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Kiss' "Dynasty" Released on this day 1979

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THE RETURN OF KISS read the magazine and television ads for Kiss' new album, DYNASTY. Released on May 23, 1979, the 17th studio album Dynasty spawned one of the band's best selling singles' "I Was Made For Lovin' You"  which was a bonafide hit around the world and put Kiss into nightclubs and discos with a 7 minute plus remixed version (You can here the extended version on the CD 1987 import from Japan, "Chikara"). Kiss could now be heard through the sound systems in discos around the globe.

The album marked the beginning of the end in many ways. Kiss dropped their heavier rock sound for a more pop rock, catchy type radio songs, which drove Kiss' hardcore audience away and into the arms of bands like Van Halen. This foray into pop rock trickled over into the next album, the even popier, UNMASKED in 1980. Though the album is beautifully produced by Vini Poncia, the new musical direction took Kiss away from the hard rock mode and into the softer pop rock. Vini produced Peter Criss' 1978 SOLO ALBUM.

It also marked the departure of Peter Criss' musical contributions to Kiss by playing on only one song, his entry, the funky "Dirty Livin,'" which could heard about his negative feelings being in Kiss. Spider drummer Anton Fig (managed by Bill Aucoin)  filled in as a "ghost" drummer. Anton's relationship with Kiss, especially Ace Frehley, landed him the drum seat on the album that followed, UNMASKED in 1980. In reality, LOVE GUN was the last Kiss studio album to feature all four members in the recording studio.

DYNASTY peaked at #6 on Billboard's  Top Album charts lasting 26 weeks in the Top 100.  "Sure Know Something" was the second single, with a video companion, peaked at #47 on Billboard's Top Singles chart.
"I Was Made For Living' You" charted at #11 at it's peak. DYNASTY was certified  platinum with one million copies sold (the sales numbers are much higher now) by the RIAA. "I Was Made For Lovin' You" also hit #1 in Canada, New Zealand, Holland and Australia... #2 in Germany, France & Switzerland and the Top 30 in other parts of the world. "Sure Know Something" was a Top 30 around the world. DYNASTY proved to be a international smash album and sent Kiss into a whole new era of popularity around the world. The album proved to be a enormous success in Australia and New Zealand making Kiss bonafide superstars Down Under. So much so, Kiss traveled for the first time to Australia and New Zealand for a series of shows in November of 1980 with new drummer Eric Carr. Kiss' visit can only be compared to that of the Beatles- Kissteria was deafening.

The DYNASTY tour which featured new Vegasy type costuming and a stage conceived by Paul Stanley, opened in  Lakeland, Florida on June 15, 1979. At this point, Kiss were not getting along all that well. The break the band got by doing individual solo albums the previous year failed to bring Kiss back into a four member unit and in many ways, distanced themselves even further. Egos and substance abuse seemed to reach fever pitch which seemed at times to carry onto the stage with some of Kiss' performances. The tour would last 79 shows and end in Toledo, Ohio on December 16, 1979. It would mark the last time all four original members would play on the same stage again until June 1996.

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