Thursday, August 6, 2009


(By Dan Savoie)
After more than 20 years, original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is back – and he told us so. Ace sat down with RockStar Weekly to talk about the new album and laying to rest some internet rumors.The spaceman returns to the music world with Anomaly, his first solo CD for his own record label and has recently signed with Vancouver-based management company Chief Music Management, the company that handles the affairs of Hinder and Faber Drive.Ace has been sober for three years and feels great. “I’ve been struggling with sobriety for a long time,” Ace says. “I’ve been lucky, but it’s a day to day battle.”There have also been many internet rumors that Ace hates. One report in 2007 said the guitarist was dead. A couple new ones include a divorce with his wife of more than 30 years and having to stop using his famous smoking guitar (as reported by Rolling Stone). Ace puts those rumors to rest in our interview – click below to listen.He also revealed that he stopped recording his new album last year to tour and show the world that he could still play – a rumor started by Gene Simmons, who has been taking stabs at the spaceman lately.Ace describes the new album as similar to the first couple Ace Frehley albums, although a bit heavier. He also revealed that the iTunes only track The Return of The Space Bear is a track that features commentary from his famous interview with Tom Snyder back in 1979.
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