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Archie Meets Kiss Part Two Available Now
 The second issue of 'Archie Meets KISS' is now available at retail and online stores.

'Archie Meets KISS Part 2: Creatures of the Night.' A crew of uninvited monsters have invaded Riverdale, and they're close to taking over the town! Can the mysterious members of KISS stop them with some help from the Archie gang? What will they order at the Chok'lit Shoppe? Featuring guest star Sabrina, the Teenage Witch! Features a regular cover by Dan Parent (on left) and a variant cover by Francesco Francavilla (on right).

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bill Aucoin Born on this Date, December 29, 1943

In 1943, band manager Bill Aucoin was born. He discovered the rock group "KISS" in New York City in 1973 and helped launch the makeup-wearing, fire-breathing quartet into a musical and merchandising juggernaut. He financed the band's first tour on his personal American Express credit card when money was tight, but he was well rewarded when the band's popularity exploded in 1975 with the hit "Rock And Roll All Nite." After parting with "KISS" in the early 1980's, he managed Billy Squier and Billy Idol. He died June 28, 2010 of surgical complications from prostate cancer.

Gene Simmons' Pooch in Kiss Pajamas

Gene Simmons tweeted this photo of the family dog, Angus, in Kiss pajamas.
Gene Simmons Dog

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On The Wings Of Pretension Case File #5: Kiss’ Music From “The Elder”

by Nathan Rabin December 21, 2011 
Yes, Kiss had everything. But Kiss was an American rock ’n’ roll band, so everything was not enough. The group flirted with the idea of touring with a traveling amusement park called Kiss World before ultimately nixing the idea as prohibitively expensive. In a mark of hubris remarkable even for the era, Casablanca shipped 5 million total copies of the four solo albums the members of Kiss released on the same day. The idea was to launch four solo superstars simultaneously; instead the records were returned to Casablanca en masse. The world, it seems, had not been hankering to find out what Ace Frehley was capable of without the three other dudes holding him back.

The band embarked on a movie project that had been pitched to them as a cross between A Hard Day’s Night and Star Wars. The resulting made-for-television movie, Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park, did not quite live up to such grandiose billing, in the sense that it was an intense humiliation for everyone involved. Kiss may have started as a swaggering, ballsy hard-rock outfit, but by the late ’70s they had devolved into cuddly, family-friendly cartoons. Phantom Of The Park was even produced by Hanna-Barbera, the animation powerhouse that gave the world Hong Kong Phooey, Yogi Bear, and Tom and Jerry. Kiss made a mint in merchandising, but no one took the group seriously.

Read the rest here at A.V.

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Wear the KISS Destroyer Boots at Monster Golf Locations

The KISS Monster Mini Golf

These Boots are Made for Rockin’
YOU can be the Rocker in them!

Wear the boots at the following Monster Mini Golf Locations!

Dec. 27 from 5 - 9pm
Dec. 28 from 5pm - 9pm
Dec. 29 from 12pm - 5pm.

Dec. 30 from 2pm - 7pm
Dec. 31 from 12pm - 5pm
Jan. 1 from 12pm - 6pm
Jan. 2 from 12pm - 4pm

Jan 7 from 1pm - 8pm
Jan 8 from 1pm - 8pm

Jan 20 from 5pm - 9pm
Jan 21 from 5pm - 9pm
Jan 22 from 12pm - 5pm

Jan 28 from 12pm - 9pm
Jan 29 from 12pm - 7pm

March 17 from TBA
March 18 from TBA

The KISS Destroyer Tour boots have been touring Las Vegas and now KISS by Monster Mini Golf wants you to wear them for FREE and take your Camera along for free photos!

Eric Singer Interview with Kiss Army Mexico

KISS Army México: Eric, this is the first time that a KISS Army project in Mexico reunite all fans, with membership, we hope we will reach 500 members in the next few months and after that go nation wide, what can you say to all this KISS fans in KISS Army Mexico?
Eric Singer: This is Fantastic !! This is what makes ALL KISS fans so special and unique. You take it upon yourselves to support the band and for this we thank you...

KISS Army México: KISS it's a Monster, what can you tell us about the sound of this new record, its already finished? do you know the release date?

Eric Singer: There is no set release date yet. We are still working on it as of this writing and it should be done soon. It really has great riffs and songs and I think will be a pleasant surprise to so many KISS fans. It will be worth the wait ~!

KISS Army México: You are going to sing one song in the new Monster Album? if so, what can you tell us about that song or songs?

Eric Singer: I will be singing a song again and you have to wait for the record :-)

KISS Army México: Do you know when the Monster tour will begin, new set list? it will include Mexico?

Eric Singer: We have to finish the record/CD first before we plot out our tour schedule. But I am sure we will do everything in our power to try and make it to Mexico again. I think there will be a few new surprises in store for the next tour...

KISS Army México: KISS costumes will be the same or they will be a Monster too?

Eric Singer: Surprise, surprise,surprise...

KISS Army México: We have heared that KISS stage will be a new stage with more pyromania, what can you tell us about that?

Eric Singer: I cannot tell what the future holds as it would not be "new" if we tell everyone about it ahead of time.... Patience pays :-)

KISS Army México: Over the years with Kiss, can you tell us wich 10 items you consider your favorite KISS collectibles?

Eric Singer: I never really thought about a top ten list. But I can tell you that I like many of the old & new items such as the Sleeping Bag, Remote Control Van, KISS Radio, Lava Lamps, Mr.Potato Head. and my Favorite the KISS Pinball Machine ! I think the "Hello Kitty" stuff coming soon will take it to another level in 2012...

KISS Army México: Why Kiss didn't play Sonic Boom songs at the Kiss Kruise? Don't you consider those songs Kiss classics yet?

Eric Singer: We tried to go deep into the catalogue and play songs that fans never or rarely get to hear. We tried to do our best but we know you can never make everyone happy

KISS Army México: In Mexico we are very excited about KISSology 4, what can you tell us about it?

Eric Singer: I do not know the final content yet. That would be a question for Tommy Thayer as he is heading up that project... 

KISS Army México: What can you tell us about your other projects? We will love to see you play with Avantasia in Mexico, but also see you with ESP Unplugged and also Alice Cooper, what can you tell us?
Eric Singer: I have stayed focused on KISS the past few years except for a few ESP shows now and again. KISS has kept me busy enough. I enjoy working with other projects and musicians when time permits or something interesting comes up.

KISS Army México: How do you feel with all you have done in your career, are you happy? or there is something more that you want to do that you haven't done yet.

Eric Singer: I have been very blessed to make a living doing something I always dreamed of doing and have passion & love for. For this I thank the universe ! and the Fans too... 


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Paul Stanley Interviewed for the Wall Street Journal


Almost 40 years later, what’s the secret sauce behind KISS?

The Wall Street Journal set out to answer this and many other questions when they sent a reporter from New York City to visit Paul’s home and art studio in Beverly Hills, CA. Among other things, Paul talked about the band’s secrets of success, his vastly-successful art career and his role as a producer on the upcoming KISS album scheduled for release in 2012.

Paul’s interview is tentatively scheduled to run at the end of December. 

KISS Kruise 2012 Details Announced

Ready to hit the high seas with KISS in 2012?


After our valiant inaugural adventure at sea, KISS & Sixthman are again joining forces to unite the KISS Navy. It was victoriously the wettest, wildest, & most rockin' time, but there are more tropical islands for us to conquer! This time the assignment is on HALLOWEEN, so clear your calendar because you have plans with KISS.

Shout it out loud, creatures of the night! The second KISS Kruise is setting sail October 31 - November 4, 2012 from Miami, FL to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas onboard the Norwegian Pearl. No other Hallows' Eve celebrations can compare!

The assignment is a bold Halloween mission. Grab your facepaint, Navy uniform, krazy costumes , and sunscreen.....Are you ready to rock & roll all night and party every day? We want YOU!

Prices start at $750 per person for a double occupancy cabin, $600 per person for a triple occupancy cabin and $525 per person for a quadruple occupancy cabin! Taxes and fees are an additional $200 per person. Only $149 per person is required to book your cabin! (*$298 per person for balconies & suites)

Interior cabins range from $750 per person to $1000 per person plus $200 taxes and fees per person. Ocean View cabins range from $1100 per person to $1250 per person plus $200 taxes and fees per person. Balcony cabins range from $1400 per person to $1600 per person plus $200 taxes and fees per person. Mini Suites are $1700 per person with Suites starting at $2500 per person plus $200 taxes and fees per person. *All rates based on double occupancy. Third, Fourth, and Fifth guests are $300 per person plus taxes and fees.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Passing of a Friend, Karen Hatch-Taylor

Our Deepest Sympathy: Karen Hatch-Taylor

KISS MASK is sad to report the passing of one of our friends, Karen Hatch-Taylor. Karen passed away Monday of complications from cancer in Athol, MA. Karen was co-creator of the 1990's New England Kiss Collector's Network, which produced  fanzines and promoted Kiss fan run expos and conventions. She also co-wrote  "KISS Collectibles Identification And Price Guide" (1993, Avon Books- by Lesniewski, John & Karen). She also presided over Desmond Child's official fanclub in the early 1990's. She can also be seen in Kiss' video for "Turn On The Night" which was shot in Worcester, MA. Karen is survived by her husband Ian and three children.

She is also the author of  "Mosaic Life: A Memoir in Verse."

Funeral arrangements will be announced by her husband Ian.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KISS by Monster Golf Grand Opening this Spring

KISS' Monster Golf Grand Opening Announced!

It has been announced that the Grand Opening to KISS by Monster Golf in Las Vegas will be on March 15, 2012.

Left you'll see the KISS Monster Golf Christmas Card.

Visit the KISS by MONSTER GOLF Website

Happy Birthday, Peter Criss!

Happy Birthday to the Catman, Peter Criss! Peter turns 66 today.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Paul Stanley at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp- Full Episode

VH1 Classic
Watch the full episode of Paul Stanley's appearence at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp here.

Paul Stanley performs "Strutter" at Roxy in West Hollywood

December 9, 2011: Paul Stanley plays "Strutter" with Camp Freddy at the Roxy in West Hollywood, CA.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

While chatting with the KISS fans at the Italian KISS EXPO beginning of December, Eric Singer revealed that KISS will enter the studio in these days to track down the vocals for Monster! He confirmed that both he and Tommy will sing lead on two tracks and that Paul & Gene will share vocals in some tunes like the old days. Talking about the recording process Eric explained that KISS are recording playing together as a band live in the studio, with the drum set in a window room as he can see the others while drumming and Gene being separate from Paul and Tommy in another room due to the high volume is used to play bass!! Monster will kick some asses, be sure!! Release date is set for late spring.

Bruce Kulick is heading back to Australia

Bruce Kulick is going back Downunder
Heading back to Australia in February for two guitar clinics and two shows.


Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick returns to Australia after two years to celebrate his recording career with KISS. See, hear and experience Kulick perform killer cuts from this magnum opus, including “Unholy”, “God Gave Rock N’ Roll to You”, “Heart of Chrome” and “Domino” live.
Click HERE for more information

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bruce Kulick

Happy Birthday to Bruce Kulick!
From your friends at KISS MASK WEBZINE

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paul Stanley, his son Evan, and Tommy Thayer were among guest musicians who performed with CAMP FREDDY last night at the band's fifth annual Christmas Celebration at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California.

CAMP FREDDY is the LA-based "jam" group featuring Dave Navarro , Billy Morrison, Matt Sorum , Donovan Leitch, and Chris Chaney.

Other guest musicians included Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Billy Duffy (The Cult), Stephen Pearcy (RATT), Warren DeMartini (RATT), and George Lynch (Dokken).

Check out these fan-filmed clips.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

R&R Hall Of Fame: KISS vs Rush


 Posted on Wednesday December 7, 2011 at 12:01 PM                           

If you had to choose either KISS or Rush to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which band would you pick?
The Rock Hall released its list of inductees for 2012 today, naming Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donovan, The Faces / Small Faces and Laura Nyro among the honored, while ignoring folks such as Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, Heart, WAR, and The Cure for the career-spanning honor.
But perhaps the two bands most overlooked by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame are KISS and Rush. At least, that’s what their fans will tell you.
Every year the Hall announces its new inductees and every year fans of both bands take to online message boards to voice their displeasure. In fact, of the first five comments posted on this morning in reaction to the Rock Hall’s announcement, four noted the absence of the Canadian power trio, with one reader calling today’s announcement “the yearly Rush diss.”

If it was up to you, would you side with KISS or would you rather see Rush inducted into the R&R Hall Of Fame?
Click KISS Vs RUSH to take the  poll. At the time of this post, Rush was ahead in the poll with
63.79% of the vote to KISS' 36.21% of the vote.

Evolution of KISS: Destoyer 1976

In celebrating the recent news of Kiss releasing the Destroyer Deluxe Edition next year, here is a video look back at this very crucial point in the band's career and monumental album.

Peter Criss' Rock Album Coming Out 2012?

Original Post: Sunday, August 9, 2009

We thought we'd repost this item since we were the first to report about the album after seeing Peter Criss in New York  in 2007 and in an interview we did with Richie Scarlet in 2008. It has been mentioned for release at the time Peter's "Makeup or Breakup" Autbiography comes out Fall 2012.


Peter is making good on a promise he told me in 2007 that his next album will indeed be a rock album.

A departure from his 2007 release, ONE FOR ALL, this new album will be an all out rock and roll record from

Peter is now the process of recording, laying down 10 tracks, for the disc which is slated for release April 2010.

Peter is pictured here in front of Colony Records in Times Square, 1976.

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Back on Joy Behar

Joy Behar Show/CNN
Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed appeared on the Joy Behar Show on HLN. via satellite, from Los Angeles, discussing Shannon's previous "walk off" and their October wedding.

Gene Simmons BLASTS Madonna --'Not Appropriate' for Super Bowl

The ever so vocal Gene Simmons was caught by TMZ camera's leaving BOA in West Hollywood  talking about Madonna's Super Bowl Half Time appearance in January 2012. Here's the story:
Madonna has no business performing at the Super Bowl ... this according to legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who thinks the game would be better off with a "real band."

Simmons was leaving Boa in Hollywood last night when we asked how he felt about Madge headlining the Super Bowl halftime show -- to which Gene sarcastically replied, "I love all karaoke singers, I love all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes ... shame on you!"

Gene added, "By the way, Madonna's terrific ... I hate the tapes."
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Guns N Roses in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Before KISS? WHHHHAT??

Yes, you heard correctly. Guns N Roses, the most dysfunctional band in the history of rock and roll, will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Kiss. Others "in" are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Small Faces, Donovan and the Beastie Boys.

The ceremony will take place in Cleveland on April 14, 2012.

Steven Adler, original GNR drummer told Rolling, "It blows my mind that KISS isn't in there. If it wasn't for KISS, there would be no Guns N' Roses. Bands like that made Guns N' Roses. We were five guys with five personalities and five different influences. The stars were aligned for us."

KISS to be featured on VH1 Classic's Metal Evolution Series

KISS featured in VH1 Classic's Series, METAL EVOUTION

Show Description:
Metal Evolution presents 11 episodes based on the much-debated Metal History "family tree" originally shown in Headbanger's Journey. This 24 sub-genre genealogical chart reveals the vast complex progeny of heavy metal--from Early Metal and Shock Rock to Thrash, from Progressive Metal to Grunge and Nu Metal. Using the chart as his road map, our host, metalhead turned anthropologist Sam Dunn, will crisscross the globe in search of the very essence of Metal, from bars and back alleys to the biggest open air festivals.
Metal Evolution Website:METAL EVOLUTION
KISS will be prominent in episode 9 which will air January 21, 2012 in the episode titled "Shock Rock." The show promises to include new interviews with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Please check the link above for show airings in this 11 part series.

KISS Destroyer Deluxe Edition News- Ken Kelly Interview

Legendary Artist Ken Kelly "I am working on Destroyer Deluxe Edition" Interview with KISS Army Argentina

Kiss Army Argentina

KISS Army Argentina: Ken, thanks a lot for granting us this interview. It is an honor for KISS ArmyArgentina. As you can imagine our interest is focused on the works you did with KISS, but it isimpossible to leave aside your vast and long career as illustrator of fantastic scenes. You havebeen a student of none other than Frank Frazetta. Please tell us how this interest in illustration came about in you, and how was your experience like in Frazetta's school?

Ken Kelly: I’ve always been interested in art as long as I can remember. It became more serious as I became an adult. Frank Frazetta was part of my extended family and a working professional at that time so it was very normal for me to ask questions.
Read the rest at Kiss Army Argentina

Eddie Trunk's Merry KISSmas Special on tap for December 23

It has been confirmed that Eddie Trunk's Annual Merry KISSmas Special, in it's 20th year, will air Friday, December 23 on Q 104.3 (NY, NJ & CT) at 11PM.

You can listen live by visiting Q 104.3 New York's Classic Rock website.

Legendary Rock Interview with Bruce Kulick (KISS, Union, Grand Funk Railroad)

Interview by John Parks/ Legendary Rock Interviews
Okay, sue me…. KISS is my favorite band. If I hear that a past or current member of KISS is doing interviews I will cancel a doctor’s appointment, miss a dinner, and so on. I put the band on a level that noone could touch (even Cheap Trick!) and I grew up in the 80s so you understand my devotion to the Gene, Eric, Paul and Bruce era. I was very, very pleased to field a phone call from Bruce recently about the new Eric Carr collection and I threw as many questions at him as we had time for. We covered a lot more ground than our previous interview and he was very gracious to this particular rabid KISSfreak, read on….
LRI: We’ve talked with Eric Carr’s sister and webmaster about the new Eric Carr collection that recently came out but we were wondering how you got to be involved?
BK: Well, you know, a lot of people think I was one of the creators of this project but really I wasn’t. I was one of the people behind Eric’s last album ROCKOLOGY which was obviously a lot of the material that was left behind that he and I were working on. I did as much as I could to improve those tracks for release but I didn’t do TOO much, I didn’t add other artists or get too adventurous. I was happy with the results of ROCKOLOGY and there were a few little things left over that I chose not to use but I think Eric’s sister Loretta was always thinking “There’s more here, we should really find something else” and she contacted a lot of Eric’ friends and basically she kept digging and putting things together. She would tell me about it and I would always be like “Well, I’m really happy you’re doing it” and obviously I played guitar on some of it but I kind of felt like I didn’t have that much to do with it. Then as it started taking shape and I started hearing MP3s it started to become a lot clearer to me how she put together “Unfinished Business“ which is actually a great title. Now that it’s out I am actually really pleased with it and obviously I am always happy to be talking about Eric. It’s been twenty years since his death and it’s just unbelievable to think it’s been that long.
LRI: As an artist with tons of studio experience you have to be amazed at how these posthumous Eric projects have turned out, especially given the quality of some of the original source tapes.
BK: Yeah, absolutely and I do feel the same way about ROCKOLOGY. Things were all mastered really well and preserved in the best way possible for the final listening product. I’m also really impressed with the packaging, I think that KISS fans will really enjoy that, it’s very good.
LRI: You worked with both Eric Singer and Eric Carr. What are some of the biggest differences musically and personally between the two “Erics”?
BK: Well, certainly Eric Singer came into KISS at a real turning point for the band with getting ready to record with Bob Ezrin again for REVENGE was a really exciting, big step for the group especially considering the success that Bob has had with the band before. Ironically, Eric Singer realized that that was kind of an awkward thing. At the time Eric Carr was sadly lost and gone and that was Eric Singer’s role to take over and be the drummer in the band, that was his job and Eric Singer did his job. Playing wise they are a little different but they are both really strong rock drummers. Eric Singer has not always wanted the biggest drum kit in the world but he always still had a really big sound. Eric Carr had a much different approach and would say “the more drums the better, I don’t care if they can’t see me” (laughs). I still think there were some REALLY funny things about Eric Carr’s approach, especially his approach to stage gear, he really liked a big, big, big, BIG drumset. As far as personal differences there are many but the most important thing for me was that I really enjoyed playing with them both and I think that both of them absolutely did exactly the right thing for whatever record or tour they were asked to be a part of.
LRI: It was nice for us diehards that KISS recently dug a little bit deeper into the songbook for the set they played on the KISS KRUISE but for the most part are still not playing much of your material from the 80s or 90s. I understand that the today’s “makeup” KISS really has to focus on that original era material but one of the most awesome things about YOUR live shows are that you actually do all of that material we grew up on in the MTV era. Do you have plans to keep doing those kind of KISS focused solo shows that we’ve seen on you tube?
BK: I have to do it around the Grand Funk Railroad schedule but I’m going to Brazil in a couple weeks for some shows like you’re describing. Those gigs I really do concentrate for the most part on my era of KISS. I do “Tears are Falling”, Crazy Nights“, “God Gave Rock and Roll To You” and some stuff that I realize that occasionally the “modern” KISS will do but I also get into material that KISS has RARELY played live like “You Make Me Rock Hard” or “Turn On The Night”. These kind of shows I will of course do some stuff from my solo records but I really tend to focus on that era of KISS material I was a part of. Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric obviously focus on that vintage era of the band which is great but yeah recently they did dip into the well for some of the less obvious songs and that is great. They should really CONTINUE to do that because KISS has such a great catalog when you think about all those great years and decades worth of music.

Click over to Legendary Rock Interviews to read the rest.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tomalo's "Reason to Live"

"Reason to Live" is our modest tribute to our favourite band "Kiss" who influenced us and keep on teaching us day by day.
This video is dedicated to Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, E. Carr, E. Singer, Tommy, Bruce, Vinnie, Mark and to the whole Kissarmy around the world!.

Many thanks to: Ernesto, Mariano, José, Ricardo, Maxy, Souto y Pao; without you this video wouldn't be a reality!.

To download new TOMALO's acoustic album for free click here

Bruce Kulick to perform at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding


Bruce will guest at Alice Cooper's 11th Annual Christmas Pudding show December 17 at the Comercia Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.
Bruce will join the SUPERBAND, Rob Halford, The Tubes, Orianthi, John Corabi and Kip Winger.
For more information, click Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding

The show benefits Children and Teens in need.

"Room Service" from October's Kiss Kruise

Video by Spiro Papadatos

Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Archie Meets Kiss' Promo Video
Here's the promotional video for the ARCHIE MEETS KISS comic book series. We first premiered this clip in early it is again to celebrate this week's debut of the first issue in the four issue series.

2012 Kiss Kruise Planned for Halloween

The KISS Kruise - Halloween 2012

Clear your calendars, because you have plans with KISS!

More information coming in the next few weeks.

Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons on "Archie Meets Kiss"
Though they may be known for their blood-spewing theatrics and hard rock riffs, the leaders of chart-topping band KISS also have a long legacy in comic books -- one that continues today with "Archie Meets KISS," the four-part story that launched this week in "Archie" #627. In celebration, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley showed up in the CBR TV Studios in LA earlier this week (sans makeup) to discuss the project and their long-standing connection to the comics medium.

"This whole comic book thing was invented in America. It's really an art form," Simmons said in a wide-ranging conversation where he name checks legendary creators from Bob Montana to Vince Colletta to Jim Steranko (much to his partner's consternation).

"This KISS thing of ours has grown by leaps and bounds, and we like teaming up and co-branding with iconic brands that have existed throughout the ages," he continued. "Archie has been around for over 50 years. And if you're going to point at something iconic that goes at a slightly different audience, you've got to respect something that stands the test of time. And it's a wacky idea -- KISS and Archie?"

Stanley added, "Since we did the Marvel comics, there have been many permutations of KISS through the comics -- starting with Marvel and starting with Howard The Duck. That's where we made our initial introduction into comic book world."

And the rockers don't plan on letting their four color legacy end with the gang in Riverdale. The pair teased plans for a project with IDW Publishing involving superhero comic books and Simmons noted, "At the same time I was talking with Jim Lee and the DC folks about doing something with 'KISS DC' -- Superman meets KISS and all that kind of stuff, which would be exciting." When reached for comment, a DC Entertainment spokesperson confirmed there are no plans for a project with Gene Simmons or KISS.

For the full scoop, check out the video and find "Archie Meets KISS" part one in comic shops now!

Italian Kiss Expo Photos
Here are some photos from Friday's KISS Fan Expo in Modena, Italy. Fans of all ages from across Italy attended this great event that featured special guest Eric Singer. Eric spent the evening signing autographs, posing for photos, and visiting with the Italian KISS Army before holding a lively question and answer session. Fans shopped for KISS merchandise and rocked with Paul Stanley tribute band LIVE 4 WIN and KISS Tribute band JULIET KISS.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the KISSOnline booth... we had a wonderful time talking KISS with you! Special thanks to our friend Fabio "Deuce" Mainardi & his crew for putting on another great KISS fan event!

Friday, December 2, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Rockin'

By Kristie Griffith
Photo: Erik Kabik

Celebrities ranging from Big Bird to Robin Leach took part in the “These Boots are Made for Rockin’” photo campaign to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, a favorite charity of the band KISS.

The photo campaign features celebrities wearing KISS boots, and the photos will be auctioned off at the grand opening of KISS by Monster Mini Golf, a rock n' roll amusement destination opening in Las Vegas in January 2012 that’s centered around KISS.

The 15,000-square foot facility will have an 18-hole black-light, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, a private party room, a VIP room, the biggest KISS gift shop ever, arcade games, a KISS all night rock 'n' roll cafe, and the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel.

"Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] have been very involved," says Christina Vitagliano, owner of KISS by Monster Mini Golf. "We've worked hand-in-hand with them from the ground up. Everything...has to be approved by them."

The "These Boots are Made for Rockin'" photo fundraiser features boots from the KISS Destroyer Tour, and a myriad of celebrities enjoyed their moments of rockin' out in true kiss fashion.

Paul Stanley Interviewed for ABC's 'Nightline'

Paul Stanley, the founder and driving force behind the greatest band ever born on American soil, KISS, was interviewed by ABC News’ Nightline yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles regarding his stellar career as one of rock’s most preeminent and iconic frontmen.

Esteemed journalist (MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine) and Nightline correspondent Chris Connelly interviewed Paul regarding his recent throat procedure, his highly-acclaimed artwork and the exciting year ahead for KISS with the release of a Paul Stanley-produced album and subsequent world tour.

Paul’s segment is slated to air in the next two weeks on ABC’s national news program Nightline. Be sure to check back for updates regarding airdates and times.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons 'Archie Meets Kiss' Signing Session

Paul and Gene signed copies of "Archie Meets Kiss" last night in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Archie Meets Kiss' Signing tonight in LA
Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will hold a signing session at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of 'ARCHIE MEETS KISS!' The event takes place tonight, Wednesday, November 30th. Wristbands will be available at 10 AM with the purchase of the comic book. The event is limited to 100 fans and two items per person.

Golden Apple Comics
7018 Melrose Avenue (SE corner of Melrose and La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Eric Singer: "Ace is a real character"

Video of Q&A with Eric Singer at the Holland Kiss Expo.

More with Eric

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eric Singer Signing Session at Holland KISS Expo - Video

Here is a short video of Kiss drummer Eric Singer signing autographs, and photo collage from the Holland KISS Expo November 27, 2011.

Ace Frehley Fractures Wrist; Forced to Cancel Tour

Ace Fractures Wrist, Cancels UK Tour
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has been forced to cancel his previously announced U.K. dates due to a fractured left wrist resulting from a fall in his home yesterday (Sunday, November 27). Doctors applied a fiberglass cast to Frehley’s hand and arm, and he has been instructed not to play guitar or use his wrist for a minimum of ten days. Ace would like to convey his deepest heartfelt apologies to all of his U.K. fans and to make it up to them, has already signed on to headline Hard Rock Hell festival in December 2012. He hopes to be able to announce the additional rescheduled dates soon.

Cancelled dates:
Dec. 01 - Cardiff, Wales - Coal Exchange
Dec. 03 - Pontins Prestatyn, North Wales - Hard Rock Hell Festival
Dec. 04 - London, England - Islington Academy

KISSFest 2 Brazil - Video

Our good friends at Kiss Army Brazil has sent us this video of the recent Kiss Fest 2 featuring Bruce Kulick and Lydia Criss. Thanks Marcio!
Subscribe to Kiss Army Brazil's YouTube channel by clicking here

Italian KISS Expo This Friday


Following the success of the "One Nite KISS, Waiting for the Boom" in 2009, to celebrate the forthcoming KISS Monster album and related new Tour, DeuceNews proudly presents: "The Italian KISS Expo 2011" featuring the mighty KISS drummer Eric Singer!!

Eric will be the special guest at the 2011 Italian KISS Expo at the Dancing La Montagnola in Campogalliano (MO) on December 2.

Our friend Keith Leroux from KISSOnline will be also attending the event with the greatest Official KISS merchandise!

Tribute bands Live4Win and JulietKiss will perform the hottest KISS songs, KISS dealers and Washburn Guitars booth will be there for you and more...See you all there!!

A special thanks to our partner in crime Enrico Ronzoni

Tickets pre-order and detailed info at

The 2011 Italian KISS Fan Expo is a fan produced event. By the fans, for the fans!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bruce Kulick & John Corabi Perform "Unplugged" in Madrid

Bruce Kulick and John Corabi perform at the Madrid, Spain, Kiss Expo, 11/26/11.



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ace Frehley "No Regrets" a NY Times Bestseller in Week Two

After two weeks on the New York Times Bestseller's list and a debut at an impressive #10, NO REGRETS,  charts at #21 this week in Hardcover Non-Fiction.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

ERIC CARR: "Tale of the Fox" Full Length Feature

In honor of the 20th anniversary of our friend Eric Carr's passing, here is the full length feature, TALE OF THE FOX.

The DVD includes unreleased music written and performed by Eric from his pre-Kiss & Kiss days, plus interviews with Bill Aucoin, Bruce Kulick, Carrie Stevens, members of Slaughter, Fred Coury, and more.

Italian KISS Expo Event on December 2, 2011

From our friends at Deuce News comes the Italian Kiss Expo on December 2, 2011
Website: Deuce News Italian KISS Expo
Following the success of the "One Nite KISS, Waiting for the Boom" in 2009, to celebrate the forthcoming KISS Monster album and related new Tour, DeuceNews proudly presents: "The Italian KISS Expo 2011" featuring mighty KISS drummer Eric Singer!! Eric will be the special guest at the 2011 Italian KISS Expo at the Dancing La Montagnola in Campogalliano (MO) on December 2. Our friend Keith Leroux from KISSOnline will be also attending the event with the greatest Official KISS merchandise!Tribute bands Live4Win and JulietKiss will perform the hottest KISS songs, KISS dealers and Washburn Guitars booth will be there for you and more...
Date: December 2

Location: "Dancing La Montagnola", Campogalliano, Modena, Italy Via G.Garibaldi 57.
Doors open: 19:00
Admission ticket: €15

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eric Carr, Love Kiss

Twenty years ago today, our friend Eric Carr passed away after losing his battle with cancer. Over the eleven years Eric spent with KISS, he played over 800 concerts to millions of fans around the world, and he brought joy to and touched the lives of so many people. Here are some thoughts and memories that the band would like to share.

At a time when KISS was in the midst of upheaval and turmoil Eric brought calm, and an optimism that refocused our priorities so we could move forward. I can't overstate his contribution to our rebirth. His dedication to his music was only matched by his dedication to his fans. He was a kind soul who couldn't say an unkind word about anyone and I think of him all the time.

- Paul Stanley

Eric Carr was a beloved member of KISS for 11 years. His drumming was as powerful as his love and devotion for the fans and remains in the hearts of many to this day...

- Eric Singer

Eric Carr was a special person and a friend. He would always go out of his way to be friendly and say something nice. I remember the band was mixing Hot in the Shade back in 1989 at Cherokee Studios in LA. HITS was a miss-mash of sorts and everyone was throwing in their two cents on the mix, you know, 'Turn up the guitars, turn up the bass.." I was listening and remember saying to the engineer, "Where's the drums?" At the end of the night, Eric quietly pulled me aside and said, "Thanks for mentioning the drums.." He appreciated that.. A good guy.

- Tommy Thayer

I never knew anyone more humble in my life.
Eric Carr was a kind soul who never said anything bad about anybody.
He was also a double threat on drums, and vocals.
I miss him.

- Gene Simmons

Eric Carr, My Friend, Twenty Years Have Passed

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the passing of my friend, ERIC CARR, on November 24, 1991. I can not believe it's been twenty years since we've had your laughter, your good heart, good music and most importantly to me, your friendship. Your memory lives inside of all of us with your music and warming smile. Today, on this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for having to have gotten to know you. Eric, you've enriched my life with laughter, compassion and song and I am so very grateful to have gotten to know when you were alive.
My glass is raised in honor of your life and how you touched so many. Your warmth, charisma, caring, and occasional dirty joke always made me laugh and smile.  Always have you made me feel good to be in your presence. You my friend!
     -Frank Hagan  Kiss Mask Webzine                  

July 12, 1950-November 24, 1991

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Red Carpet with Gene Simmons at the American Music Awards

MONSTER to Include 15 Songs, Tour to take "Technology to the extreme"

Gene Simmons on the red carpet at the American Music Awards November 20 in Los Angeles says "The new studio album is coming out late spring," 15 songs and "And the tour promises to take technology to the extreme."

Eric Carr 'Through the Years' Installment Video #4

As the 20th anniversary of legendary Kiss drummer Eric Carr's untimely passing approaches, many of his fellow musicians and friends share their most memorable Eric moments. Some are bound to make you laugh while others will show the warmth of man who loved his fans and his music.

The interviews series will include a video segments entitled, 'Eric Carr Through the Years'. Friends and special guests featured here are Eric's former girlfriend Carrie Stevens and friend Eddie Trunk.

The KISS Army Turns 35!

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - To celebrate Sunday's big anniversary some very special guests stopped by 105.5 the River's radio station to voice their support.

Even some famous band members joined in the celebration. News 10 photojournalist Gary Brian and Louisa Moller show you how.

Kiss Army Day Celebration:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bruce Kulick & Vince Neil Perform at Rock Camp

Video footage of Bruce Kulick, Vince Neil and Mark Hudson performing with campers on "Smokin' In The Boys Room," "Hello, I Love You" and "School's Out" at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in New York.

Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Questions with Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick Interview "10 Questions with SIT Strings"

KISS Back in the Studio with 'MONSTER'

KISS are back in the studio recording tracks for "Monster" to be released in the spring of 2012. Photos courtesy of Eric Singer via Kissonline.

Book based on "(Music From) The Elder" to be released Spring 2012


‘Music From The Elder: The Unauthorized Story of the Most Spectacular Failure in the History of Kiss" will be released in the spring of 2012. The book will explore the odd circumstances that led the traditionally hard-rocking band to attempt a classical- and Broadway-influenced concept record about a young boy’s medieval quest to become a warrior (or something), and the effect its commercial failure had on the band.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of "(Music From) The Elder," the most bizarre and unsuccessful album ever released by KISS, comes the first chapter of an upcoming book exploring this strange, misguided and yet oddly lovable record.
You can check out the site and read the first chapter, details here at Kiss Elder Book

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed at American Music Awards

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed arrive at last night's 2011 American Music Awards showing off their wedding rings in Los Angeles. Photo (Danny Moloshok / Reuters).

The Elder Movie to become a Reality

Filmaker Seb Hunter is making a film based on KISS' 1981 album, "(Music From) The Elder."
In 1981 the rock band KISS released a concept album entitled (Music From) The Elder. The album was intended to be the soundtrack to a movie - a movie which, due to the relative commercial failure of the album, was never made.
Check out the film's website:

KISS Collection is Seether drummer's Pride & Joy

By Chris M. Junior/
It started innocently enough with KISS trading cards when he was in grade school. Since then, Seether drummer John Humphrey’s collection of KISS memorabilia has grown tremendously in size and value — and it also includes items that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley no longer have.
Donruss KISS bubble gum cards
TRADING CARDS were the gateway collectible that got Seether drumer John Humphrey started on his KISS collection. This unopened box of Donruss’ KISS Series 1 cards from 1978 containing 36 wax packs sold for $179.25 at a Heritage Auction Galleries sale in 2009.
Intrigued by the band’s look, and without even hearing a note of KISS music, Humphrey started collecting the KISS bubble gum cards manufactured by Donruss in the late 1970s. Luckily for Humphrey, a relative worked at a convenience store, so he had someone who could supply him with a steady stream of the 15-cent card packs.
For his eighth birthday, Humphrey received a copy of the 1978 K-Tel Records collection “Star Power,” which contained the KISS hit “Christine Sixteen.” By the time the band released “Creatures of the Night” in 1982, Humphrey was pretty much immersed in all things KISS. He finally saw his makeup-wearing, costume-clad heroes in person, when the tour supporting that album came to the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Okla.
Humphrey says his KISS memorabilia collection is insured and valued at $60,000 to $75,000. He has various items on display at home, and one of the more prominent pieces is the KISS pinball machine (made by Bally and introduced in 1978) that he purchased for $2,200 around 1999.
“I was smiling from ear to ear when I got that thing,” Humphrey says. “It was broken and needed a little love. It’s still the crown jewel of my collection.”
Humphrey said an auction house has been in touch with him about his KISS collection, but he remains an active collector. He really hasn’t parted with too many items over the years.
“I’m trying to upgrade,” he says. “I’m picky about mint and still-sealed items. Occasionally I’ll eBay something when I’m home, which isn’t too often — I’ll sell some stuff if I’ve upgraded — but I haven’t really let go of anything. All of the important pieces I still hold onto and still have.”
Humphrey has KISS items from all over the world, but he does have standards beyond those related to their condition.
“I don’t really get into all the new stuff — the lava lamps, the teddy bears,” he says. “Some people get everything. With me, it’s the vintage stuff.”
Nixons KISS
John Humphrey (front, arms crossed) was a member of The Nixons, which opened for KISS in the mid-1990s. Photo courtesy John Humphrey.
It would be hard to imagine Humphrey ever parting with two items in particular. One is an autographed outtake poster from the first KISS album. When the original KISS lineup reunited for a tour in 1996, The Nixons, Humphrey’s band at the time, opened for KISS, so he had Simmons, Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley sign the poster for him.
The other item is the gold record for “Creatures of the Night” that was posthumously awarded to Eric Carr.
KISS autographed photo
This KISS band photo signed by Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Gene Simmons sold for $334.60 via a Heritage Auction Galleries sale held Oct. 12, 2007.
“Being a drummer, I loved Eric Carr, and I was right there at that time when he came into the band,” Humphrey says. “I have since met his sister Loretta via the Internet and have talked with her. I told her that ‘Creatures of the Night’ was my favorite album. She gave me his gold plaque for that album. So in my hallway with my gold plaques for Seether, in the middle I have Eric Carr’s gold plaque for ‘Creatures.’”
Humphrey also has some very rare photos of KISS recording its first album in New York that he recently passed along to author Ken Sharp, who is working on a book about the band’s history from 1971 to 1975.
“Gene and Paul had lost their disc with the photos,” Humphrey says. “They had bought the rights, and Ken needed my copies, so I actually contributed the photos I had from my collection, among a few other things, for that book. It was cool to be able to do that.”
When Seether is on tour — the band has done a bunch of shows already in 2011 supporting its new album, “Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray,” which contains the hit “Country Song” — Humphrey says he spends his off days seeking out KISS vinyl.
“I love doing that and finding really cool stuff in little stores here and there all around the country and in Europe,” he says. “You can find shops with used records that are stacked up like [you’d expect to see] on the set of ‘Sanford and Son.’”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Archies Meet Kiss' Signing Session in LA
Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will hold a signing session at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of 'ARCHIE MEETS KISS!' The event takes place Wednesday, November 30th. Wristbands will be available at 10 AM with the purchase of the comic book. The event is limited to 100 fans and two items per person.

Golden Apple Comics
7018 Melrose Avenue (SE corner of Melrose and La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Day In KISStory: 30th Anniversary Of ‘Music From The Elder’

“When the Earth was young, they were already old…”
30 years ago on this day in KISStory, an album would be issued that would be a turning point, and at the time a low point, for the band and their fans. Music From The Elder, produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin (responsible for the epic Destroyer), was released by KISS on November 16, 1981. The release was a concept album, and a comprehensive departure for the band, which was negatively received by both fans and critics alike.
As time has progressed, however, the album has achieved somewhat of a cult status among both KISS fans and rock/metal fans. For some reason, Music From The Elder has matured well, and while it was perhaps the most obscure and odd of all KISS releases, some now point to the album as their favorite.

This was not always the case, however. After its release, Music From The Elder developed into KISS’ poorest selling album, their first to not even be certified Gold by the RIAA. The business side of things fared so badly for KISS with this release that for the first time ever, the band did not go out on tour to boost the album.
So what went wrong for KISS back in 1981?
Essentially, what turned out to be Music From The Elder was a misguided attempt by the band and producer Bob Ezrin to showcase a more serious and sincere artistic side to the band. While this could have worked for any number of bands, for KISS, it was so distant from their musical identity that the album felt alien to many of their fans. But while it was an effort to make a serious concept album to acclaim a mature side of the band, initially this album was never meant to be that way.
With a look back to the year before, in 1980, KISS’ album Unmasked was not as well received as its 1979 predecessor Dynasty. Although Australian fans made it one of the best-selling albums in their country, causing a Beatles-like welcome for KISS during their down under tour, back home in America it was not a high point for the band. It was clear that the disco influence of producer Vini Poncia was beginning to take its toll for having been a part of KISS for too long. As a result, the band decided that change was crucial.
During their touring period of late 1980, the band announced in several interviews that they were working on a brand new album, and that it would be an authentic form to their hard rock and roll style. It was to be heavier, more aggressive, and more in tune with their earlier releases.
The promise was welcomed by the fans around the world. While the more commercial sounds of Dynasty and Unmasked may have been a welcome temporary diversion, the longtime fans were hungry for a return to form. Instead of more of “She’s So European,” they wanted more of “Deuce” or “Strutter” or “Cold Gin.”
And at the outset, that is exactly what was happening. KISS began recording demo tracks for their 1981 hard rock album, and some of the tunes can be heard and found to this day. Some of the songs that ended up on the 1982 KISS Killers anthology (“I’m A Legend Tonight,” “Down On Your Knees,” “Nowhere To Run,” and “Partners In Crime”) were written for the original album, as was “Love’s A Deadly Weapon,” which ended up on 1985′s Asylum. “Feel Like Heaven,” composed by Gene Simmons, was later recorded by Peter Criss on his 1982 Let Me Rock You solo album.
But among the demo and rarities bootleg trading circuit, other songs have arisen over the years, revealing a heavier sounding intent for their 1981 album. The Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons co-written “It’s My Life” (later taped for 1998′s Psycho Circus, but released on the 2001 KISS Box Set) first surfaced at this time, as did a very early version of “Rock And Roll Hell” from 1982′s Creatures of the Night.
KISSAce Frehley also contributed a hard rocking demo entitled “Don’t Run,” which would eventually evolve into “Dark Light” on The Elder. Perhaps more importantly would be a significant collaboration between him and new drummer Eric Carr that would become known as “Breakout” — a piece that would become a staple of Frehley’s live show when he toured (and recorded by Frehley’s Comet for their debut album), and the drum solo of which would be later included on KISS’ 1992 Revenge in tribute to and in memory of Carr, who passed away in 1991.
Indeed, as all indications seem, KISS in early 1981 was certainly heading for a new hard rock release. Bob Ezrin was brought in to produce the record, and the forthcoming release was being promoted to the fans (particularly via KISS Army fan club newsletters) as a cross between Love Gun and Destroyer, with a deep-seated dash of their first three albums: KISS, Hotter Than Hell, and Dressed to Kill.
The anticipation among fans was relatively high because of these developments. However, the evolution of “The 1981 Hard Rock Album” into Music From The Elder was not unambiguously promoted to fans during the year, something that most certainly would have contributed to their alienation from the band. Playing The Elder for the first time when expecting something like Destroyer meets Dressed To Kill would undoubtedly have been a shock.


Licking It Up at Fantasy Camp

Story and photo by Chris Epting

In a small rehearsal on the fringes of North Hollywood, a band is working hard. Feeling their way several times through the Bo Diddley staple, 'Road Runner,' they're finally getting comfortable with each other. Then the band's leader decides to crack the whip.

She stops the band and issues a few orders. "You, come in harder after the first verse," she tells one of the two drummers. "And you," she tells the singer, "I want you to start singing up around here," before hitting the note she wants him to tackle.

The singer has a suggestion after that. "Tonight, I'm thinking of ripping my jacket off and kind of throwing it at a certain point." The boss thinks about it. "Okay," she says. "Do that."

Just another band rehearsal? Not really. The two drummers, two guitarists, bass player and vocalist, have just met a few days earlier. And the bandleader? The woman whose playing styles is as distinctive as her blonde hair and striking good looks: Lita Ford.

Welcome to Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, where average, everyday people can live out their rock and roll dreams in the span of just a few days.

The brainchild of producer David Fishof, this is the camp's 14th year.

With years of experience producing rock tours throughout the world, Fishof first got the idea for the camp as a way to give music fans the opportunity to see their rock dreams become reality by learning from some of the most influential artists in the industry. That dream first crystallized in 1997 and over the years, he has delivered some of the world's top rockers to mentor, teach, perform and just plain hang out with fans.

For this most recent edition, Paul Stanley from KISS served as head counselor and was joined by Ford, Vinny Appice, Nils Lofgren, Rudy Sarzo, Bruce Kulick, and a host of other industry heavyweights.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five Minutes with Ace Frehley

Scott Engel/

We all have our heroes, the people that drive us to dream and strive for greatness. When I was growing up, it was Ace Frehley, the original lead guitarist for KISS. I was a major KISS fan, and today I am still a card-carrying member of the KISS Army. Yes, I actually do have a numbered card in my wallet.
KISS was more than just a band, they were a way of life, a positive beacon for a young man who was searching for answers. They showed their fans that you can always be unique and reach for the highest goals in life. Be your own person and never apologize for it. I always loved all four original members of KISS, for different reasons, and with Ace, it was about him always following his heart and being a survivor.
So when I was presented with the opportunity to interview Ace in early November, it was a great honor and pleasure. I strongly believe my pursuit of a Fantasy Sports career was spurred by the KISS messages of shooting for whatever you want in life, and believing in yourself no matter what the odds were. Of course, this was also an opportunity to give something back to Ace. I had always been a fan of his solo work as well, and was excited to receive a copy of his new memoirs “No Regrets”, a highly compelling new read for any rock and roll fan. So the chance to spread the word about his new book on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio, on the RotoExperts morning show, was an undertaking I enjoyed greatly.
Read more and listen Here!

Rocker Kane Roberts Talks Working with Paul Stanley
There are more layers to Kane Roberts than a lot of people would think at first glance. The same guy who was known for his musclebound “Rambo” image in the 80s and over the top hard rock/metal is also a college music major, graphic artist, video game designer and artist in general. While most famous for his work with Alice Cooper he has also released two solo albums and collaborated with hitmakers like Jon Bon Jovi and Paul Stanley. Kane recently made a return to the stage for the long running Firefest shows overseas and is once again fueling some of those creative fires. We talked with him about making those classic Alice albums, working on the REVENGE album with KISS and what it’s like to write a song with Desmond Child. Read on…..

Legendary Rock Interviews: It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you on the press junket for your Geffen album but of course Alice keeps popping up in the news and now you have some new stuff going on too! What’s up man?

Kane Roberts: Yeah…it’s been a while then, that album on Geffen was a great time for me, working with a lot of great musicians and of course Desmond Child is such a prolific writer. Alice, well Alice is, of course, better than ever. I can’t say enough about the guy or Welcome 2 My Nightmare. He’s such an amazing friend and person.

LRI: You said something in an interview that has always stayed with me, you were paraphrasing Bob Ezrin who was saying once you’ve started down an artistic path you can pause or take breaks but that passion to be expressive never really leaves you. It will pop back up in various ways and you will continue to find ways to create or be expressive. Have you find that to be the case in these years since you’ve been out of the spotlight a little?

KR: Yeah, totally. It’s just like yourself as a reporter or writer, even if you don’t do a thing for ten years there’s this part of your brain that doesn’t shut off, you just keep having ideas orbit that part of your brain. If you’re a musician that’s why you can’t walk by a guitar without picking it up and playing some scales, that sort of thing. Whatever you get that creative rush from becomes real difficult not to practice. It might vary based on your individual level of proficiency at whatever you enjoy doing but it’s there in all of us. We all have a creative soul. Maybe you’re someone who likes taking pictures or making movies, you can’t walk by something picturesque without thinking of shooting it. We all have some part of us that is constantly in taking that kind of info and archiving it. Whether we express it or choose to is a different story and sometimes that takes practice and exposure. I had a video game that we premiered at E3, I’ve been in that whole software development world these past years and I ran into Bob Ezrin who’s of course famous for all this rock production with KISS and Alice and Pink Floyd. Bob was there at the E3 convention, he was also there for the software end of things and we talked again and he just said “This gaming thing is just another area of creativity, another level to delve into”. Some guys are really strong at one area and just stick with that area their whole life whether its writing or music or whatever. I’ve always been very visually based, even when I’ve made music I have sort of always had my head in the visual end of art. I love video and art and always have since I was a kid, I have had a passion for that end of things. Right now, we have a film project we’re trying to get off the ground as well as these new music gigs. I just feel like you only live once and you might as well do as much as possible, follow your passions.

Read the rest HERE!

Message from Bruce Kulick
As you all know, after my journeys to NYC and Brazil it was time to jump right into Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp. Always fun, this one was particularly exciting because of two factors. First, the Playboy Mansion was where the big event night for the final performances would be held. Second, naturally for me to have Paul Stanley as the headline guest has its significance. I always enjoy jamming and seeing him, and my campers were especially excited as we prepared a medley of KISS hits, along with a Van Halen tune.

Click KULICK.NET to read the rest.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ace Frehley Has No Regrets

Ace Frehley on FOX's Face to Face
Ace appeared on FOX and talked about his new book, sobriety, his relationship with Gene Simmons and why he left Kiss the second time around.

Watch Ace  Here on FOX Face to Face .

KISStory, On this Day, November 15, 1988

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits is released

Kiss released their fourth "Best of" compilation. The album, which was also released in a special picture disc, gate fold edition, highlighted 16 of Kiss' hits. some remixed, including a remake of "Beth" with Eric Carr on vocals. The album pulls from Kiss 80's hits and remixes of Kiss 70's classics.

Two new tracks were recorded including the first single, "Let's Put the X in Sex," which saw Kiss playing a little funky (with video) which peaked at #49 on the Billboard Singles Charts and "(You Make Me) Rock Hard" which also included an accompanying video with Kiss in a circus-like theme. The album peaked on the US Billboard Album 200 at #21 and sold over 2 million copies.

A compilation video of "Rock And Roll All Nite" featuring clips of Kiss live with and without makeup was also released to support the album.

Track Listing:
1. Let's Put the X in Sex
2. Crazy Crazy Nights
3. (You Make Me) Rock Hard
4. Love Gun (remix)
5.  Detroit Rock City (remix)
6. I Love It Loud (remix)
7. Reason To Live
8. Lick It Up
9. Heaven's On Fire
10. Caling Dr. Love
11. Strutter (remix)
12. Beth (Eric Carr vocal)
13. Tears Are Falling
14. I Was Made For Lovin' You
15. Rock And Roll All Nite (remix)
16. Shout It Out Loud (remix)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gene Simmons: The Rockin' Renaissance Man

By Thomas M. Kostigen
Gene Simmons is in the kitchen of his Beverly Hills mansion sitting on a tall bar chair. He has placed one of the grey suede boots he's wearing on the counter and sort of teeters as he strums a white guitar, playing with chords, and singing a bit here and there. An iPad on the counter blasts out a raspy tune about love, and Simmons, the famous frontman of the rock band KISS, chimes in offering advice on lyrics and music to a man in a blue suit and tie. The man is no music executive, though. He's an insurance executive, one of Simmons' partners in a new business venture. The man's daughter is an aspiring singer and Simmons has agreed to listen to her demo.
"It's like a blueprint for an insurance plan you're doing," Simmons says, referring to the demo. "It has to have all the pieces, but you also have to play with it to make it work, make it your own, make it different."

Few musicians could draw an analogy between insurance planning and songwriting. Simmons, however, prides himself on being a Renaissance man.

He may be known as "The Demon" in Kiss, the hard rock band he co-founded in the early 1970s, with his iconic makeup and serpentine tongue, but Simmons is a dead serious businessman. He is co-founder of Cool Springs Life, an estate and insurance planning firm in Franklin, Tenn., that caters to people worth more than $20 million. He is a principal in Ortsbo, an online language translation company that garners 20 million unique users per month, according to its CEO. He is a partner in Simmons Abramson, a marketing company that among other things promotes the IndyCar races. He has his own record label, a publishing company and an online venture with Sony. There is also his coffeehouse and a new airport restaurant chain, a joint venture with Hello Kitty and he is the star of Family Jewels, the longest-running celebrity reality show.

So what makes Gene Simmons tick? That's what I've come to discover as I pull through the massive gate that leads to his house halfway up one of the more esteemed streets in this ZIP code. The driveway winds around to a carport. And Simmons is there to greet, standing atop the stairs that lead to the front door. He is wearing dark sunglasses, a black suit and a black shirt. No tie.

I had tailed another car on the way in-one of Simmons' business associates. Two other business associates apparently have also just arrived, and Simmons waves to us all and then disappears inside.

The manse is highly organized and attended to. Floral arrangements and framed family pictures greet you. Simmons recently wed his longtime partner Shannon Tweed, the mother of his two children. To the right of the entranceway is a grand piano. The color scheme for the heavy furniture, drapes and rugs atop the dark, wood floors is mustard. Everything is just so: the leather-bound books that line the mezzanine bookshelves, the expensive-looking vases, the tea and coffee set that a uniformed house worker sets down for those gathered. The house could, in fact, be mistaken for your wealthy aunt's Connecticut estate.
Read the rest here at Private Wealth Magazine

Lordi Performs "I Love It Loud" - Video

Finnish rockers, Lordi, are seen here performing Kiss' "I Love It Loud" mixed with Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil."
You may recall Kiss manager Bill Aucoin was managing Lordi at the time of his death in June 2010.

Ace Frehley on KISS and His New Memoir, No Regrets


Jason P. Woodbury Phoenix News Times
No Regrets: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir is the new book by legendary KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. Assisted by Joe Layden and John Ostrosky, Space Ace pretty much hits it all: his young years in a gang, his audition to be in KISS (there was a job application), the band's rise, his drug abuse, leaving the band, rejoining the band, and then leaving the band again.

KISS fan or not, it's a fun read. Frehley's voice comes through, and his sense of humor shines through.
Frehley will be in town Tuesday, November 15, at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. I called him in Chicago, to discuss his book, Gene Simmons, and the KISS' unlikely Lou Reed collaboration -- 30 years before Metallica, you dig?
Up on the Sun: Other than the financial benefits of writing a book, why right now? Why did you feel like it was time to put these stories on paper?
Ace Frehley: People have been have been asking me to do a book for years, if for no other reason than to hear another side of the story. Everyone has only heard it from Gene [Simmons] at this juncture. So you know, we started toying around with the idea in 2008, and finally the right offer came a long, [from] Simon and Schuster/VH1 Classic books, [and they] gave me about six months to do it, and then expanded my deadline by several months. It took me about a year to do it, but I'm happy with then end result, and it seems like everyone else is. I just found out that we're on the New York Times best-sellers list.
Yeah, congratulations on that.
Thank you. I'm thrilled.
So when you were initially told you had six months, did you think you would be able to do it in that time?
Well, I tried. I thought I'd be able to do it, but I have Attention Deficient Disorder, I guess from all the drugs and alcohol, or whatever. I was really struggling the last month, and I had to do some major rewrites with John Ostrosky, but, they extended my deadline, which allowed me to get a hold of some people I hadn't reached. I talked to some of my old bodyguards, family members...kind of opened up the floodgates for more stories and clarification on some points [laughs].

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