Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kiss TV References This Week

"Mike & Molly"/CBS TV
Aired: 10/18/10 'Carl is Jealous' episode
Mike, Molly, her sister and Mike's police partner are double dating. During the course of their date, Molly explains her sister is a make-up artist at a funeral home and as Molly's sister explains, "One time I got really baked and made this 80 year old woman look like the drummer in Kiss."

"I Love You, Beth Cooper"/20th Century Fox
I just saw this movie over the weekend on HBO. The 2009 dramedy stars Hayden Panettiere as Beth and Paul Rust as Denis. As they are sitting on the back of a stationwagon, the song "Beth" (Peter Criss' version) can be heard in the backround. The film, a comedy directed by the famed Chris Columbus, is based on a novel by novel written by former The Simpsons writer Larry Doyle. The scene occurs :43 minutes into the film. "Beth" also appears on the film's soundtrack.

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