Monday, April 5, 2010

Ace Frehley Guitarist Todd Youth's Blog On East Coast Tour

Ace Frehley guitarist Todd Youth has posted his experience on the road with Ace on the recent east coast shows. Here is an excerpt from his blog-

Saturday 3/20 House Of Blues Atlantic City
Meet up with everyone in the lobby for the ride to A.C. We stop on the New Jersey Turnpike somewhere near the shore for gas and coffee and, let me tell you, these people take that show “Jersey Shore” seriously. I swear, I think I saw Snookie standing on line at the Starbucks!!! Check into our rooms in Atlantic City,and off to sound check. My good friend Phil Caivano from Monster Magnet comes on down with a old Marshall amp for me to use – one of my Marshall’s wasn’t sounding right – so I owe Phil a big one!!!!

For all you gear heads out there, our backline with Ace is pretty big. Between me and Ace we have 12 4×12 Marshall cabs, 6 100 watt Marshal heads, 6 8×10 SVT cabs and 3 300 watt SVT amps … and all this stuff is live. When I played in Motorhead I thought that was loud, but onstage with Ace Frehley is twice as loud as Motorhead. Another killer show, got a great pic of me hold Ace’s “smoker guitar” during the Shock Me solo spot. After the show, hung out with a bunch of friends, my good buddy Jason Trioxin from Wednesday 13 had come down for the night. Did a little gambling and was up 100 bucks, so I called it a night. Want to be good and rested for the show in New York City.

Read Todd's blog here

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