Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Music Review: Kiss ‘Monster’


By Obi-Dan / Geeks of Doom

Produced by Paul Stanley
October 9, 2012 (US) CD | MP3
October 8, 2012 (UK) CD | MP3

After an 11-year gap between albums last time out, KISS stomped on the heads of the naysayers and showed the world they were once again (or always were) a relevant band in rock and roll with love guns at the ready. Realizing they were on to something good, they wasted little time in releasing the appropriately titled Monster.
KISS teased us with “Hell Or Hallelujah” way before the release and it gets Monster off to a flier with its infectious guitar riff and superb Paul Stanley lead vocal. We all know the life story of Gene Simmons’ monster, but he has thankfully put it away long enough to put his mind to better use. “The Devil Is Me” and “Eat Your Heart Out” bounce along on that trademark groin-rumbling bass sound and he is up to his usual tricks on the gloriously filthy “Take Me Down Below.”

It could be argued there are a couple of side-steps in “Freak” and “Back To The Stone Age”; teenage lust sung through old man loins. But it could also be argued that if you were looking for music that didn’t come with a hard two-fingered poke in the eye of the face of subtlety, well, you’ve come to the wrong party, Mister/Missus. Who cares if they are twice the age of their hair, their hips gleam with artificial youth, and their sex tapes are as erotic as Mike Tyson’s bum hair? It’s KISS! And this could be the best album of their career.
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