Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KISS MONSTER 3-D Version- Best Buy

If you can get to Best Buy before they sell out, get there, and pick up your copy of MONSTER. The 3-D cover is awesome and retails at $11.99 and makes a nice piece to your KISS music collection. Pick it up!


BillyM67 said...

Bought mine at Best Buy and it didn't have the booklet inside (taking it back tomorrow), also Best Buy is saying on their website that their cd will have the 13th track, Right Here Right Now, but it does NOT....you can only get that on iTunes!

BillyM67 said...

The Best Buy website is stating that their version comes with Right Here Right Now, but it does NOT, only iTunes has it....also, be careful, mine came without the lyric booklet inside (returning it tomorrow)....Monster rocks!!!

J.Frank Hagan said...

Either it's a mistake on the Best Buy website by adding a 13th track OR there was supposed to be and they were shipped the wrong CD's and it that case, there could be a replacement CD as what happened with the KISS ALIVE MILLENIUM CONCERT in 2000.

We are working on getting some answers.