Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I wasn’t too keen on writing a review for “Sonic Boom.” The last time I reviewed a Kiss studio album (“Psycho Circus”) it went all wrong, dreadfully wrong! It is because of that farce that I was desperate for Kiss to not call it a day with that album being their final studio recording (“Nothing Can Keep Me From ‘Puking’ On You,” from the “Detroit Rock City OST,” and “Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio,” from the Ramones Tribute, don’t count even if the latter is an excellent recording). What was wrong with “Psycho Circus?” Musically, little, I still like the songs that I liked then, and despise the ones that I didn’t. It’s simply a matter of what it represented, the falling apart of the band within and fakery, rather than the ghost players (which isn’t particularly surprising). I also hated the merchandising tie-in which seemed to be more important than anything else, even if it was stupid (IMO). Whatever, ten years later Paul Stanley decided that Kiss would make a new studio album. I fell to my knees and offered thanks. For nothing else, “Psycho Circus” will not be the final Kiss album. Thank you.
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