Thursday, June 23, 2011

With fire and flair, KISS will hit the stage

By Jackson Holtz, Herald Writer

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer gather in a dressing room before taking the stage.
It takes two hours for each man to apply their own face paint and step into their elaborate costumes.

"It's a time of anticipation and preparation prior to the show," Thayer said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "It's a transition into KISS."

Rock 'n' roll, fake blood and a whole lot of black-and-white face paint. Add platform shoes, pyrotechnics, outrageous costumes and the result is the "Hottest Show on Earth."

KISS, the iconic '70s band, is scheduled to perform tonight at Comcast Arena Everett.

The show marks a return to touring after a six-month hiatus and kicks off an 18-night run across the western United States and Canada.

"I can guarantee the show will be bombastic and fiery, figurative and literally," Thayer said. "It's going to be everything that KISS is about."

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