Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gene Simmons Collapes, Hospitalized and Released

Gene Collapes at LAX, Hospitalized for Dehydration


Gene Simmons was spotted leaving Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, Calif. today after he fainted at LAX yesterday. Sources close to Simmons tell TMZ he hit his head after fainting and was rushed to the hospital. He suffered a cut on his forehead and, after tests were run, sources tell us the doctors concluded it was just dehydration.

He was released today.
Gene's comments via his website:
"So, Miss Tweed and I were at LAX... we got some Decaf Coffee and some eggs... and there I am munching and taking a few sips... and then, I feel this rush of heat from my feet up to my head... and then apparently I blacked out.
I woke up in a nearby hospital. I was told I passed out due to dehydration, lack of sleep, and just pure exhaustion.
I spent a night at the hospital and found, to my surprise, half of my left eyebrow literally fell off... I must have hit the ground hard. I don't remember. So, there I am being stitched up, eating hospital food, and itchy to get back to work.
I'm back home. All is well.
I've been getting lots of emails and calls asking if everything is fine. Yes. Thank you. All is well.
I have a meeting in an hour, so I have to finish this.
More next time."

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