Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Mom Was A Kiss Fan!

Today, June 13, is the tenth anniversary of my mom's passing. She was not only a fantastic woman and an amazing mom, she was also a Kiss fan.

She put up with my endless Kiss posters from ceiling to walls in my room and my blaring stereo of Kiss records in the 1970's. She supported me in my crazy obsession with Kiss and allowed me to see my favorite band of heroes in concert (with the exception of Kiss playing Wildwood, NJ in 1975, where after seeing the band on the Mike Douglas Show, forbid me to see them- which I snuck out to anyway) whenever they came to town, sometimes letting me travel from city to city with my friends and his oldest brother.

She would later go to a signing during the Lick It Up tour where I was completely and pleasantly surprised to arrive and see her with my dad there in line to meet the band. When Paul passed by her on their way into the record store, she grabbed him on the ass, where Paul greeted her with a 'hi,' a smile and a chuckle. I later asked her why she did that she said, "I couldn't help myself. He's so damn good looking." I realized not only was she a Kiss fan but a HUGE Paul fan to boot.

Later, she asked if I would take her to see Kiss. I did. And several times. She loved them and understood what I saw in them not only in a live setting but musically as well. She proclaimed, "They are not a bunch of screamers but very good singers and put on one helluva show." Often I would turn to look and see her dancing to the music. My friends would say what a cool mom I had. I did.

In closing. Mom, I miss you very much. I'm a so glad I had the opportunity to share something so important to my adolescences and in my life with you. Thanks for letting me be who I am. Never complaining about the Kiss music that blared from my bedroom and all those tack holes in the walls from every Kiss poster that covered my room in the 70's.

More importantly, aside from Kiss, you were the mom a son could only have wished for. I am very fortunate to have known you. You raised me well. You gave me love, confidence and support. I hope I was a good son to you and have made you proud. After all, you made me the loving, caring, respectful and successful man that I am today. I love you.
Forever your son, Frank

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MATT said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories, Frank.