Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gene Simmons daughter Sophie Involved in Auto Accident in LA

(RTTNews) - Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie, 18, was involved in a four-car accident on Thursday in Los Angeles.

The daughter of the KISS frontman was at rest in traffic on a Los Angeles freeway when the car behind her failed to brake, slamming her car into the car in front of her.

Sophie, who was wearing her seat belt, hit her head on the steering wheel; the airbag of the car did not deploy and the car was totaled.

The teenager was taken to an area hospital, where she was treated for minor scrapes and bumps, after which she tweeted pictures of her hospital bracelet (along with a bracelet from a party she had just attended) and reassured fans that she was unharmed: "Hospital Band and a Victoria's Secret Wristband . . . classy."

Her father also tweeted about his daughter's accident, noting that she was not hurt, and posted pictures of the family having lunch together after son Nick's graduation.

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