Friday, October 28, 2011

KISStory, On the Day, 1978: KISS Meets the Phantoms Airs

A KISS Halloween Saturday Night 1978
Kiss Mask Webzine
It was the event KISS fans had been waiting to see for months. A Kiss movie on television. I recall getting together with all my friends in the basement (much like the Foreman's basement in "That 70's Show"), lava lights a glowing and getting high, watching my generation's rock and roll superstars, loving every minute of the big Kiss movie event. Do you remember where you were October 28, 1978? Were you watching Kiss in a basement too?

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies
October 38, 1978: NBC airs one of the highest rated TV movies of the season, KISS Meets The Phamtom, that rivaled the hit mini - series, Shogun.

This NBC bumper clip sure shows the sign of the times, the 1970's. The film was released around the world in theatres as KISS in " Attack of the Phantoms."

The entire film, in theatrical form,  is included on KISSOLOGY
Volume 2 1978-1991.

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