Friday, April 2, 2010

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to rejoin KISS?

After months of speculation over the CBS website posting a "RockStar" show featuring Kiss in it's fall line-up and then abruptly taking it down (although it's never been decided on whether or not that indeed it was an Internet hoax or not- When Kiss Mask contacted CBS' programming department, we were told "not comment."). Now comes word of an A&E reality series all four original members of Kiss. Is this real or Internet rumor?

Ace Frehley had let the cat out of the bag when he was interviewed on Eddie Trunk's radio show last week stating that Gene had contacted him 3-4 months ago about rejoining the band for a reality show.

Now, comes this tidbit, well, not so tidbit about Ace Frehley and Peter Criss rejoining Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons for an A&E reality show that is set for the network's fall season line-up. Sources are saying that Ace and Peter have taken the offer to appear in such a reality series. We'll see how this all plays out to be reality or just plain hogwash.

Details are sketchy at the time of this post, but one must wonder if this is will follow the premise of finding suitable musicians for a Vegas-style and or Broadway type show celebrating Kiss that has been rumored and talked about over the past couple of years.
No confimation has come from either Gene and Paul, Ace, Peter or A&E Network. However, this is an interesting story to say the elast especially after Ace mentioned it on Eddie's radio show.
We'll keep you posted on this fascinating story...


laura said...

it would be freakin awesome if kiss had a renunion show!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ace and Peter were the original members. How would The Beatles be without George and Ringo ??? Not the same - not as good either !

I'm a BIG fan of The Acester !!