Sunday, January 1, 2012

New England's Gary Shea Talks Kiss
LRI: Did Paul Stanley ever treat you guys any differently on tour for better or worse as a result of him having worked on the album?
GS: No it was always good vibes between Paul and us. We opened up the DYNASTY tour with those guys and Paul and all of them were great. I say that remembering though that we DID get kicked off the tour (laughs). It was a situation that arose at the Montreal Forum actually….a few weeks before that we played a few nights with them at Madison Square Garden which, of course as a kid growing up on the east coast is just a dream, and the Garden shows went really well. We got standing ovations and all that, it was just really, really cool because everyone knows that opening for KISS isn’t easy and people who open for KISS don’t always do so well. When we got to Montreal it was even more amazing because what happened was we were getting a LOT of airplay in Canada and we contributed to them selling 6,000 more tickets in Montreal. The show wasn’t sold out prior to that because KISS had kind of been out of the public eye in Canada and had just come off the solo albums and an extended absence. We really weren’t aware of all that when we got on stage to the usual “Please welcome…..NEW ENGLAND…” and what happened was the whole place stood up screaming and yelling. I looked 40 feet over on this MASSIVE stage KISS had and looked over at John (Fannon, NEW ENGLAND vocalist/guitarist) and just gave him this LOOK like “Woah!!!”. It was easily one of the most amazing moments of my life and I will never forget it because we hadn’t even played the first NOTE yet. We just came out and were standing there in awe watching people freak OUT!!! Well, low and behold, Gene Simmons was down below in the orchestra pit with his famous little notebook taking notes and soon after we got the word that we weren’t on the KISS Tour anymore (Laughs). It was like “Ok, well its kind of a backhanded compliment but we’ll take it”. I mean, to tell you the truth GENE has always been good to us and always been straightforward and it wasn’t anything we took personally. It was just business but the one thing that did suck for us was that we were supposed to play a gig a week or so later in Massachusetts and we had about a hundred disappointed hometown people on our guest list (Laughs). We were looking forward to that one show and it just didn’t happen.

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