Sunday, January 1, 2012

KISS will be featured on VH1's 'Metal Evolution'
Sam Dunn and Scot McFayden are to heavy metal documentaries what Spielberg and Scorsese are to quality drama. Except these two work together.

The Banger Films duo, who made the award-winning docs Iron Maiden: Flight 666 and Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, are thrashing their way through musical history with an 11-part TV series called Metal Evolution. If you haven’t made it appointment viewing yet, put down your Mastodon record and find the DVR remote.

“When we did our first film (2005’s Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey), we realized we created something that filled a need — people wanted a film about metal with some intellectual weight and depth,” Dunn told The pair mined that original philosophy for their new VH1 Classics show, which features interviews with metal gods old and new. “It’s not just for the diehard metalhead but for rock fans who want to know about distortion or what Vivaldi has to do with metal music. It’s a story about the evolution of a genre.”Continue Reading
Peter Criss and Sam Dunn

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