Friday, November 2, 2012

The KISS Kruise 2 / Day 2

The KISS Kruise 2

KISS Kruise: Day Two (Kissonline)

The second day of the KISS Kruise II kicked off with several fan events. A t-shirt swap quickly turned into a swap-everything event, with fans trading memorabilia and guitar picks too, especially the new KISS Kruise II picks. It was fun to see how many different shirts fans made and brought from around the world.
As we continued sailing toward Cozumel, many KISS Kruisers spent the day relaxing on the many lounge chairs, couches and daybeds all around the ship, like the fans from Australia shown in this photo! The ship's bowling alley and lounge features 24-hour live KISS concerts playing on the TVs.

A tattoo artist applied permanent tattoos to fans in one of the lounges, including KISS Kruise-themed tattoo designs.

Last night, KISS also played the first of two indoor live shows in the ship's Stardust Theater. KISS opened the show with "Psycho Circus," launching into a setlist heavy on hits, classics, and many selections from the new Monster album! The band treated fans to the first-ever live performances of "Wall of Sound," "All For the Love of Rock and Roll," "Hell or Hallelujah," "Out of This World," and "Long Way Down." After rocking the Kruisers all evening, KISS left the stage, then returned and encored with "Lick it Up" and "Rock And Roll All Nite."Confetti flew, the lights went down again, and the show was over. Or was it? KISS came back again and played even more songs, including "Nothin' To Lose" and "Deuce!" The guys were in fine form, happily interacting with fans and enjoying themselves onstage.

The day wrapped up with entertainment from a variety of bands around the ship, and an enthusiastic round of KISS Karaoke in the ship's lounge.

Tomorrow, the KISS Navy is scheduled to port at Cozumel.

Check out this dessert display created for the band's hospitaility area. Made of chocolate and the the bandmember's heads are carved from squash.  Photo by Keith Leroux.


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