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Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer to Celebrate 5th Anniversary of Kiss Coffee House

KISS Coffeehouse 5th Year Anniversary Party Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Schedule Of Events*
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Professional Photographs @ KISS Coffeehouse

(Platinum & Double Platinum Packages Only)

12:30 PM – 5:00 PM Meet & Greet w/Eric & Tommy @ KISS Coffeehouse
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM Q&A Session w/Eric & Tommy @ Celebrity Square
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM KISS Army Concert @ Celebrity Square
10:30 PM – ??? After Party w/KISS Army @ KISS Coffeehouse

*Schedule is tentative, and all times are approximate, and subject to change.

ALL Kids 10 & Under Get In FREE With Paid Adult!

Visit  for more information.

Kiss Live in Abbotsford, BC June 27,2011 - Video


Kiss Explode Dawson Creek, BC Tonight!

KISS' Summer Tour Marches On

June 30 - Dawson Creek, BC

July 2 - Fort McMurray, AB
July 6 - Sarnia, ON
July 9 - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
July 12 - Manchester, NH
July 13 - Bushkill, PA
July 15 - Walker, MN
July 16 - Oshkosh, WI
July 18 - Springfield, IL
July 24 - Montreal, QC
July 26 - Orillia, ON
July 27 - Windsor, ON
July 28 - Verona, NY
For Tour Information/Tickets click

Bruce Kulick Returns to Las Vegas in July with Sin City Rockers
Beginning July 4th Las Vegas’ favorite band THE SIN CITY SINNERS will be rocking The Crown Theater inside The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas every Monday night in July. Each show will feature a special guest sitting in and jamming with the band.


4 - George Lynch (LYNCH MOB, ex-DOKKEN)

11 - Kip Winger of WINGER

18 - Bruce Kulick of KISS

25 - Phil Lewis of L.A. GUNS

Fans can print free tickets to any of these shows by visiting

In addition to Mondays in July, The Sinners can also be seen in Vegas every Friday at Club Madrid (inside Sunset Station) and every Saturday at Chrome (Inside Santa Fe Station).

How Rutherford County's resident former KISS guitarist squandered his stardom

The Vinnie Vincent Implosion

By Adam Gold/Nashville Scene

When onetime rock stars move Nashville-way, it's usually to launch a second career as a songwriter, get a gig as a sideman, do sessions, or reclaim their fame in an industry town where having a youthful appearance and cutting-edge relevance aren't always make-or-break requirements. Take Darius Rucker, who — once mocked and maligned as lead singer for Hootie & the Blowfish — has recently celebrated a meteoric rise to the riches of pop-country Babylon after spending a decade as a pop-culture punch line.

When former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent moved to Middle Tennessee in the mid-1990s, he might've imagined himself making headlines in guitar magazines by remarketing his trademarked Vinnie Vincent Double V ax, or penning hits that would chart as high for a country star like Garth Brooks as "Lick It Up" and "I Love It Loud" did for KISS, or using his renowned chops as a shredder in the studio. Vinnie Vincent — aka Vincent Cusano; aka "The Ankh Warrior" — accomplished none of these things.

Instead, the first story involving the painstakingly reclusive Cusano to make worldwide headlines was a May 23 post on celebrity gossip site TMZ that read, "Ex-KISS Guitarist — Blood, Cuts, and 4 Dead Dogs."

What happened was every bit as sordid as that headline suggested. According to a memo provided to the Scene by the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office, the department sent a tactical team to Cusano's Smyrna residence to arrest him, after his wife Diane showed up at the sheriff's office "covered in blood and possibly intoxicated."

The 44-year-old Mrs. Cusano alleged to Sheriff Robert F. Arnold that her husband — a man who'd once basked in the limelight of Brazilian football stadiums brimming 200,000-strong with fans screaming for "the hottest band in the world" — had smacked her in the face, grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the floor (four times) and dragged her through a pile of broken glass following an argument over his conversing with another woman.

Cusano was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. A subsequent search of the home — secluded at the dead end of a wooded, suburban Middle Tennessee road and confined by a high privacy fence — revealed the bodies of four dead dogs entombed in above-ground containers. This detail ignited a knee-jerk firestorm of public outrage, or perhaps just creeped people out, painting a picture of the Cusano home as a heart of hair-metal-has-been darkness.

Diane told Rutherford County Pet Adoption Welfare Services that one of the couple's "aggressive" dogs killed the entombed canines. PAWS' decision not to pursue an investigation, as well as memorials reportedly inscribed on the unfortunate tail-waggers' makeshift tombs serve to substantiate that claim, which Vincent later underscored in a posting on his YouTube page.

Vincent's other claims about the incident, however, aren't quite as credible. In a follow-up YouTube posting, Cusano said he was "happy to announce that all charges alleged against me were dropped and the case dismissed." He also claimed he'd been exonerated, saying he'd been "falsely charged."

That isn't true. According to a pretrial agreement filed June 13, a Rutherford County judge "retired" Mr. Cusano's case for a year under the condition that he complete eight hours of anger management counseling before a Dec. 5, 2011, scheduled court appearance. According to the agreement, Cusano can eventually petition the court to have the case dismissed.

This isn't the first time Cusano has cried foul and then played victim. Given the history of petty disputes he's waged and lost over almost 30 years, it's not hard to see Vinnie Vincent as a victim — a victim of Vincent Cusano, whom Gene Simmons once described as, "about the most self-destructive person I've ever met. This guy would hang himself as somebody's offering him the keys to the kingdom."

Read the rest HERE.

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An Emotional 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels'

Blood is Thicker Than Hummus:
Gene meets his brother and sisters for the first time as Gene, Shannon and Nick visit Israel.
Watch a portion here as Gene, Shannon and Nick visit the grave of Gene's father with Gene's brothers and sisters in this emotional episode that aired last night.

KISS in Kamloops June 26 2011


Fan Compilation Video

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

$129,000 Raised for Unicef with Kiss Mini Auctions

The world watched in horror as the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan; so the legendary rock band KISS partnered with MINI USA and unleashed the power of The KISS Army to battle the elements with dollars – and plenty of them.

KISS and MINI USA raised $129,000 during an eBay online charity auction of four custom-painted and autographed MINI Countryman vehicles. After shipping, all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF to help children in Japan and other emergency efforts around the world.

And the initiative keeps on giving… KISS vehicle wraps based on the auctioned designs are still available for purchase through or local MINI dealerships. MINI USA’s proceeds from those sales will continue to help those in need.

“The KISS Army is the greatest army in the world and when they heard the cry for help, they fought back in the best way that they knew how – with their wallets,” said Paul Stanley. “The KISS MINIs are the ultimate way to show your KISS Army colors and it’s a reminder that we have the best fans in the world.”

The four custom-painted vehicles are the all-new 2011 MINI Countryman, and each vehicle features the iconic makeup and costume association of one KISS member, including co-founder and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley (Starchild), co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons (The Demon), lead guitarist Tommy Thayer (Spaceman) and drummer Eric Singer (Catman).

All of the MINIs are autographed by all four members of KISS and have become instant collector’s items.

“The KISS MINIs are rare one-of-a-kind collector’s items and KISS salutes the winners of the auction, said Gene Simmons. “The new owners have the satisfaction of knowing that they not only have an instant investment that will keep growing in value, but every time they look at the car, they’ll also be reminded that the real value is knowing that their dollars helped children in the greatest need.”

“Thank you to the auction participants and MINI owners who bought vehicle wraps, thereby contributing to this charitable effort. MINI USA is proud that our vehicles were featured as part of such a remarkable initiative and helped raise much needed funds,” said Jim McDowell, Vice President MINI USA. “It is fantastic to see what started as a simple idea grow into something that will touch the lives of so many. UNICEF does great work and I hope that the ties with KISS and MINI have elevated awareness and support of their tireless efforts.”

The eBay auction winners are located in North Carolina, Oregon, and Massachusetts. The vehicles will be delivered in the coming weeks to their new homes.

Interview with Casablanca Co-Founder Larry Harris

from Legendary Rock Interviews
Larry Harris is more than just a record company executive. He's a survivor of the seventies' most notorious record label hands down, CASABLANCA Records. When we heard about Larry's book "And Party Every Day- An Inside Look at Casablanca Records" we knew we had to chat with him. There's no way to boil down the whole essence of the book into one short interview so instead we asked him a few pointed questions and got a few pointed answers, he did not hold on

Q: At what point did you consider that the story of Casablanca was a story worth telling and how did you go from concept to actually writing the book?, (which is now available in audio and kindle versions)

A: After many years of people asking me if certain things they heard about Casablanca were true I decided I better write what I remembered down before I started to forget them. I wrote just random stories and then over the years compiled them into some kind of cohesive flow. I put it all away for years and then during a down period I began to put it into a book form. It took about 10 years to accomplish this.

Q: The book is filled with not only lots of inside info on the bands but also the day to day goings on of the record label itself which was wilder than even what most people would imagine. Was the old adage of "If you lived through the 70s you don't remember it" an issue in piecing together the book?

A: When I wrote the stories I did not think so , but after the book came out people began to tell me what they remembered and sometimes certain facts differed- I still think my memory was correct as everyone sees things thru their own minds eye and what was important about a certain event to me may not have been for them and visa versa.

Q: There were both rock and disco rosters on Casablanca. Did that kind of mixture ever lead to any interesting encounters or relationships between the acts or the label staff?

A: There was a rock contingent at the label and a disco contingent- I had to straddle the line for the sake of continuity of the label. Some of the rock people hated the fact that we had so much disco stuff and they even balked at some of the R&B stuff but once we had hits everyone was happy whether it be disco, rock, R&B or comedy stuff like Robin Williams or Rodney Dangerfield. I was really more in the rock camp and tried my best to get us some additional rock acts but due to the fact we were so heavily associated with disco it was hard for us to convince rock acts to sign with us. I was offered both Billy Idol and Billy Squier but due to the fact that they were both managed by Bill Aucoin, who managed KISS and Sean Delany, I decided it would not be a great idea to load up our roster with only his acts and he was asking a great deal of money for them anyway , more than I thought we could afford. There were never any outright confrontations between the rock and disco groups though...everyone wanted the label to succeed so they pulled together.

Q: It's a known fact that KISS took quite some time and quite a bit of money to break as a band. From what you could tell did any of the other acts or label employees start to express annoyance or resentment towards the efforts to break KISS??

A: Nobody at the label ever mentioned it and I do believe , especially in the early days they all knew that the band could deliver that live performance that would be so important to garner those die-hard fans that eventually helped break the band. And beside that, we had no choice as that is what we had to do to break we went after it..I would also doubt that other bands would complain as that would have put them in a very tenuous potion to stay on the label. Negativity was something Neil Bogart would not put up with. Beside all that, we spent tons of money on ANY artist we got a glimmer of success with, some made it others did not.

Q: The band was helped considerably by Sean Delaney not only with staging concepts but also with songwriting even. To what degree do you think Kiss owes some of their success to people like you, Joyce and Neil Bogart, Bill Aucioin or Sean Delany? Do you think they would have eventually made some mark without those early "helpers"?

A: I would say it was an equal partnership in all respects.... without Sean working on the show and writing with them they would have suffered. Aucoin was the perfect manager for them and Joyce’s relationship with Neil was something that helped to keep the checkbook opened to them during the breaking of the band period. I feel that the favors we called in and concepts that Neil and I contributed, along with a ton of money was instrumental to their success. Remember, no other label wanted them in fact CBS records ( now SONY) paid for a demo when they were called Wicked Lester ( many of the same songs that appeared on the first album) and passed on the band. Saying all that, without the bands willingness to stay out on the road and at the same time deliver an album every six months along with never really complaining about the crazy things we asked them to do certainly was instrumental in their success.
Read the rest here

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Ace Frehley Adds Dates in Wales & London

Ace Frehley live at the Coal Exchange,  December 1st, 2011, Cardiff, Wales. and at O2's Academy on December 4 in London.

COTN Podcast #20- Gido Blaster Talks Kiss

Here at Creatures Of The Net, we love talking to KISS fans! All of us have a different tale to tell on how we discovered the hottest band in the land. Neil "Gido-Blaster" Gido's is one of those stories. On episode #21 of Creatures Of The Net, Neil and Cassius will sit down one on one do geek out about the gods of rock and roll. We will begin with a young Gido-Blaster discovering KISS for the first time and finish with him meeting KISS at a wedding and being a self described "KISS Collector Extraordinaire"! All of that and more only on Creatures Of The Net: Rock or be rocked.


Kiss Records New Album With CLASP

Engineer/producer Greg Collins and Kiss are using Endless Analog’s CLASP System to record the band’s next album.

Commenting on the use of CLASP during the sessions, band leader/producer Paul Stanley stated, “CLASP allows us to go ‘back to analog’ for all the warmth and classic sonic characteristics but with all the convenience and advantages of Pro Tools. It’s a no brainer and you just can’t lose with CLASP. I’m a believer.”

On their first collaboration, 2009’s Sonic Boom, music was recorded on analog tape and edited in Pro Tools, but the two processes were separate from each other, necessitating frequent extended pauses in recording for tape transfers. For the recording of the new LP, Endless Analog’s CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor) system, which integrates analog tape machines into the digital audio production workflow, is allowing the band to use analog tape while tracking to Pro Tools in real time, opening up the sonic space of tape while providing the editing capabilities of the digital recording workspace.

Collins recalls, “I went to Endless Analog’s web site and saw Bryan Lenox giving a pretty thorough description, and this was right around the time we were making plans for the new KISS album. We had done a majority recording for Sonic Boom using tape, and we loved the sound, but punch-ins were challenging at times, and getting the tracks into Pro Tools for editing took a lot of time. But mainly, we enjoyed the process of using tape, and everyone enjoys the convenience that digital recording offers. If there had been a way with that first record to get the best of both worlds at the same time, we would have done it. And now there is that reality [with CLASP], so we had to give it a try.

“I sat down with Paul, who is once again producing, while I am co-producing, engineering and mixing. Paul really knows his way around a studio, but he lets me manage the gear side of things. He gave the go-ahead to use CLASP, so we went for it.”

Once they acquired CLASP, Endless Analog President/Founder and CLASP inventor Christopher Estes made a personal visit. Collins continues, “I got in touch with Chris, and he was good enough to come out and set us up on the first day in the studio, and he stuck with us through the first few days of tracking to make sure that it was all going smoothly, which it did. And it was such a good experience. For me, the tape sound, for a hard rock band, is the ideal sound. It deals with the transients in a way that’s really nice and easy on the ears. Drums for instance – it keeps them sounding punchy and powerful, but not ‘painful,’ like you might associate with a digitally recorded drum sound. Tape is an important part of the right sound, and CLASP makes it possible to not have to sacrifice any of the perks of digital.”

Collins also recalls how nice it was to keep things moving. “There was zero downtime needed for transferring the tracks into Pro Tools. The band is so tight and well-rehearsed, and it’s so great to just start a session and knock out a song in two or three takes. A few punch-ins and the track is pretty much there. It’s so efficient; it just keeps the creativity and performance going. And the band loves the sound. Honestly, every time the guys walked in the control room for playback, everybody was so impressed – they said, ‘It sounds even better than last time, and we loved what it sounded like last time.’”

CLASP, Endless Analog President/Founder and CLASP inventor Christopher Estes made a personal visit. Collins continues, “I got in touch with Chris, and he was good enough to come out and set us up on the first day in the studio, and he stuck with us through the first few days of tracking to make sure that it was all going smoothly, which it did. And it was such a good experience. For me, the tape sound, for a hard rock band, is the ideal sound. It deals with the transients in a way that’s really nice and easy on the ears. Drums for instance – it keeps them sounding punchy and powerful, but not ‘painful,’ like you might associate with a digitally recorded drum sound. Tape is an important part of the right sound, and CLASP makes it possible to not have to sacrifice any of the perks of digital.”

Collins also recalls how nice it was to keep things moving. “There was zero downtime needed for transferring the tracks into Pro Tools. The band is so tight and well-rehearsed, and it’s so great to just start a session and knock out a song in two or three takes. A few punch-ins and the track is pretty much there. It’s so efficient; it just keeps the creativity and performance going. And the band loves the sound. Honestly, every time the guys walked in the control room for playback, everybody was so impressed – they said, ‘It sounds even better than last time, and we loved what it sounded like last time.’”

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Kiss Rock Spokane - Video

Kiss Rocked the Spokane Arena last night in Spokane, WA., 6/24/11.


Ace Frehley headlining Mt. Clemens Festival July 1

Ace Frehley headlines Budweiser stage! Free concert!
Downtown Mount Clemens Stars and Stripes Festival - Mt. Clemens, Michigan (just outside Detroit).

Ace Frehley - KISS...........10:30 PM - 11:45 PM

Spokane Boy's KISS Wish Comes True

I love these kind of stories...

Annie Bishop | KXLY4 Reporter

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane boy's lifetime wish came true Friday night when he met the members of KISS at the Spokane Arena.

Dilan Kohn has cystic fibrosis which requires him to spend weeks and sometimes months at a time in the hospital.

Through it all, the magic of music has inspired Dilan to remain positive.

A Spokane boy's lifetime wish came true Friday night when he met the members of KISS at the Spokane Arena. KXLY4's Annie Bishop reports.

He became a KISS fan at 9 years old and has never looked back.

"Every time I listen to it I just imagine being at a Kiss concert," Dilan said.

"His face just perks up, he immediately sticks out his tongue," said Paul Kohn, Dilan's Dad.

So, when Dilan's dad scored floor seats to see KISS in concert at the Spokane Arena Friday Dilan began counting down the months, weeks and days.

What he didn't know is that his dad and the staff at the Spokane Arena were working behind the scenes to make the evening even more special.

On Thursday, a day before the concert, arena staff got the green light to arrange KISS and Dilan meet backstage.

Just after 8 p.m., Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, in their concert costumes, walked through the doors of a room backstage to meet Dilan.

"I'm excited," said Dylan

The band spent about ten minutes with Dilan and a few other fans taking photos and signing autographs before heading onto stage.

It was a night Dilan will never cherish forever.

Read the rest here

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Kiss Open Summer Tour in Everett Last Night

Kiss opened their summer tour at the Comcast Arena in Everett, WA., last night 6/23/11. Tonight, Kiss will play Spokane. Check out the fan filmed video:




Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kiss Summer Tour Opens Tonight

Kiss Summer US & Canada Dates:

June 23 - Everett, WA
June 24 - Spokane, WA
June 26 - Kamloops, BC
June 27 - Abbotsford, BC
June 29 - Prince George, BC
June 30 - Dawson Creek, BC

July 2 - Fort McMurray, AB
July 6 - Sarnia, ON
July 9 - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
July 12 - Manchester, NH
July 13 - Bushkill, PA
July 15 - Walker, MN
July 16 - Oshkosh, WI
July 18 - Springfield, IL
July 24 - Montreal, QC
July 26 - Orillia, ON
July 27 - Windsor, ON
July 28 - Verona, NY

Vinnie Vincent Issues Message

From: Vinnie Vincent
Dear Everyone,

I thank you for helping me face my darkest struggle. You were there during my loneliest time when I was hopelessly lost with no direction, You were there to help me keep the last of my faith from breaking Your message of love became the moments that I will always remember. VV

I am happy to announce that all charges alleged against me were dropped and the case dismissed. Unfortunately and very sadly I was falsely charged.

I am also happy to announce the is reopen.

Everyone is welcome with the exception of, in my opinion, a very disturbed, dangerously obsessed and toxic individual, who is a former member and one time moderator of my doublevforum who unfortunately continues to perpetuate his poisonous and fabricated stories in other avenues simply to inflict and cause hurt upon me and my family seemingly to satisfy his own agenda. I humbly ask u all 2 stay away from this cancer, for there are better and more uplifting things in life that are worth your precious time and devotion than this. I know in my heart that you are better than this. I hope 2 see it come to pass.

To all of the "truly genuine" friends and fans who sent me their heartfelt messages of support and love during my hurting time, I will answer each of you. I ask that you give me some time.

I will see u all on the board.

I send my love to each and all of you, wherever you are in the world and to all of you who have suffered from the earthquake in Japan and Haiti, I am with you in love and spirit.


Vinnie Vincent Charges 'Retired,' Ordered Anger Management

Vinnie Vincent Update: Former KISS Guitarist's Court Date for Domestic Assault Charge 'Retired,' Ordered to Attend Anger Management Course

By Adam Gold/Nashville Scene

Hey, soldiers of the KISS Army, are y’all psyched for Vinnie Vincent’s court appearance tomorrow? Well, don’t be, as the domestic abuse case against the former KISS guitarist and “Ankh Warrior” — aka Vincent Cusano — has been temporarily “retired.”

Cusano was scheduled to appear in Rutherford County Criminal Court tomorrow to answer aggravated domestic assault charges stemming from a May 21, 2011 incident in which the Ankh Warrior allegedly smacked his wife Diane in the face before dragging her by her hair through a pile of broken glass and throwing her to the ground repeatedly at the couple’s Smyrna home — where authorities subsequently found the entombed carcasses of four dogs. Animal cruelty charges were not pursued against the couple, effectively clearing them of any wrongdoing as far as that bizarre detail is concerned.

As for those domestic assault charges — well, it appears Cusano has struck a deal with the state, temporarily retiring the case for a year (or 11 months and 29 days, to be specific), eventually giving the guitarist an opportunity to “petition the Court to dismiss [the] case and expunge the pertinent records as provided by law,” in exchange for undergoing a whopping eight hours of anger management therapy.

Prosecutors have the option of pursuing the case against Cusano if he fails to honor what is the traffic school equivalent, in hours, he’d have to endure to clear, like, two moving violations. And he has until a Dec. 5, 2011 court date to make that happen.

This according to a pre-trial agreement (posted below) obtained by the Scene, and filed (quietly) last Monday, June 13. Cusano has neither been tried nor convicted of any charges as of yet.

Court document & more here

With fire and flair, KISS will hit the stage

By Jackson Holtz, Herald Writer

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer gather in a dressing room before taking the stage.
It takes two hours for each man to apply their own face paint and step into their elaborate costumes.

"It's a time of anticipation and preparation prior to the show," Thayer said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "It's a transition into KISS."

Rock 'n' roll, fake blood and a whole lot of black-and-white face paint. Add platform shoes, pyrotechnics, outrageous costumes and the result is the "Hottest Show on Earth."

KISS, the iconic '70s band, is scheduled to perform tonight at Comcast Arena Everett.

The show marks a return to touring after a six-month hiatus and kicks off an 18-night run across the western United States and Canada.

"I can guarantee the show will be bombastic and fiery, figurative and literally," Thayer said. "It's going to be everything that KISS is about."

Read the rest here

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John Humphrey from Seether shows us his Kiss Collection

Gene Simmons on 'the Talk' / Patches things up with Sharon Osbourne

Gene appeared on CBS' 'the Talk' on June 20 and patched things up with Sharon Osbourne regarding comments Gene made about the Osbournes. Here are clips from the show.

Sharon Osbourne Confronts Gene Simmons
(from TV Guide by Rich Juzwiak)

It's not quite on the level of last week's Joy Behar Show debacle, but this clip from Gene Simmons' appearance on Monday's episode of The Talk is worth at least a wince. In it, co-host Sharon Osbourne calls Simmons out for "many, many years ago" saying that unlike the kids on The Osbournes, his kids (as seen on Gene Simmons Family Jewels) are not on drugs and for calling Ozzy Osbourne "sad."

While it's kind of amazing to watch celebrities drop the veneer of politeness and discuss their beef openly and civilly on daytime television, their exchange is tone deaf. First of all, Osbourne's kids were on drugs. And maybe Ozzy isn't a sad person, but feeling sad after watching someone whose job is communicating with the public basically struggle to have a coherent conversation is a completely reasonable response.

Finally, after Simmons apologizes, he assures Osbourne, "Your family is your business and no one has a right to say anything about them." This is untrue, as parading your family through pop culture grants everyone the de facto right to comment as they see fit. It may not be ideal, but that's the way it is, and to assume otherwise betrays Osbourne's image as a media savvy businesswoman. For such a gutsy broad, she has an awfully thin skin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Klassic Kiss Tuesday: 1978 "Rock And Roll All Nite"

Here is a clip from Dick Clark's 'American Bandstand' of Kiss performing "Rock And Roll All Nite" at the height of KISSMANIA in the US. Ace Frehley's solo here is amazing... The Greatest Rock n Roll Band in the World! Enjoy fellow Kiss fans!!

Eric Singer 'Legendary Rock' Interview

Eric Singer is an amazing drummer who has had a long career that has finally led to a plum job taking over the drum throne for my favorite band KISS. Eric has been playing with the band in one capacity or another since doing Paul Stanley's solo tour back in '89. I have interviewed Paul and some of the other KISS guys before but had never gotten to Eric so this was a pleasure to talk to him and get the update on modern day KISStory as it happens. Read on....
Q: Thanks for taking the time to talk Eric you have been a big part of some pretty important music memories for us dating back to seeing you up here touring even before KISS.

How are things shaping up for Kissology 4 and the follow up to Sonic Boom?

A: Tommy is handling the KISSology IV and is should be great as he knows KISS as well as anyone. We are on our way with the "new" record & will resume working on music after our summer tour. It sounds very strong and I think will surprise a lot of people !

Q: Sonic Boom was the best recording the band has put out since Revenge. One of the knocks on you guys is that KISS is the Gene and Paul show but BOOM was more of a band effort than even some of the late 70s stuff which sometimes used outside performers or writers. How involved have you and Tommy been as far as writing and arranging?

A: We did Sonic Boom as a "Band" in writing and recording. No outside writers and only our co-producer Greg Collins was involved in the recording process as far as sounds, production etc... We are using the same template for this new record and we all are very excited about what we have done so far.

Q: I don't mind admitting to being more of a fan of you and Tommy being in the band than some of the haters because the shows are BETTER and that's all I care about. You've been involved in KISS for over twenty years and some are much more accepting of you than Tommy but are there STILL people who talk to you like you're the "new guy"?

A: All's I have ever tried to do is contribute to keeping the flame alive & burning. To many fans KISS today is "their" KISS. So I would have to say that Tommy & I are very comfortable with our places in the band. KISS 2011 has a great time touring & making music and I think it shows live and on record.

Q: A lot of writers, we have always gotten fat on free tickets and albums; nowadays a lot of fans don't even buy albums. I was happy, PROUD even, to go plunk down for the CD, the Vinyl, the tickets and an autographed Catman drum head. Have you been able to figure out what makes KISS fans so brutally loyal, even in an era like this?

A: KISS has something in the DNA of the band that they have never forgotten from day one. Give the fans what they want. Period.

This band eats,drinks, sleeps,breaths and lives KISS !

Read the rest here

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ace Frehley Played Slinger last night - Set List

Ace Frehley headlined Slinger, WI., last night. However there is no quality video/sound posted as of yet but we can bring you the set-list:

Rocket Ride
Snow Blind / I Want You / Rock Soldiers
Into The Void
Strange Ways
Pain In The Neck
Love Her All I Can
2,000 Man
New York Groove
Shock Me
Rip It Out
Love Gun
Shout It Out Loud
Cold Gin
Black Diamond (Outro)

Tommy Thayer Hosting Pacific University Legends Golf Classic

The 2011 Pacific University Legends Golf Classic Returns On July 31 & Aug. 1

FOREST GROVE – The stars will be out again in force to support of Pacific University Athletics this summer as the University's Legends Golf Classic returns for a fifth year of music, dinner and exciting golf with some of the biggest names in the business.

The 2011 Pacific University Legends Golf Classic, hosted by Tommy Thayer, takes place on Sun., July 31 and Mon., Aug. 1. Sunday's dinner, auction and celebrity concert will take place at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., with Monday's golf tournament teeing off at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club in Aloha.

Thayer, a member of the Pacific University Board of Trustees and the lead guitarist for the legendary rock group KISS, headlines the star-studded field of legends from the worlds of golf, sports, music and entertainment. Over the first four years of the tournament, Thayer and his friends have raised nearly $500,000 to support Pacific University's 21-sport intercollegiate athletics program.

read the rest at Tommy Thayer's site:

Kiss Teaming up with Hello Kitty? Seriously?

According to the Anime News Network, KISS' Gene Simmons revealed this past weekend that he met with executives to discuss, in his words, "a KISS-Hello Kitty worldwide deal. Wow."

As Japanese company Sanrio's most recognizable character, Hello Kitty has already joined forces with the rock band X JAPAN to create Visual-Kei Kitty (pictured below).

According to Wikipedia, although mainly aimed at the pre-adolescent female market, the Hello Kitty product range goes all the way from purses, stickers and pen sets to toasters, televisions, clothing, massagers, and computer equipment. It has a cult-like following among adults as well, especially in Asia, where Hello Kitty adorns cars, purses, jewelry and many other high-end consumer products

Bad City Touring with Kiss this Summer

Bad City, for those who may not know, features ex-members of the now defunct Powerspace, as well as the former frontman of Thee Armada. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Atlantic Records last year and released their debut, Welcome To The Wasteland, in September.

They have announced that they will be touring with KISS this summer. You can view the tour dates on their Facebook page. They also have a track on their debut entitled "Call Paul Stanley", referencing KISS' frontman, which can be heard below.

Gene Simmons - Gene Simmons: 'Girlfriend's Sister Was Married To Ex-Love's Brother'

Gene Simmons: 'Girlfriend's Sister Was Married To Ex-Love's Brother'

Rocker Gene Simmons was stunned to discover his girlfriend Shannon Tweed was related by marriage to his former lover Diana Ross when they hooked up after a Playboy Mansion party 28 years ago.

The Kiss star met Tweed at Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream party and the couple fell in love almost immediately, prompting Simmons to tell his then-lover that it was over.

It was at that point he learned Ross knew his new girlfriend.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, "I was at the time in a relationship with Diana Ross and fell for Shannon, told Diana about it and within three weeks, I was shocked to find out that Shannon Tweed is, in some ways, Diana Ross’ sister-in-law.

"Because unbeknownst to me, Shannon’s sister, Tracy, was actually married to Chico Ross, Diana’s brother. If God and the fates have a sense of humour, that’s pretty bizarre."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ace Frehley Live in Pittsburgh - Video

Ace Frehley played last night (6/17) at the Ribs on the River fest in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out the fan filmed video:




Friday, June 17, 2011

Ace Frehley Radio Interviews/Plays Pittsburgh Tonight!
Original KISS guitarist ACE FREHLEY will be interviewed live at 2 PM (Eastern Time) on WDVE in Pittsburgh PA and at 3:30 (Central Time) on WXRX in Rockford, IL. Ace Frehley will play the Ribs On The River Fest at the Total Trib Ampitheater in Pittsburgh, PA tonight (June 17) and the Slinger Rocks Festival in Slinger, WI on Saturday, June 18th.

Frehley will make an appearance at the Days Of The Dead horror convention, taking place July 1st - 3rd at the Wyndham Indianapolis West in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Frehley joins an all-star cast of previously announced guests for the convention including Heather Langenkamp, Gary Busey, Reggie Bannister, Edward Furlong, Zoe Bell, Roddy Piper, PJ Soles, Derek Mears and Camille Keaton.

Great Moments in KISStory: June 17, 1995

Kiss open their 1995 Convention/Acoustic tour in Burbank, Ca., on this day in 1995. The tour was the beginning of the end for the then current line-up of Kiss, yet paved the way for the Kiss Alive/Worldwide/Reunion tour that would follow one year later. Peter Criss joined Kiss on stage to thunderous applause and sang "Hard Luck Woman" and "Nothin' To Lose." Check out the smiles on Gene and Paul's faces.
Check out the clip:

SIDE NOTE: The 1995 Kiss Convention tour was one of the most unique endeavors Kiss had done up to that point. With a $100 ticket price and well worth it,  Kiss performed an acoustic set playing songs from "(Music From)The Elder" to songs they've never played live. The all day event featured Kiss artifacts and costumes in glass cases as well as vendors selling Kiss merchandise. Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer both held guitar and drum clinics during the all day event.

Gene Simmons to Guest on 'the Talk'

Gene Simmons will chat it up with the ladies of 'the Talk' on Monday, June 27. 'The Talk' airs on CBS at 2pm (EST). Check your local listings.

Gene Simmons speaks out on success

By ,QMI Agency /Toronto Sun
If there's one thing KISS's Gene Simmons knows how to do, it's wag his tongue.

So it only makes sense that the multi-tasking entertainer and businessman has recently added a new credit to his lengthy resumé: Motivational speaker.

"I love the sound of my own voice, as you can imagine," says Simmons of his Rich & Famous Speaking Engagements. "So part of it is about me. But it's also about my path to success.

"When I was growing up, I read the newspapers. I would watch television. I would see celebrities and successful people. But they were always mythical people. You never got a chance to sit in the room and listen to them talk about their path. And everybody's path is different. There's no secret to success. No magic bullet. There are only time-tested and true pieces of the puzzle that can impact and increase your chances of becoming more successful -- or, in my language, make more cash.

"I'm not here to talk about spiritual or relationship issues. I may not be the most qualified person in the world on that," admits Simmons, whose 28-year relationship with Canadian beauty Shannon Tweed seems to have "pretty much unraveled," if you believe what she said during a tense TV appearance the pair made earlier this week.

But cashing in is something at which the 61-year-old Israeli immigrant-turned-Beverly Hills resident is indisputably a master. Nearly 40 years after their formation, KISS remain one of rock's biggest bands and brands, with 3,000 licensed products from condoms to caskets ("We'll get you coming and going," Gene quips). He also stars in the longest-running celebrity reality-TV show Family Jewels, about to begin its latest season. Between those gigs, he presides over the Canadian-based Simmons Records, pitches a variety of products, and is preparing to launch a chain of theme restaurants and a TV talent show.

But he's still willing to make time to pick up $100,000 for talking about how he got rich enough to charge $100,000 for talking about how he got rich.

Before winging to Winnipeg to put his mouth where his money is, Gene shared his keys to success, told me what's wrong with Men Without Hats and explained why I should change my name.

What's been the key to success for you?

I'm completely dedicated to myself. I don't suffer fools. I don't surround myself with losers. And because I don't allow it, it often comes off as arrogant -- 'Who does he think he is?' But I just don't have time for that. But those people are vampires. They will suck the life out of you. You have to surround yourself with people who know more, people who are more successful. And this idea that money can't buy happiness? It's wrong. Not having money makes you unhappy. Having money actually does make you happy. Even if you're a miserable son of a bitch, you're still going to be happier being a rich miserable son of a bitch.

How much will a KISS fan get out of a Rich & Famous event?

Well, a KISS fan can show up and ask me when we're going on tour. But that's not what it's about. This is not the Charlie Sheen tour.

So, you take questions from the audience?

Yes. The real magic that happens at these events is that about half of the time is spent in the audience. I get off the stage, we get some microphones, and people ask specific questions. Somebody might say, 'I own a dry cleaning service, and I want to spread it as a brand.' And I will say, 'What's your name?' For instance, what's your last name?

Me? Sterdan.

Sterdan? Yeah, that's no good. If you want to get into the branding business, I would change that. But let's say your name was Wallace. I would ask: 'Why isn't Wallace the name of your company? Why isn't it your dotcom? How come your email address isn't so-and-so at' Even these simple things help because, everybody is really in the same business: The fame business. You have to make your name mean something and people have to recognize your name is synonymous with quality. Your name and your story should precede you.

Switching topics, what can you tell me about the new KISS album?

We have all the songs arranged and written and all that. Like Sonic Boom, all the songs were written by the band. Paul is producing this one too. The first day in the studio, we cut two songs. So we're steaming ahead, not thinking too much about it.

Are you aiming for the same late-'70s vibe as Sonic Boom?

It's not just late-'70s, it's the classic sound of all time. Styles come and go; the only thing that sticks is The Stones and AC/DC, meat and potatoes stuff. That stuff is forever. When was the last time you listened to Men Without Hats? I personally would like to find the guy who came up with the name of that band. It's the stupidest name. You will never get laid with a name like that. Men Without Hats. Oh my f---ing god. Kill me now. You might as well wear a T-shirt that says, 'Please beat me up.'

Read the rest

Simmons honour ignites conflict in Winnipeg

Paul Turenne, QMI Agency/News Canada
WINNIPEG, MB - Giving Gene Simmons the key to the city was "a big mistake for our city," the speaker of city council said Thursday.

One day after the 61-year-old KISS frontman and reality TV star was handed the key to the city, Coun. Grant Nordman spoke out against the move, revealing he advised the mayor's office against it because of Simmons' unabashed claims of having slept with thousands of women over the years.

"Initially when the press release came out I replied back to the mayor's office and said, 'Is this a joke?'" Nordman said. "I told them it's a big mistake for our city."

Nordman said he doesn't believe Simmons is a worthy recipient because of his womanizing.

"He's just not a role model," the city councillor said. "The morality of the guy and his lack of humility about it is just not a good fit for our city."

A spokesman for Mayor Sam Katz said the key was meant as a gesture of goodwill towards someone with a wide international audience.

"It's basically given as a gift to leave a positive impression of our city," the spokesman said, noting the honour has gone to many athletes, musicians, politicians and other dignitaries who have passed through the city over the years.

Nordman said he was a KISS fan in the 1970s and once dressed as Simmons at a Halloween party "when hardly anyone knew who KISS was."

He said he has no problem with Simmons coming to town or people enjoying his music, TV show and speaking engagements, but simply doesn't see how that qualifies him to receive an award from the City of Winnipeg.

Coun. Gord Steeves, who made the presentation to Simmons on Wednesday because Mayor Sam Katz was out of the country, said Simmons' "indiscretions" decades ago -- Simmons now has a longtime partner, with whom he has two children -- don't disqualify the good things he's done.

"He received the award for what he's accomplished in music and as an entrepreneur," Steeves said. "We're trying to accentuate the positives and the good things he's done. With people who are famous, there's always going to be some disagreement. Everyone you choose to give an award to, inevitably they have a side some people don't like."

Last January, Simmons was awarded the key to the city in Dallas, Texas, where he also had a street named after him.

Songs Ready for New Kiss Album

Gibson.comGene Simmons has announced that KISS are close to finishing their new album. According to Blabbermouth, the bass player and reality TV star said: “We have all the songs arranged and written and all that. Like Sonic Boom, all the songs were written by the band. Paul [Stanley] is producing this one, too. The first day in the studio, we cut two songs. So we're steaming ahead, not thinking too much about it.”

As for the sound and musical direction, Simmons said: "It's the classic sound of all time. Styles come and go; the only thing that sticks is The Stones and AC/DC, meat-and-potatoes stuff. That stuff is forever.”

Asked for his views on money and happiness, Simmons was clear that having lots of money makes all the difference: “Having money actually does make you happy. Even if you're a miserable son of a bitch, you're still going to be happier being a rich miserable son of a bitch.”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gene Simmons Recieves the Key to Winnepeg - Video
Watch out, Winnipeg: a legendary rock and roller now has the keys to the city.

During a rainy afternoon ceremony at city hall, KISS frontman Gene Simmons was bestowed with a key to the city by acting Mayor Gord Steeves.

Simmons is just the latest in a long list of celebrities who have been given the honour in Winnipeg, and though many fans are in favour of the gestures, others are asking, ‘Why him?’”
Read the rest HERE.

Your Stories: KISS' Attorney, Raymond E. Scott

By Abby Ham
10 NBC/
Up in Tellico Village lives an attorney, but not just any attorney. This one has an interesting resume that rivals many hot shot Hollywood lawyers.

Many know the music and style of the band KISS. Most importantly you know their faces. Raymond E. Scott is more familiar with those faces than most. After all, he did trademark them.

"No one had ever registered the face of an entertainer before. As a matter of fact, the trademark office said you can't do that," said Scott.

However, the trademark office went through with it after Scott's argument. He is an attorney, afterall.

"I actually had somebody sit in for Peter Criss, the drummer, and wear the same make-up and nobody knew," explained Scott.

It wasn't just the famous KISS make-up. Scott helped Gene Simmons and his bandmates make millions of dollars starting with their first album.

KISS' manager called on Raymond to set up a recording of a live show.

"As an attorney who is more than willing to b.s. if necessary. Of course I know how to set up a recording. Well, I had no clue," said Scott. "I had a friend in the business and he said, 'Oh, you ought to talk to Bob Segar's manager because he records in Detroit.'

And so KISS Live was born.

"The album went gold in three weeks. It went platinum in five. And that began KISS," said Scott.

After this he became their attorney and took the band even further with trademarks of all kinds. T-shirts, more albums, the list goes on.

"They started out they were making less than $50,000. I said I can do better and that's why I was hired. And my first year, I think we did $15 million," explained Scott.

He also made millions off another famous face, Farrah Fawcett. You might know the famous picture of Fawcett in a red bathing suit. He copyrighted that image as well.

"We sold 11 and a half million posters in nine months. We sold 8 and a half million in t-shirts in nine months," explained Scott. "Bedding, sheets, pillow cases, lamps. Young boys were very much in love with Farrah Fawcett."

Raymond didn't exactly choose this field "I got into entertainment law as I said by accident," said Scott.

He actually followed his dad's wishes and started out as an engineer. "He made me on his death bed promise that I would be an engineer so I went to engineering school at the University of Wisconsin," explained Scott.

However, he just couldn't help himself, patent law was calling his name.

"I've done work for Boston. I've done work for the Eagles," said Scott.

KISS, Farrah, the world of Hollywood. So, why East Tennessee?

"As a kid I used to camp in the Smokies and fell in love with Tennessee. My wife has a little sign up there that says, 'I wasn't born in Tennessee, but I got there as soon as I could,'" explained Scott.

Raymond E. Scott, a patent attorney with a flair for the fabulous, but also just a regular guy who loves his wife and loves his life in East Tennessee.

"I'm a very, very lucky man," said Scott.

One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Bruce Kulick Planning a Re-UNION?

Welcome guitar fans, KISS fans, Union followers and those who love Bruce Kulick.
This is not the first time we've talked to Mr. Kulick. Our original 20 Questions was with him way back in September of 1999. Then we did a ReWind in 2001 and our infamous 3-Wind was in the summer of 2008. It's a full 3 years later, and Bruce is Back-4-More!

He's recently released his 3rd solo CD, is touring the planet with a few different projects, and is also on Twitter. How Kulick is that! Or not? You decide.

We'll turn it over to Bruce. Enjoy.

1. We’ve seen your face before Bruce and here we are again. What is new in your world, CDs, tours, plans, etc…plug away?

Last year BK3 my third solo disc came out. It featured Gene Simmons and his son Nick Simmons, Eric Singer, John Corabi, Doug Fieger from The Knack (who sadly pasted away last year), Tobias Sammet from Avantasia and Edguy, Steve Lukather and other guests. It got great reviews and to be honest, I am extremely proud of the songs and performances. It sold quite well which made me very happy. Due to a busy year of touring with Grand Funk, I didn't get out in the US to support it, but did visit South America earlier this year in addition to gigs with the Eric Singer Project in Europe. John Corabi and I did some acoustic shows together in Italy and Poland as well. I am currently gearing up for a summer full of Grand Funk dates.

I am active with The Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, and I am making plans for more BK solo gigs and dates with ESP.

2. What does Bruce Kulick do the first 2 hours of most every day?

Walk my dog, feed my dog, have breakfast with my dog, go to my office to answer emails and get ready for my day which can be many things both career and/or family related.

3. Thoughts on the killing of Osama bin Laden?

Great news...proud we got him.

John Corabi & Mr. Kulick

4. It seems you still have your hands in KISS, obviously Grand Funk Railroad, and even ESP among other things. Any chance in the future of a reunion with UNION? And if yes or no, why or why not?

John Corabi and I in addition to Brent Fitz, have spoken about doing things if they come up right. John and I obviously are excellent together and Brent really is one of my favorite drummers, appearing on all my solo discs. "No Friend Of Mine" from BK3 actually features the three of us on one of the best songs.

Read the rest here at Metal Sludge

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed on 'the Joy Behar Show'

Ace Frehley Headlining Detroit area's"Stars & Stripes" Festival

Kiss Mask Webzine
Ace Frehley will be headlining Friday, July 1 concert in Detroit area, Mount Clemens' downtown district. Concerts also include Smash Mouth, Sweet,and Rock Springfield. Shows are free but offer VIP tickets

For more information click Stars&Stripes Festival

Ace Frehley's "No Regrets" Memoir has New Release Date

According to, original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will release "No Regrets", a look back at his "life of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll"  November 1, 2011 via Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Gallery plans to publish the title under the VH1 Books imprint.

"No Regrets" is being co-written by New York Times journalist Joe Layden who also authored "The Last Great Fight" about what is considered by many to be the biggest upset in the history of boxing: James "Buster" Douglas' tenth-round knockout win over Mike Tyson in 1990.

You can pre-order Ace's book here at
As reported here yesterday, it was announced that Peter Criss will release his memoir, "Makeup to Breakup", via Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner set for release in the fall of 2012.

Bruce Kulick Interviewed

Interview with Bruce Kulick
June 12, 2011
Bruce Kulick is one of the most underrated guitarists in Rock and Roll today. Having played in KISS for 12 years, and being a member of Grand Funk Railroad for almost the same amount of time, Bruce Kulick has quietly amassed a career that most musicians dream of. Arguably a better guitar player than both Ace Frehley and Mark Farner, Bruce has never received the notoriety of the 'original' guys that he has replaced in Grand Funk Railroad and KISS. And Bruce is fine with that, as he is totally comfortable being the 'replacement guy,' and knows the role he needs to play, when filling the shoes for other guitar greats. That 'mild mannered' approach is what gives Bruce Kulick his charm, as his fans know how talented he really is, and appreciate the fact that his large amount of skills don't come with a big 'ol ego to match. Bruce is very fan friendly, as he has appeared at dozens of KISS fan expos and other fan sponsored events over the years, to meet with his fans, sign autographs, answer all kinds of crazy questions and most importantly, share his music. Since 2001, Bruce has released a string of great solo CDs (three to be exact), as he released the first two entirely on his own, with no label support whatsoever. While making them available to purchase on the internet, through his website (, the biggest way Bruce has gotten his music to his fans, has been by selling his CDs at the KISS expos - literally bringing his music right to the people. Although Bruce's latest CD, "BK III" was released on a label - Twenty4 Records - Bruce continues his grassroots approach in getting his music to his fans. recently caught up with Kulick, as Bruce was enjoying a little bit of downtime, recently returning from a European tour with ESP (Eric Singer Project) and gearing up for his annual summer tour with Grand Funk Railroad. We spoke about everything from KISS to Grand Funk, his involvement in the recent Eric Carr book, and the possibility of a reunion of Union.

RockMusicStar: To start out the interview, I'd like to talk about your involvement in the "Eric Carr Story" (which is a book comprised of interviews about the life and death of Eric Carr). I know it's been out for awhile, but it kind of flew under the radar for a lot of people, and I hadn't read you doing much press regarding the book. Did you read the book once it was released?

Bruce Kulick: I read a copy. Actually, to be quite honest, when I got it, I felt like it was looking at me all the time (as Eric's face is on the cover of the book). I kind of put off reading it because I was concerned about what feelings it would bring up. It's a hard thing, reliving anything to do with Eric. Obviously, there were really wonderful things to think about Eric, but having someone pass away from cancer so quickly, (thinking about) all that was going to be really hard. So I finally got brave one night, as I had a quiet night, completely free - as I didn't have to work, and I read it. It is the kind of book that you can read in one night easily. I was very upset by the end, reliving some of the very sad parts. I did get a couple of laughs. Then I saw a few things from some people that I thought were a little heavy handed, one way or the other. And then there were some people that didn't even belong in there get a quote. In particular, my ex-wife Christina, at times, I just thought her take was a little wacky. But she was kind of wacky back then too. In a way, she was friends with Eric, and he would try to talk to her, especially about relationships with Carrie (Stevens - Eric Carr's on and off again girlfriend, also featured in the book), who was our good friend - who I am still very close friends with, and I remember that it was hard for Eric to make Christina understand some of his issues. It was just stuff like that. But it was a good read. Obviously, I've already said it, if you're an Eric Carr fan, it's a must read. It was a hard read for me, only because of the tragedy of the story.

Read the rest HERE!

Paul Stanley on CNN's 'American Morning'

Human Factor: KISS frontman Paul Stanley hears music differently

In the Human Factor, we profile survivors who have overcome the odds. Confronting a life obstacle - injury, illness or other hardship –- they tapped their inner strength and found resilience they didn’t know they possessed. This week KISS singer Paul Stanley explains how he became the frontman for one of the most successful rock bands in America, despite being born deaf in his right ear.

I was born with a Level 3 Microtia, which is a congenital deformity of the cartilage of the outer ear, and occurs in approximately 1 out of every 8,000 to 10,000 births. There is no ear canal and no direct path to the inner-workings of the ear. Except for bone conduction, I’m virtually deaf on my right side, as there is no access for sound to enter.

I’ve had an implanted hearing aid for about two years now. This is a device that is usually given to children at an early age or to adults who have lost their hearing due to a medical condition. This has been an ongoing adjustment for me as my brain has never processed sound coming in from my right side. In the beginning, it was incredibly taxing and extremely confusing. It would be like you are suddenly developing an eye in the back of your head. That said, it has settled in quite a bit and I have to say, it has enhanced my day-to-day activities.

People often ask if my hearing problem has had any impact on my career. It’s sometimes hard for people to understand that you don’t miss what you’ve never had. When blind people speak about seeing or colors, it’s very personal to them.

In the same way, I may not hear music the way other people hear it, but I have nothing else to compare it to, or didn’t for most of my life. I haven’t felt at a loss for anything. I have no sense of the direction of sound, yet I have no trouble mixing a stereo album. I hear the expanse or width of sound but I can’t necessarily tell you where it’s coming from.

Times have changed greatly since I was a child. Medicine, particularly advancements in hearing health, has greatly evolved. If there is a way to improve your hearing, then by all means, take the initiative and do something about it.

To young and old alike, take care of your hearing because once you lose it, you can’t get it back. Use earplugs if you’re exposed to loud noise for prolonged periods of time including concerts. Keep personal listening devices to safe, acceptable levels. There are better ways to listen without sacrificing your enjoyment or your hearing health.

To those of you that suffer from some form of hearing loss, take comfort in the fact that many, many great people have succeeded in monumental ways without normal hearing, or any hearing for that matter.

Hearing loss may be a small pothole in the road, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from getting where you want to go. I’m living proof!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed on 'the Today Show' NBC

Video:NBC Network
Text:By Anna Chan, TV Editor

It's no secret that Kiss bassist Gene Simmons is a ladies' man (he's supposedly slept with about 4,600 women), but his free-loving ways may have finally cost him big.

In a tease for the new season of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," which premieres on June 14 at 10 p.m. on A&E, it appears that his long-term relationship with the mother of his children, former model Shannon Tweed, is on some seriously shaky ground after she sees a TMZ photo of him with two ladies on his arm. And the couple's appearance on "Kathie Lee and Hoda" Monday morning seems to confirm serious trouble for the union.

Before the interview even started Kathie Lee said, "It's tense in the studio. ... You're in deep pooky, Gene." A clearly unhappy Tweed then called the last two years of their 28-year relationship "a b----." Things spiraled downward quickly from there, with her admitting that the union "has pretty much unraveled" and slamming the rocker every chance she got. Check it out:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Gene Simmons on 'Chelsea Lately' E! Televison

Here is a clip of Gene's appearence on 'Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler' from June 8.

'Gene Simmons' Family Jewel's Premires Tonight!


A&E Network
Legendary rock god and multi-hyphenate Gene Simmons returns with his unconventional family for an all-new season of A&E’s hit series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” premiering with a special one-hour episode tonight, Tuesday, June 14 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Season six continues the longest running celebrity family-based series on television.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Peter Criss to release his Memoir, "Makeup to Breakup"

According to the Los Angeles Times, original KISS drummer Peter Criss has signed a deal with the Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner to publish his memoir, "Makeup To Breakup", in the fall of 2012. A press release promises, "From sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll to multiple brushes with death, 'Makeup To Breakup' will be Peter Criss' unvarnished and eye-opening life story."

Criss will write the book with the help of Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

"I am so blessed that I am finally going to write my autobiography, and I hope you enjoy the ride," Criss said in the release. "The best of all is I get to share my true feelings of my love for God, family, friends and fame. It's been a wonderful life."

While some men feel embarrassed because of "this macho crap," Criss told CNN surviving breast cancer was actually a blessing. He was treated before the tumor could spread and said he was speaking about male breast cancer to raise the profile of this rare disease.

Criss, who played drums for KISS and was known as "Catman," offered this advice to men who spot lumps in their breast: "Don't sit around playing Mr. Tough Guy. Don't say 'It's going to go away.' It might not and you might not see life anymore and how beautiful that is."

Criss, who is currently working on a new rock album, told Reuters his bout with cancer had affected his songwriting.

"My lyrics are not so deep and dismal," he said. One of the tracks on the album, expected next year, is called "Hard Rock Knockers".

Friday, June 10, 2011

Montel Williams: Starchild in Waiting

Montel Williams, host of “The Montel Williams Show”, dressed and performed as the Starchild during a recent guest host stint on “Good Day Sacramento” prior to KISS’ stellar concert performance in California’s State Capitol.

The iconic founder and front man for KISS took a few moments backstage to critique Montel’s performance, advising the celebrated TV host to “keep up the good work. There’s a place in the band for you.”

No word yet if Montel has been fitted for his own custom Starchild boots.

Gene Simmons Recieves Life Time Achievement Award

Gene Simmons received the Lifetime Achievement award from Forbes at their “The Entrepreneur Behind The Icon” event in celebration of the Forbes’ 13th annual Celebrity 100 List in Hollywood. The Forbes Celebrity 100 Event pays tribute to the entertainment industry’s most influential celebrity entrepreneurs.

The Lifetime Achievement award honors an individual who has a drive and passion for success. Through his long career, entrepreneur and famed musician Gene Simmons has been known for both his business acumen and creative ability. He is the force behind thousands of licensed KISS products, numerous ventures and brand marketing.

Click here to  see more photos from the event.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gene Simmons Wants New NHL Team Called Wnnipeg 'Destroyers'

Winnipeg Free Press/
By: Maureen Scurfield
Gene Simmons of Kiss, who plays the Centennial Concert Hall on June 15, says Winnipeg's NHL team name should be the Winnipeg Destroyers.

Why? His band had an album in the '70s called Destroyer. Papa Simmons is always thinking about business schemes and tie-ins, as fans who of his reality show Family Jewels know.

Segments from his interview with 92 CITI-FM's Howard "H" Mandshein will be running along with Kiss songs all week. At the 18-minute point, "H" says Simmons politely cut him off. Time is money when you're running a business empire

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paul Stanley on CBS News; Talks About Hearing Loss

Paul Stanley Returning to Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp

Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp's 14th Anniversary Celebration at the PLAYBOY MANSION

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE: This Fantasy Meets Fantasy 14th Anniversary Camp, November 10th-13th featuring the Final Night Concert at the world famous Playboy Mansion where you will perform live on stage with Paul Stanley of KISS. This four-day camp or five-day recording experience in Hollywood, California features our best counselors, the option of a full day of recording and the final concert to be performed in front of a sold-out audience at the famous Playboy Mansion. I am personally inviting you to reconnect with your band, come as a group or treat yourself to this upcoming opportunity. With Father's Day and Graduation arriving in a few short weeks, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp is the ultimate gift for your Grad, Dad or Other Half!

"It's a great thing, it's a way for me to say thank you to a lot of people, but, nobody should think that this is just a joy for those people,...For me to get up and play with people who have that exuberance and energy, it's really a gift to me as much as to anybody else," said Paul Stanley, the co-founder and frontman of KISS.

Our Playboy Mansion (four day) or Recording Package (five day) camp is ON SALE NOW. Sign up for Father's Day before June 19th and take advantage of our early bird specials. Bands of four or more, enjoy an additional 10% discount on top of your pre-sale price (group must sign-up at the same time). Additional Individual tickets for the final night can be purchased so that you can bring your friends to join this party or just come that night to get a taste of what Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp is all about. Tickets are limited and on sale now for $999 each. The evening features: Playmate Guided Tours of the Grounds, Personal Photos with Playmates, All-Night Long (top shelf) Open Bar, an Elegantly Catered Buffet Style Dinner, Swimming in the Grotto and the option of Renting Private Cabanas. This is a great night to bring your spouses and partners to celebrate the expereince of a lifetime.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Gene Simmons: Personality of the Year


RealScreen Magazine
Gene Simmons was born in Haifa, Israel in 1949, and is the only child of his mother, a German Nazi Concentration Camp survivor. Having graduated State University (NYSU), and City University (CUNY) with a Bachelor of Education degree, Simmons taught sixth grade in Spanish Harlem in New York City, became the Assistant to the Director of the Puerto Rican Inter Agency Council, a government-funded research and demonstration project, and also worked at Glamour and Vogue.

Having founded the legendary rock band KISS 36 years ago, Gene Simmons and his band mates have broken box office records set by The Beatles and Elvis Presley and continue stronger than ever. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), KISS is America's number one gold record-winning group of all time.

Simmons is "happily unmarried" to his partner of 25 years, Shannon Tweed. Their children are Nick and Sophie, and together, the family has starred in A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the longest-running celebrity reality show of all time.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels emerged the winner in the docusoap category at the 2010 edition of the Factual Entertainment Awards. In recognition of Simmons' contribution to the show's longevity and indeed to the "celebrity" genre, realscreen and the Factual Entertainment Forum are thrilled to give Gene Simmons, perhaps the ultimate multi-hyphenate, our inaugural Personality of the Year award.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer to Guest at Kiss Coffeehouse Anniversary

KISS Coffeehouse 5th Year Anniversary Party Saturday, August 13th, 2011
Kiss Coffeehouse

The KISS Coffeehouse’s 5th Year Anniversary Party is going to be a rock ‘n roll celebration – an all day, and all “nite”, rain or shine, rock ‘n roll party, with very special guests, KISS drummer “Eric Singer”, and KISS lead guitarist “Tommy Thayer”! “KISS Online” will also be at this very special, and historic event, and “KISS Army” – The Coolest Band In The World, will be performing a live “KISS” concert!

This is a very rare, and unique opportunity to meet both Eric & Tommy, together for the 1st time at the KISS Coffeehouse, to talk to, to take photos with, and to sign autographs, as well as to take part in an intimate Q&A session with them, again, together for the 1st time at the KISS Coffeehouse! All professional, hi-resolution photographs taken with Eric & Tommy will be e-mailed to all fans purchasing either the Platinum, or Double Platinum package, within 1-2 weeks of the event.

This will be our “LAST” Anniversary Party for the next 5 years! This very special, and historic event is sure to sell out quickly! Tickets are limited, so if you want to be a part of “KISSTORY”, and celebrate this very special, and historic milestone, purchase your tickets today! Tickets are available online, “ONLY” at .

Packages run from $50-$100-$150 and available only online. Check their website for oredering details.

Vinnie Vincent Issues Statement

Vinnie Vincent has released this statement via his YouTube account:

From Vinnie Vincent:
Dear Everyone,

I want to thank the many people who sent their well wishes to me through this very hurting time. There is much to say to all of you but the most important thing for me to let you know is that what you have been reading is not true. Irresponsible reporting and fabrication of events that never happened destroys peoples' lives, and that is exactly what has happened. It's very unfortunate we live in times where you're guilty even if you're innocent, but it's the way of the world now. It's also sad to me that not only do the media get away with publishing unsubstantiated sensationalized reports that are then taken as "the truth," but people now routinely hide behind their computers and usernames to intentionally inflict enormous damage without consequence, all for their own amusement. What they don't know is the pain they cause will always be greater than their fabrication or exaggeration.

About my precious dogs:

My dogs and cat have been, are and will always be the most important thing in my whole life. I love them more than my words can say. I look at dogs and cats as "perfect little people" with loving and unconditional hearts that I believe God gifted to us to help comfort us through our lives, which always seems to be filled with pain in one way or another. I have 20 dogs that were rescued since 1999 from unspeakable and horrible abuse. I never turned my back or said no if a dog or cat needed a loving home. Each one of them is spoiled rotten; great food, love, comfort, care and shelter. They never leave my side and sit with me when I watch videos or when I play my guitar, the sound of which seems to fascinate them. Out of my twenty dogs, half of them are big dogs and the others are small. Fencing was put up to separate the big dogs from the little ones who could roam without any problem. One day, without my knowing, some of the big dogs accidently got loose somehow and killed three of my babies. When I found out it was too late. I was shattered and just too devastated for words. I still am and always will be. I will never get over it and I will always live with a pain greater than that of anything I had ever known or ever will know. I wrapped them each in blankets and laid them to rest in "caskets" where I made a cross and wrote the words to "Danny Boy" on their casket. The weather had been pretty bad here for awhile and an excavator was planned to come the property to dig up the ground so I could give them a proper burial when this terrible thing happened. I only hope someday we'll be together and I can watch them once again run in the meadows under the deep blue skies. As for the despicable reports regarding my beloved dogs, those who know me know I would never harm any animal as they are God's most beautiful and innocent of creations. I'm a vegetarian because of my respect for all animals. For those of you who wrongfully accused and judged me based on these "stories" I understand because I would feel the same way if it was the truth. But it's not the truth. So, to all who perpetuated these cruel and vicious lies may the truth bring you to your senses so you can stop these terrible and unfounded accusations.

About the domestic situation:

As you must know, this is a private matter that I cannot comment on at this time. Please don't believe everything you read. I would never hurt anyone-ever. What has been reported is an absolutely inaccurate depiction of the events that occurred that evening. When it's time the truth will be known.

In all, God gave me a silver lining to this terrible time by putting a long lost family back together through this tragedy and for that, it was worth what I am going thru. Unfortunately this "incident" caused my loved ones, who suffered through another emotionally devastating experience, to suffer a new burden they didn't need to bear. As much as they are hurting for me and from this, they're still there for me. I am a lucky person.

I'm an immensely private person and these events have caused me great pain and emotional anguish. I am requesting that you respect my privacy and that of my family during this difficult time and not engage in harmful useless gossip posted on blogs and forums.

My Music:

It has been my greatest desire to put out my new music including remixed/remastered tracks that I am very proud of which many of you seem to enjoy, but I have experienced setbacks that hindered and delayed my plans. I am hoping to work through it all and get back on track. I would appreciate it if you could please bear with me.


My website is in the process of being constructed. Keep watching Youtube for the link to the site and for the video catalog. The Vinnie website will be a fun place to visit with everything Vinnie Vincent: music, photos, and the VINNIE VINCENT GUITAR in all its glory.

Love to all, Vinnie Vincent

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paul Stanley & George Lopez Painting Auctioned

The painting Paul Stanley and George Lopez painted together ended with 25 bids and raised a whopping $3,050.00. The money raised will go to help people of the tornado ravaged Mid-West.

Kiss News10 Sacremento News Report & Raw Video

Kiss from Raley Field
Video #1: Raw footage from News10 Sacremento.
Video #2: News10 Report.