Tuesday, August 4, 2009

KISS DLC for Rock Band unleashes my inner Ace Frehley

By Stephen Coldwell/The Examiner
Coming from me, the headline above probably seems like fairly subdued celebration of the arrival of the "Kiss Pack 01" downloadable content for "Rock Band." Considering I've devoted two full articles to Vagiant and 2,300 words to Iron Maiden in this column, you would think I'd muster a little more enthusiasm for a trio of unreleased live Kiss Klassics (I went there) from the glorious days of 1975's "Dressed to Kill" tour. Trust me, it was better to reign in my natural instincts than to go with my original headline, which was going to be "Ace Frehley! Ace Frehley! Oh my God! Thanks to Rock Band I'm going to stay up all night pretending I'm Ace Frehley!"

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