Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KISS Destroyer Deluxe Edition News- Ken Kelly Interview

Legendary Artist Ken Kelly "I am working on Destroyer Deluxe Edition" Interview with KISS Army Argentina

Kiss Army Argentina

KISS Army Argentina: Ken, thanks a lot for granting us this interview. It is an honor for KISS ArmyArgentina. As you can imagine our interest is focused on the works you did with KISS, but it isimpossible to leave aside your vast and long career as illustrator of fantastic scenes. You havebeen a student of none other than Frank Frazetta. Please tell us how this interest in illustration came about in you, and how was your experience like in Frazetta's school?

Ken Kelly: I’ve always been interested in art as long as I can remember. It became more serious as I became an adult. Frank Frazetta was part of my extended family and a working professional at that time so it was very normal for me to ask questions.
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