Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KISS Getting Closer To Revealing Album Title

(From RockStarWeekly)
The new KISS album due Oct 6, and rumoured to be sold through WalMart, will most likely be part of a package including a re-recording disc (Jigoku Retsuden, orginally released in Japan) and a DVD (possibly the ALIVE35 Down-Under Tour).The rumours still fly about the album's title and the artwork. Two titles that have come into play that are top contenders are 360° and Sonic Boom. Both are registred tradrmarks owned by KISS. Recently the editor of Guitar Player Magazine published a review of 5 KISS new songs and he admitted that the title they had on the studio TV monitors while they were playing the audio files was Sonic Boom. The 360° title comes from a new series of trading cards released by the band next week. Considering how top-secret the whole KISS project seems to be, it might be a better bet to go with Sonic Boom.Neither title has yet been confirmed by the band, but a message on the official KISS website says it will be released shortly.

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