Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Note from Kiss Mask Webzine

Promoting Kiss Related Products No Longer for Free On Kiss Mask Webzine
It seems everyone wants to promote their product. And that's all fine and good. But when those people promoting their product want free advertising wihout having to pay or provide us the product... the answer is flat out NO! It's about respect and for many years we were happy to do so. But since we've seen an increase of "products" wanting  free ad space, we have decided we will no longer be taken advantage of in this matter

Kiss Mask Webzine will no longer promote Kiss related "products" here on this site for "FREE" as of today. Kiss Mask will no longer promote merchandise items from former band members and/or their families seeking profit.  Without the product sent to us for review (as compensation) do not bother us with requests. We will no longer advertise Kiss fan related events without complimentary admission for the event, unless we are buying a table (and/or have exchanged LINKS to each other's sites), then we may discuss compensation/or reduced pricing. We will also no longer advertise "products" without official press releases. We realize that an advertisement here on Kiss Mask Webzine DOES increase sales, visibilty, interest and thus far has been free as of late.
Of course, our "LINKS" policy is the same, we put YOUR LINK on our site, and you put OUR LINK on yours. Seems fair, right? Same as it alway's been. Any LINKS on our site that do not have OUR LINK on theirs will be removed from the left side column on our main page.  The ONLY exception are Official Sites from KISS, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and all other current and former members of KISS.
Advertising can be very expensive, thus we will not be charging a fee(s), but as they say "nothing is for nothing" and Kiss Mask Webzine is longer doing promotion for "nothing."

Please note: This decison does not affect our already relationships with Kiss fan sites, events and Kiss merchandise dealers whom we already trade LINKS on each other site.

Feel free to contact me at Kissmask8895@aol.com  with any questions.

J. Frank Hagan

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