Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CD review: Kiss returns with a 'Monster'


By: Rustyn Rose/

October 9, 2012 was a "Monster" day for new music releases, and that includes Kiss. The mighty masked legends are back with another studio: Their second since the idea of new studio albums was nixed. Fortunately 2009′s "Sonic Boom" proved there was more gas in the tank and more great tunes up their collective sleeves.

The decision to let co-founder, guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley produce (with Greg Collins) has created a strong new dynamic for Kiss. In an era of cut and paste digital, Kiss went back to analog for a richer, warmer sound.

If one asks Gene Simmons (co-founder, bass, vocals) he’ll tell you, as he does an every album, that this is Kiss’ best work to date. Of course he’d be wrong, but that does not mean "Monster" is a bust by any measure. What Kiss has come up with here is a fine dozen new songs, written entirely by Paul, Gene, and Tommy Thayer (guitar, vocals). Even drummer Eric Singer gets in the mix. The album manages to blend elements of previous Kiss albums, "Rock and Roll Over", "Animalize" and "Revenge", to create a blend of the various shades of sonic

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