Friday, March 23, 2012

KISS Catalog: How Is It Selling?

KissFaq's Tim McPhate has researched an interesting, fascinating special report into how KISS' Catalog albums have sold from 2007-2012. Updated.

A closer look at Nielsen SoundScan and KISS from 2007-2012
Check out the article here: KISS Catalog:How is it selling?

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BillyM67 said...

Those numbers are way off...Kiss (1974) has not sold more than Lick It Up (1983), because Lick It Up went Platinum (1 million + sold)and Kiss has only been certified as Gold (500,000 +)...where did this person get these numbers?

Dochoots said...

BillyM67, this is not a list of total sales from release date, but sales from 2007-2012. Of course LIU sold more total, but just not more during the last 5 years.


It states 2007-2012 on the front page of my post.