Thursday, October 13, 2011

KISStory, On this Day, "Creatures of the Night" Released 1982

was released on this day, October 13, 1982. The band's 9th studio album saw them returning to their heavy rock roots at the time of Kiss' 10th Anniversary.
The album saw major changes within Kissdom, with the departure of Ace Frehley (although he appears on the cover, he does not play anywhere on the record, due to PolyGram's contract with Kiss that at least 3 original members be in the band or their contract would be void) who's lead guitar was greatly missed, a change in management and a new guitarist who would be revealed for the tour. Although Ace was out of the band at the time of the album's release, Ace did promotional appearances with Kiss, mostly in Europe to promote the album  keeping PolyGram Records at bay and further suspicions that he indeed was out of Kiss.

Eric Carr's drumming is the driving force behind this album with his bombastic, John Bonhman-inspired playing, which secured Kiss back to a heavier band, a welcomed return to fans. Eric also played bass on "I Still Love You."

Several lead guitarists recorded parts for the album which included Vinnie Vincent ("Saint and Sinner", "Keep Me Comin'", "I Love It Loud", "Killer", and "War Machine"), Bob Kulick ("Danger"),
Robben Ford  ("Rock and Roll Hell" and "I Still Love You") and Steve Farris  ("Creatures of the Night"). Jimmy Haslip played bass on "Danger." It's been reported that at this time Eddie Van Halen, unhappy with his own band, wanted to join Kiss as the new lead guitarist but was talked out of it by Gene Simmons and his brother, Alex Van Halen.

The album was produced by Micheal James Jackson, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The album's single "I Love It Loud" reached #22 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks, peaked at #76 on the Singles Charts. The video, which featured Ace Frehley, was a staple on MTV. A second single, "Creatures of the Night," reached #34 on the UK Singles Charts. The album peaked at #45 on the Billboard Album Charts and was certified Gold by the RIAA on May 9, 1994.
The Creatures of the Night/10th Anniversary Tour started December 29, 1982 in Bismarck, North Dakota. Kiss took newcomers Motley Crue and Night Ranger out as openers.

Kiss Business Manager, Howard Marks, appears as the father in the video for "I Love It Loud."

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