Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eric Carr's ROCKHEADS Are (Finally!) Coming

Eric Carr's Rockheads Will See the Light of Day

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In a late 1980's conversation I had with Eric Carr, he spoke in depth about the cartoon he created called 'The Rockheads.' At that time in 1988 he was shopping the animated series to giants like Hanna-Barbera, who had expressed interest, he was so happy to report to me that day. Eric was extremely passionate and devoted in getting his animated creations, who he based on a rock band, out to the people. He even mirrored one character after himself complete with Eric's trademarked 'big hair and sunglasses.' Though the character names escape me at the moment, I still have the large piece of artwork of the Rockheads' characters that Eric did for Hanna-Barbera, that he gave to me back then. It's really cool!

It's been announced that a comic book, a joint venture with Streetgang Productions and Dyna Meecho, LLC, will publish the 32 page book and will sell for $2.98. The title, "Ticket to Rockheads," will follow the adventures of Visor Boy and Hollywood, a pair of rock and rollers, searching for tickets to the Rockheads sold-out final appearence.

There have been several attempts in the past to revive the 'Rockheads' and see it through fruitation. He left the 'Rock Heads' to his sister Loretta Caravello, Bruce Kulick and Adam Mitchell.

The publication will be available at , & .

Eric's production Company, Streetgang Productions, has issued a press release you can view by clicking here

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