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Kiss Mad-TV Halloween Special 1998

Klassic Kiss Mad-TV Halloween Special 1998

Kiss on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder Halloween 1979

Klassic Kiss
Kiss on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder
Halloween 1979
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kiss-'Paul Lynde Halloween Special' October 31, 1976

12 Year Old Rocker Would Rather Listen to Kiss than Bieber

Move over Justin Bieber - 12-year-old rock star would rather listen to Kiss
Kieran Robertson is just 12-years-old but has played to an audience of 3,400 people in his rock group Juniors Wailing.

Many children idolise Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, but not so many would name Paul Stanley, the anti-drugs rhythm guitarist of glam-rock super group Kiss, as their hero. Yet this is who 12-year-old Kieran Robertson wants to be.

Kieran's road to rock stardom began at an Iron Maiden concert when he sat atop his dad's shoulders in the centre of a mosh-pit. The band's guitarist pointed right at him and he knew then what his future held. His band, Juniors Wailing, have now played in front of 3,400.

"I got my first ever guitar when I was about five," he told The Hour. "I started playing when I was about seven and at first I was thinking I'll never be able to do this, it was taking for ages, but I had a lot of patience and my dad taught me up until whatever he knew.

"Kiss put on a great show and that’s definitely the thing I'd like to do," said Kieran. "They have fireworks and jump about. Paul Stanley, my idol, doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink, he flies into the audience because he believes the audience and the band should be one, which is also what I think."
Read the rest here

Bruce Kulick on "That Metal Show" Tonight

Bruce Kulick TV Appearances
Bruce Kulick will appear on VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" tonight (Oct. 30) at 11PM (ET/PT). Bruce will also appear on on "Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp" at 10PM (ET/PT).
Bruce is also appearing this weekend at Kreatures of the South's Kiss Expo & Rock And Rock Convention tomorrow in Atlanta, GA. Special guests also include Bobby Blotzer of Ratt and John Corabi of Union, Scream and Motley Crue fame. Visit the Kreatures of the South website.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ace Frehley at Gibson Press Conference Unveiling Firebird X

Ace & the Firebird X
Photo: Ace Frehley and the new Gibson Firebird X
Photo Credit: Shahar Azran
This morning (October 28) in New York City, Gibson Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz made an announcement that staggered the music world. Juszkiewicz unveiled Gibson’s latest guitar, Firebird X. But press, fans and celebrities in attendance quickly learned that Firebird X was much, much more than any guitar ever conceived. Speaking to an audience that included such guitar luminaries as Ace Frehley, The Roots’ Kirk Douglas, Eddie Ojeda and Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister, Lou Pallo, Russ Paul and others, Juszkiewicz described an instrument light years ahead of anything ever built.
“This is new. This is different. This is revolution,” he declared before unveiling the axe. “Nobody looks and spends the time to reinvent the guitar. This is a new guitar.”
The Firebird X guitar takes the guitar instrument to new heights of functionality and usability for the professional player and the aspiring enthusiast. Using technologies that did not exist even a few years ago, Gibson has enhanced an already outstanding instrument to unbelievable performance and creative heights. The enhancements touch every aspect of the instrument from improved manufacturing technologies to the latest electronics.
To drive this point home, Juszkiewicz grabbed a traditional guitar and smashed it to pieces. Afterward, the crowd buzzed over the announcement. And already, video of the occasion has leaked onto the Internet.

Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons in New York Halloween Parade

Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley in Greenwich Village Halloween Parade
Matt Porter Video
Paul and Gene were the Grand Marshalls in the 33rd year of the famous Village Parade, Halloween 2006. The video was shot by Karl Gober and edited by Matt Porter to the KISS classic, "Creatures of the Night," now in high-resolution for the first time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Allan Schwartzberg Interview Part Two

Kiss' 'Ghost Drummer' Interviewed Part Two

(Editor's note: Schwartzberg has produced the new duet album for Regis & Joy Phelbin titled, "Just You And Me." You can visit Allan at his web sites & ) I’ve heard that you played drums on KISS’ Animalize and Asylum albums? Any truth to that or did you simply provide overdubs?

Schwartzberg: "Asylum, I did and on Animalize I did overdubs.” How did KISS get in touch with you for those projects?

Schwartzberg: "I had already worked with Gene and I go back with the guys to the time when they were called WICKED LESTER.” So, you go back to the late ‘60s/early ‘70s with them.

Schwartzberg: "Yeah, I was working at Hendrix’ studio (Electric Lady Land) and they were in the other studio working with Eddie Kramer. They were walking around in their boots and I was playing on a B.J. THOMAS record.” Did they show up to record in full make-up and outfits?

Schwartzberg: "Well, I do remember them showing up in boots. Might not have been the big blocky boots, but they were decked out.” Getting back to Animalize – this was 1984 and KISS were almost going for a heavy metal sound. They cranked up the amps and the drumming was a lot faster. How was it working on those overdubs? Do you know why Eric Carr wasn’t handling the overdubs?

Schwartzberg: "I don’t know the answer to that. I remember playing a lot of drums fills – fills that either weren’t there or they didn’t like and needed replacing.” When you listen back to an album like that can you pick out your parts?

Schwartzberg: "I actually can. It’s a weird thing. It’s kind of like penguins amongst a million other penguins; they can still find their babies. I do hear myself in there.” You ears perk up when you hear yourself…

Schwartzberg: "Yeah, exactly.” A lot of people don’t know that you played on KISS’ Asylum album, but you did. Simply overdubs or full tracks?

Schwartzberg: "To be honest, I don’t remember. I really wish I could tell you. Gene would remember though.” Are there any other KISS albums that you remember playing on?

Schwartzberg: "No, I think that’s it.” That’s five albums. That’s pretty impressive.

Schwartzberg: "It was fun. Gene’s a good guy.”

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paul Stanley & Family Go Pumpkin Picking

It's the Great Pumpkin, Paul Stanley!
Paul, Erin and Sarah Go Pumpkin Picking
Paul Stanley his wife Erin and their 21 month old daughter Sarah pick out the best pumpkin Sarah at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood .
Mr. Bones, a West Hollywood landmark since 1986, is a place to see and be seen. Last year Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Marky Mark, Tobey McGuire, Sarah Gilbert, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, Lisa Rinna, Corey Feldman, and Lindsay Lohan all got their pumpkins at Mr. Bones. There is also a papparazzi photo section so celebs can smile when they find the perfect pumpkin.
Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch is located at 702 North Doheny Drive in West Hollywood.

Gene Simmons Collapes, Hospitalized and Released

Gene Collapes at LAX, Hospitalized for Dehydration


Gene Simmons was spotted leaving Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, Calif. today after he fainted at LAX yesterday. Sources close to Simmons tell TMZ he hit his head after fainting and was rushed to the hospital. He suffered a cut on his forehead and, after tests were run, sources tell us the doctors concluded it was just dehydration.

He was released today.
Gene's comments via his website:
"So, Miss Tweed and I were at LAX... we got some Decaf Coffee and some eggs... and there I am munching and taking a few sips... and then, I feel this rush of heat from my feet up to my head... and then apparently I blacked out.
I woke up in a nearby hospital. I was told I passed out due to dehydration, lack of sleep, and just pure exhaustion.
I spent a night at the hospital and found, to my surprise, half of my left eyebrow literally fell off... I must have hit the ground hard. I don't remember. So, there I am being stitched up, eating hospital food, and itchy to get back to work.
I'm back home. All is well.
I've been getting lots of emails and calls asking if everything is fine. Yes. Thank you. All is well.
I have a meeting in an hour, so I have to finish this.
More next time."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kiss TV References This Week

"Mike & Molly"/CBS TV
Aired: 10/18/10 'Carl is Jealous' episode
Mike, Molly, her sister and Mike's police partner are double dating. During the course of their date, Molly explains her sister is a make-up artist at a funeral home and as Molly's sister explains, "One time I got really baked and made this 80 year old woman look like the drummer in Kiss."

"I Love You, Beth Cooper"/20th Century Fox
I just saw this movie over the weekend on HBO. The 2009 dramedy stars Hayden Panettiere as Beth and Paul Rust as Denis. As they are sitting on the back of a stationwagon, the song "Beth" (Peter Criss' version) can be heard in the backround. The film, a comedy directed by the famed Chris Columbus, is based on a novel by novel written by former The Simpsons writer Larry Doyle. The scene occurs :43 minutes into the film. "Beth" also appears on the film's soundtrack.

Kiss 'Ghost' Drummer Allan Schwartzberg Interview

Bob Ezrin's Favorite 'Ghost' Drummer The other major rock artist you worked with is KISS.

Schwartzberg: “Yes, that was through Bob Ezrin.” You’ve played on a lot of KISS tracks. You started off on Gene Simmons’ first solo album.

Schwartzberg: “Yes, we went to The Manor in Oxford, England. We lived in the house and he was going out with CHER at the time. So, Cher and Chastity (as a little girl) were with us. We made the album using the entire Manor house. We had cables strung everywhere. We couldn’t see each other, but we were all connected by phones. I thought it was a great creative record. The producer was Sean Delaney and he was a super creative guy. He invented the make-up for KISS.” He co-wrote a lot of their greatest songs…

Schwartzberg: “Yes, exactly. He was absolutely brilliant.” You also worked on drummer Peter Criss’ solo album.

Schwartzberg: “Yes, with Peter Criss sitting on the floor next to the drums.” Yes, and that’s never made sense to me. Why? Because Peter Criss is a drummer, but yet you’re the drummer on his album. Please explain.

Schwartzberg: “For some reason, he was out of commission, but the reason I did the KISS stuff in the first place was because Bob Ezrin had a problem with Peter’s playing as was the case with many other groups. I did a lot of ghost playing. I did Alice Cooper’s Muscle Of Love without credit. Not on every track, but I played on four or five tracks. Jack Richardson and Bob Ezrin did co-production on that.” Did you simply do overdubs on that or did you actually play on the original tracks?

Schwartzberg: “They called me in and I did the drums over (without credit). There was a big tall blonde guy playing drums with them at the time and they weren’t happy with his tracks. From what I’ve been told, he never knew and I guess he eventually found out, but he didn’t know it wasn’t him… That’s kind of crazy.” That’s one album I didn’t even know about. I knew that time frame the band was having internal problems and eventually brought in other players, but up until that point I always assumed that The Alice Cooper Group albums were played by the Alice Cooper Group.

Schwartzberg: “Well, that’s how they wanted it to be. I understand they didn’t want to complicate things and I got paid. Though it would have been nice to get the credit. So, I did that and Bob Ezrin told me that with Peter (Criss) he would say ‘Peter watch my hand,’ and he would move it up and down. Then, he would say, ‘Peter when my hand comes down that’s when you hit’. He couldn’t get him to do it and he couldn’t get him to play with a click track… it was a problem in those days for drummers to play evenly. The shit would sound great and rocking onstage, but when you’re making an album if it’s not even it just doesn’t make it. You can’t have the time of the song be uneven. It just doesn’t work. It’s called ‘sloppy’ and your foot stops tapping and the listener stops listening. You can tap your foot to all the great records even those from the ‘50s and ‘60s.” Bob’s relationship with KISS dates back to the mid-70s. Did you do any work for Bob on a KISS album before the Gene and Peter solo albums? Did you play on KISS’ Destroyer album?

Schwartzberg: “I’m trying to remember. I did… hmmm. I’m fuzzing up on that one. I know I did KISS’ Animalize. Did I do something on Destroyer? I don’t know. I really don’t know.” There are a lot of rumors out there as to which KISS albums you actually played on…

Schwartzberg: “I did The Elder.” Right, you did the track ‘I’ on The Elder. Bob wasn’t happy with Eric Carr’s drumming, so he brought you in.

Schwartzberg: “I did it that out an Ace’s house in Connecticut, but it was more than one track.” What’s been ‘released’ to the public is that you only played on ‘I’, but the story of the ghost musician is always much different than the ‘official story’. A band will begrudgingly admit to have a ghost musician play on one track when, in reality, they know it’s fifteen, right?

Schwartzberg: “Yes, yeah. It wasn’t a lot, but it was more than one. It doesn’t matter. The crazy part about that album was that Bob wanted me to double my drum part exactly. Play it over. He didn’t want to use…” …studio tricks.

Schwartzberg: “He literally wanted me to double the part and that’s like tracing over what you played in a moment in time. It’s such a bitch to do. It was very hard. That Elder was supposed to be the start of another industry for KISS. They had the cartoons ready to go. They had the books. There was KISS World. It was going to be gigantic with this amazing marketing thing, but somehow it didn’t happen. It just fizzled. It just died.” The album wasn’t that good unfortunately.

Schwartzberg: “I guess not.”

Read the entire interview here

Peter Criss Video from Making Strides Cancer Walk

Here is video of Peter Criss from last Sunday's (10/17/10) Making Strides Cancer Walk from Point Pleaseant Beach, NJ. The event drew over 12,000 people and $1.1 million dollars raised for Breast Cancer. Peter himself raised over $12,000 in sponsorship alone.

Support Gene Simmons in Rally for Kids with Cancer

Rally For Kids

Dear Friends,

The Rally for Kids with Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children throughout LA.

We will be participating in the Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup on Saturday, October 23, 2010. By pledging for this event you are supporting children's cancer research from diagnosis and treatment, to conducting research and finding promising new therapies.

We hope you'll sponsor us in this very worthwhile cause. Your generous donation will go towards helping kids with cancer beat the disease so they can live active, full lives.

We can make a difference.

Thank you for your support!

Gene & Shannon

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Peter Criss at Point Pleasant Cancer Walk

Peter Criss At Point Pleasant Beach Cancer Walk

An estimated 12,000 people took part in last Sunday's Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. 1.1 million dollars were raised for cancer research and awareness. Here are some photos of Peter at the event.

Photos courtesy of

Kiss Gets The Big Band Treatment

KISS are among the heavy rock acts to get the big band treatment with the Big Band Goes Heavy album. Finnish heavy metal musician Jarkko Ahola (TERÄSBETONI, NORTHERN KINGS) has recorded a heavy-meets-jazz album with OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND, which organizes performances in cooperation with guest stars and conductors. Due on October 29, "Big Band Goes Heavy" contains "big-band" versions of classic songs from DIO, QUEEN, KISS, IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH, among others.

The Oulu All Star Big Band feat. J. Ahola performing a cover of the Kiss song, "I Was Made For Loving You". Big Band arrangement by Sven Seebeck of the OASBB.The Oulu All Star Big Band invited J. Ahola (Teräsbetoni, Northern Kings) to appear as their vocalist for the "Big Band Goes Heavy" portion of the third OASBB Festival which took place at the Uusi Seaurahuone in Oulu, Finland on November 7th, 2009. Conductor and Artistic Director for OASBB: Tapio Maunuvaara.

Samantha Fox on Paul Stanley:He's a very talented guy

Samantha Fox: "I Had a Great Time with Paul"

RockConfidential:I’ve got to ask about your relationship with Paul Stanley. You dated him for a while. What do you remember about that time?

Samantha Fox:It was a wonderful time. I remember moving to New York. Every week I was flying back and forth to New York. I was constantly jet-lagged and burnt out. All I thought about New York was guns, gangs, rapes and drugs! That what I saw on TV, ya know? My bass player had moved to Albany. I knew him very well. I moved out my best friend and PA so it wasn’t like I moved out all on my own. I had friends at the record company. I was recording one day with Full Force. We were working on the Just One Night record, I think. Paul was doing some solo stuff away from Kiss. He really liked the “Naughty Girls” song I did. He got in touch with Full Force to work on a track. I was recording and he heard I was in the studio because he was working with Full Force at that time. I don’t think anything ever came about with that track. I think he wanted to meet me because he just happened to turn up the day I was singing. Full Force introduced me to Paul. I was a big Kiss fan anyway. Ten minutes after he left he called me from his limousine and asked me out on a date. I was new in the States and up for meeting new people. I wasn’t thinking about a love affair at that time. I said “OK” and he said, “Well, how about tonight?” We went out for a great meal and he ended up showing me the America I didn’t know. While I was recording the album Paul was doing a short tour of the States. In between the album I went on tour with him and saw how he did things – the rock ‘n roll. way. I had a great time with Paul and learned a lot from him. He’s a very talented guy. We had a great love affair.I went on tour for six months on a bus with a band. Me and Paul tried to see each other when we could. He was then on tour with Kiss. After that tour I became a tax exile because I was paying so much tax and all of my money was basically going to managers and the tax man. I went to live in Spain for a year and our love affair just kind of fizzled out. There were no arguments or bad feelings. It was just a case of being apart. I have great memories of Paul. He’s a really nice guy. He’s a bit older than me but what can I say? I’m sure he lied about his age then! Kiss is still a fantastic band and in 1989 they’d done far more than I’d done. Listening to their stories and his wisdom was fantastic.

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Ace Frehley Performs 'NY Groove' At Rangers Game

To launch the 85th season of the New York Rangers, Ace Frehley performed "New York Groove" before the game at Madison Square Garden on October 15. Ace begins playing at 7:40-

12,000 Walk for Making Strides in New Jersey

Huge Turnout for Making Strides Cancer Walk
Asbury Park Press
POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Lauren Stepnosky can vividly recall the exact moment she got the news that no one ever wants to hear.

"You have (breast) cancer," said Stepnosky, 37, of Atlantic Highlands, repeating the words she remembers her doctor telling her at exactly 6 p.m. on September 25 last year.
Now, nearly 13 months later, Stepnosky can call herself something else: a cancer survivor.
"After 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction last month, I'm here today," Stepnosky told an estimated crowd of 12,000 Sunday morning at the American Cancer Society's 15th annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer five-kilometer walk.
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k Walk
"I, unfortunately, didn't jump into their (American Cancer Society) program as I should have; I didn't pay attention to myself," Stepnosky said.
Stepnosky encouraged the walkers, who filled the Arnold Avenue municipal parking lot, to get involved with the American Cancer Society.
"It's about awareness, and it's about help," Stepnosky said. "We are here today in an effort to cancel out breast cancer — all cancer."
American Cancer Society officials estimated Sunday's walk would generate about $1.2 million in donations for breast cancer research.
For Peter Criss, former drummer of the rock band "Kiss," who found out he had male breast cancer and was treated in 2008, the annual walk is a living example that when people pull together for a cause they can figuratively move mountains.

read the rest here

Tommy Thayer in Oregon Music Hall of Fame

Tommy and Black & Blue in Oregon Hall of Fame
Tommy tells the story...

Saturday, October 9th, 2010 Black 'N Blue was proudly inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. The ceremony and party at Portland's Roseland Theatre included dear friends, family and a ton of B 'N B fans. A fantastic introduction by Peter Tashjian, son of our beloved manager Garo, told the story of how in 1983, five irrepressible young rockers (barely out of high school) made their way to Hollywood to take their shot at the big time. After our introduction, induction and receipt of OMHOF plaques, we jumped onstage for a 30-minute set of B 'N B faves, including "Hold On To 18", "Miss Mystery" and "Nasty Nasty" among others. It was a great feeling to get together with Jaime, Pete, Patrick and Woop and let the good times roll again; and to celebrate all things Black 'N Blue!

Win Gene Simmons Fangoria Signed Print

Gene's Signed Print from Fangoria
This Halloween, in honor of the release of FANGORIA #298, Fango wants to give you the chance to win 1 of 10 limited edition prints of our hand painted cover image, signed by none other than Gene "The Demon" Simmons from the legendary "shock rock" band KISS.In order to win, simply log on to and follow the contest rules.Contest closes November 12th, 2010. And keep logging on to for all your horror, dark fantasy and twisted pop culture needs!NOTE: This contest goes live on Sunday, October 17th at Midnight at

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Ace Frehley on 'Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp' October 16

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp” will air on VH1 Classic Saturday night at 10pm (EST). The Mark Burnett produced show will feature Ace Frehley, Michael Anthony, Lita Ford, Lemmy Kilmister, Matt Sorum, Eddie Kramer, and Bret Michaels.

In Related Ace Frehley News:
via NoiseCreep
Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley is back ... in an editorial groove. The "Space Ace" will release his autobiography, 'No Regrets,' on April 26 via The online bookseller reports that the 288-page book will take a close look at Frehley's life of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll as he toured alongside Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss. Let's hope that it's a page-turner that gives us the fly-on-the-wall scoop on in one of the biggest bands on earth.

Bruce Kulick On Board with TGF

Bruce Kulick Appearences With Traveling Guitar Foundation
Since being formed in 2009, the main focus of the Traveling Guitar Foundation (TGF) has been to shape the future of the music industry through children's education. The Traveling Guitar Foundation donates instruments to schools whose music programs are endangered due to budget cuts.

Founder Damon Marks "son of Tony Marks, a vocalist that has performed with the likes of Frankie Valli and the Sentimental Four" a guitarist and songwriter himself, has performed and recorded with many top names in the music business. Together, with the foundation's board of directors, which includes recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee - David Bryan (Bon Jovi), on-air radio personality Maria Milito (Q104.3FM), and HSBC Bank VP Business Relationship Manager Vincent Moretti, Marks brings the same passion and energy he displays on-stage and in the studio to his charitable work.

The foundation's mission is to provide assistance and support to instrumental music programs in our communities' schools; helping to ensure that elementary, high school and college students have access to music education and musical instrument instruction throughout their educational journey.

Marks states: "I'm thrilled that Big Machine Media has taken on both me and the Traveling Guitar Foundation as one of its projects to keep music education in the schools".

In a very short time, Marks and his devotees have developed a large roster of artists and music industry manufacturers to support the cause. Each time the foundation visits a school to make a donation, they put on a show to reinforce the benefits and joy of making music. In addition to young artists, who make a big impact on school children, he also brings along renowned music personalities to help deliver the message and the goods, including Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC and music producer Kasseem "SWIZZ BEATZ" DEAN. Sponsoring guitarists include Grammy Award winners- Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, as well as Bruce Kulick (KISS, Meatloaf, Billy Squire).


October 23rd, 2010

Traveling Guitar Foundation @ Guitar Con 2010, Parsippany Hilton one Hilton Court Parsippany, NJ (10am to 6pm). *Founder Damon Marks will be hosting a guitar clinic at 2PM & performing songs live with a TGF performing artist.

October 25th, 2010

Traveling Guitar Foundation in School Guitar Donation Event @ Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Teaneck, NJ

November 12th, 2010

Traveling Guitar Foundation in School Guitar Donation Event @ Family Life Academy Charter School, Bronx, NY

December 17th, 2010

Traveling Guitar Foundation in School Guitar Donation Event @ Anderson School, New York, NY

The Traveling Guitar Foundation's name derives from the "Traveler" which is a Dean Vendetta 4F donated to the foundation by TGF'S main sponsor Dean Guitars and then placed in the hands of famous guitarists, who play and sign them. The guitars are auctioned off at the end of the year and the proceeds help the foundation fulfill its mission.

For more information regarding the TRAVELING GUITAR FOUNDATION and/or founder DAMON MARKS, please visit:

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A Chat With The Cat:Peter Criss -Podkisst #37

It’s an honor to share with you, our PodKISSt listeners, an interview with a hero! Heroes are people who face adversity and come out stronger than before, and Peter Criss embodies that definition. We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive PodKISSt interview with this founding KISS member and true survivor, who tells us about his very personal experiences with breast cancer. On October 17, 2010, Peter will be participating in a walk at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey to benefit the American Cancer Society. PodKISSt has pledged our financial support, AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!! Visit Peter’s site ( for more information. Big thanks to Gigi Criss for her time and her kindness, and to the one and only Peter Criss. We love you, Hooligan!
Click here to listen.

Kiss & Cadillac: 35 Years Ago!!

Kiss & Cadillac, Michigan:35 Years Ago

A love affair that began 35 years ago today...

CLICK HERE to view the entire piece ESPN SportsCenter and Outside The Lines ran on 2/28/10.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Peter Criss on 'Friday Night Rocks' Audio

Peter Criss appeared on Eddie Trunk's 'Friday Night Rocks' last night. Peter discusses being a grandfather, his long awaited rock album (which was reported here first back in August 2009) and the Cancer Walk on October 17 in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

Celebrating More Birthdays
On October 17th I will be walking for the American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. I would love for you to join me in this walk to help Save lives and bring awareness to Men and Women about this disease. I am going to join Nurse Betty's Team BosomBuddies/TwinPeaks. She is an awesome woman who dedicates her life to helping Men and Women with this disease. To register and join our team Click Link below, if you can't walk with us please make a donation for support. If you want to support Me as a Walker, after you Click Link below Click My Name. As a Breast Cancer Survivor I THANK YOU!!! So register and walk 3.1 miles with me on Sunday, October 17th. The walk starts at 10:00 am, speeches start at 8:00 am. Hope you will support our team!!!
God Bless,Peter Criss
go to for details.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gene Simmons Interviewed for Warriors of Rock

Gene Talks About Follow-up To Sonic Boom

Peter Criss to appear on 'Friday Night Rocks'

Peter Criss will call in during Eddie Trunk's Friday Night Rocks (10/8) tonight at 11pm (EST). Click here to the Q-104 website and to listen live.

Peter was recently interviewed by Backstage Axxess about his experience with male breast cancer.

Ace Frehley Featured in Mark Burnett Rock Reality TV Show

Show to also feature Legendary Kiss Producer Eddie Kramer

Vh1/Mark Burnett Productions

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - a new Mark Burnett Production Reality Television Series on VH1 Classic. Follow three bands as they go through the process of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp! Featuring Rock Star and "Celebrity Apprentice" Bret Michaels, Ace Frehley (KISS), Michael Anthony (ChickenFoot/Van Halen) and many more! Watch all five episodes.

This five episode series documents the real life dream inside every music fan -- becoming a rock star! In Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp we'll follow 12 musicians ready to step out of their lives as 9 to 5'ers, truck drivers, teachers, dads and husbands and onto the stage. Over one week, our campers will form bands and rehearse...culminating in a live performance at an iconic venue their own rock idols have conquered. With a few hiccups along the way, the journey will be anything but dull...fights will erupt and stage fright will ensue, ensuring that only those with rock n roll in their blood will make it!

As if that doesn't sound hard enough, these campers will be learning the ropes from rock gods including Ace Frehley, Michael Anthony, Lita Ford, Lemmy Kilmister, Matt Sorum, Eddie Kramer, and Bret Michaels. Our camp counselors/rock stars Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger and Mark Hudson will be doling out tough love to the wannabe rockers...but what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. We'll see campers evolve from quiet nice guy to loud sexy frontman...timid drummer to a drum-pounding rock hero...wannabe Slash to an ax-slinging force to be reckoned with...!

After being schooled by music legends, our campers will be taken out and shown how to dress the part. With the music know-how, looks and rock star swagger falling into place, we'll watch them take the stage in front of a live audience. Will they pass the test and be flocked with groupies...or booed off the stage? The stakes are high as the band voted best by the fans will win the opportunity rock fans can only dream about -- a once in a lifetime performance with a legendary rock artist.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ace Frehley at Redemption Song Last Night

Ace Frehley " New York Groove"
Here is fan filmed video of Ace Frehley last night (10/5) from the Redemption Song event in New York City last night. Held at Zankel Hall and hosted by Henry Rollins, features an evening of discussion and song centered around celebrity and substance abuse.

Ace Frehley on lead guitar, Twisted Sister's Eddie Ojeda on rhythm guitar and Guns N Roses's Steven Alder "New York Goove."

A Note from Paul Stanley

A Note from Paul

One year, one million fans, one unbelievable tour...

Spitting in the face of any doubters, the truth is now undeniable: KISS is bigger and stronger than ever.You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best and the best keeps getting better.

A whole lot more coming, including another album and another tour.

Tommy, Eric, Gene and I take this victory lap with you, The KISS Army.
-Paul Stanley

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gene Simmons on Building Successful Entertianment Brand

Gene Speaks at MIPCOM 2010
Gene Simmons, a founding member of KISS and star and Executive Producer of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and Bob DeBitetto, President and General Manager of A&E Network and BIO Channel, discuss the importance and how to's of building strong entertainment brands from channels to television series.

Gene Simmons, Family Jewels
& Bob DeBitetto, President & GM, A&E Network and BIO Channel

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ace Frehley to play Acoustic at Redemption Song in NYC

Ace will play an acoustic version of "A Little Below the Angels" from Anomaly when he appears at Redemption Song at Zankel Hall on October 5.

Publishers of NO REGRETS Simon & Shuster:
Ace Frehley is known around the world as a founding member and lead guitarist for the legendary rock band KISS. He masterminded and embodied the persona of the “Space Ace,” and was a crucial member of the band from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982. He’s the man who designed the iconic KISS logo and “spaceman makeup.” After leaving KISS, Frehley embarked on a successful solo career, selling millions of albums with his band, Frehley’s Comet, and under his own name. He rejoined his KISS band mates for a highly successful reunion tour in 1996, which became the number one grossing tour of 1996–1997. He returned to the studio with KISS in 1998 to record the Psycho Circus album and performed on the tour as well. Frehley completed his run with KISS in 2001 on the band's farewell tour. In September 2009 he released the album, Anomaly, to rave reviews and continues to stay at the top of his game by sharing the stage with other legendary artists like Slash, and his recent cameo at Madison Square Garden with Pearl Jam. Frehley is also a songwriter and author of his forthcoming memoir (Simon & Schuster 2011).

Bruce Kulick's "Unholy" in Australia

Bruce Kulick appeared at the Australia International Music Show on October 2 in Melbourne, Australia. Check out Bruce playing the solo from the Kiss classic off of 1992's Revenge, "Unholy."

Kiss Concludes Successful Tour in Guadalajara

Kiss' Hottest Show On Earth tour came to an end in Guadalajara, Mexico Saturday night on October 2. The 36 city tour which began July 23 in Cheyenne, Wyoming with sold out or near sell out crowds, was one of the most successful and highly anticipated tours of the summer.

The US leg wound down in Fontana, California, September 25 with the Epicenter Twenty Ten Festival at the California Speedway with openers Eminem, Papa Roach and a reunited Bush and House of Pain. The tour then headed to Mexico for four sell outs in Monterrey, two nights in Mexico City and concluding at Guadalajara's Arena V.F.G.

Kiss raised over a half a million dollars to the Wounded Warriors Fund for US Service men and women by donating $1 from each ticket sold.

Fan filmed clips of the tour's final show in Guadalajara Saturday night:

Opening/Modern Day Delilah

I Was Made For Lovin' You

Cold Gin

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Peter Criss Talks to Q92 Radio, Ontario

Peter Criss on Sudbury's Q92
October 1, 2010

Holly Thorne of Q92 radio in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, interviewed original KISS drummer Peter Criss about the stigma of being a man battling breast cancer.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

Ace Frehley's Memoir Due in April 2011

Ace's memoir, No Regrets, is due out on April 26, 2011. You can pre-order the book here at His biography will look at "his life of sex, drugs and rock -and -roll." 'No Regrets' will be published by Gallery Books, a division of Simon and Shuster, under the VH1 Books imprint.

Co-written by New York Times journalist Joe Layden, Jennifer Bergstrom, Vice President, Editor-in-Chief of Gallery Books, said "'No Regrets' is sure to be the next must-read rock-and-roll memoir." Commented Frehley: "I think Sinatra said it best… 'Regrets I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention.'"

"It's gonna be memoirs, you know," he told the Artisan News Service."I just turned 59, [so] I think it's about time I start getting the stuff out and writing it down on paper before I forget it."It's hard for me to remember a lot of the stuff, so what I've been doing is getting together with people I used to work with, and they usually have better memories of situations than myself. Getting together with old bodyguards... They have the best stories about me... stuff I don't remember."

Clip below from Artisan News Service at the MAP benefit show, Ace Frehley said he's not losing sleep over his former band, Kiss, not being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kiss in Mexico City: Night #2

Kiss Alive in Mexico City
YouTube / juliomoralesm

Check out these live clips of Kiss performing their second night at the Sports Palace in Mexico City last night on their sold-out Mexican tour. Kiss will play their fourth and final show in Mexico tonight at Arena V.F.G. in Guadalajara.

Black Diamond


Detroit Rock City

Why the F#@! Isn't Kiss in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

or Why The Hell Is There a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame In The First Place?

James Campion/Political Analyst, 'The Aquarian Weekly'
The Huffington Post

Boys, I'm not gonna go on and on about this fucking spirit shit. I'll talk about the blues and influences and how I dig you guys and bing-bam-boom, I'll be out of there. It's just fucking rock n' roll, after all.
- Keith Richards to the members of ZZ Top backstage at the 2004 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Committee (whatever the hell that is), has seen fit to nominate Alice Cooper, sixteen years after his, or if you prefer the band to the character, its eligibility. This makes what is already an abject mockery of what even the most casual observer of the genre would consider downright silly. For those of us who cherish its everlasting effect on our souls, it is an insult. After all, The Coop, an icon and creative pioneer in 1970s hard rock, is as influential to rock and roll history as Elvis Presley and his Caucasian-hijacking of an African-American invention is to the '50s, The Beatles and its image-driven cultural phenomenon is to the '60s, Madonna and her sexually-charged chameleon star-trip is to the 80s', and the spit-in-the-face of all that is holy Nirvana in the '90s.

For several decades, Alice Cooper was a drunken, spiteful, sloppy, defiant, obscene, deafening burlesque freak show that cared less for anything healthy and decent than anyone or anything imaginable; or as he put it to me in last year, "You couldn't have a rock and roll drama without a villain." That, my friends, is rock and roll in a nutshell. Refusing to recognize that impugns any point of celebrating it.

Shit, anyone failing to list "School's Out" in their Top Ten of most on-the-money rock and roll songs has no fucking clue what the entire rock and roll trip is about; or more likely the case in the realm of the high-brow geeks running this vapid dog & pony show in Cleveland, got off the train with anything post-Traffic.

Turns out Cooper's drinking buddy Jim Morrison was right about handing the rebel stick over to the Madison Avenue suits and Hollywood posers who would likely render whatever erect pecker or moist pussy it manifested into a flaccid, dried up twat.

Keith Richards, the godfather of all that is modern rock and roll, and the man for whom even death recoils in horror, would concur. At least if you judge it from the look of a man who'd worked his ass off concocting an outlaw life of violent upheaval and massive substance abuse into gorgeous riffs of heavenly power only to be dumped in his waning years headlong into presenting goddamned ZZ Top to a bunch of gut-sagging, hair-thinned cretins posing as rock critics boozing beside the putrid gaggle of industry turds dressed for prom night.

Video evidence of the event shows Keith looking sick to his stomach and cackling like a hyena at the absurdity of his mission, and doing it right in the heavily-bearded faces of the band he was to induct into this laughing stock of an embalming center.

Keith and Jimmy Morrison knew what those of us who ever cared for rock and roll know; Alice Cooper is the real deal; whether the "keepers of the flame" deign to admit it or not. The Coop and his band kicked the ass and took the names to the tune of record numbers when they ruled the world, and there was a time when they sure as hell did. For a few years no one manipulated our wicked zeitgeist or exploited its most precious disgust better than Alice Cooper.

The only act that even comes close is Kiss. And guess what? Kiss has never even been nominated.
(Kiss Mask: Actually, they were nominated last year)

The biggest-selling live act in the history of rock and roll, which not only emerged full-fledged from the gloriously outlandish Alice Cooper excess-driven, shock-treatment womb, but also liberated the genre from its deadening artsy-fartsy, late-sixties to early-seventies jam-band, self-indulgence - predating the usually lauded Bruce Springsteen and the soon-to-seek vengeance of Punk.

Kiss is rock and roll, as much as Parliament is funk, the Bee Gees disco, Michael Jackson pop and Joni Mitchell folk, all of whom have already been inducted into this so-called HOF.

Kiss was, and stupefying still is theater, pomp and bombast; a distorted blitzkrieg off-spring of a Jerry Lee Lewis piano assault, a Jimi Hendrix guitar fire, The Who's instrumental auto-destruction, an Iggy Pop chest carving, and whatever crazy crap Peter Gabriel or Frank Zappa ever dreamed up. Grease paint, pyrotechnics, leather, and juvenile odes to sex and mayhem are a recipe for rock and roll greatness, and yet for some reason it is trumped by The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, and REM - all acts I enjoy and certainly belong in whatever goofy palaver dinosaurs like Jann Wenner fabricate these days, but not at the exclusion of motherfucking Kiss.

I'm sorry, kids, nothing that aforementioned foursome produced approaches the anthemic core of the rock and roll gut like "Rock N' Roll All Nite," never mind the brilliant fist-pump of "Detroit Rock City".

Recently a friend, while speaking of his time in Cleveland, asked if I'd visited the HOF museum. To which I followed with a 20-minute diatribe culminating in the notion that any such asinine endeavor calling itself a rock and roll institution (whatever the hell that is) and claiming to celebrate those whose fame is worthy of its blessed enshrinement, but yet so completely incapable of seeing the worth and testament of titans like Kiss, is nothing I need to see. It's akin to going to a pizzeria and getting served celery.

And let's be honest, the entire concept of having a shrine or snobbish observance of rock & roll is antithetical to everything the damn art form stands for in the first place, and second, and most disturbing, is it confirms what purist caretaker, Lester Bangs predicted and oft-times celebrated as its demise propagated by the over-intellectualizing arrogance of the "rock critic elite."

Barely aware of the comings and goings of something as moronically feckless as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I was unaware as recently as a week ago that neither Alice Cooper nor Kiss had been included, yet the very bands they helped launch, specifically Van Halen and AC/DC, waltzed in before them. This seemed beyond ludicrous, until I saw the roll call of acts that have preceded their groundbreaking, hit-making, record-smashing concert-receipt resume.

Metallica? Without Alice Cooper and Kiss, where is Metallica beyond a garage in suburban San Francisco? But then at least it's a rock band, unlike folkie Pete Seeger, gospel queen Mahalia Jackson, soul master Curtis Mayfield, torch song goddess Billie Holiday, crooner Nat "King" Cole, country outlaw Johnny Cash, or for the sake of the Christ, The O'Jays, Jelly Roll Morton, , Brenda Lee, Bill Willis & His Texas Playboys, or fucking Bob Seger.

Bob fucking Seger? What's next, Barry Manilow and Bread?

When Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were playing backyard barbecues in Gainesville and Elvis Costello was learning to snarl with horn-rimmed glasses, Kiss was plowing through America and everywhere making noxious rip-roaring cacophony - making movies, starring in comic books, and turning pop culture sideways.

Sorry if condescending scribes at the hippie journalists' convention thumb their coke-addled noses at it, but Kiss stomped the terra without regret and didn't beg your permission.

Oh, and this year's nominees - alongside the long-overlooked Alice and in place of Kiss? Dr. John, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Donavan, and Donna Summer.

I rest my case.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kiss "Modern Day Delilah" from Mexico City

Here is a YouTube clip from Kiss' opening last night in Mexico City. Hear the roar of this sold out crowd last night (9/30/10) at the Sports Palace. Kiss will play a second show there tonight.

Ace Frehley Joins 'Redemption Song' NYC Event

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM Zankel Hall

Hosted by Henry Rollins—musician, actor, performer, and writer.
Rickie Lee Jones, blues, folk, and jazz musician, singer-songwriter, producer, and performer
Steven Adler, musician/drummer (Guns N’ Roses, Adler’s Appetite) and author (My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses)
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (Run-DMC), musician, founding member of the hip-hop group Run-DMC, and author (King of Rock: Respect, Responsibility, and My Life with Run-DMC)
Ace Frehley, original guitarist of KISS, songwriter, and author (No Regrets)
More artists to be announced—check back soon!
7:30 PM
Panel Discussion and Performance Zankel Hall
9:30 PM
Exclusive Meet-the-Artists Afterparty sponsored by FUZE Beverage Providence (previously Media Sound Studios, one of the world’s most famous recording studios)
Redemption Song and all annual Notables season-launch events are generously underwritten by Pia and Jimmy Zankel. Mr. Zankel also serves as the Co-Chair of the Notables program.

$60 Public; $40 Notables members at the Prelude level Complimentary reservations are available to Notables members at the Supporters level and above.
Admission proceeds support the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall.
Phone 212-903-9734

Mail Mail a check payable to The Carnegie Hall Society with“Redemption Song” on the Notes line to: Carnegie Hall Notables Attn: Tyler Armstrong 881 Seventh Avenue