrics were just — they were geniuses. As far as I felt, I lived during the Beethoven (era) of rock and roll. Their chords alone, it was brilliant. They were geniuses, they did things nobody dared, the whole world thought they were Gods. I love them the most, they were the favorite. Then I went towards bands like the Animals and the Yardbirds, bands like that I liked.

So, you’ve been cancer free for more than three years now, right?

Four years, and my checkup comes up next week. I’m real excited about it because I feel great, except for the old pains that come from drumming for fifty years. I go to the gym every day, I walk three and a half miles, I work out five days a week, I play down in the studio. My wife had cancer, too. It’s an amazing story, if not for her cancer I wouldn’t be living. She’s feeling good too. So I just feel great and I’m looking forward to going in. They say it’s five years and you’re out of the water. Personally, my experience is you’re never out of the water. Every day I wake up and I get a pain, I think of the big “C” immediately. Because once it’s in your body, its evil, and I never thought I’d have that in my body. I even went into therapy over it all, because I just couldn’t believe it. You just have that fear, it never goes away. But I’m not worried. Every day above ground, my Dad used to say, is a good day.

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