Monday, August 10, 2009


By Fabio

Q:I am perfectly aware that such definition is way beyond complete as You are among the best designers around and that your art can be seen everywhere, but…you know, we are so next to the D-Day to see the new KISS album title and cover revealed that….;-)

A:I would like more than anything right now to share with you what I did for the new cover. I am very excited about it because I think it is among the very best of my work. But an agreement is an agreement: I gave my word to Paul that I would not reveal anything before the "official" release of information, and I am a man of my word.
Q:I saw you are selling Limited edition signed silkscreens created to celebrate the release of new fonts from Alphabet Soup Type Founders.Are you planning to do something similar with the new KISS Cover art?
A:Yes. But with the cover art for the new album it will probably be a little different. I first had the idea that I would create large scale limited edition signed prints and then sell them myself. But then I talked with Paul, and he really liked the idea, so now I'll probably be doing them in conjunction with KISS. The idea would be to produce limited edition signed giclées that not only would be signed by me, but by members of KISS as well. Also it looks like we'll also be doing a large scale print of "Rock and Roll Over" to be sold in tandem with the print of the new cover. This also was my idea—to tie the two together, as they are both related. There has been plenty of merchandise with the RARO image, but nothing of any quality in a large size. As the artwork for RARO has disappeared in the sands of time, I have to re-create the artwork digitally, otherwise at the large size of the giclées (hopefully around 25" square) it would look terrible. This is all very tentative as we haven't worked out all the details yet. I will post an article on my blog when the details have been finalized. So keep watching!
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