Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five Minutes with Ace Frehley

Scott Engel/

We all have our heroes, the people that drive us to dream and strive for greatness. When I was growing up, it was Ace Frehley, the original lead guitarist for KISS. I was a major KISS fan, and today I am still a card-carrying member of the KISS Army. Yes, I actually do have a numbered card in my wallet.
KISS was more than just a band, they were a way of life, a positive beacon for a young man who was searching for answers. They showed their fans that you can always be unique and reach for the highest goals in life. Be your own person and never apologize for it. I always loved all four original members of KISS, for different reasons, and with Ace, it was about him always following his heart and being a survivor.
So when I was presented with the opportunity to interview Ace in early November, it was a great honor and pleasure. I strongly believe my pursuit of a Fantasy Sports career was spurred by the KISS messages of shooting for whatever you want in life, and believing in yourself no matter what the odds were. Of course, this was also an opportunity to give something back to Ace. I had always been a fan of his solo work as well, and was excited to receive a copy of his new memoirs “No Regrets”, a highly compelling new read for any rock and roll fan. So the chance to spread the word about his new book on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio, on the RotoExperts morning show, was an undertaking I enjoyed greatly.
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