Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, since August 2008, when I started this webzine, I interviewed mostly musicians and I'm thrilled to chat with a man who's not only a gifted musician and a songwriter but also a big producer and owner of a great recording studio, the Woodland Ranch Studios in Woodland Hills (north of Los Angeles). I'm talking about Mr. Curt Cuomo!!!
Hi Curt, you recently produced the latest Edgar Winter album, Rebel Road (with Slash making a guest appearance). How about the producer role? I personally think is quite similar to be like a coach in a football or in a basketball team, am I wrong?

You're not wrong at all. It really is like being a coach keeping all the moving pieces working
together in harmony.

You worked with numbers of really famous artists such as John Fogerty, Duran Duran, Axl Rose, Edgar Winter to name just a few and of course KISS. Is there someone among them who represented something really "special" for you?
Well all of them are special artists in their own right of course. Kiss was very special for many
reasons and friendships that came out of that experience. And writing and producing for
Edgar Winter's new album Rebel Road with Slash playing amazing riffs and lead guitar on
the single was quite special also.

As everybody knows KISS are now in the process to record their new album in almost 10 years and according to Paul it will have a typical '70 KISS sound.
What do you think about this move?

I think that's a great move. They became famous for that sound and their great live
performances of course. The fans love classic KISS and giving them more of it is a no brainer.

You worked with Paul for the Carnival of Souls album and for the latest KISS album Psycho Circus so far. How about writing with Paul? Do you start from scratch or from previous own song ideas?
On Carnival a little bit of both actually, but on Psycho Circus that was from scratch writing
in the studio together. Paul came up with that now famous guitar part on the chorus and as he did I sang the melody over it and Psycho Circus was born.

As you said you are the co-writer of their latest big hit single Psycho Circus.
Have you been contacted by Paul & Gene or did you worked together in these last periods?
I am not at liberty to answer that at this time.

You have been working in the music industry for more then twenty years exploring many aspects of the music business. Have you new projects in the pipeline right now you would like to talk about?
Among several new projects I am writing with and producing a very exciting new artist
named Brandon Merrit. A 19 year old rock/blues/alt based artist with an amazing voice and
passion for music. Be on the look out for this guy soon. What the music industry really needs right now in my opinion is real, talented artists with their own unique point of view and less cookie cutter TV generated 15 minute celebrities. I intend to bring real artists back to the main stage. Not that there aren't relevant artists today,
but there are too few of them.
Curt, I thank you so much for your kindest patience replying my questions!

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