Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Allan Schwartzberg Interview Part Two

Kiss' 'Ghost Drummer' Interviewed Part Two

(Editor's note: Schwartzberg has produced the new duet album for Regis & Joy Phelbin titled, "Just You And Me." You can visit Allan at his web sites & ) I’ve heard that you played drums on KISS’ Animalize and Asylum albums? Any truth to that or did you simply provide overdubs?

Schwartzberg: "Asylum, I did and on Animalize I did overdubs.” How did KISS get in touch with you for those projects?

Schwartzberg: "I had already worked with Gene and I go back with the guys to the time when they were called WICKED LESTER.” So, you go back to the late ‘60s/early ‘70s with them.

Schwartzberg: "Yeah, I was working at Hendrix’ studio (Electric Lady Land) and they were in the other studio working with Eddie Kramer. They were walking around in their boots and I was playing on a B.J. THOMAS record.” Did they show up to record in full make-up and outfits?

Schwartzberg: "Well, I do remember them showing up in boots. Might not have been the big blocky boots, but they were decked out.” Getting back to Animalize – this was 1984 and KISS were almost going for a heavy metal sound. They cranked up the amps and the drumming was a lot faster. How was it working on those overdubs? Do you know why Eric Carr wasn’t handling the overdubs?

Schwartzberg: "I don’t know the answer to that. I remember playing a lot of drums fills – fills that either weren’t there or they didn’t like and needed replacing.” When you listen back to an album like that can you pick out your parts?

Schwartzberg: "I actually can. It’s a weird thing. It’s kind of like penguins amongst a million other penguins; they can still find their babies. I do hear myself in there.” You ears perk up when you hear yourself…

Schwartzberg: "Yeah, exactly.” A lot of people don’t know that you played on KISS’ Asylum album, but you did. Simply overdubs or full tracks?

Schwartzberg: "To be honest, I don’t remember. I really wish I could tell you. Gene would remember though.” Are there any other KISS albums that you remember playing on?

Schwartzberg: "No, I think that’s it.” That’s five albums. That’s pretty impressive.

Schwartzberg: "It was fun. Gene’s a good guy.”

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