Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gene Simmons on ABC's "CASTLE" Monday, May 2 at 10PM

Watch Gene Simmons on ABC-TV's "Castle" tomorrow night (May 2, 2011) at 10pm EST.
Here is a sneek peek promo:

"Shout It Out Loud": Gene Simmons is coming to Castle! The legendary KISS bassist (and reality TV dad) brings his demonic presence to Monday night’s episode, “To Love and Die In L.A.” Castle and Beckett trek to Hollywood on the trail of a killer and encounter Simmons in his own Beverly Hills backyard. The rock star recently talked to Wetpaint about exactly why he pointed his Love Gun in Castle’s direction.

Wetpaint: You're playing yourself on the show, which you're an expert in…

Gene Simmons: Yes. I get to practice every day.

What version of yourself do we see in this episode of 'Castle'?

The asshole. No, not really. [Laughs] Although that was the name of my solo record a few years back. I'm sort of like Popeye: I am what I am and that's all that I am.

Is it a comedic bit, or is a bit more serious?

Even when I try to be serious or myself, people laugh at me, but that's my cross to bear.
 Read the entire interview here at Wetpaint.

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