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Tommy Thayer: Plays Hard On Stage & On Golf Course

Check out this featured report on Tommy Thayer on the golf course and on stage from KPRC Houston, TX.
Click TOMMY THAYER to watch the video.

Meet Gene Simmons' Brother and Sisters

Gene's Reunion: You're Not
An Only Child Anymore

Gene Simmons' trip with his family to Israel has connected him to a brother and three sisters whom he never knew he had.

Gene is pictured here with his siblings, brother Kobi (who has a strong resemblance to Gene), sisters Sharon, Eugenia and Drora. I wonder if his siblings were shocked to learn their brother is the Demon bass player for Kiss?

The emitional union amd the trip to Irael has been filmed by the crew for the new season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Photo from Gene's Twitter account.

Kiss on Pentagon Channel

Command Performance/the Pentagon Channel
Command Performance: KISS Preview

KISS salutes the troops

Our own SGT John Mann went to interview KISS for Command Performance. They invited him on stage.

Kiss Adding Grand Falls-Windsor to Summer Shows Run

According to the  the Telegraph  a source close to KISS has confirmed the rock band will perform in Grand Falls-Windsor this summer.

KISS is expected to perform July 9.

When contacted by The Telegram, officials with the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor would neither confirm nor deny the legendary rockers will be performing. However, rumours to that effect have been circulating around the town for a couple of weeks

It is expected the town will make the announcement at the Herder game Saturday night.

It’s also rumoured that lead singer Gene Simmons, his partner Whitbourne native Shannon Tweed, and their two children will be filming episodes of their reality show “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels” while in the province. Tweed has previously said she hasn’t been back to Newfoundland in more than 20 years, and the children, Nick and Sophie, have never been to the province.

Kiss Cancels Moscow Show Over US Embassy Warning:March 30, 1999

Retro Action, March 30, 1999: Fearing Backlash, KISS Cancels Moscow Tour Dates

(Editor's Note: Kiss were scheduled to play two nights at Olympic Stadium, April 1-2, 1999. Cancellation came just one day before the first show.)
By Ung-Kyu Lee/
Willing or reluctant, musicians often play the role of peaceful ambassadors when traveling abroad — think of the hooplah surrounding the Scorpions playing in Moscow during glasnost and WHAM! (yes, Wham) opening up China in 1985 .

They can also get caught in the middle, which is what happened to the rock band KISS when planning a tour to Moscow.

"The members of Kiss, having received a warning from the U.S. embassy in Moscow, have decided to postpone their arrival in Russia to avoid becoming the target of anti-American provocations," said the band's Russian tour manager, Vladimir Kiselyov, in a statement.

Kiselyov went on to apologize for the postponement, blaming it on "nationalist-patriotic and terrorist groupings instigating impetuous anti-American hysteria."

The source of Russian discontent was NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia. As a part of the former Soviet Union, the attack outraged loyalists and led to an ink bomb and egging attack at the U.S. embassy and a vandalized Baskin Robbins in Moscow.

Twelve years later, the KISS tour curse doesn't seem to be letting up. Just two weeks ago, the band canceled their Japan tour out of respect for the deadly earthquake and tsunami that has ravaged the island.

(Editor's Note: The Kiss Japanese tour was already postponed before the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ESP Interview with US Embassy Press Officer David McGuire - Video

U.S. Embassy Press Officer David McGuire meets with the members of Eric Singer Project at Nosturi on March 27, 2011.

Ace Frehley on "That Metal Show" Full Episode

Here is the full episode of Ace Frehley's appearence on "That Metal Show" that aired last Saturday night, March 26, 2011.

Gene Simmons' City of Birth, Haifa, Israel

"And here is the land of my birth - Haifa, Israel.

Believe it or not, I recognize my birthplace hospital by the seashore."
-Gene Simmons, Twitter

Gene posted this photo of the city of his birth, Haifa, Israel on his Twitter account. The photo is a stunning caption of a beautiful city along the
Mediterranean Sea.
Haifa, built on the hills of Mount Carmel, is Israel's third largest city. Modern yet rich in beauty and history. The city has a population of 265,000 people with an additional 300,000 people living in towns adjacent to the city. Together these areas form a contiguous urban area home to nearly 600,000 residents which makes up the inner core of the Haifa metropolitan area.

Haifa has a mixed population of Jews and Arabs, although Jews make up to 90% majority. The Arab population is predominantly Christian, whereas 28% of the Jewish population (correct for 2009) is made of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Gene comments on his father via his Twitter account:

"Never knew I had a brother and three sisters. Kobi, Sharon, Eugenia and Drora. We met. We reconnected. We loved each other.

My father left when I was 7. Was married 6x. No one knows where he was born, or how many children he had. He's always been a mystery to me."

Eric Singer Talks Up New Kiss Album - Video

Eric Singer Talks Up New Kiss Album- Kiss Heads Into The Studio April 4.
Eric Singer did a fan filmed Q&A during sound check for ESP in Helsinki, Finland talking about the new Kiss album. He states recording starts on April 4. Eric says the band did a bunch of demos and don't know which ones they're going to use. Unfortunately there were too many people speaking at once, not allowing Eric to answer a question without asking another and speaking while Eric is offering information, sounding a bit chaotic.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ESP "God Of Thunder" Live Helsinki, Finland - Video

ESP performing "God Of Thunder" at Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland  - Video
March 29, 2011.

Set List:
(KISS cover)
2.Live Wire
(Mötley Crüe cover)
3.Love (I dont need it anymore)
(Union cover)
(KISS cover)
5.No More Mr. Nice Guy
(Alice Cooper cover)
(KISS cover)
7.Shapes of Things
(Gary Moore cover)
8.War Machine
(KISS cover)
(KISS cover)
(KISS cover)
11.God of Thunder
(KISS cover)
12.I Love It Loud
(KISS cover)
13.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
(Rainbow cover)
14.Killed by Death
(Motörhead cover)
15.Black Diamond
(KISS cover)
16.Stone Cold Crazy
(Queen cover)
17.Nothin' To Lose
(KISS cover)

God Of Thunder:

Carmine Appice Talks Kiss On King Kobra Touring Days

Carmine Appice, Legendary Drummer, recently sat down for an interview and talked about first touring with Kiss.

"They actually gave us that tour because Gene and Paul were friends of mine and our manager, Alan, used to work for Aucoin management, so they did us a favor. They put us on the tour and actually paid us. I think they paid us 2 or 3000 dollars a night, which they didn´t have to do but they were friends and did that for us and it was an awesome tour."
Interview courtesy of Metal Shrine/

You went out with KISS. Was that your first major tour?

Carmine: Well, I would say yes. First major long tour. We had done some other gigs, like with Ted Nugent for a couple of weeks and odd gigs with Queensryche and Iron Maiden, but not on a tour basis. We did do a tour with Autograph. But that was our first major tour and our only major tour and it was awesome! They actually gave us that tour because Gene and Paul were friends of mine and our manager, Alan, used to work for Aucoin management, so they did us a favor. They put us on the tour and actually paid us. I think they paid us 2 or 3000 dollars a night, which they didn´t have to do but they were friends and did that for us and it was an awesome tour. It was a wild tour because instead of renting a bus I went out and bought a mobile home, a RV, because a bus is like 25000 dollars a month and it´s crazy! So instead of using the tour support for that, we would use it to try and promote the band and with buying a motor home, you put ten grand down and you have a 300 dollar a month payment, so we did that instead and after a couple of years of using it, it started breaking down a lot and it used to break down a lot on this KISS tour. Every time we would end up making it to the next gig, KISS and their crew would cheer us “Ah, you guys made it!”, because a lot of times the motor home broke down and we ended up being on the side of the road and we had this truck too, so some of us would jump in the truck and we´d get there and the other ones would have to get a rented van and wait for them to deliver it and you´d get there just in time to go on. It was crazy! But it was a great tour and we had a lot of fun with KISS and they had a lot of fun with us.

I just found a clip on YouTube of an in store appearance you guys did in 86 in McAllen, Texas. Was that on the KISS tour?

Carmine: Eeeehhh, it probably was. It was either the KISS tour or the gigs we did with Ted Nugent. (I later found out that it wasn´t on the KISS tour since King Kobra played their final gig with KISS on April 8 and the in store appearance is listed as April 22. Editor´s note)

Read the entire interview AT METALSHRINE

ESP "Killed By Death" Live in Finland- Video

Check out this fan filmed video of ESP performing the Motorhead classic "Killed By Death"  at Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland on March 27, 2011.

ESP Remaining Tourdates:
March 30, 2011 - Pratteln-Basel, Switzerland at Z7

March 31, 2011 - Prague, Czeck Republic at Exit Chmelnice
April   01, 2011 - Zlin, Czeck Republic at Master of Rock Cafe
April   02, 2011 - Tefls, Austria at Rathaussaal Tefls

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Gene Simmons Family in Israel

Gene Looking Proud!

Here is a photo (courtesy of the beautiful  Miss Shannon Tweed) of Gene and his extended family in Israel. Gene met for the first time, his three sisters and his brother Kobi, as well as a number of nieces and nephews. Shannon has been tweeting pictures through her Twitter account.

Gene's niece and Sophie look so much alike, they  could be twins. Gene Simmons Family Jewels is capturing the union on tape for an upcoming, emotional episode of the new season.

Kiss' First Single Released on this Day 1974

The very first single "Nothin' To Lose"  from Kiss' debut album was released on this day, March 28, 1974. The B-Side was the instrumental, "Love Theme From Kiss."

Live from Winterland, San Francisco, 1975

Logan Gladden Rocks Indy Kiss Expo with "Black Diamond" - Video

Seven year old Logan "Robot" Gladden rocked the Indy Kiss Expo crowd with a rendetion of Black Diamond seen here performing with Kiss tribute band Mr. Speed.

Gene Simmons Was Near Deadly Blast in Jerusalem, Still Wants Kiss to Tour Israel

Although he's not making a big deal about it, Kiss bassist, celebrity entrepreneur and reality show star Gene Simmons was just two miles from a deadly blast in Jerusalem that killed a British tourist earlier this week. An Israeli native, Simmons was visiting his homeland for the first time since leaving the country more than five decades ago, when he was just nine years old. Simmons -- who is used to being around more harmless pyrotechnics for entertainment purposes -- told the Associated Press that the attack would not change his travel itinerary, nor would it discourage him from going ahead with plans for Kiss to tour Israel in the near future.

"There's one thing that unites Israelis, Arabs and all humanity," he said. "We all strive to be free. There's a new generation of Arabs who are doing astonishing things... We have to take a moment to honor Arabs for having the courage to stand up."

Simmons, who believes that Jews and Arabs can peacefully coexist, states that the bombing was the work of extremists who do not believe in freedom, democracy or peace. He also said that the Kiss concerts would not be political, so that Kiss can focus on what they do best -- which, of course, is rule Kiss nation.

Gene and his family are in Israel filming for this season's  Gene Simmons Family Jewels and meeting with family. Gene has met three sisters and one brother. Miss Shannon Tweed has tweeted that "this will be an episode you WILL NOT want to miss."

PodKISSt #42: Under The Rose

Council of the Rose Special Part One and Two:
When you think of KISS, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is a big oak table in a dimply-lit room, right? Isn’t it? OK, not so much. But for many members of the KISS Army, the subdued imagery of 1981 represent a departure from the classic KISS recipe in which there are as many treasures as there are missteps. For three decades, “Music From the Elder” has generated lively debate within the fan base, so it’s no surprise that it yielded hours of discussion here at PodKISSt. In this 2-part installment we’re joined once again by writer Joe Casey (Dark Horse’s KISS comics, Ben 10, Generator Rex) and KISStorian Julian Gill (author of many KISS books and host of KISSfaq) for an in-depth look at this intriguing record. So take the oath and set out an odyssey back to 1981 with PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears!


ESP Rocking Norway

Here is video of ESP playing Honefoss in Norway on March 26. Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi and Chuck Garric play out the music of Kiss, Motley Crue, Union and classic rock as Thin Lizzy.
Eric stated at the Kiss Expo yesterday that Kiss will go into the studio April 4 to begin recording the follow up to Sonic Boom. The new album will be produced by Paul Stanley.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eric Carr "Special Edition" Release Limited to 400

A special edition package of Eric Carr's ROCKHEADS is now available for pre-order and limited to 400. Act now!

*THIS RARE Limited Edition package will include a piece of rock and roll history - a souvenir 1" x 1" piece of the original bass drum skin from the "Crazy Nights" tour cradled in a high-quality collectable card and numbered in a series from 1 to 400. Authenticated by The Carr Family. A Guitar Pick will be included with every order.
*In 1987, Eric Carr was ready to bring his beloved "Rockheads" to the fans. But his untimely death on November 24th of 1991 put the "Rockheads" on hold. Twenty years later The Carr Family and publisher Dyna Meecho continue Eric's dream. This beautifully reproduced print of one of Eric's rarely seen hand-drawn illustrations is part of this one-time offer.

*The 80's would change Rock History for ever. Part of the team that would propel Kiss through that time were Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick. Each cover of your "Limited Collector's Edition" will be autographed in metalic gold pen by Bruce Kulick.

Ace Frehley & Mike Starr "Shout It Out Loud" - Video

As a tribute to the passing of bassist Mike Starr (Alice In Chains) who struggled with drug addiction and passed away March 8, 2011, from his disease, here is video of Mike Starr playing with Ace Frehley "Shout It Out Loud."

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ace Frehley Preview from "That Metal Show" Airing Saturday Night

Ace Frehley will be the special guest on (March 26) Saturday night's "That Metal Show" on VH1 Classic. The episode airs at 11PM (EST).
In this preview clip, Ace recalls Gene saving his life in a pool at a Holiday Inn, who happens to be a certified lifeguard.

NJ/NY Kiss Expo Website Up/Details Available

The website for the up-coming New Jersey-New York KISS Expo 2011 is up and running. All the current available info is listed and will be updated as info about ticket sales and special guests becomes available.
Tickets will go on sale March 31.

Again - new management, new centralized location and some great new ideas! It's truly exciting to have this premier KISS event returning to the New York / New Jersey area after a long three year wait! Still in the early stages of production, we can't wait to see what is in store for this event! Check out the website below:

Dealer tables are still available.

Please contact ROSS KOONDEL 1-800-370-3315 or 267-566-2046 or email directly at  for details and pricing.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paul Stanley To Appear on ABC's "On The Red Carpet"

Via Kissonline
Paul Stanley will be interviewed today by ABC's nationally-syndicated program "On the Red Carpet™"

Paul will discuss his highly-successful career as an artist and how he transformed KISS into one of the most iconic bands in the world with Emmy Award-winning host Chris Balish.

ABC's "On The Red Carpet™" is a weekly national entertainment news show that highlights the best of the week in the world of celebrity and style.

Be sure to check your local listings for air times. To learn more, visit


Paul Stanley To Appear At A Hearing Loss & Prevention Seminars In NYC & LA
Did you know that rock icon Paul Stanley, the lead singer and founder of the ground breaking rock band KISS, was born deaf in his right ear?

Did you also know that 1 out of 5 teens has a hearing loss? That’s a 30 percent increase just in the last 15 years.

Maybe that explains why the legendary front man who has sold over 100 million albums is so passionate about preventing hearing loss amongst teens.

Stanley, has teamed-up with the non-profit House Research Institute on a major initiative called “IT’S HOW YOU LISTEN THAT COUNTS” to educate millions of teens around the world on preventing noise-induced hearing loss.

Paul will be drawing the attention of teens in NYC and LA to hearing health issues through an after-school event called SOUND RULES!

The event, free for teens, will take place at the Director’s Guilds in NYC on May 4 and Los Angeles on May 12.

On Wednesday, May 4th from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., the House Research Institute (HRI) will present "Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration" at the Director's Guild of America (DGA) Theatre located at 110 West 57th Street in Manhattan in New York City.

On Thursday, May 12th at 3:30PM Pacific, the House Research Institute will present "Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration" at the Director's Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles, located at 7920 Sunset Boulevard.

Sound Rules! is a FREE hearing loss prevention education and entertainment event for teens that will feature Paul Stanley, lead singer/guitarist of KISS and hearing health experts from the House Research Institute, along with valuable contest prizes and giveaways. Space is limited; reservations are required. For more information and registration, please visit

AP Interview: Kiss bassist Gene Simmons says boycotters of Israel are ‘fools’

By Associated Press

JERUSALEM — Kiss’ Israeli-born singer-musician Gene Simmons is shouting out loud at the string of musicians who refuse to perform in his homeland.

“They’re fools,” the legendary bassist told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday, on his first return to Israel since leaving the country as a child more than 50 years ago.

Simmons described the visit as a “homecoming.” He offered a description of himself that might shock his legions of fans who know him as an American icon prone to spitting blood and sticking out his exceptionally long tongue:

“I’m Israeli. I’m a stranger in America. I’m an outsider,” he said, speaking in a hotel lobby across a valley from the walls of Jerusalem’s historic Old City. “I was born here and I’m proud of it.”

Simmons had harsh words for musicians like Elvis Costello and the Pixies who have recently canceled concerts to protest Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians. Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has gone further, joining an organized movement dedicated to boycotting Israel and its exports, though he appeared in Israel in 2006.

“The countries they should be boycotting are the same countries that the populations are rebelling,” he said. “People long to be free ... And they sure as hell don’t want somebody who’s a ruler who hasn’t been elected by them.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ace Frehley on "That Metal Show" This Weekend

Ace Frehley will appear on Eddie Trunk's That Metal Show this Saturday night, March 26 at 11PM (EST) on VH1 Classic. Also appearing Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big.

Stryper Perform "Shout It Out Loud" Live in Nashville- Video

Check out this fan filmed video of Stryper performing Shout It Out Loud  (off their latest album, "The Covering") from the Wildhorse Saloon, Nashvile, TN., March 18, 2011.

Kiss Add Sacramento, CA., Show to their Summer Tour

Kiss Summer Show Schedule: 2011

Kiss have been adding some shows throughout the US to their "mini" Summer trek. Kiss added Sacramento to their list with a show at Raley Field, Sunday May 29, 2011 at 8PM.
Ralet Field is located at 400 Ballpark Drive, West Sacramenton, CA.
Ticket Information:
Onsale to General Public: Start: Fri, 03/25/11 10:00 AM PDT
Season Ticket Holders: Start: Wed, 03/23/11 12:00 PM PDT/End: Fri, 03/25/11 10:00 AM PDT
Fan Club Presale: Start: Thu, 03/24/11 10:00 AM PDT/End: Fri, 03/25/11 10:00 AM PDT

US $40.00 - US $125.00
US $40.00 Ticket + US $9.10 Fees = US $49.10
US $125.00 Ticket + US $16.70 Fees = US $141.70
CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS for Sacramento Show.
Kiss Summer Trek Schedule:
05/19/11- Raley Field, West Sacramenton, CA.
Walk N Rock Festival  Walk N' Rock for Kids
07/15/11- MOONDANCE JAM, Walker, MN.
07/16/11- ROCK USA- Ford Festival Park, Oshkosh, WI.
Rock USA Website
07/21/11- Montreal HEAVY MTL Festival, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec.
Montreal MTL Website

Kiss: Hollywood Hard Rock Soundcheck- Video

Beth soundcheck video of Kiss from the Seminole Hard Rock March 17, 2011. Eric sings Beth on top of Gene's shoulders as Paul and Tommy play. Fun stuff!

Via Kissonline

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kiss Adds Montreal Show to Summer Schedule for July

Kiss To Headline Monteal's Heavy MTL Festival.
The festival runs July 23-24, 2011 at Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal. Kiss will headline Staurday, July 24. Tickets go ona sale Staurday March 26 at Noon (EST).

Saturday July 23, 2011; Disturbed, GODMSACK, As I Lay Dying, plus more special guests.
Sunday   July 24, 2011:KISS, MOTORHEAD, Anthrax, Billy Talent,  plus more special guests.

Monday, March 21, 2011

NY/NJ Kiss Expo - May 14, 2011

We've heard from the promoter as details are starting to emerge. The KISS NY/NJ Expo will be on  May 14th  at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Somerset, NJ.

DEALERS NEEDED TO SELL KISS MERCHANDISE - The NY/NJ KISS EXPO IS RETURNING TO THE TRI-STATE AREA Saturday MAY 14th, 2011 to Somerset, NJ. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity if you have a KISS collection to sell - A HUGE 6,500sq ft deluxe ballroom has been rented and a great money making opportunity awaits you - Space is limited and tables are already selling so ACT NOW !!!

Tables are now available and already selling. Contact Ross Koondel at 1-800-370-3315 or 267-566-2046. You can also email Ross directly at .

Eric Singer & John Corabi Perform "Beth"

Eric Singer and John Corabi perform Beth and KISS Indianapolis Expo 2011 on March 19th 2011. During Eric's 9 hour signing, meet & greet appearence at the Indianapolis Kiss Expo, Eric asked fans to donate money to the devasted area of Japan through Kiss' official website. If they did, he would sing "Beth." Fans raised $2,200.00 and Eric and John performed "Beth" to the delight of the fans.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Gene Simmons Donates His Bass To Hard Rock Collection

Gene Simmons Donates Bass

Gene Simmons donated his signature Punisher bass to the Seminole Hard Rock on March 17 where Kiss was performing that night. The signed bass will become part of the Hard Rock's extensive permanent memorabalia collection.
(AP Photo/Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Ralph Notaro)

Kiss Indy Expo This Saturday

2011 Indianapolis KISS Expo THIS Saturday March 19th!
Special Guests Eric Singer, Lydia Criss, John Corabi & Bill Starkey

Note: Platinum Tickets are now SOLD OUT! We still have VIP and Regular Admission are going quick! We expect to have a sellout so don't wait to get tickets! Note: All tickets ordered 3/15/11 or after will be held at the door. When checking out you will not be charged for shipping. We will hold these tickets at the door, you will just need to provide your id at the registration table.

The 2011 INDIANAPOLIS KISS Fan Expo will take place on Saturday March 19th from 1:00PM to 8:00PM (11am for Platinum and VIP ticket holders)

Indianapolis Marriott East
7202 East 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Kiss Brings Hard Rock Flair to the Hard Rock

The venue is smaller, but Kiss still brings enough pyro and hard rock volume to power a major city at its Hard Rock Live concert Thursday night. Families use the occasion to play dress-up.
By Howard Cohen
You can take Kiss out of the arenas, but you can’t take the arena show out of Kiss.

The veteran, face-painted hard rock band scaled down its stage show a bit to fit its thunderous act into the 5,000-seat Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood Thursday night. Still, the volume of its music and the plentiful pyrotechnics packed enough wattage to delight an all-ages crowd.

In fact, one might have checked the calendar on their smart phone because Kiss drew so many pre-teens and their parents who dressed in Kiss face paint and, in many cases, full Kiss regalia, one might think it was 1979 again.

Given the already surreal manufactured reality of the colorful Seminole grounds, it almost felt like stepping onto the set of the Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park movie with hundreds of big and little Kiss extras.

“We don’t usually get to play places this small,” lead singer Paul Stanley screamed after Kiss opened its two-hour concert with a newer headbanger, Modern Day Delilah, from its return-to-form 2009 album, Sonic Boom.

“Makes us feel we’re back in the old days,” he continued, “so we’re going to play old classic stuff.”

Stanley, 59, then led his Kiss founding partner Gene Simmons and replacement members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer into a set heavy on songs from the first eponymous Kiss album in early 1974 like Cold Gin, Black Diamond and Firehouse, a simple, but effective rocker that still ends with piercing fire alarms and spinning red lights.

Other oldies included Let Me Go, Rock and Roll, 100,000 Years, Detroit Rock City and the standard ‘70s bathroom break the guitar and drum solos following Thayer’s lead on Shock Me. However, Kiss always keeps these instrumental passages interesting given that the lead guitarist’s instrument belches fireworks and the drummer cues explosions in the rafters. The solos mercifully ended before they wore out their welcome.

The one sign that this wasn’t your parents’ Kiss could be found in Stanley’s voice which no longer is quite the pliable, effortlessly operatic instrument it once was in the 1970s and 1980s. Decades of screaming songs in their original high keys have worn Stanley’s voice to the nub on newer material like the anthemic Say Yeah, ‘80s numbers like Crazy, Crazy Nights (a surprise, and welcome addition to the setlist) and the 1977 Kiss classic, Love Gun. On that audience favorite, Stanley’s patchy vocals were nicely and wisely augmented with some helpful vocal fills from drummer Singer.

Curiously, though, as the show went on toward its exciting hit-heavy encore set, Stanley’s voice seemed to gain strength and smooth out a little. He sounded pretty good on the disco-era smash, I Was Made for Loving You, which actually requires vocal range and he nailed it quite well. Stanley, the group’s indefatigable cheerleader, also brought it home good and hard on the terrific Lick It Up, Shout It Out Loud and the closing Rock and Roll All Nite.

Simmons, 61, whose songs aren’t pitched so high, sounded remarkably well preserved on his growling signature tunes, Calling Dr. Love, Deuce and I Love It Loud.


Kiss' St. Patrick's Party at the Hard Rock Hollywood - Video

Kiss rocked the Arena at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida last night. Check out the fan filmed video:
Modern Day Delilah

I Love It Loud

Cold Gin

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bruce Kulick Interview from RockStar Weekly

Bruce Kulick: Playing Guitar Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Bruce Kulick is the ultimate journeyman guitarist. Over a glorious career, this legendary shredder has held the line for rock ‘n’ roll with some of the greatest outfits in its history. Most associate his name with KISS but things really got rolling for Kulick with his brother Bob on the Bat Out of Hell tour of ’77-’78. In fact, if you have the re-release, there are two live tracks with the Kulick brothers figuring prominently.

On the, “…two live tracks from 1978, … feature Bob and I very clearly. I’m on the left. He’s on the right, in your stereo imaging,” Kulick said while on the phone with us about his first days in the business.
“It’s ironic you bring it up because yesterday at the gym I decided to listen to Bat Out of Hell. As Kulick worked out he was, “…just trying to put [himself] in that mind frame. I could just see my hands on the fingerboard even though I haven’t played [the intro] song in ages. We [did] this intro Bolero piece that the show would always start with, and then we would go into a very bombastic version of Bat Out of Hell.”
The experience of the tour ran the gambit from ‘totally misunderstood’ to ‘best new thing’.
“The truth was, that tour, I was really glad to get it done. It was quite stressful for me at times because it was a lot to learn, to take in, but it didn’t happen overnight. We worked very hard, that band. We were getting booed off the stage in the beginning and all of a sudden the tide turned when radio was supporting it.”
Bat Out of Hell took Kulick to many places including the El Mocambo in Toronto, but again with the help of radio support, they returned to explode much larger venues.
He told us, “I remember the first time we went up to Canada. We played the El Mocambo out in Toronto. It was one major radio [event] that went out to millions of people and all of a sudden Meatloaf was a hit in Canada. We went back and did arenas, and then we went back and did that big gig with ELO.”
Besides taking Canada by storm Kulick rocked the Meatloaf spectacular around the world and even had the incredible opportunity to be a part of television history on March 25th, 1978.
“One thing I’ll never forget, not like I was featured much, but I was there and it was amazing, was playing Saturday Night Live. How many people get to perform on that? That’s the classic years with John Belushi and everybody.”


Gene Simmons Interview with JC Green Audio Available

New Gene Simmons Audio Interview Available
via Blabbermouth
DJ JC Green of Alfa Rock 105.7 FM and Metal Messiah Radio's "Heavy Metal Thunder" program conducted an interview with KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons on Thursday, March 10 ahead of the band's March 12 concert at Coliseo de Puerto Rico in Hato Rey. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

Listen GENE SIMMONS AUDIO Interview.

Kiss NY/NJ Expo is Returning May 14, 2011!

NY/NJ Kiss Expo May 14! Expo Dealers Alert!
As reported here a few days ago, the tri-state  NY/NJ Kiss Expo will be coming to North Jersey.  Yes, folks you heard right! The Expo will take place in Somerset, NJ on May 14, 2011.


DEALERS NEEDED TO SELL KISS MERCHANDISE - The NY/NJ KISS EXPO IS RETURNING TO THE TRI-STATE AREA Saturday MAY 14th, 2011 to Somerset, NJ. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity if you have a KISS collection to sell - A HUGE 6,500sq ft deluxe ballroom has been rented and a great money making opportunity awaits you - Space is limited and tables are already selling so ACT NOW !!!
Tables are now available and already selling. Contact Ross Koondel at 1-800-370-3315 or 267-566-2046. You can also email Ross directly at .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiss Questions on Jeopardy!

Kiss was a category on Jeopardy! hosted by Alex Trebeck via YouTube. I love how the fan who shot the video from his phone plays along.

Last Night: Kiss At Rodeo Houston


Reliant Stadium
March 15, 2011
By Allison Wagoner/Houston Press
Photos by Grooveland
We'll drive you with our photos from last night's show.

In Tom Snyder's 1979 interview with the original members of KISS, only two of which remain, he asked bassist Gene Simmons, "What would happen if you went out on stage for a concert and you didn't set off the fireworks, didn't break the guitar, and didn't have the smoke, fire, and blood?"

Simmons responded astutely, "It would still be a rip-roaring rock and roll show because...we don't stand still when we play our instruments. We run around and pretty much raise hell."

Over 30 years later, Aftermath wanted to test that theory, since we were aware of some of the stage restrictions at Reliant Stadium. There was no blood and not as much fire as we expected, but there were plenty of pyrotechnics for the group to put on a decadently distinctive KISS show, playing 12 songs in their entirety in just an hour.

​We were hot with expectancy before the lights even went off. We delightedly watched those little mutton-busters get scared out of their minds as a rodeo clown with full KISS makeup hoisted them up after the inevitable sheep trampling.

Imagine being five years old, strapped to a running sheep in front of 70,000 people, and then busting your ass just to be saved by an old man dressed like Gene Simmons. That's traumatizing stuff, man.

When the lights went out and the initial fireworks were over, we watched a video of the members "getting ready" and "approaching the stage." The band rode out to the stage on golf carts and the customary introduction boomed through the stadium: "You wanted the best, you got the best: the hottest band in the world, KISS!!"

Read the rest HERE.

Kiss At Rodeo Houston - Video 2

Check out some of this great fan filmed video from last night's gigantic Kiss show at Rodeo Houston-

Full frontal stage finale

Detroit Rock City & Beth

Firehouse (edit)

Paul Stanley Radio Interview with Rod Ryan of 94.5 The Buzz

PAUL STANLEY RADIO INTERVIEW on the Rod Ryan Show on Houston's New Rock Alternative 94.5 The Buzz.

Kiss Rock 75,000+ At Rodeo Houston Last Night

Here is video from last night's Kiss show at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Kiss performed on a rotating stage without the famous Kiss logo. No confetti canons (because of the dirt floor) and stage pyro was replaced with huge fireworks that were actually on the stadium floor. This is the first time that I know of that Kiss has played in the round. Kiss performed over an hour, 12 song set.
Set-List:Modern Day Delilah/Shout It Out Loud/Deuce/Firehouse/Calling Dr Love/I Love It Loud/I Was Made For Lovin You/Love Gun/Detroit Rock City/
Beth/Lick It Up/Rock And Roll All Nite
Modern Day Delilah

Rock And Roll All Nite

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Jersey/New York Kiss Expo To Make a Return

We are hearing that the NJ/NY Kiss Expo will be returning, with a new promoter, to North Jersey possibly on May 14th. We'll keep you posted!

Kiss "Detroit Rock City" 1975 Demo

In celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Destroyer, here is a rare gem of the demo of "Detroit Rock City" complete with alternate lyrics and guitar solos. Very interesting! Check it out!

Kiss To Rock Rodeo Houston Tonight!

Kiss play Rodeo Houston tonight at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Tickets are still available hereKISS RODEO HOUSTON TICKETS. Upper level tickets are available.

Ace Frehley Schedules Two Summer Shows

Ace Frehley's Two Summer Shows
Ace Frehley has two shows booked this summer. The first appearing at the Rockin' The Rivers Festival on Saturday, August 13, 2011 in Three Forks, Montana. Purchase tickets HERE.

The second opening for Alice Cooper at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarskton, Michigan on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

Bruce Kulick & John Corabi Announce Acoustic Shows

Bruce Kulick & John Corabi Acoustic Shows in Italy and Poland

Following Eric Singer Projects shows in Europe, Bruce and John (Native boy from Norristown!) have announced acoustic shows. Please go to Bruce's site for information.

April 5th: Busto Arsizio, Italy, Code Club
April 6th: Padova, Italy, Arci Grindhouse
April 7th: Brunico, Italy, UFO
April 8th: Pisa, Italy, Borderline
April 9th: Parma, Italy, Bandit
April 10th: Palermo, Italy, I Candelai
April 12th: Wroclaw, Poland, Studio 54

Bruce Live in Argentina March 3, 2011:

Ace Frehley At Monster Mania Cherry Hill, NJ

Ace Frehley made an appearence at Monster Mania Convention this past weekend in Cherry Hill, NJ.
Photos can be viewed by clicking link below:
Ace will be special guest for Ace Cooper on August 27, 2011 at the DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI.

Kiss Ready To Rock The Hard Rock

Paul Stanley Interview
Miami Herald

You want a guaranteed good time on St. Patrick’s Day? KISS is bringing its special brand of entertainment to Hard Rock Live for a show that will (sham) rock like no other. Known for blood-spewing, pyrotechnic-happy shows, the boys — including original members Gene Simmo ns and Paul Stanley — promise to bring it. We spoke with 59-year-old Stanley, whose wife is expecting a girl in August.

Why did you decide to do only three shows, one in South Florida?

We are really not on tour. We had a few shows booked quite awhile ago, and rather than cancel them we decided to get out there and do a few. It is what we love doing, and we are in pre-production on the next album, and so it only makes us want to go out and play that much more.

How much rehearsal do you do?

We are certainly professional enough to go out and do it, but there is a difference between being about to do it and do it best. We rehearse not because we don’t know the songs but to shake out the rust.
Read the rest  HERE.

Kiss DESTROYER 35th Anniversary!

Kiss' DESTROYER released on this day March 15, 1976.
It's hard to believe it's been 35 years since the release of Destroyer!
Kiss' landmark fourth studio break-through album was released on this day in 1976. The album featured a more polished, sleeker sound for Kiss and peaked on Billboard's Top 200 Album Charts at #11. The album spawned many Kiss classics  Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud as well as the chart topper, Beth, produced by legendary producer Bob Ezrin.
The distintive artwork was done by Ken Kelly who the band later commissioned him to create the artwork for Love Gun. April 22, 1976 the album was certified Gold. On November 11, 1976,  Destroyer became the first Kiss album to be certified platinum. Beth  peaked at #7 on the Singles chart. Singles released,  Shout It Out Loud, Flaming Youth, and Detroit Rock City with the B-Side Beth becoming the fourth single.  The album featured the Harlem Boys Choir on Great Expectations.

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length

1. "Detroit Rock City" Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin Stanley 5:17
2. "King of the Night Time World" Stanley, Ezrin, Kim Fowley, Mark Anthony Stanley 3:19
3. "God of Thunder" Stanley Gene Simmons 4:13
4. "Great Expectations" Simmons, Ezrin Simmons 4:24
5. "Flaming Youth" Ace Frehley, Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin Stanley 2:59
6. "Sweet Pain" Simmons Simmons 3:20
7. "Shout It Out Loud" Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin Stanley, Simmons 2:49
8. "Beth" Peter Criss, Ezrin, Stan Penridge Criss 2:45
9. "Do You Love Me?" Stanley, Ezrin, Kim Fowley Stanley 3:40
10. "Rock and Roll Demons (ghost track)" Simmons, Stanley, Ezrin Instrumental 1:25

Chart Peak Positions:
Sweden - 4

Austria - 6
Canada - 6
U.S. Pop Albums - 11
New Zealand -16
Japan - 17
U.K. - 22
Germany - 36

Kiss Signs on for MoonDance Jam 2011- July 15

Kiss has signed on to headline the 20th Anniversary of the MoonDance Jam in Walker Minnesota. Kiss will headline Friday July 15, 2011. Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company, Free) and Eddie Money are on the bill as well. For ticket and information go to .

Ace Frehley "New York Groove" Live From Tampa, Florida

Ace Frehley live in Tampa, Florida for the Tampa Bay lightning Concert series on March 10, 2011
Rocket Ride

Snow Blind
Rock Soldiers
New York Groove
Shock Me
Love Gun
Cold Gin
Black Diamond Outro

Gene Simmons:"There will be one more time when we play together"

Gene Simmons spoke with  DJ JC Green of Alfa Rock 105.7 FM and Metal Messiah Radio's "Heavy Metal Thunder" during their to Puerto Rico for a show at Coliseo de Puerto Rico in Hato Rey on March 12. The interview will air on March 16- click to listen.Quote Text courtesy of

On "Sonic Boom" and the next album:

"The best thing about 'Sonic Boom' is that we did it honestly without worrying about it — not worrying what kind of music is popular now; we just did what we did, which was to be in KISS.

"The new record, which we already started working on — we start recording in three weeks — is gonna be the next step to 'Sonic Boom'. Very similar — straight rock songs, no ballads, no keyboards, no nothing, just rock.

"We have brand new songs that we've been writing. We've been writing a lot. There's a lot of very good material and that's what we're gonna record. A lot of the songs [have been] written by the whole band together, so no outside writers, just the band doing what it did on the first three records — writing the songs ourselves.

"Once you know who you are and how you breathe — because every song is like an animal; you try to bring life to the song so it becomes real — but once you know who you are, it's easy to do, you just have to do what [comes naturally], without thinking too much about it, without thinking what's popular, without thinking what a producer would do; you just do it the way you naturally do it."

"We have almost all the songs written. In fact, we have too many songs; we have about 20 to 25 things that look and sound good. And we're gonna get into the studio in about three weeks, and then we start recording. At the same time, I have to do the TV show ['Gene Simmons Family Jewels']… I mean, it's a very busy time, but the album is gonna take precedence, that's the most important thing."

On Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer wearing the famous Spaceman and Catman make-up:

"Because it's classic, and because the world doesn't care who's in the band. If you were a KISS a long time ago, then you know who Ace [Frehley] and Peter [Criss] are. But we play stadiums around the world who have never heard of Ace and Peter. When you go see THE [ROLLING] STONES, you see THE STONES. Nobody's even heard of Brian Jones [except for] very old fans. And if you go see AC/DC or any kinds of bands that get up there, the original members is not even the point; it's who you are right now. And you're only gonna be as good as the team that [makes up the current] band. If you go see KISS in a stadium some place, most of the people have never heard of Ace or Peter; they don't know who that is."

(Editor's Note: I find that hard to believe. Kiss fans KNOW who Peter and Ace are. If it were not for the original band reunion is 1996, Kiss as they are now, may not be in the position to play stadiums and sell-out arenas and it could have very well all came to an end. The 1996-97 Reunion came at a time where there was no interest in Kiss during the period beforehand thrusting the band back into the spotlight and racking in millions of dollars. Wearing the make-up equals dollars. We're not idiot fans.)

On a Kiss Original Band Reunion:

"There will be one more time when we play together. Sometime in the future there's going to be a last show. Sometime in the future we'll be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. There will be one more time when we do it together to honor the beginning. But, you know, when you run a long-distance race, not everybody can run a long race. Some people are only good for the beginning of the race and they don't have the passion and the will, and the endurance. Not everybody can run a long-distance race."
(Editor's Note: There are two sides to every story.)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kiss Rock Puerto Rico March 12 - Video

Kiss rock the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José M. Agrelot in San Juan on March 12. Check out the fan filmed video:



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kiss: Up-Coming Shows


Kiss will play Coliseo De Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico this Saturday March 12.

March 15, 2011 Reliant Stadium Houston, Texas. (NOTE*-ONLY upper tickets available)
March 17, 2011 Hard Rock Live (Seminole) Hollywood, Florida.
Tickets for all shows are still available. Check the local venue for showtimes and door openings

Ace Frehley Offering VIP Packages for Tampa Show

Ace Frehley is offereing a VIP experience for his after-game show of the Tanpa Bay Lightning vs. Ottawa Senators March 11, 2011 at the St. Petersburg Times Forum. VIP experience is $200.00. The package DOES NOT include the price of show admission,

You will receive one Ace Frehley Anomaly T-shirt, 3 Ace Frehley guitar picks from the Farewell Tour 2000, a meet and greet with Ace Frehley, a photo opportunity with Ace(be sure to bring your camera), and a copy of the Ace Frehley Anomaly CD.

Please be advised that Ace Frehley will NOT sign guitars.

Click HERE TO PURCHASE your VIP Experience

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gene Simmons to Speak at Winnipeg Event in June

Gene Simmons is set to come to Winnipeg as a speaker.
The Winnipeg Sun
The rocker's "Gene Simmons Live Rich and Famous Tour" speaking event will hit the Centennial Concert Hall on June 15, 2011.

Die-hard fans of the KISS star will get the chance to hear him speak and see a mystery surprise guest.

Tickets go on sale March 11 at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster. Call 1-855-985-5000 or go to  to purchase.

It's Official- Kiss Japanese Tour Postponed

As expected and previously reported here, Kiss has postponed their Japanese tour, until the fall. Kiss will enter the studio to record the band's 20th album and follow up to 2009's "Sonic Boom." Kiss made their offical announcement on the band's website and reads:

"KISS has postponed their Japanese tour to include more concert dates this fall. Tickets will not go on sale on March 12th as previously announced. Once the new tour dates are confirmed, concert information will be posted on"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kiss' Tour of Japan Postponed until Fall 2011?

It seems an official announcement will come soon regarding the postponment of Kiss' tour of Japan in April. It's said due to the production of Kiss' next studio album, the Japanese tour will reschedule for the Fall. Rumors are swirling over a Far-East Kiss tour with Indonesian show in November and a tour of Australia.

Stay tuned!

Lady Gaga & Paul Stanley & Kiss - Video

At last week's Chicago Lady Gaga show, after she bites the head off of Barbie dolls, a Paul Stanley doll appears on stage...

Sometime, there has to be a time where the Kiss & Gaga do something together.

Kiss will Headline Rock USA Festival in July

KISS will headline the Rock USA festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on July 16, 2011 at Ford Festival Park.

“We definitely designed the lineup to shake a few heads and break the thinking mold of what a rock festival should be,” said Dan Liebhauser, part owner and promoter of the event.

Rock USA tickets sales begin on Saturday, March 26th at 9:00 a.m, with tickets starting at $59. For more information, visit .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

PodKISSt #41: Carrie, the Envy, and KISS!

PodKISSt #41: Carrie, the Envy, and KISS!
check out PodKISSt # 41 with the late Eric Carr's former girlfriend and actress, Carrie Stevens, Simmon's Records and Kiss tourmates, The Envy and Kiss cuts. Listen HERE!
Show Description:
Insightful KISScussions? Rare and classic KISS cuts? Of course. You’d expect nothing less from us. But how about an exclusive interview with Carrie Stevens (superstar Playboy model, actress, and erstwhile paramour of the late great Eric Carr)? Or maybe a backstage chat with rock group The Envy (openers for KISS on the 2010 Hottest Show on Earth tour)? Or a toddler’s take on Paul’s past proliferation of profanity? Yup… we’ve got all this and more in this installment. Big thanks to Heather for the great Envy interview! We’re just a few months into 2011 and there’s lots more in store. We’d tell you more, but we’ve taken an OATH. So get up, KISS Army, and get down with PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears!

Bruce Kulick & John Corabi Will Go Unplugged in Italy

According to our friends at DeuceNews , Bruce and John will play in an acoustic show on Friday, April 8, 2011, at the Borderline Club in Pisa, Italy.

Bruce and John will be performing shows with the Eric Singer Project (ESP) in select European cities. The ESP in itinerary is as follows:

Mar. 26 - Honefoss-Oslo, Norway - Alfred

Mar. 27 - Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi
Mar. 30 - Pratteln-Basel, Switzerland - Z7
Mar. 31 - Prague, Czeck Republic - Exit Chmelnice
Apr. 01 - Zlin, Czeck Republic - Master of Rock Cafe
Apr. 02 - Tefls, Austria - Rathaussaal Tefls

Ace Frehley to Guest on "That Metal Show" March 26 is reporting Ace Frehley will guest on Eddie Trunk's That Metal Show on VH1 Classic on March 26. The show has moved to Los Angeles.

March 26
* Ace Frehley (KISS)
* Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, DAVID LEE ROTH)
Other guests to appear on upcoming episodes will include Cherrie Currie, Metallica, Lita Ford and David Coverdale. check out for viewing details.

New Kiss Book Seeking Contributions

New KISS Book!

KISS is putting together a exciting book about their early years spanning 1972-1975 and we're seeking help from the KISS Army. The book chronicles the group's first key three years of existence, from formation to their breakthough with the Alive! album.

Examples of what we're looking for circa 1972-1975 (from band's formation through the Alive! tour):

Candid and live photographs (images owned by you as copyright holder)
Domestic and foreign record ads (KISS, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Alive!)
Press kits (KISS, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Alive!)
Magazine covers (domestic and foreign)
Fillmore East press launch invitation (1-8-74)
Century Plaza launch invitation (2-18-74)
Concert ads
Tour posters
Press clippings/articles
Backstage passes
Album reviews
Concert reviews
Casablanca Records memorabilia
Cadillac High memorabilia
Cobo Hall 5-16-75 ticket stub
Concert riders
Casablanca Records paperwork (1973-1975)
Aucoin Management paperwork (1973-1975)
One of a kind items

PLEASE NOTE: We're not seeking to obtain original copies of your material, high res scans will work fine.

300 DPI minimum

email to:
****If you have more than 1-2 items to contribute, please do not send by email, we'd prefer to receive this material on a disc. Be sure that each file includes your name so you can be properly credited for use. Also, don't forget to include your contact details (name, address, phone, email)

MAIL to:
Ken Sharp
16946 Burbank Blvd # 211
Encino, CA 91316

Thanks in advance for your help.
**By submitting this material, you provide consent to KISS to allow its use in the book. We will endeavor to provide credit to those who donate material.**

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kiss Tampa Bay Lightning Banner Stirs Controversy

St. Petersburg Times/by Susan Thurston

To the average person, it's not a big deal. Behind all that makeup, don't all members of KISS look the same?

But to fans of the legendary rock band, it's sacrilegious - so wrong that some are calling for lawsuits and the firings of those responsible.
Here's what happened: The Tampa Bay Lightning, as part of this season's outdoor concert series, signed former KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley to perform March 11 after the Ottawa Senators game. To promote the show, the marketing team hung banners of Frehley around the St. Pete Times Forum.
What they didn't realize was that the person on the banner wasn't Frehley but Tommy Thayer, his KISS replacement. Frehley was an original band member who left to start a solo career, then came back for a reunion tour in the mid '90s.
Thayer joined the band in 2002 as the new Frehley, complete with Frehley's "Spaceman" nickname, performance antics and signature makeup of big stars around his eyes.
Not everyone approved. Two camps formed: fans of the old KISS and fans of the new KISS.
So imagine the horror when Thayer appeared on a poster advertising Frehley's solo concert. Unofficial KISS websites lit up. Old wounds reopened.
"It's kind of gone viral among KISS fans," said Peter Arquette, owner of the KISS Asylum website. "The fact that it's Tommy Thayer is just ridiculous."
The news hit the virtual world over the weekend when a fan posted a photo of the poster online. Reaction was swift, with many fans hissing.
"I'd be so pissed off," wrote one fan on, a site devoted to hard rock news and reviews. "There's only one Spaceman!!"
"This is sad," said another. "Ace deserves more respect then that."
Other Frehley fans had nasty words for the Lightning's marketing team.
"(Ace) should sue the Tampa Bay Lightning and NHL for defamation of character."
"Marketing dept for this should be fired!"
On Monday, Lightning officials acknowledged the error. After discovering it last week, they immediately ordered 15 new banners.
"We regret the mistake, and proper banners will be in place soon," said Lightning spokesman Bill Wickett.
The error happened when the in-house creative services department pulled a photo from a past KISS concert without verifying it was of Frehley, Wickett said. They hung the banners Feb. 12 as part of a new "All In" campaign, not knowing Frehley was no longer with the band.
The explanation did little to douse tempers.
Mistaking Frehley for Thayer shouldn't happen, said Arquette, whose KISS website gets 7,000 hits a day. Frehley has facial hair now and doesn't wear makeup when he performs solo.
Arquette compared KISS fans to fans of Star Trek, a show with several incarnations. Some prefer one version, others another.
"They are people who like the old KISS and people who like the new KISS," he said. "Sometimes there's friction. They all fight about it."

Ace Frehley at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp the Bahamas - Video

Ace Frehley at Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp in the Bahamas. In the video, Ace, Lita Ford, Gary Hoey, Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger, Sandy Gennaro, Alan White, Billy Sheehan, Richie Kotzen and Mark Hudson. The video was taken February 20, 2011.

Kiss "Unholy" Contest Video from Matt Porter- 1992

(1992) -​ KISS WANTS YOU TO DO SOME THING UNHOLY WITH A VIDEO CAMERA! That was the headline in the August 1992 issue of RIP Magazine.
The "UNHOLY VIDEO CONTEST" was sponsored by RIP, MTV, and Polygram Records to promote the release of the new KISS album, "REVENGE". The grand prize included a guitar autographed by Paul Stanley, a bass autographed by Gene Simmons and MORE! So, of course, I recruited all of my friends and made this video. In the end, it was good enough to win a third place prize....a REVENGE poster autographed by Gene, Paul, Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. This is from back in the tape-​to-​tape days....edited on a set of Panasonic AG-​6500, a Videonics Titlemaker, and a Panasonic WJ-​AVE7. *** And obviously, KISS is NOT in it, so DON'T BE A HATER and give me a thumbs down because of that! HAHAHAHAHA (I delete the stupid comments anyway) *** If any of you KISS fans made the winning video, post it because I have always wondered who took the top prize. And if you watch this, leave me a comment so I know that you were here! Rock on. -​ Matt

"God of Thunder" Rehearsals from Kiss VH1 Honors

Anthrax bassist and Kiss fan  Scott Ian has released rehearsal footage on his YouTube channel of Scott, Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee, Slash and Ace Frehley in preparation of their performance on 2006's VH1 Honors Kiss. Scott handled the lead vocals for Rob Zombie (who did the lead vocals for the broadcast) who was doing a guest appearence on the Late Show with David Letterman.
Check it out: