Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Gene Simmons' Brother and Sisters

Gene's Reunion: You're Not
An Only Child Anymore

Gene Simmons' trip with his family to Israel has connected him to a brother and three sisters whom he never knew he had.

Gene is pictured here with his siblings, brother Kobi (who has a strong resemblance to Gene), sisters Sharon, Eugenia and Drora. I wonder if his siblings were shocked to learn their brother is the Demon bass player for Kiss?

The emitional union amd the trip to Irael has been filmed by the crew for the new season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Photo from Gene's Twitter account.


vatorman20 said...

Great you have found your family now stay in touch with them

Mary M Revis said...

Chaim *smile*. God bless you and your family. It's a MITZVAH for oyu to see and bee with your family and your roots. More than any successes you have on this earth, your family with Shannon, Nick and Sophie, and your mother are your riches. Your family in Israel is part of that as well. Treasure them!

Mary M Revis

Linda said...

Very impressed with your brother Gene and your sisters are lovely. You are lucky to have them and they love you too.