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Kiss DVD Due in June?

That's what sources are saying. A new live DVD, taped at Kiss' inaugural performances of the Kiss Alive/35 tour at Cobo Hall, Detroit. Taped in September of 2009, the DVD may also end up as another Wal-Mart exclusive. The release would be timed for Kiss' 2010 US summer tour. The Kiss Alive/35 American tour of 2009 was a triumphant return for the band after a five year absence from American stages.

Bruce Kulick Cat Club Performance on 'Gene Simmons' Family Jewels' This Sunday


If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to attend Bruce Kulick’s BK3 record release party at The Cat Club on the Sunset Strip last February, here’s your chance to witness one of the most memorable moments. Catch Bruce performing “Hand of the King” with Nick Simmons making his live music debut, this Sunday May 2nd @ 9:30pm EST and Monday May 3rd at 1:30am EST on A&E.

Q & A with Tommy Thayer

Q&A With Tommy Thayer

(from Kiss Hell/Joe D.)

1. What's the latest news on the Hottest Band In The World?

TOMMY THAYER: We're leaving for Europe next week. We've been rehearsing for several weeks now and we're very, very excited about the new 2010 Sonic Boom tour.

2. On SONIC BOOM? How did you generally approach writing your solos?

TT: Some solos I worked out on my own, on others Paul helped me with direction. I usually had an idea where I was going to go with each solo before we recorded them.

3. How would you compare writing with Gene to writing with Paul?

TT: There are no rules to writing songs, particularly where you start from. Paul and Gene have different styles and approach to writing songs. Gene usually has a backlog of song ideas that he pulls from. Paul usually has newer ideas. I think they are both best when they're spontaneous.

4. How did it feel to do the lead vocal on "When Lightning Strikes?" & was this written specifically with your voice in mind?

TT: Yes it was. I wrote the song with some help from Paul. We wanted a straight ahead rocker and I think it came out great.

5. With KISS guitar solos generally being pentatonic based, how do you feel other modes fit/or don't fit within the context of KISS' music?

TT: The KISS style and sound is timeless and was established early on. It's a blues-based hard rock style. It is what it is.

6. In the the current show, on the jam in '100,000 Years', how did it develop into you & Paul trading licks?

TT: I think it was one of those things we didn't plan the first couple times, and then eventually it became a part of the show.

7. "Lick It Up" has some interesting elements live, how did the current arrangement come together, with the segment from 'We Don't Get Fooled Again'?

TT: I think originally I was doing that finger-plucking thing and Paul was singing "I Want You.. I Need You" Later on that evolved into the Who part. I really like that.

8. How did the idea for new costumes come about?

TT: We were flying on our jet to Milwaukee for a one-off gig last year and we were talking about that we needed to get started on new KISS outfits. Paul picked up a pad of paper first and started sketching some ideas. We all tweeked things a bit.

9. Can you tell us a bit about your Hughes & Kettner signature amp?

TT: The HK Tommy Thayer Signature amp has a warm ballsy, in-your-face tone that really works well. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a serious guitar amp. They look good too!

10. Any set list surprises planned for the European leg of the Sonic Boom tour?

TT: There will be some new songs and other great stuff. Always taking it to another level! We can't wait!

DYNASTY #16 of Australia's 100 Greatest Rock Albums

DYNASTY appears at #16 of the top 100 greatest rock and roll albums ever according to a listener's poll by Triple M 105.5 radio in Melbourne, Australia.

Check out the entire list here:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kiss's Paul Stanley: 'I’m a great believer in not over-thinking lyrics'


‘You wanna bite?’ Kiss’s legendary bassist Gene Simmons, leathery-faced without his iconic make-up, strides into a London hotel room with a takeaway baguette. When I decline, Simmons doesn’t skip a beat: ‘OK, how about the sandwich?’
It’s like being chatted up by Krusty The Clown. But 37 years after they originally formed in New York, Kiss haven’t lost their touch – and they’ve returned for their Sonic Boom Over Europe arena tour, named after their undeniably kick-ass 19th LP. Simmons veers intriguingly between outrageous flirt, entrepreneur and Rock School lecturer.
‘You have a moral duty as a rock star,’ he insists. ‘All these audiences work at jobs they dislike and spend their pay cheques on something they love: they wanna see Kiss. How f***ing dare any of us ruin that trust? So we introduce ourselves with: “You wanted the best, you got the best.” There’s a sense of pride.’
In the adjacent suite sits Kiss co-frontman and Sonic Boom producer Paul Stanley (the band’s current line-up, including guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, dates back around a decade); he’s more softly spoken than Simmons yet still given to explosive bravado. Both men are sharply intelligent, articulate and responsible for air-punching party anthems such as Detroit Rock City and Rock And Roll All Nite.

Read the rest here

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paul Stanley & Tommy Thayer Offer Preview Of UK Shows

Paul Stanley & Tommy Thayer offer a preview for Kiss' Sonic Boom Over Europe tour kicking off at Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK on May 1.

Gene Simmons Interviewed Part Two



With just five days to go before we experience the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour in all of it’s pyro-fuelled glory we’ve got the second part of our exclusive chat with genial Gene Simmons.
Still going strong after all these years and boasting thigh muscles men half his age would kill for, The Demon talks Donald Trump, William Shakespeare and Family Jewels – and that’s just for starters.
We can’t wait to see the man himself on action in Newcastle on Sunday and we’ll have a review of that show right here within hours of the final curtain falling.
For now sit back and enjoy a few more words of wisdom from an individual who has truly brightened up these pages during the past fortnight.

rushonrock: Do you ever relax?

GS: If I’m loping about then I’m not as good in Kiss. I’m like an athlete who, when he’s not competing, is working out all the time. If you don’t work out you lose your edge when it comes to competition and for me it’s the activity that gets the heart pumping. I am a 60-year-old with the thigh muscles of a man half my age. Use it or lose it – that’s my philosophy. Your lungs, your brain, whatever.

rushonrock: So just how do you keep on top of everything with all your various projects on the boil?

GS: I do what Santa Claus does – I make a list, I check it twice and make sure who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. It’s all very organised. I need to spend time with my family and keep track of my projects and it’s all written down in order. I need to remind myself that Kiss is a brand, not a band.

rushonrock: Do you have a full-time secretary?

GS: I use a traditional diary with room for notes. The Blackberry means well but it’s failing is that it treats all information exactly the same – when it’s not. ‘Blow up the world’ is a big thing and ‘clip your toenails’ should be in small letters because they’re not the same value. See what I mean? But that’s not what the Blackberry does.

Read the entire interview here at the Rushonrock website.

Bruce Kulick To Appear At LA Rock'n Comic Con

Bruce Kulick's schedule seems to be very full these days. Bruce will make an appearence at Stan Lee's Rock'n Comic Con in Pasadena, Ca., May 28-30, over Memorial Day weekend. The legendary Stan Lee will be the Master of Ceremonies.

The event will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena.

Once the day is over, they can relax in a beautiful 3,000-seat theatre and be entertained by such headliners as A Flock of Seagulls, When in Rome, Dramarama and The Motels, Waddy Wachtel (guitarist for Stevie Nicks), former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, host Dave Schulz, keyboardist for Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls, English Beat and many more.

Visit or for complete details on registering, exhibiting or purchasing your tickets.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ace Frehley

A very Happy Birthday to our Spaceman, Ace Frehley! Born April 27, 1951 in Bronx, NY. Ace turns 59 today.

Monday, April 26, 2010

One Tree Hill Webclips features a Kiss Moment

CW's One Tree Hill webclip - Every Picture Tells A Story

Message for Europe from Paul

(via Kissonline)
Paul Stanley posted this:

Hey Everyone,We are stoked, ready and have never sounded better! New songs! Old songs! New old songs! We can't wait to hit the stage for that first show and blow you all away! See you there,Paul Stanley

(L)This photo was taken Friday night photo shoot in LA for Kiss' Summer tour.

Ace Frehley To Induct Les Paul in New Jersey Hall of Fame

Ace Frehley will induct legendary musician and inventor, the late Les Paul, into the New Jersey Hall of Fame at NJPAC in Newark, NJ on Sunday May 2.
The organization's third annual induction ceremony will be a star-studded red carpet event honoring the class of 2010 which includes Les Paul as well as Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Susan Sarandon, President Woodrow Wilson, and more. Paul lived in Mahwah, New Jersey for many years. Paul passed away on August, 12, 2009 at age 94.

Tickets for the ceremony only range from $30.00 to $90.00 and are available through the NJPAC Box Office at or by calling 1-888-GO-NJPAC.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Don't Ever Wanna' Lose Ya" New England 1979

Here is the video for New England's Don't Ever Wanna' Lose Ya from their 1979 self titled debut album. Produced by Paul Stanley and Mike Stone. Stone mixed both Paul and Peter's 1978 solo albums as well as produced hit albums with Asia, Journey & April Wine. The track hit #40 on the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart. Mike Stone passed away in 2002.
New England opened for Kiss during the 1979 DYNASTY tour.

Ace Frehley to Perform at MusicCares to Celebrate Women in Recovery


Ace Frehley will appear at the sixth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit to celebrate women in recovery and salute former first lady Betty Ford and the Betty Ford Center at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on May 7. Ace will join Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy), Slash, Matt Sorum, Lemmy, and Allison Robertson (The Donnas) for a special performance. MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit .

Ace also will appear on the season finale of Dr. Drew's Sober House (VH1) on Thursday, April 29 at 10PM (EST). Repeats will follow. The episode will re-air at 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM as well as several times over the weekend. Check your local listings.
Clips of the program will be available here after the episode originally airs.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gene Simmons Interviewed Part One

Just in time for Kiss' triumphant return to Europe with the never ending (we hope!!) SONIC BOOM Tour, Gene has been interviewed by RUSHONROCK. Here is part one of that interview...

With rock and roll legends Kiss due to land in the UK next week we caught up with The Demon – aka Gene Simmons – for a typically entertaining chat.
The veteran bass player and rock solid businessman still looks good in a pair of platform heels and boasts the steely thighs of a 30-year-old.
You can catch him and rest of the guys from Saturday May 1 in Sheffield and the across the UK in Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London.
For Simmons rocking is his business – and business is good.
Look out for Part Two of our Gene exclusive next week.

rushonrock: Sonic Boom proved to one of the albums of 2009 but it was a long time coming. Do you wish you’d released a new record sooner?

Gene Simmons: I don’t think we should have done something sooner. I say everything in its time. If you’re a farmer and you bring your stuff to market before it’s open – when it’s closed – then nobody buys it. It’s the first rule of commerce. And what I’m in is actually called the music business. It’s not called music. Everybody thinks ‘great I’ll just do music’ but what about the business?

rushonrock: So why was 2009 the year to take your stuff to the market?

GS: When we thought about releasing Sonic Boom we thought where is our retail partner? There are no real record stores anymore so as a band we have to ask ourselves where can we sell our product? And once we got Wall-mart on board it gave us the chance to pay attention, without worries, to the record.

rushonrock: What worries could you possibly have?

GS: I will be damned if I’m going to allow somebody from Newcastle College to download the new record for free after we’ve spent six months of our lives working on it. Kiss is not a charity and we don’t pretend to be.

rushonrock: So it was a six month, rather than a six year project?

GS: We were in South America playing stadiums last April and on the off days we started strumming a few guitars and coming up with the bits – the backbone or what we call the clothing of the songs. But by June we started rehearsing and in July we recorded it and then we were done.

Ace Frehley on Season Finale of Sober House

As a fan of Sober House, I've seen the previews over the last few weeks that have Ace appearing alongside ex-Alice in Chains bassist, Mike Starr, in an episode... Now Ace has officially announced his appearence on the popular VH1 series:

Ace Frehley will appear on the season finale of VH1 Sober House with Dr. Drew on Thursday April 29 at 10:00 PM. The episode will re-air at 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM as well as several times over the weekend. VH1.

Shout Out to Bret Michaels

Poison's Bret Michaels suffered a brain hemorrage and is listed in stable conditon at an LA hospital, an upgrade from critical condition his publicist, Joann Mignano, has said. We are hoping Bret makes a full and speedy recovery.

Bruce Kulick in Dallas, Texas


Photo:Bruce & Beatles display.

April 23, 2010 -You all know how much guitars mean to me, and the recent cover article in Vintage Guitar magazine from April of this year was quite awesome for me to share with you. Dallas is known for many things, but in the land of guitars the big shows are always in Dallas, and on my way to San Antonio for a Grand Funk show I was able to stop over at the big Dallas Guitar show for the afternoon last Friday. Thanks to Jimmy Wallace, Norm Harris, and Lee Jackson for making sure I was taken care of.
Read more here at

Bruce Kulick to Guest on "The Fabulous Dancing Pig" Radio Show

Bruce Kulick (KISS, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD) and Brian Forsythe (KIX, RHINO BUCKET) will be the featured guests on the inaugural edition of “The Fabulous Dancing Pig Show” this Saturday, April 24 between 6 and 8 p.m. JFL Radio. The program is broadcast digitally via Nokia Mobile, Stream Finder, iTunes (Classic Rock) and other digital outlets. The show is also accessible from any cellphone via UpSnap (call 704.772.7627 and enter code 3055).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kiss Goes Punk:Covered by the Summer Set

"Punk Goes Classic Rock" is the ninth in the series of the highly-successful "Punk Goes..." compilation series that has already sold over 600,000 albums and 1.5 million singles over the past decade.

"Punk Goes Classic Rock" track listing:
01. HIT THE LIGHTS - "More Than A Feeling" (originally recorded by BOSTON)
02. VERSA EMERGE - "Paint It Black" (originally recorded by THE ROLLING STONES)
03. THE ALMOST - "Free Fallin'" (originally recorded by TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS)
04. MAYDAY PARADE - "We Are The Champions" (originally recorded by QUEEN)
05. THE SUMMER SET - "Rock 'n Roll All Nite" (originally recorded by KISS)
06. WE THE KINGS - "Caught Up In You" (originally recorded by .38 SPECIAL)
07. A SKYLIT DRIVE - "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" (originally recorded by JOURNEY)
08. I SEE STARS - "Your Love" (originally recorded by THE OUTFIELD)
09. PIERCE THE VEIL - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (originally recorded by BLUE ÖYSTER CULT)
10. FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS - "Crazy Train" (originally recorded by OZZY OSBOURNE)11. THE MAINE - "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (originally recorded by DEF LEPPARD)
12. ENVY ON THE COAST - "All Along The Watchtower" (originally recorded by BOB DYLAN)13. EVERY AVENUE - "Take Me Home Tonight" (originally recorded by EDDIE MONEY)
14. NEVER SHOUT NEVER - "Bohemian Rhapsody" (originally recorded by QUEEN)
15. BLESSTHEFALL - "Dream On" (originally recorded by AEROSMITH)

"Punk Goes Classic Rock" dues out April 27 (Ace's birthday!) is released through Fearless Records. Check out this location to stream the album.

Miss Shannon Tweed Assures No Members Are Sick


The lovely Miss Shannon Tweed has Twittered that no members of Kiss are sick and that the press conference that was scheduled at the House of Blues in West Hollywood yesterday, will be held next week, according to Shannon's twitter which reads as follows:
"hey hey there! No KISS band members are sick! That's from the horses mouth! The press event will take place next week."
-Shannon Tweed
Also, we hadn't heard ANY rumors of the Kiss European tour being cancelled as it's been suggested on the Internet. While the Internet can be a viable place for information it can just as well serve as a nesting ground for rumor and innuendo.
- Frank
Pic: Gene and Shannon on tour.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kiss: "King of the Nightime World" Toronto Oct. 2, 2009 - Video


Philadelphia Kiss Expo - May 16, 2010

2010 Philadelphia KISS Expo celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the release of Asylum! Get ready for another great KISS Expo! The 2010 Philadelphia KISS Expo will be held Sunday May 16th from 1:00PM to 7:00PM (12:00PM for VIP holders)

Radisson Hotel Valley Forge 1160 First Avenue King of Prussia, PA 19406
For hotel rooms - call 610-337-2000 and ask for the special KISS Expo rate! Cutoff for the special rate is April 15th.

You do not want to miss this KISS Expo! This will probably be another year of very few KISS related Expos.

Special guest is former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick. Bruce will be celebrating his recently released cd BK3! Bruce will do a Q/A and be available for photos and autographs throughout the day. Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of KISS Asylum with Bruce!

Also appearing will be Author of Sealed With A KISS, Lydia Criss, former wife of original KISS drummer Peter Criss. She will do a Q/A and be available for photos and autographs throughout the day. She will also be selling and signing her coffee table book.

CLICK HERE for more info

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Own Paul Stanley's Smashed Guitar

Reserve Paul Stanley's guitar, SMASHED in your honor and personally inscribed as you choose by the Starchild himself!
Meet Paul on the 2010 Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour and get the most collectible KISS guitar of all... the one Paul Stanley BREAKS at the show you attend!
There is only one Paul Stanley Washburn guitar broken at each show, so only one is available for purchase per each city on the KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour.You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy this exclusive collectible & meet Paul Stanley on the KISS tour!When you order, you get:* The Paul Stanley Washburn guitar, broken and autographed by Paul himself at the show you attend!* A meet-and-greet with Paul for you and one other person at your selected city on the KISS Tour prior to the show!For more information, visit!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Paul Stanley: Family Man, Artist & RockStar

News Source:
By: Cindy Elavsky/Celebrity Extra

Celebrity Extra: Thank you so much for talking with me. I'll get right into it so you can start your morning.
Paul Stanley: My morning starts when my 3-and-a-half-year-old walks in the room.

CE: That's true. I'm thinking about the rock-star lifestyle, but you're actually a family man as well.
PS: I am a family man and a rock star.

CE: I think it is going to come a surprise to a lot of your fans that you are such a great artist. You fairly recently started showing and selling your artwork to the public — what made you decide to share it with the masses?

"Crossroads" by Paul Stanley

PS: I've been doing it for quite a few years now. I started painting 10 years ago really as a way of finding another creative outlet. I'm always looking for another way to express myself, and that's how I attempted to find myself. So whether it was doing Phantom of the Opera or painting or doing what I do in KISS, they're all ways for me to emote stay creative. That's who I am, that's what's in my blood. I originally painted with no expectations of ever doing a show or of ever showing anybody my art. It came about because I hung the piece in my house, and people kept saying, "Who did that painting?" And funny because I wasn't very secure or confident in my ability, I never signed it. To this day that piece isn't signed, but it gave me food for thought, because people seem to connect so much with it that I got talked into doing a show. At this point I've been averaging probably anywhere from 12 to 15 shows a year around the county, and they've been amazingly successful in a way that quite honestly leaves me speechless.

CE: Fans were thrilled that you released Sonic Boom back in October. Am I jumping the gun, but can we expect another KISS album within the next few years?
PS: Making that album was so much fun, and it reinvigorated and restated everything that we are that yeah, I think that we'll see another album.

CE: What do you like best about when you tour with your artwork and when you get to interact with the public?
PS: I think it's terrific to connect with the people who have made you who you are, made your life possible. I never became famous to cut myself off from the people who made me famous. But, the great thing about art is that I think anybody who appreciates somebody's work gets so much more out of meeting the person and getting a sense of what's behind the piece. Ultimately what's most important is that you have your own sense of what a piece means because you're taking it home. Much in the same way that I believe that life and theater are, unfortunately, intimidating to people because there are critics whose livelihood depends upon convincing you that you need them to tell you what's good. And I try to break through that because whether or not someone else likes what you like is irrelevant. If you're a vegetarian, what difference does it make that somebody else loves steak. So that being said, I guess I'm out there trying to not only show people who are collectors of serious pieces, I'm also trying to show people who have never been in a gallery how much art has to offer. I'm a big believer that whether you're living in a van or a villa, art would look great on your wall. So, you don't need a degree to have an opinion, and you don't need an education to know what you like. You don't need to justify your taste, and it's enough that you like something. So, I try to get people to experience things that they wouldn't necessarily experience and also enjoy it.

Kiss: April 16, 1996 The Press Conference

On this date in 1996, Kiss held a press conference aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City to announce the reunion tour of all four original members, Ace, Gene, Paul & Peter which marked one of the most highly anticipated and successful tours of all time. Below is a clip of that news conference introduced by Conan O'Brien.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paul Stanley Q&A Washburn Artist Forum April 16

Paul Stanley is featured in the Washburn Artist forum through Friday April 16th at 5:00PM CST. Anyone can post questions and/or comments for Paul. The forum will then be locked for the weekend to give Paul some time to answer your questions, and his responses will be posted in the locked forum the following Tuesday for all to read and enjoy.
Click to the Forum. If you're not a member, you'll need to register, to post and view posts.

Get Clean with Kiss Soap

"Official KISS Bar soap, perfect for the shower, bath or sink. This JUMBO size is two and a half times larger than your regular bar soap measuring in at 5 inches wide and weighing 11.5 oz! The KISS logo is boldly and deeply etched into the surface and best of all, is lightly scented with the official KISS HIM fragrance. We are offering them singly as well as in discounted sets of 3 because we know you want to have one to use, one to display and one to give to Grandma. Each bar of soap is new and sealed in a clear cellophane wrapper."
Click to purchase Kiss Soap.

'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' Preview for April 18

GENE GET'S PUNKED! Sunday, April 18 @ 9:30pm
After 15 years of endless pranks, KISS manager Doc McGhee enlists Shannon to help get Gene back once and for all. While in New Orleans for the annual Voo Doo Fest, Gene is lead to believe that the roadies have gone on strike due to a curse the locals have put on him. They will only resume work if he goes through the necessary steps to cure the "curse" himself.

Click here for a preview of this episode.

Kiss Episode of "GLEE" Coming?

GLEE is the hottest show on television, so it's no surprise that Kiss, in some form or another, will pop up on the Fox series. has posted photos of two cast members in full Kiss make-up.
GLEE castmates pictured, Corey Monteith (as Gene Simmons) and Mark Salling (as Paul Stanley), appear on set April 9 in Long Beach, Ca. as well as Kevin McHale (as Ace Frehley). No word on which cast member appears as Peter Criss.
SideNote: While at the Grove in Los Angeles last Saturday night (April 10) we heard from some of the GLEEKS, who appearently know everything there is about the show and the goin-ons, told us there was a "Kiss themed" shoot the day before in Long Beach.
The event at the Grove was to promote the series spring season with a preview of the new episode that premired Tuesday night. The entire cast was on hand for the event with thousands of self proclaimed "Gleeks" in attendanced. It was pretty wild!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Back From The West Coast

After a long and crazy week, I'm back from the City of Angels and Sin City. Details to come on a Paul Stanley tie at the CHER show we saw at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas... To a tie to GLEE the same night on Long Beach Kiss shoot...

After a long exhausting flight from Las Vegas (via Los Angeles three days before) to Denver to Philadelphia, I'm home (doing laundry) and have been up 24 hours. I hope to catch some sleep today...

Be back shortly...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vacation Time: April 7th to 14th

"You gotta' live like you're on vacation" - Paul Stanley, Lick It Up, 1983

The Kiss Mask Webzine won't be updated again until April 14th.
Thanks for all your support, see you then!
J. Frank Hagan

Kiss Instruments At Musik Messe 2010

Kiss Gear AT Musikmesse 2010

(Courtesy Fred Vehert)
Photos & Reoprt by Thierry Raynaud
Musikmesse 2010 held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from March 24 to 27, 2010. The Musikmesse is one of the world's leading trade fairs for the world of music, and as our reporter Thierry Raynaud was able to notice, KISS was very well represented this year!A little walk at Musik Messe 2010.This year, I had the opportunity to go to the Musik Messe in time and as a professional. It had been long (much too long...) since I last saw such a magical place. Obviously, I took advantage of it to go around in all directions and check what's new about KISS. It should be said straight away, the Musik Messe is enormous. It's not the NAMM in Los Angeles (to which I just might be going in January) but for all those who love guitar, it definitely rocks. I made easy conversation with Matthias Jabs from Scorpions, saw Telecasters from 1952-53 (the first electric guitar models ever marketed) up to €45,000. Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitars. Crazy stuff for me anyway.

Check out the rest of the srticle here:

Bruce Kulick Hosting Celebrity Karaoke In LA

Former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK will be hosting a Celebrity Karaoke and US Troop Care Package Party on Tuesday, April 6th at Locals Sports Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, CA. This Red Carpet event begins at 8pm with free admission for all. Donations to the US Troops will be based on the evening's bar sales.

Bruce will also be the Special Guest at the Philadelphia KISS Expo on Sunday May 16th from 1pm to 7pm (12pm for VIP holders) at the Radisson Hotel, Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA. Bruce will do a Q&A and be available for photos and autographs. You can get more information about the 2010 Philadelphia KISS Expo on their official website.

Lydia Criss will also be a special guest at this event.

Gene Simmons' Mom Visits Backstage in New York

In this past Sunday's episode of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, Gene's mom Florence payed a visit to see her son and the "orchestra" at Kiss' Madison Square Garden show, October 10, 2009. Watch a clip here from AOL's TOP 5.

Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp Filmed For VH1 Classic

Ace Frehley's Fantasy Camp Appearence Filmed For VH1 Classic Reality Show
This year's Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp was filmed by TV producer (Survivor, Martha Stewart) Mark Burnett for a new reality show on VH1 Classic. The camp featured Ace Frehley and Bruce Kulick as well as Mark Anthony (ex-Van Halen, Chickenfoot) and Mark Farner.
A clip of Ace at the camp was recently used on Vh1's Sober House with Dr. Drew when ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr payed a visit appearing onstage with Ace.

No airdate has been set at the time of this post.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ace Frehley Guitarist Todd Youth's Blog On East Coast Tour

Ace Frehley guitarist Todd Youth has posted his experience on the road with Ace on the recent east coast shows. Here is an excerpt from his blog-

Saturday 3/20 House Of Blues Atlantic City
Meet up with everyone in the lobby for the ride to A.C. We stop on the New Jersey Turnpike somewhere near the shore for gas and coffee and, let me tell you, these people take that show “Jersey Shore” seriously. I swear, I think I saw Snookie standing on line at the Starbucks!!! Check into our rooms in Atlantic City,and off to sound check. My good friend Phil Caivano from Monster Magnet comes on down with a old Marshall amp for me to use – one of my Marshall’s wasn’t sounding right – so I owe Phil a big one!!!!

For all you gear heads out there, our backline with Ace is pretty big. Between me and Ace we have 12 4×12 Marshall cabs, 6 100 watt Marshal heads, 6 8×10 SVT cabs and 3 300 watt SVT amps … and all this stuff is live. When I played in Motorhead I thought that was loud, but onstage with Ace Frehley is twice as loud as Motorhead. Another killer show, got a great pic of me hold Ace’s “smoker guitar” during the Shock Me solo spot. After the show, hung out with a bunch of friends, my good buddy Jason Trioxin from Wednesday 13 had come down for the night. Did a little gambling and was up 100 bucks, so I called it a night. Want to be good and rested for the show in New York City.

Read Todd's blog here

Ace Frehley's "Outer Space" Heads to RockBand

According to The Tanooki, Ace Frehley's "Outer Space", a track from his 2009 solo album "Anomaly", is one of the latest additions to the Rock Band Music Store. The song is now available for download for Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For pricing information, visit Rock Band's official web site.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Would You Buy Life Insurance From This Man?

KISS Rocker's New Gig: Selling Life Insurance

From: The Wall Street Journal
April 3, 2010
You might buy car insurance from a gecko or a cave man, but would you consider buying life insurance from a blood-spitting hellion in leather pants?
Gene Simmons, the 60-year-old co-founder of the rock band KISS, hopes so. If you are wealthy enough, that is.
Mr. Simmons's new group, Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy, was launched last month to tap into a lucrative demographic: entertainers, sports stars and other people with a net worth of $20 million or more who need a life-insurance policy of $10 million or greater. The firm's founders, who include David R. Carpenter, formerly of insurance powerhouse Transamerica, believe there is big opportunity to sell jumbo insurance policies to rich people.
The only glitch: Cool Springs is based in Franklin, Tenn., near Nashville but far from the entertainment meccas on the East and West coasts. Last September, the founders realized they needed a rainmaker.
So they reached out to a fire breather.

Gene Simmons Signs 'The Envy' To Simmons Records

The ENY is a Canadian band that has been signed by Gene to the newly resurrected Simmons Records. You can click here to see Gene Simmons promoting The Envy on Canadian televsion.

Bruce Kulick Schedules Huntington Beach Signing

Bruce Kulick in Huntington Beach, Ca., April 25

The Rock & Roll Emporium, located at 205 Main St. in Huntington Beach, California, will host a clinic and meet-and-greet with former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick on April 25.

To meet Bruce and attend the clinic, you may purchase tickets at the store or online for $25. The ticket price includes a copy of Kulick's new solo album, "BK3" on CD, a poster, a "BK3" signature guitar pick, and an 8x10 color photo. The clinic will feature Bruce performing songs from "BK3" along with tracks from his years in KISS and will be followed by a meet-and-greet and autograph session.

For more information, visit

Happy Easter!

Here's hoping the Easter Bunny was good to all! Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Gene Simmons on Bloomberg Television- Video

March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Gene Simmons, singer and bassist for the rock band Kiss and co-founder of Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy, and Samuel Watson, chief executive officer of the firm, talk with Bloomberg's Margaret Brennan about life insurance planning. Cool Springs offers loans to life-insurance policyholders against their eventual payout. The company says it can help clients minimize estate taxes and eliminate life insurance premium payments.

NJ Kiss Store Next Weekend -April 9th & 10th will hold it's New Jersey Kiss Store next weekend. The two day event will feature Kiss merchandise from collectors and vendor at discount prices. Lydia Criss will be in attendance with her book, "Sealed With A Kiss," as well as author of "Ace Frehley:
The Ultimate Scrapbook." Admisson is free.

Lydia Criss, author of "Sealed With A Kiss," and Bill Baker, author of "Ace Frehley: The Ultimate Fan Scrapebook," will be in attendance to offer their respective books and related items for sale. will also represent with most of its online and catalog inventory, with items discounted 15-75% off. "Expect wall to wall KISS memorabilia -- all fresh from recently purchased private collections; not just the same old worn-out stuff you see year after year at KISS Expos."

The NJ Kiss Store details:
The North New Jersey KISS Store
Hilton Garden Inn, 70 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
Friday April 9: 4 p.m - 9 p.m.
Saturday April 10: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

For more information click HERE.

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to rejoin KISS?

After months of speculation over the CBS website posting a "RockStar" show featuring Kiss in it's fall line-up and then abruptly taking it down (although it's never been decided on whether or not that indeed it was an Internet hoax or not- When Kiss Mask contacted CBS' programming department, we were told "not comment."). Now comes word of an A&E reality series all four original members of Kiss. Is this real or Internet rumor?

Ace Frehley had let the cat out of the bag when he was interviewed on Eddie Trunk's radio show last week stating that Gene had contacted him 3-4 months ago about rejoining the band for a reality show.

Now, comes this tidbit, well, not so tidbit about Ace Frehley and Peter Criss rejoining Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons for an A&E reality show that is set for the network's fall season line-up. Sources are saying that Ace and Peter have taken the offer to appear in such a reality series. We'll see how this all plays out to be reality or just plain hogwash.

Details are sketchy at the time of this post, but one must wonder if this is will follow the premise of finding suitable musicians for a Vegas-style and or Broadway type show celebrating Kiss that has been rumored and talked about over the past couple of years.
No confimation has come from either Gene and Paul, Ace, Peter or A&E Network. However, this is an interesting story to say the elast especially after Ace mentioned it on Eddie's radio show.
We'll keep you posted on this fascinating story...

Paul Stanley & Family Out & About

Paul Stanley, Wife Erin and their Childern Out In Los Angeles - April 1, 2010
It’s our first glimpse of Sarah Brianna!

KISS frontman, Paul Stanley, stopped off for a round of coffee while out and about with his wife Erin Sutton and their adorable 1-year-old daughter Sarah in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 1).

Paul and his wife, an attorney, are already parents to son Colin, 3, and Paul’s 15-year-old son Evan from his previous marriage.

"New" Lost Footage of 1980 Sydney Show

Sydney 11/22/80 --- 16mm Film - Part 2 of 5. This never-before-seen footage is being released to promote the vintage KISS memorabilia auctions of eBay seller EliteWorks. You can view the auctions here:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rafael Moreira & Magnetico @ Cat Club April 2nd

Rafael Moreira and his Magnetico will perform at the Cat Club in West Hollywood, ca., on April 2, 2010 (tomorrow night). As you all know, Rafael was the lead guitarist on Paul Stanley's 'LIVE TO WIN' tour of 2006.
Admisson is $7.00 at the door or $5.00 if you mention "Magnetico."
The Cat Club is located on the Strip at 8911 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA.

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed on "Good Day New York"

Click Here to view video of Gene and Shannon's visit to the set of "Good Day New York."

Kiss Take Over Classic Rock Magazine

The latest edition of Classic Rock is out now - and what's more, it's guest-edited by none other than Kiss!

As Paul Stanley himself says:"You wanted the best. You got the best! What a great opportunity this is for Kiss to pay tribute to many of the bands that have been key to our development, to shine a spotlight on the artists that have been such an inspiration for us."

So many of the artists in this issue are major influences on Kiss, and me in particular. Be it The Who, Humble Pie, Paul Rodgers, Led Zeppelin... the list goes on and on.

"Our thanks go out to Classic Rock for making this special issue possible."

Here's a taster of what's inside Classic Rock issue 144:KISS Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer may have had control of this issue - but for their interview, we gave control to you, the Classic Rock readers: cue reader-inspired questions.The May 2010 edition of Classic Rock is in the stores now.