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Kiss: 'Monster' Has More Feeling, Less 'Cocksmanship'

Gene Simmons Talks 'Monster,' Vows Band Will Tour 'Everywhere'

By by Gary Graff, Detroit / Billboard.com

Gene Simmons says fans will hear a slightly different tact from Kiss when its new album, "Monster," is released Oct. 16.

"A lot of the lyrics and points of view have less to do with sort of the cocksmanship, craftsmanship -- 'Hey babe, I'm gonna rock you all night long,' and are more about sort of primal notions about who we are and how we feel," Simmons tells Billboard.com. "So something like 'The Devil is Me,' for instance, is more confessional; you can keep pointing your fingers at all the evil in the world, but you've got some of it and here's the Lord's decree -- the devil is me. Maybe there's a little devil in all of us."

Simmons considers "Monster" to be "one of the best or the top three albums we've ever done." Like 2009's "Sonic Boom," Kiss kept the 12-track "Monster" raw -- "Just guitar and drums, nothing else," Simmons says -- and singer-guitarist Paul Stanley again sat in the producer's chair. "In both instances he put aside everything else in his life and was there," Simmons says of Stanley, who co-founded Kiss with him in 1972 and stood up in his 2011 wedding to Shannon Tweed. "I no longer have that patience or the temperament to be strapped in the studio for three months. There's too much going on outside, and who better to trust than (Stanley)? He's a very good team player and isn't afraid to say, 'Yeah, maybe I'm not right? Let's try this' or 'Let's try that.' We'd go in and just try anything. It's really a band effort, like four guys in a car but somebody's got to be driving and everybody else is going, 'No, turn right here, turn right there!' Ultimately we're all going to the same place, and Paul got us there."

Read more at http://www.billboard.com/news/kiss-monster-has-more-feeling-less-cocksmanship-1007705952.story#/news/kiss-monster-has-more-feeling-less-cocksmanship-1007705952.story

PETER CRISS NYC Book Signing Event October 23

Peter Criss will be signing copies of his new book, Peter Criss: Makeup to Breakup My Life In and Out of Kiss, on October 23 at 12:30PM at the Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue location.

Barnes & Noble
555 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017

KISS Officially Announce MONSTER Track Listing

MONSTER Track Listing:

1) Hell Or Hallelujah
2) Wall Of Sound
3) Freak
4) Back To The Stone Age
5) Shout Mercy
6) Long Way Down
7) Eat Your Heart Out
8) The Devil Is Me
9) Outta This World
10) All For The Love of Rock & Roll
11) Take Me Down Below
12) Last Chance
13) Right Here Right Nown

Orlando KISS Expo Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Orlando 'KISS Expo'
Kreatures of the South

(Featuring KISS/BEATLES/ELVIS/& RNR Collectables)
Celebrating the 20th Annversary of KISS' REVENGE Album!
Special Guest Bruce Kulick (Kiss Guitarist 1984-1996) and John Corabi (the Scream/Motley Crue/Union Vocalist)

We are very excited to announce the rebranding of the Orlando Expo, brought to you by Kreatures of the South!
... The new format "THE BIG 3" combines the best of KISS, The Beatles, and Elvis Expos into ONE thrilling extravaganza!
Our Orlando Expo is confirmed for Sunday, August 5 - you don't want to miss it!
Book your hotel rooms & order your tickets / VIP passes / dealer tables NOW on the Kreatures of the South web site!
More updates to follow (all of the special guests, bands, etc.)!
We hope to see you there!

The "BIG 3" Expo is put on by the fans... for the fans!

Date: Sunday August 5, 2012

Hours: 11 AM - 9 PM (VIP's enter early at 10 AM!)

Go to www.kreaturesofthesouth.com for ticket and all information

Location: Orlando Marriott Lake Mary
1501 International Parkway
Lake Mary, FL 32756

This is the first Orlando KISS Expo in 5 years, brought to you by the founder of the long-running Atlanta KISS Expos

Pre-Enter To Win Dale Sherman's New Book.


Pre-Enter To Win A Copy of Dale Sherman's Book, KISS FAQ: "All That’s Left to Know About the Hottest Band in the Land."

PRE- ENTER TO WIN A COPY DALE SHERMAN'S NEW BOOK, KISS FAQ: "All That’s Left to Know About the Hottest Band in the Land.". Those who "Like" Kiss Mask on FACEBOOK will be automatically entered to win one of two copies. Just send an email with BLACK DIAMOND in the subject matter and your name and address to Kissmask8895@aol.com  and you're in! No trivia questions to answer, no carnival tricks  This is one book on KISS you do not want to miss out on! And for you fans, it's not to late to pre-enter, just like KISS MASK on FACEBOOK and YOU ARE IN TOO! It's that easy.
Pre-Enter FACEBOOK entries ends August 19, 2012 at 11:59 PM (EST). Entering instructions (Part Two) will come at a later date.

Dale Sherman Set to Release: All That’s Left to Know About the Hottest Band in the Land

KISS FAQ: "All That’s Left to Know About the Hottest Band in the Land" by Dale Sherman

foreword by Bill Starkey,
creator of the original KISS Army

Learn how to win one of two copies from Kiss Mask courtesy of Backbeat Books later today!

To some, KISS is a band. To others, KISS is a religion, a way to approach life. Dale Sherman takes readers behind the makeup and stage effects in KISS FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Hottest Band in the Land (Backbeat Books, $22.99), showcasing the good, the bad, and the weird that has made KISS the legendary ultimate rock-and-roll party band. In 2013, the world will celebrate 40 years of KISS.

KISS FAQ discusses tryouts, record labels, album covers, concerts, television appearances, comics, merchandise, the fanbase, band members’ lives outside of and before the band, important people in the KISS sphere, and more. It tackles rumors and covers the various topics KISS fans discuss late in the night at the hotel bar after a KISS expo (KISS expos have continued strong since they started in the 1980s.) when feeling free enough to bring up topics they know would sometimes run them into ridicule otherwise.

Is there really a Sports Illustrated issue with ‘REAL KISS BLOOD’? Why record an album in 1995 with no intention of releasing it? And what the heck is a deuce, anyway? Most topics found here will be argued for years to come.

Dale Sherman began writing about KISS in the 1990s and has never stopped. He has written various articles as well as a biography, a reference guide, and even a charity novel about the band. Sherman has also written books on such music-related topics as Alice Cooper, urban legends in rock, and women in music. An MBA graduate from the University of Louisville, Dale Sherman lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, daughter, and way too many pets. Visit his blog at dalesherman.blogspot.com

LYDIA CRISS Releases Second-Expanded Edition of "Sealed With A KISS"

Lydia Criss Releases Second Hardcover Expanded Version of Sealed With A KISS

Sealed with a Kiss

A Deluxe Hardcover collection of over 1,500 rare and unpublished photos, memorabilia and memories from the early days of the most successful theatrical rock band of all time...KISS! PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED by Lydia Criss (please include any information relative to the personalization (names, etc) in the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS field when you check out).

The revised and expanded edition is available now!

Go to LYDIA CRISS' Site for pricing and ordering details. Lydia's book is also available in E-Book format.

"Lydia's book is one of the best books written on KISS. Why? Because she was there! Beautifully written with never-before-seen photographs , this book is a must in every fan's Kiss collection. Sealed With A Kiss rivals 'Kisstory.' "  - KISS MASK WEBZINE

KISS Concert Brings Out Hardcore Fans

Kiss concert in Tampa brings out hardcore fans (and hard luck demon)


ABC Action News anchor John Thomas caught all the hot (and super-sweaty) action at Saturday's Motley Crue-Kiss throwdown at 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheatre in Tampa. Hunky meteorologist Bill Logan and camera star(child) Frank Barrera joined the fun -- and joined the mocking of Tampa Bay Times pop music critic Sean Daly, whose once-ferocious Demon makeup sooned turned into a horrific Rorschach test. We're not worthy, Gene Simmons!

Monday, July 30, 2012

KISS' MONSTER Album Cover Revealed Today


The final piece of the Monster Hunt was revealed on Kissonline this morning. What do you think of the cover?

ACE FREHLEY's ROCK WALK Induction July 1995

    Photo by J. Frank Hagan (C) 2010. Ace Frehley's Induction of handprints and signature at the
    Guitar Center's Sunset Blvd., ROCK WALK, July 1995.

ERIC SINGER Stage Played Snares Available from "The TOUR"

Albuquerque, New Mexico - August 7, 2012 (Stage Played Snare)

Eric Singer Stage Played Snare Drums Available

from "THE TOUR"

Go to Eric Singer Stage Played Drums for details.

PodKISSt #61 with Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell has written some very cool KISS Klassics, “Creatures of the Night”, “Crazy Nights”, “Danger”, “Keep Me Comin’”, “I’m a Legend Tonight”, “Partners in Crime”, “I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You”, “Little Caesar”, He has also written for Chicago, Olivia Newton-John, Art Garfunkel, John Waite, Linda Ronstadt and many others.
Decibel Geek & PodKISSt’s own Chris Czynszak interviewed this very talented man.
Check out the Decibel Geek’s “KISSmas in July!” and soon the “V3″ show, another in their series on Vinnie Vincent

Listen here:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

NJ/NY KISS Expo 2012

The NJ/NY KISS EXPO Returns in September

New Jersey KISS Expo 2012Saturday, September 8, 2012 at the NJ Convention and Exposition Center.

NJ Convention and Exposition Center

at the Raritan Center
97 Sunfield Ave, Edison NJ 08837

KISS Live in Florida

KISS In West Palm Beach & Tampa, Florida Shows #6 & #7

God Of Thunder

More KISS from West Palm Beach

Detroit Rock City

More KISS from Tampa

Saturday, July 28, 2012

ACE FREHLEY Live in Detroit 7/27/12

Ace played Detroit's "Rockin' the River Festival" last night. Here is a video clip of "New York Groove."

Friday, July 27, 2012




Originally broadcast on MONTCO RADIO, streaming live and worldwide from Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA on Friday, July 27, 2012.

KISS Roar Back This Fall With 'Monster'


Simmons admits he's taken inspiration from other classic rock acts performing their iconic albums in their entirety. To that end, he is toying with the idea of playing Monster from start to finish on tour.

By Dan Hyman/Rolling Stone
'If this was a first record by a new band, I'd be floored,' says Gene Simmons

It's been just shy of four decades since KISS released their eponymous debut album. But as Gene Simmons says, the hard rock titans – who are set to drop their 20th studio album, Monster, on October 16th – are still firing on all cylinders.

"The band is more focused than ever," Simmons tells Rolling Stone. "The weather looks great for the band – reinvigorated, redefined, refocused and reborn."

While Simmons and lead singer Paul Stanley remain the band's only original members, Monster marks the second consecutive KISS record, following 2009's Sonic Boom, created with a lineup that includes drummer Eric Singer and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer. Simmons insists the new album ranks up there with some of the notoriously outlandish crew's finest work. "If this was a first record by a new band, I'd be floored," he says.

Monster was recorded at studios in and around Los Angeles and, like Sonic Boom, was co-produced by Stanley and Greg Collins. Though it has been finished for a few months, the bassist and perennial self-promoter says there was no point in rushing out something this epic. "Just because you have a lot of ammunition doesn't mean you have to shoot your wad right away," he says. "You have to pace yourself."

Monster itself does not pace itself: it's a full-on aural assault, from the first note of the opening track and lead single "Hell or Hallelujah" ("I rode the highway to heartache/ I rode the ship of fools" ) to the appropriately titled "Wall of Sound," a barn burner anchored by a snaking guitar lick. The album doesn't let up until Stanley lets out a final jarring wail on "Last Chance."

"If you like guitars and drums, this is right up your alley," Simmons explains. "Which is better than right up your ass. It's relentless til the end. We're not doing thrash. We're not doing any of that stuff. It's straight meat and potatoes. No messing around. And no ballads, no string choirs, no little boys doing a cappella, no eunuchs singing background." Simmons adds that Monster is less intricate than their classic 1976 album Destroyer, and that it hearkens back to the band's first three records. "Destroyer was a more produced studio record," he explains. "To reproduce Destroyer live, we would need keyboards. We love that, but it's more produced material."

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/kiss-roar-back-this-fall-with-monster-20120727#ixzz21pv8WrTp

ACE FREHLEY Plays Detroit Rock City Tonight

Ace Frehley will play a free outdoor show tonight in Detroit at the 'Rockin' The River Festival' at the GM Renaissance Center. Ace has VIP Packages available. Go to www.acefrehley.com for more information.

Photo by J. Frank Hagan (C) 2010, 2012 . Ace live at the House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ.

ACE FREHLEY Working on Second Memoir


Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is playing a few shows this summer following a series of autograph signing events this spring.

Ace has a few projects on the go these days, including work on a new album – the follow up to 2009’s “Anomaly” – as well as a sequel to 2011’s "No Regrets: A Rock 'N' Roll Memoir," which debuted at #10 on the New York Times "Hardcover Nonfiction" best sellers list upon its release last fall.

“Writing that book opened the floodgates and put me in contact with a lot of people I haven’t spoken to in a while,” Frehley tells The Oakland Press  “A lot of stories came up I had forgotten about, and there were a lot of stories I came across too late. I’ve spoken with a couple of my old bodyguards, roadies and stuff; they helped me with the first book and they’re helping with stories for the second book, too.”

“I’m having more fun now than I was way back then because now, in a sober state, I remember what I do,” he adds. “That’s a nice feeling, to wake up the following day and remember what you did the day before. It wasn’t like that for a long time.”

After many years in the spotlight as lead guitarist for KISS, does Ace miss any of the experience?

“I like running my own life now,” Ace explains. “One of the things that made me crazy when I was in Kiss was being at the mercy of Paul (Stanley) and Gene (Simmons), who were like workaholic. They wanted to tour constantly and record constantly, over-merchandise the brand, and that made me crazy. I’m not a kid any more. Touring constantly can be very exhausting. I don’t want to put myself in that position, so I’m happier with what I’m doing now.”


Tune into THE KISS ROOM streaming LIVE on MontcoRadio from 3-5 p.m. TOMORROW! Hosted by #1 KISS fan & MCCC faculty member, Matt Porter.

This month’s episode is jam-packed with all things KISS. We’ll be talking about THE TOUR, playing tons of KISS music and MORE:

  • FRANK HAGAN from KISS MASK fanzine will be in-studio!

  • Super fan ANDY MOYEN will join in on the action for the first installment of his KISS KRUISE KOMMENTARY!

  • And BRUCE KULICK will be calling in — YEP CALLING IN, to THE KISS ROOM!

PLUS, find out how YOU can enter to win a kick-ass GENE SIMMONS poster!

“Tune in LIVE, and turn it UP.” — \m/

And make sure to check out THE KISS ROOM on Facebook! While you’re at it, “LIKE” MONTCORADIO too!

Rumor has it Bruce Kulick is listening in too…


Thursday, July 26, 2012

SOUND CHECK: Ace Frehley is his own man without Kiss

Later this year will mark 40 years since Paul “Ace” Frehley answered an ad in New York’s Village Voice that would lead to him joining a band called Wicked Lester — which not long afterward became Kiss.

Frehley certainly doesn’t regret that decision, but the guitarist says he doesn’t miss being in the band these days.

“I like running my own life now,” says Frehley, 61, who served two tenures with Kiss, ending in 2002, and got sober in 2006. “One of the things that made me crazy when I was in Kiss was being at the mercy of Paul (Stanley) and Gene (Simmons), who were like workaholic. They wanted to tour constantly and record constantly, over-merchandise the brand, and that made me crazy.

“I’m not a kid any more. Touring constantly can be very exhausting. I don’t want to put myself in that position, so I’m happier with what I’m doing now.”

That doesn’t mean Frehley isn’t staying busy. He released a solo album, “Anomaly,” in 2009 and is preparing to make a follow-up. He’s also thinking about an acoustic album and has been approached by a filmmaker friend to score the soundtrack for a science fiction movie he’s working on. Frehley might also celebrate the 35th anniversary of his self-titled first solo album, which went platinum, by performing the album in its entirety next year.

And he’s working on a sequel to his 2011 autobiography “No Regrets,” which made the New York Times Bestsellers list and also topped Amazon.com’s music charts.

“Writing that book opened the floodgates and put me in contact with a lot of people I haven’t spoken to in a while,” Frehley says. “A lot of stories came up I had forgotten about, and there were a lot of stories I came across too late. I’ve spoken with a couple of my old bodyguards, roadies and stuff; they helped me with the first book and they’re helping with stories for the second book, too.

“I’m having more fun now than I was way back then because now, in a sober state, I remember what I do. That’s a nice feeling, to wake up the following day and remember what you did the day before. It wasn’t like that for a long time.”

Ace Frehley performs as part of the Rockin’ on the Riverfront series at 8 p.m. Friday, July 27, on the south side of the GM Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. Admission is free. Visit www.gmrencen.com.

KISS: The Kutting Room Floor


Episode Now Available for Download/Streaming
With 20 studio albums, numerous solo albums, and other projects to boot, it's logical to think that KISS must have a treasure trove of unreleased material. While we got some of that from the officially released box set, fans are still waiting for a bulk release of demos and unreleased nuggets (in good sound quality) from the band. There are, however, a lot of little-known gems floating around the bootleg collector market and that's what we wanted to focus on today. Special thanks to KISSFAQ for providing such in-depth information that aided in our research for this episode.

In this episode you will hear demos, unreleased tracks, and alternate takes from the Hottest Band in the Land as well as cases where songs were turned inside out from demos to wind up as officially released songs years (sometimes decades) later. We also will take a look as some songs that KISS recorded but didn't officially release and where those songs wound up.

We've got many eras of KISS covered in this show including unreleased material from Destroyer, the roots of Rock and Roll Over gems Calling Dr. Love and Ladies Room, as well as a Zeppelin-inspired instrumental that didn't quite make the cut on Music from the Elder. You will also hear a 1985-penned Asylum demo that turned into a track on 2009's Sonic Boom.

KISS Live in Charlotte, NC 7/25/12

KISS Charlotte, NC.  7/25/12  Show #5

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Hell Or Hallelujah

Gene's Bass Solo (only)

KISS On Why Helping Veterans Is Important To Them

BOOMER Magazine

KISS has made supporting the troops a priority. Here, they talk briefly about why that's important to them. Stay tuned for their full interview with US Veteran and KISS fanatic Robert Crespo!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Black Diamond" Live from Hotlanta

Atlanta 7/24/12 - Show #4

KISS Soundcheck at Meet & Greet in Raleigh

Kissonline On Sunday in Raleigh, the schedule was tight, and KISS' crew needed all available time to set up the massive stage for the evening's show. This left KISS without enough time to do a sound check. So, rather than cancel the sound check part of the KISS Meet & Greet, Paul Stanley came up with the idea of performing an impromptu "private" set in the KISSONLINE Meet & Greet tent! First, the band did a Q&A, answering questions from the fans who attended the Meet & Greet. Then, they proceeded to play "Dr. Love", "C'mon and Love Me", "Beth" and "Hard Luck Woman!" The band was seated for the performance with Eric using a plastic bucket for a drum! The reaction from the fans, crew and the band themselves was so positive that this experience has been made a permanent part of the Meet & Greet! KISS will now perform a "private" set each evening for these lucky fans instead of a sound check. We think you will love this as much as we do!

Tommy Thayer Talks About His Best And Worst KISS Experiences Onstage

CBS Sacremento/ Don Geronimo

Tommy Thayer tells us about replacing Ace Frehley in the band, his best and worst experiences onstage, the new KISS album, “Monsters,” which comes out in October, and their current tour co-headlining with Motley Crue. Tommy even does an intro for Phantom News!

Nikki Sixx Interviews Paul Stanley on Sixx Sense

From Sirius/XM Nikki Sixx SIXX SENSE Show

Motley Crue and KISS light up Lakewood Amphitheatre

by Melissa Ruggieri/AccessAtlanta

Tuesday’s crowd was stocked with members of the KISS Army, and for nearly 90 minutes, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer gave their best because the crowd wanted the best. Right?

KISS’ setup was the opposite of Motley Crue’s, all open spaces with stacks of amplifiers, some lighted stairs and the HD screen behind Singer’s raised drum kit offering frequent close-ups of the band.

What's that on your left hand, Gene? KISS performed in London on July 4, but interestingly, their costumes were the same in Atlanta. Photo credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images
What's that on your left hand, Gene? KISS performed in London on July 4, but interestingly, their costumes were the same in Atlanta. Photo credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

And from the opening “Detroit Rock City” to the platform-boot-stomp of “Shout it Out Loud” and “I Love it Loud,” flash pots exploded with every cymbal crash and punctuated every song ending, sending fans into a devil horn-throwing frenzy.

Stanley, who looked as if he was wearing the remains of a black ostrich around his shoulders, and Simmons, who had a noticeable new accessory to his bat wings and frizzy topknot – a wedding band – appeared gleeful as they dug into their familiar bag of razzle-dazzle tricks.

Simmons grabbed his flaming sword and turned it into a whooshing fireball with one spit of accelerant during “Firehouse” and later dribbled blood during his bass solo/ “God of Thunder” routine – which of course never gets old if you love the band’s brand of theater rock.

KISS has always been more about entertainment than musicality – and relax, KISS fans, there’s nothing wrong with that – and at Tuesday’s show, Stanley was determined to either woo the crowd or talk them to death in his Edith Bunker honk.

“It’s good to be back in a city that knows how to rock.” “I remember when we played on Peachtree, in a place called the Electric Ballroom.” “I want to come out and see y’all in the back…I want to hear my name from here to Augusta.” “We have a new album coming out in October, called ‘Monster.’”
Being interactive with the crowd is commendable, but his constant chatter got a bit tiresome after about the sixth song.

Stanely did, in fact, go to see the people in the back, ziplining to a rotating makeshift stage for “Love Gun.” He also engaged in his patented sideways wiggle as Thayer and Singer handled the heavy lifting on “Shock Me” and ended the song with a lengthy whiz-bam jam.
Read the enitre story HERE!

The KISS ROOM RADIO SPECIAL This Friday! 7/27 3-5PM

 This Friday, July 27 3-5PM (EST) streaming live directly to YOU  from MONTOCORADIO.COM.

The JULY Episode will feature:

*FRANK HAGAN from KISS MASK in the studio!
*Super Fan ANDY MOYEN with the first installment of his KISS KRUISE KOMMENTARY!
*BRUCE KULICK will be calling in around 4PM!
*The party is more fun when YOU are there!

The KISS ROOM is a monthly KISS SUPER SPECIAL! Tune it in and turn it up!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/285415684887844/

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KISS: "Firehouse" (Finally!) from Virgina Beach 7/22/12

Finally! We have "Firehouse" on video! The sound is muffled and not so good, but at this point in the tour, this is the only video we have so far.

Ranking Kiss: From first to worst, the hottest band in the world's studio albums

By Rustyn Rose/The Examiner

Kiss is undeniably one of the most polarizing bands in rock history. From their outrageous makeup and stage shows, to bassist Gene Simmons massive ego and gratuitous fiscal gluttony, the music is often overlooked. However, Kiss as a whole has inspired innumerable bands, many of whom have gone on to stellar careers. Unlike Kiss, several have even found their name in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kiss remains, nearly 40 years into its career, a dynamic band which has made a unique impact in the world of rock music, for better or worse. This October, Kiss will release its twenty-fourth studio, "Monster". In honor of that, the Examiner has ranked all 23 of the band’s studio albums.


The masked crusaders have often been known more for the spectacle of their live performances and make-up, so it is no surprise that the band’s best album of all time remains, “Kiss Alive!”. Still, when the paint and bombast are stripped away, the music still stands on its own as many discovered when the band went unplugged back in the 90s. This list below focuses solely on the studio albums, and the music that Simmons, and co-founder Paul Stanley have created through four decades.

Destroyer (1976) -- This marked the first studio album after the band's mammoth success with "Kiss Alive!". Produced by Bob Ezrin, this became the album that catapulted the band to headline status. It also marked the release of the band's first ballad, "Beth".
Love Gun (1977) -- This represents the last of the band's classic 70s albums before disco and new wave twisted rock 'n roll into another dimension."Love Gun" is also the first album to feature all four members singing at least one song. Legend holds that guitarist Ace Frehley had to lie on the studio floor to sing "Shock Me".
Kiss (1974) -- Released in February 1974, the band's debut effort went largely unnoticed but is home of some of the band's mainstay hits. Songs like "Strutter", "Deuce", "Black Diamond", and "Cold Gin".
Rock and Roll Over (1976) -- My personal favorite, "Rock and Roll Over" found the band returning to more of a straight up rock vibe. Another album full of concert staples, and the ballad "Hard Luck Woman", which frontman Paul Stanley wrote for Rod Stewart.

The MONSTER Hunt Begins July 24

KISS to unleash MONSTER Artwork on July 30

Join the hunt for the MONSTER album art! Each beginning tomorrow through Monday July 30th a piece of the new KISS album art will be revealed across the internet.

Go to the KISS Facebook page to download the MONSTER REVEAL app then join the hunt for the album art.

Be sure to check the KISS Facebook page and KISS Online for clues and hints where you can find the pieces.

Collect all pieces and the album art will be revealed to you on Monday July 30th!

Get ready to hunt for MONSTER!


KISS Returning to Mexico

KISS will return to Mexico for shows in Mexico City and Monterrey. Motley Crue will join KISS at the Mexico City stop only.

Sept. 29th Mexico City (with Motley Crue)

Oct. 1st Monterrey (KISS only)

Stay tuned to KISSOnline for additional information, including the KISS Army Members' only ticket presales for these shows.


Monday, July 23, 2012

KISS: Raleigh, North Carolina 7/22/12


Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
War Machine
Hell Or Hallelujah
God Of Thunder
Lick It Up
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite

KISS knows how to put on one heck of a show!


Check out some amazing photos from
David Adam Beloff for HamptonRoads.com
Click HERE to see his photos from Virginia Beach.

KISS have got the whole performance thing down pat. Hands down, they put on one of the best rock n roll concerts going on today. How do they do it? Well, I'll tell you. They start with huge fiery explosions shooting out of their instruments. Then they descend from a platform hovering over the stage. The four of them look iconic as ever in their costumes and makeup as The Demon, The Starchild, The Catman & The Spaceman. They all have the rock poses down pat and are unafraid to posture themselves in front of my camera. Last but not least...THEY ROCK!!! They actually ROCK like nobody's business. Yes, indeed, KISS is a one of a kind band that all cool people must see before they die. We are lucky to have had this killer band perform for us last night at our Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

KISS Live in Virginia Beach 7/21/12

LICK IT UP and HELL OR HALLELUJAH from Virginia Beach, VA., Last Night.


"Detroit Rock City" in HD from Bristow, VA


Concert Review: KISS and Motley Crue at Jiffy Lube Live

By Kyle Osborne/The Examiner

KISS and Motley Crue launched their co-headlining tour last night at Jiffy Lube Live, and while opening night exposed a few minor technical bugs that will have to be worked out, the advantage of fresh voices, not yet ravaged by road fatigue, made for the best appearances either band has had at the Bristow, VA venue in years.

Motley Crue, last seen here opening for Aerosmith, were afforded a headliner’s full stage set-up and lighting. A Jumbotron screen featured a clock counting down to 8pm. As the second hand got closer and closer to the hour, it was apparent that things were a bit off—roadies still scrambled to finish a few important touches and, one noticed, it was already 8:07pm.
A minute later, lead singer Vince Neil led a mini-parade from the back of the house to the stage. Hoisting a flag and marching forward, Neil was followed by two scantily-clad women who, it turns out, would be very important to the show that was about to kick off. The stage set had a circular track made of tubular steel—and one of its first uses was to have the ladies hanging from it, performing aerial stunts that were a mixture of circus meets Vegas casino. It looked dangerous, and was immediately understandable why the technical crew needed extra time to ensure things were locked in and locked down securely.
Vince Neil, looking bloated and barrel-bodied, nevertheless sounded upbeat and on key. His last appearance marred by vocal difficulties, he seemed determined to go for the high notes and hit them. He may not have done many sit-ups lately, but he’s clearly been conditioning his vocal cords. The band kicked through “Saints of Los Angeles” “Wild Side,” “Shout at the Devil,” “Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.),” and “Looks That Kill”, barely taking a breath.

Drummer Tommy Lee’s drum solo took a new turn—for many years he’s done his solo strapped into a platform for a rotating, go upside-down, solo. This time, the circular track at center stage became his roller coaster and his drum riser was the de facto car. A preselected fan got to come onstage and take a ride with Lee, which was a nice touch.

Neil announced a newer song, “Sex,” which, in its live debut, was not particularly memorable or necessary, though it didn’t seem to send the crowd out for a mass restroom break. Nikki Sixx didn’t say much, but he did point out that, in 1982, KISS had taken Crue out on their first big national tour, and they’ve always been grateful to their musical heroes for the support.

Finishing with “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Kickstart My Heart,” Motley Crue had run through eighty solid minutes of old songs played with renewed vigor, and they knew it. Neil’s final words were simply. “F*ck…YES!”

During intermission, it became clear that this tour will be a massive undertaking. Usually, after the opening act performs, a black curtain can be pulled down, the gear rolled offstage, and the headliner’s stage is nearly ready to go. In this case, Motley Crue’s full set had to come down, and the extra time it took would have consequences later on.

KISS opened, as they have for decades, with “Detroit Rock City.” In fact, very little has changed about a KISS concert since the mid 1970’s, and that’s not a criticism—there are simply certain touchstones that cannot be left out. The audience would be disappointed if Gene Simmons did not breathe fire and spit blood, or if “Ace” (Tommy Thayer) didn’t have a solo where the Les Paul guitar didn’t smoke or, in more recent years, shoot sparks. And the show simply cannot conclude until Paul Stanley has smashed a guitar against the stage floor.

But having done most of the beloved KISS “stunts,” it was obvious that the clock was working against the band, in terms of the set list. Prince William County has a noise ordinance in place that forces music at Jiffy Lube Live to stop at 11pm sharp, or pay a steep fine. One employee of the venue told a reporter that the fines can range from “three thousand to five thousand dollars per minute.” And yet, KISS had only been onstage for 59 minutes when the clock struck eleven.

“They told us that they were gonna shut the power down,” Stanley told the crowd. But he said they were going to play on. A shortened solo on “Black Diamond,” and a one song encore, “Rock and Roll All Night” finished out an eighty minute, thirteen song set—exactly the same as Motley Crue. Was precious time lost during set up and the intermission transition? It’s impossible to tell on the first night.

However, fans waiting for staples like “Beth” or classics like “Strutter” and “Deuce” on this night were left wanting. It’ll be interesting to check the set lists in the coming days to see if those hits make it into the show. The band played one new song, “Hell or Hallelujah” from a forthcoming album to be released in September. The reaction was polite but not euphoric.

Like Vince Neil, Paul Stanley’s last Jiffy Lube Live appearance in 2010, was not his best—Stanley’s voice broke often, and he struggled with some of the notes. Happily, and also like Neil, Stanley was in much better voice this time, hitting notes and going for some rock star vocal gymnastics.
The eight musicians from these two bands have gone through everything from near death drug overdoses to mid-age hip replacements. If these guys were still wearing their cod pieces, it would be to hold in the expanding bellies. But there is nothing as exciting as seeing veterans of the business doing what they do best and, at least for this first night, doing it better than they have in years.
KISS and Motley Crue continue “The Tour” through the summer. You can access their dates at: http://www.kissonline.com/tour

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More KISS Live from Opening Night!

(More) KISS Opening Night


Hell Or Hallelujah

War Machine

Love Gun

Rock And Roll All Nite

KISS Triple Play Video- 3 Songs Bristow Rehearsal 7/19/12

KISS Triple Play / July 19, 2012

Shout It Out Loud/I Love It Loud/Love Gun

KISS: "Detroit Rock City" Bristow, VA., 7/20/12

Detroit Rock City   (partial)

KISS Video from Opening Night

Jiffy Lube Live! Bristow, VA., 7/20/12

Filmed by  Russ Dannecker


KISS Unleashes World’s First Globally Social Fan Hub Through Ortsbo

Engaging with users of every major social network, the KISS Army will converge in one all-inclusive social music destination, making 40 City Tour a World-Wide, Social Experience

LOS ANGELES, TORONTO & NEW YORK--()--Legendary rock band KISS (www.kissonline.com) has tapped Ortsbo (www.ortsbo.com), the world’s leading real-time experiential communications platform, to create the first globally social fan engagement platform, broadcasting fan communications worldwide for the band’s 40-city summer tour, entitled: KISS Motley Crüe The Tour 2012. Reaching fans in multiple languages, the platform will aggregate more than 17 social networks in a central platform at the social hub through www.kissonline.com with instant translation and real-time integration to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Vevo, and more. The launch will effectively transform in-venue fan engagement during a live music performance into a global, social and merchandising experience.
“This unrivaled approach to combining more than a dozen social networks, real-time language services in up to 53 languages and fans of KISS, around their summer tour, may set a new standard in socially-powered music fandom”
A world first in music & fan communications, Ortsbo’s revolutionary multilingual social network aggregator will enable the tour’s on-site team, concert-goers, KISS members and fans worldwide to converse across language barriers, continents and all the top social networks. Built to transform the way audiences, musicians and staffers share live and static entertainment experiences, the new hub will serve as a global base for KISS fans, tour attendees and viewers around the world. Gathering data and statistics in real-time, the service will also collect invaluable information on its back-end for further refinement, development and perfection of the platform while creating unprecedented, niche audience information for advertisers and marketers to potentially tap as well.

Continue Reading

KISS:/ Motley Crue: 'The TOUR' Set-List 7/20/12

KISS & Motley Crue Kick Off 'The TOUR' Last Night

Jiffy Lube Live! Bristow, VA., July 20, 2012

Motley Crue:
Saints of Los Angeles
Wild Side
Shout At The Devil
Same Ol' Situation
Looks That Kill
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Tommy Lee's Drum Solo
Home Sweet Home
Primal Scream
Dr. Feelgood
Girls, Girls, Girls
Kickstart My Heart

Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
War Machine
Shock Me
Hell Or Hallelujah
God Of Thunder
Lick It Up
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite

Friday, July 20, 2012

KISS Concert Highlights

Boomer Magazine's KISS Highlights

YouTube by

Highlights from the Troops nd Veteran's show on July 19. From Boomer Magazine

KISS Opens "The TOUR" Tonight!

The TOUR is Finally Here! Kicks Off Tonight!

KISS kick off their tour with Motley Crue tonight at Jiffy Lube Live! in Bristow, Virginia.
Black Diamond (intro) from last night's performance.


KissFaq's Tim McPhate conducted an awesome interview with Legendary DESTROYER Producer Bob Ezrin. This is a MUST read for every Kiss fan. Go to Resurrecting Destroyer/Kiss Faq Interview to read.

The album is scheduled for release through Universal Records on August 21, 2012 on CD and Vinyl.

KISS & Motley Crue Donate $250.000 to Help Veterans

Here's KISS and Motley Crue presenting a check for $250,000 to Hiring Our Heroes tonight on stage in Bristow, Virginia during KISS' concert for the troops.
Photo: Kissonline

KISS Rock Out Last Night in Bristow, Virginia July 19, 2012


New KISS Stage Set is Awesome!

Check out the shooting sparks coming from Gene's boots as he flies to the top of the rig to perform "God Of Thunder."

Detroit Rock City/Opening

Hell Or Hallelujah
War Machine
God Of Thunder

Rock And Roll All Nite

Crazy Nights

KISS Rock the Troops and Veterans

KISS rocked 2,000 troops and veterans in a intimate setting last night before starting their tour with Motley Crue tonight in Bristow, Virginia. Fox 5 WTTG covered the event. DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

Legendary rock band KISS played a free private concert for military service members Thursday night.
The gates opened for 2,000 U.S. servicemen and servicewomen along with their families to get the chance to watch the band perform live.
Celebrating 40 years together, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are taking KISS on the road again for a world tour that starts right here at Jiffy Lube Live Friday night.
"The greatest thing is to have our kind of success and by then, you don't do anything you don't want to. We do this because we love doing it," said Stanley.
Among the many diehard kiss fans who wear the uniform and a little makeup was U.S. Army and Iraq War veteran Robert Crespo.
"KISS is just big. It's huge you know. It's more than a rock band, more than a religion. It's like a lifestyle," he said.

Read more: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/19070619/legendary-rock-band-kiss-plays-private-concert-for-military-servicemembers#ixzz219obDOqj

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Interview with KISS ARMY Founder, Bill Starkey

Interview With Bill Starkey


"This is my music, it makes me proud. These are my people, and this is my crowd"

Photo courtesy of Bill Starkey

KT: Bill you are the man we can all thank for creating rock's most devoted fan base, The Kiss Army. Could you tell us how it all started? It's a great definition of standing up for what you believe in.

BS: I had seen KISS by mistake while watching Don Kirshner’s In Concert one February. I was hoping to see Foghat. KISS blew me away. I was fortunate that my father, who worked in a warehouse shipping records for Warner Brothers, always encouraged my interest in music. Warner was shipping Casablanca Records at the time so my father got me the first two albums by my request. My Dad also got to talk to the Casablanca people so he would tease me about how KISS was touring but he wasn’t shipping any of their records…..they weren’t selling. Of course he teased me about the band’s appearance as well. The group Deep Purple was on the Warner Brothers label and they offered my dad free concert tickets for all of his dedicated work. His record plant at the time pressed most of the world’s vinyl in the 70’s. When he asked me if I wanted to go to my FIRST ever rock concert, I jumped at the chance. However Deep Purple was extremely popular in 1974 and the tickets went fast. They never came through with our tickets.

To make it up to me he asked me if I wanted to see KISS in Evansville, and I agreed. He drove me and my younger brother in his old pick up to a concert with KISS on a shared bill with ZZ Top. It was a cold Sunday night in December. KISS played first and I immediately heard a difference between the live KISS and my records at home. They were incredible! When Z Z Top came out, after their first song, my Dad knew we had seen the REAL headliners- KISS and we left. Now he wasn’t one to enjoy rock, let alone heavy metal, but I think he appreciated the band’s work ethic and how they whipped the crowd into frenzy. He compared the frenzy to a typical Indiana high school basketball game. I’ll never forget those people stomping on the wooden bleachers chanting “KISS, KISS, KISS”.

The next week he dared my mother to take us to Indianapolis to see KISS play in a 5 hour post-Christmas Jam with REO Speedwagon and others. She took the dare and we went. KISS played last, after midnight, when most of the crowd that had come to see REO had left. Again KISS out-performed everybody that night.

Monday morning I was riding the school bus with one of my best friends from school, Jay Evans. Jay already enjoyed KISS at the time but hadn’t seen them live. It was hard for me to explain on the bus. Plus with this being my first two rock concerts it probably looked like I was just exaggerating to many at the time. Afew months later we convinced two car loads of our classmates at Terre Haute North Vigo to go to Indianapolis to see KISS in April. KISS was now theheadliner. That was it, we now had our KISS Army.

We would go back to school bragging about KISS only to be told, “If they’re so good, why aren’t they on the radio?” We couldn’t answer that but we knew the injustice. Jay and I would meet in my basement where we came up with the “Army” theme and started calling the one and only radio station calling ourselves the KISS Army. One of the guys, Rob Smith, actually mass-produced a school-made KISS t-shirt that we would wear to school despite the jokes we’d get about the band’s lack of air time. Jay found out that it was the radio station’sprogram director who didn’t like the band so we directed our playful threats towards him. He’d try to make us mad by playing “Love Theme from KISS” before a station break just to appease us. Other times he’d play a cut like Strutter, but NOT tell the audience the name of the group. This was all intentional to keep us riled up no less.

Five months later Jay and our KISS friends started college in the fall. I was unemployed with little direction. KISS Alive had just come out and KISS announced they were coming to Terre Haute in two months. Now we had many top acts pass through our city since it was a college town. Aerosmith, the Doobie Brothers, and Chicago to name a few, but only Elvis Presley was able to sell our new arena out.

The program director, who we feuded with, asked me to bring my KISS albums by the station since he had trashed the ones Casablanca gave them. KISS Alive was starting to get some serious airplay and the radio dj’s would play a song and dedicate it to “the KISS Army.” At this time Jay and the others continued to call in as well. The program director asked me to write a “KISS Army Letter of the Day” similar to what we were writing during the summer. This would be for two weeks leading up to the November concert. I agreed and used my bully pulpit to proclaim KISS as Gods and put down all other acts including the Beatles. Eventually the concert sold out and when the people at Aucoin Management asked the radio station why KISS had sold out, while other acts with MORE airplay had not, they told them about The KISS Army Letter of the Day and how we had been attacking the radio as a group for several months. They contacted me on my birthday to tell me they wanted to start a national KISS Army….in Terre Haute no less with me running it. I have the letter to prove it. Of course that’s another story.

Continue Reading

ACE FREHLEY Gets a Good Pay Day to play Celebrate Erie Festival

Celebrating Erie comes at a price.

By ERICA ERWIN, Erie Times-News

The city will pay former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley $40,000 to headline CelebrateErie, the annual four-day summer festival that runs Aug. 16 to 19 in downtown Erie, according to a contract between the city and Frehley's booking agency.

The contract with Monterey International stipulates that Frehley will play with three bandmates for 90 minutes starting at about 9 p.m. on Aug. 18, and will recoup all proceeds of any related merchandise sales. It also requires the city to pay for local ground transportation and artist-approved hotel accommodations.
Continue Reading

Ace at the House of Blues, Atlantic City
Photo by Frank Hagan (c) 2010, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


On the eve of KISS’ massive national tour with Mötley Crüe, the legendary iconic rock band honors the U.S. military with an intimate concert at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia. On July 19, KISS, longtime supporters of the military, will put on their infamous rock show for over 2,000 service men and women. Presenting sponsor Boomer Magazine, Virginia's source of entertainment for baby boomers, coordinated the free ticket distribution through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and various military agencies. Troops and Veterans attending will receive a special commemorative KISS t-shirt.

KISS also teamed up with Hiring Our Heroes, a campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and supported by NBC News that aims to get veterans back into the workforce. KISS has hired a military veteran to be a roadie for their upcoming national tour. KISS co-founder Gene Simmons said that hiring veterans "is the most important thing that we can do.” The band held an open call and after receiving over 1,900 applications for the job, Paul Jordan, an army serviceman from Buford, Georgia was chosen. Jordan, who has devoted over 20 years to the military serving three voluntary tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a life-long KISS fan and member of the KISS army who sports a tattoo of Gene Simmons on his chest. Jordan reports for his new job as roadie, with his first full show on July 19.

Following KISS's lead, Boomer Magazine held an online contest to support Hiring Our Heroes and hired a veteran to conduct an interview with KISS. Robert Crespo, an Army serviceman, was chosen. Crespo served in Iraq's combat zone and listened to KISS ALIVE Symphony often while in the desert. "KISS was the motivation to keep going," Crespo explains. Crespo's interview with his idols, KISS, will be featured in the August issue of Boomer Magazine and video footage will be available at www.FaceBook.com/BoomerMag.

On October 16, KISS will release their 20th studio album, Monster, through the Universal Music Enterprises. The 12-track, CD is a celebration of the band’s signature sound featuring collaborations among all four members—including co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and longtime members, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer. On Monster, the group goes back to their own beginnings. Their first single, the full-throttle, autobiographical rocker “Hell or Hallelujah,” was recently made available digitally and debuted #1 on the iTunes Rock Song chart.

During KISS’ illustrious, 40-plus year history the band has earned 28 U.S. gold albums, the most gold records for any American rock band, 40 million sales in the U.S., and a total exceeding 100 million worldwide.

KISS "Hell Or Hallelujah" Now Available at Amazon for .99 Cents

Hell Or Hallelujah  is now available at the Amazon MP3 Store for just .99 cents. Click on the Amazon's MP3 Store to purchase.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TOMMY THAYER Tweets from Virginia Rehearsal's

Tommy Tweeted from his account, "Had rehearsal on our all new massive stage last night. WOW!"

KISS: Opening Night Just 3 Days Away!

Let's Pump Up For Opening Night With Some KISS ALIVE!

Makin' Love, Japan 1977

Love Gun, Washington DC 2004

I Want You, Japan 1977

KISS 'Destroyer:Resurrected on 1 Disc Vinyl & 2 CD Edition for Pre-Order

'Destroyer:Resurrected' to be Released on 1 Disc Vinyl and

                                   Double Disc Edition

Pre-Order Vinyl here at AMAZON.COM   Release date August 21, 2012.
Pre-Order 2 Disc Set here at AMAZON.COM  Release date August 21, 2012

KISS MASK Poll Results

Kiss Mask Poll Results

We posted questions to our readers in three different polls. Here are the results.

1) Do you feel the MONSTER book is priced too high?

YES- 92%
NO-  07%
181 Votes

2) Will you purchase the MONSTER book?

YES- 06%
NO-   85%
143 Votes

3) How many of you will be doing the KISS VIP Experience on 'The TOUR?'

YES- 18%
NO-   81%
33 Votes

NIKKI SIXX Tweets Over 'The Tour' Stage Sets

Nikki tweeted recently, "Just got back from pre production.Motley Crue and Kiss's new stage sets are completly over the top…" #TheTour

**Both bands are rehearsing at the venue in Bristow, VA., and Kiss will do a warm-up show for US Veterans on Thursday night.

KISS tour "The Apocalypse!", says Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley, lead vocalist of rock band Kiss, poses for a portrait at his home in Beverly Hills, California May 15, 2012. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Paul Stanley poses for a portrait in his Beverly Hills home, May 15, 2012.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Get out your makeup and dust off those platform boots, KISS is hitting the road again with one of the summer's biggest concert tours, teaming up with fellow rock band Motley Crue and kicking off "The Tour" on July 20 in Virginia.
The band, with its painted faces and pyrotechnics, was among the biggest acts of the 1970s, coming out of the glam rock era with hits like "Rock and Roll All Nite" as a predecessor of 1980s the heavy metal groups that included Motley Crue. KISS guitarist and singer Paul Stanley recently spoke to Reuters about the tour, the band's new album "Monster," and the secret to the group's longevity.

Q: After all these years, do you still feel pressure when you hit the road?

A: "I do. I'm very excited about it but I also know there's a lot to live up to. We're really up against our own reputation and the legend of what KISS is supposed to be, and that grows bigger and bigger. How much of it's true I don't know, but we have to live up to that."

Q: So what can fans expect?

A: "The apocalypse! It's a lot more than people usually get in one night. It's being bombarded with rock ‘n' roll. Motley's co-headlining, and one thing we didn't want to do was the kind of sabotage between bands that happens. We always figured, let a band go out and do the greatest show they can, and that'll only amp us up to do what we do that much better. There's no ego clashes, and this is another way to give fans more than just a concert - it's an event."

Q: What about the new album which you also produced? What can fans expect from that?

A: "'Monster' is done. Its heart is beating, and it's chained down until we release it in October. I was asked if it's a great Kiss album and I said, forget about Kiss - I truly believe it's far beyond being a Kiss album. It's a great album of its genre with all the elements of all the classic bands that I listened to - all the music that inspired me - The Who, the Stones, Humble Pie, (Eric) Clapton, (Jimi) Hendrix, Led Zeppelin. That's what I grew up with, and it inspired me to create passion, chaos, something sexually aggressive that'd celebrate life. That's a description of rock ‘n' roll."

Q: So many bands implode after they make it big. Do you guys still hang out together off-stage?

A: "Well, Gene Simmons lives five minutes away - I can see his ego from here (laughs). We have a great relationship, and the key is knowing its limitations. If you want a family, go have one, as a band isn't a family. It may start out like that, but if it evolves into something else you haven't lost anything. I told this other very famous band, well-known for all their in-fighting, ‘Look, if you make magic on stage, anything else is a bonus. Be thankful for that.'"

Q: You've outlasted all sorts of movements in music - punk rock, grunge rock. What's the secret to the band's longevity?

A: "KISS's appeal has always been timeless. It's not about a movement, just a simple philosophy - you're here once, let's celebrate life and enjoy ourselves. And it's about empowerment, believing you can accomplish something. We're the proof of that. We were given up for dead before our first album came out, and I think we're like a rallying cry to fans of what's possible. Kiss concerts are no longer concerts. It's a tribal gathering."

Q: Ever see a day when KISS might retire?

A: "I can see a day when I'll say ‘that's it,' but that has nothing to do with KISS. Members have been replaced before and I'm not excluded from that. The philosophy is, the band's bigger than its members. You show a KISS photo anywhere in the world, and they know who it is even if they don't know all our names."

Q: What's your view of the music business today?

A: "It's in shambles. I don't even know if it's a business now. It lost its footing when the Internet arrived and ways to clamp down on piracy weren't put into effect. Suddenly you had people file sharing, which is a nice way of saying stealing. You can't share what you don't own."

Q: In 1999, you played the title role in a production of "The Phantom of the Opera." Any more theatrical ambitions?

A: "Sure. I love doing theater. I saw the show in London and I just connected with it, so I auditioned and got the part. I loved every minute of it."

Q: You're also a successful artist. What do you get from painting that you don't get from music?

A: "It's a different mindset. For me, there are no rules with painting. When I started, it was an outlet - something cathartic, something therapeutic - so to put any boundaries or limits on myself went against everything I've always stood for. So there's no structure as there is with music."