Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gene Simmons' City of Birth, Haifa, Israel

"And here is the land of my birth - Haifa, Israel.

Believe it or not, I recognize my birthplace hospital by the seashore."
-Gene Simmons, Twitter

Gene posted this photo of the city of his birth, Haifa, Israel on his Twitter account. The photo is a stunning caption of a beautiful city along the
Mediterranean Sea.
Haifa, built on the hills of Mount Carmel, is Israel's third largest city. Modern yet rich in beauty and history. The city has a population of 265,000 people with an additional 300,000 people living in towns adjacent to the city. Together these areas form a contiguous urban area home to nearly 600,000 residents which makes up the inner core of the Haifa metropolitan area.

Haifa has a mixed population of Jews and Arabs, although Jews make up to 90% majority. The Arab population is predominantly Christian, whereas 28% of the Jewish population (correct for 2009) is made of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Gene comments on his father via his Twitter account:

"Never knew I had a brother and three sisters. Kobi, Sharon, Eugenia and Drora. We met. We reconnected. We loved each other.

My father left when I was 7. Was married 6x. No one knows where he was born, or how many children he had. He's always been a mystery to me."

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