Monday, March 28, 2011

Gene Simmons Was Near Deadly Blast in Jerusalem, Still Wants Kiss to Tour Israel

Although he's not making a big deal about it, Kiss bassist, celebrity entrepreneur and reality show star Gene Simmons was just two miles from a deadly blast in Jerusalem that killed a British tourist earlier this week. An Israeli native, Simmons was visiting his homeland for the first time since leaving the country more than five decades ago, when he was just nine years old. Simmons -- who is used to being around more harmless pyrotechnics for entertainment purposes -- told the Associated Press that the attack would not change his travel itinerary, nor would it discourage him from going ahead with plans for Kiss to tour Israel in the near future.

"There's one thing that unites Israelis, Arabs and all humanity," he said. "We all strive to be free. There's a new generation of Arabs who are doing astonishing things... We have to take a moment to honor Arabs for having the courage to stand up."

Simmons, who believes that Jews and Arabs can peacefully coexist, states that the bombing was the work of extremists who do not believe in freedom, democracy or peace. He also said that the Kiss concerts would not be political, so that Kiss can focus on what they do best -- which, of course, is rule Kiss nation.

Gene and his family are in Israel filming for this season's  Gene Simmons Family Jewels and meeting with family. Gene has met three sisters and one brother. Miss Shannon Tweed has tweeted that "this will be an episode you WILL NOT want to miss."

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