Saturday, June 27, 2009


By Kevin Brandt/

If there is any band that can pull off being pretentious without pretense, it's KISS.

The self-proclaimed "Hottest Band in the World" comes to Summerfest on Saturday night, making it the first Marcus Amphitheater headliner that requires a battalion of firefighters on hand in case the venue literally goes up in flames.

The beauty of KISS is that they know exactly who they are and why they are there. It's not "about the music." There are no political statements, no teen angst or brooding, no self-absorbed posing. They are there to make your ears bleed and singe your eyebrows. They are there to spit blood, breathe fire, smash guitars and deliver the classic, overindulgent 10-minute drum solo that hasn't changed in 35 years.

It's 1970's glam rock at it's finest, delivering a set list with two primary themes -- partying all night long, and infinite amounts of sex - often times with prostitutes ("Strutter," "Black Diamond," "She"), and one love song, "Beth." A lovely ballad about leaving your wife at home while you stay out all night writing songs about staying out all night and having infinite amounts of sex -- often with prostitutes.
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