Wednesday, September 2, 2009


By Whitney Pastorek
(Entertainment Weekly)
Face-painted rockers KISS have joined the growing list of bands partnering with Walmart for an exclusive release: The upcoming SONIC BOOM -- the band's first album in 11 years -- is a three-disc set featuring the new album, a remastered greatest-hits CD, and a DVD shot in Argentina on the band's most recent tour. To sweeten the deal (and potentially frighten more Walmart shoppers), the album will be sold from "KISS Korners" set up in stores, featuring band gear and collectibles at recessionary prices. A Gene Simmons-flavored Mr. Potato Head? Yes please!I can hear you saying, "Yes, but what does SONIC BOOM sound like? Will it allow me to rock and roll all nite?" Assuming people are still into this crazy circus of a band - last season's American Idol finale indicated they might be -- will KISS find as much success as Sugarland and AC/DC, both of whom rode a Walmart deal to No. 1? Only time will tell. For now, you can preorder SONIC BOOM at Or you can go on a total rant about how much you hate big box stores. But please, do it with your tongue hanging out, at least.

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