Friday, April 1, 2011

Ace Frehley Visits Gibson Showroom NYC

Ace Frehley recently visited the Gibson Guitars showroom in New York City.

Check out this rare shot of Ace with a Gibson custom shop SG Custom. This model was called the new Les Paul Custom from 1961 until late 1963 when it was renamed the SG Custom

Editor's Note: When I went to the Gibson Showroom in NYC to interview Ace Frehley for Anomaly in 2009, my niece Jessica and I got a rare glimpse into the Gibson showroom. Hallowed ground where the great guitars are housed,  played by the greatest of  players, while recording their albums.  We were allowed to take pictures in the same room where this photo of Ace was taken. By the way, that is a Les Paul Guitar table in front of Ace. Cool huh?
The Gibson Showroom in New York, is a place you feel and smell the history, as well as see it!
Top Photo: Ace Frehley in the Gibson Showroom with SG Custom.
Second Photo: Kiss Masker Frank Hagan checking out the guitars. Pete Townshend's guitar is the Union Jack to my right.
Third Photo: My niece Jessica A. chillin' on a stool in the Showroom.

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