Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eric Singer Interview with Kiss Army Mexico

KISS Army México: Eric, this is the first time that a KISS Army project in Mexico reunite all fans, with membership, we hope we will reach 500 members in the next few months and after that go nation wide, what can you say to all this KISS fans in KISS Army Mexico?
Eric Singer: This is Fantastic !! This is what makes ALL KISS fans so special and unique. You take it upon yourselves to support the band and for this we thank you...

KISS Army México: KISS it's a Monster, what can you tell us about the sound of this new record, its already finished? do you know the release date?

Eric Singer: There is no set release date yet. We are still working on it as of this writing and it should be done soon. It really has great riffs and songs and I think will be a pleasant surprise to so many KISS fans. It will be worth the wait ~!

KISS Army México: You are going to sing one song in the new Monster Album? if so, what can you tell us about that song or songs?

Eric Singer: I will be singing a song again and you have to wait for the record :-)

KISS Army México: Do you know when the Monster tour will begin, new set list? it will include Mexico?

Eric Singer: We have to finish the record/CD first before we plot out our tour schedule. But I am sure we will do everything in our power to try and make it to Mexico again. I think there will be a few new surprises in store for the next tour...

KISS Army México: KISS costumes will be the same or they will be a Monster too?

Eric Singer: Surprise, surprise,surprise...

KISS Army México: We have heared that KISS stage will be a new stage with more pyromania, what can you tell us about that?

Eric Singer: I cannot tell what the future holds as it would not be "new" if we tell everyone about it ahead of time.... Patience pays :-)

KISS Army México: Over the years with Kiss, can you tell us wich 10 items you consider your favorite KISS collectibles?

Eric Singer: I never really thought about a top ten list. But I can tell you that I like many of the old & new items such as the Sleeping Bag, Remote Control Van, KISS Radio, Lava Lamps, Mr.Potato Head. and my Favorite the KISS Pinball Machine ! I think the "Hello Kitty" stuff coming soon will take it to another level in 2012...

KISS Army México: Why Kiss didn't play Sonic Boom songs at the Kiss Kruise? Don't you consider those songs Kiss classics yet?

Eric Singer: We tried to go deep into the catalogue and play songs that fans never or rarely get to hear. We tried to do our best but we know you can never make everyone happy

KISS Army México: In Mexico we are very excited about KISSology 4, what can you tell us about it?

Eric Singer: I do not know the final content yet. That would be a question for Tommy Thayer as he is heading up that project... 

KISS Army México: What can you tell us about your other projects? We will love to see you play with Avantasia in Mexico, but also see you with ESP Unplugged and also Alice Cooper, what can you tell us?
Eric Singer: I have stayed focused on KISS the past few years except for a few ESP shows now and again. KISS has kept me busy enough. I enjoy working with other projects and musicians when time permits or something interesting comes up.

KISS Army México: How do you feel with all you have done in your career, are you happy? or there is something more that you want to do that you haven't done yet.

Eric Singer: I have been very blessed to make a living doing something I always dreamed of doing and have passion & love for. For this I thank the universe ! and the Fans too... 


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