Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiss Rock 75,000+ At Rodeo Houston Last Night

Here is video from last night's Kiss show at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Kiss performed on a rotating stage without the famous Kiss logo. No confetti canons (because of the dirt floor) and stage pyro was replaced with huge fireworks that were actually on the stadium floor. This is the first time that I know of that Kiss has played in the round. Kiss performed over an hour, 12 song set.
Set-List:Modern Day Delilah/Shout It Out Loud/Deuce/Firehouse/Calling Dr Love/I Love It Loud/I Was Made For Lovin You/Love Gun/Detroit Rock City/
Beth/Lick It Up/Rock And Roll All Nite
Modern Day Delilah

Rock And Roll All Nite


Anonymous said...

What a show!!! These guys rock like no one else can!
Houston Rodeo will never be the same!

brokenvette said...

Was Paul sick? He seemed to be sucking wind and looked like he was about to have a heart attack. He barely sang and he was just weak looking.

brokenvette said...

Was Paul sick. He was sucking air and looked like he was about to have a heart attack. His voice was bad and he barely sang.


I would have killed to be at this show! It was awesome to see Kiss on a rotating stage. Thank God for YouTube!!


Paul sounded great at the show in Puerto Rico... Actually I really didn't notice that Paul sounded bad.

@Lou: I take it you were at the show! That was quite a performance. These guys rock out harder and better than any of the younger rock bands out there. Actually, if it weren't for the classic bands like KISS, Aerosmith, Juda Priest & Iron Maiden, there really isn't anything up and coming that is remotely classic in sight and sound.